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  1. After all this time, it seems like this MAs aren't parsing out the irrelevant changes into separate mods as suggested and is adding more unrelated changes (e.g., farmer/crop ownership). Given all of the mods they have authored, I'm not sure why this one continues to be the target for all of the misc changes. Anyway, they got back to you on the interior flip, and it makes sense ... but for a separate mod, IMO ("misc interior fixes" mod or something ... in addition to "farmers own crops" mod and others). It's a shame, because this mod does add relevant fixes ... but I would also consider dropping.
  2. It's been around for a while and is possibly a better version, but I haven't tested it.
  3. That's too big. Most tree models in Skyrim are between like 1k and 5k triangles give or take. For performance versions, you want less than 2k I would think. Aspens Ablaze trees have around 5-10k and the big ones are closer to 15k, I think. That's a FPS taxing mod.
  4. @TechAngel85 Can you confirm the new Options for use with RS? We need to update this FOMOD accordingly. I am pretty sure I know what we want, but wanted to confirm with you. Thanks
  5. Those were added in 1.8 I think in early-mid Aug, and we have opted for the scripted version as indicated in the wiki instructions
  6. As DY alludes, trunks are typically less than 1/2 the triangles than crowns and contribute to FPS loss proportionately. It depends on the mod. EVT trunks are relatively high poly compared to most tree mods, ranging between trunks being 1/3 to 2x the triangles of crowns. HLT trunks have more like 1/3 to 1/6 the triangles as crowns. Decimate or other reduction algorithms (e.g., InstaLOD) normally don't treat trunks well without constraining the modifications in significant ways. This is all resolved by making hybrids with flat trunks using the DynDOLOD tools. Reducing crowns (merging triangles) and re-UV of those are much more forgiving. If you really do want to tackle trunks, you should focus on the dead trees or those that don't do as well when flattened. You can judge by trunk shape. Straight trunks can be flattened, and bent ones and those with obvious crown branches without foliage hiding them looks more obvious when flattened and should be the focus.
  7. We can only update our guide with respect to mods updating to latest game version. Mods are outdated. We'll update the guide when all relevant mods get updated. probably in a couple of weeks.
  8. For specific versions, Blender has a NIF export plugin I believe. It should export the proper transparency required as DY mentions. If not, then you should be able to add NiAlphaProperty to the branch node via NifSkope. Collision will be another hurdle too.
  9. I use 3DS Max and Maya, but Blender is the only good open-source, free program and works fine too (it's just difficult to learn). 3DS Max is probably simplest to learn. The main issue with all tools is that none are natively compatible with the Gamebryo NIF format, so custom plugins needed and all are limited to more/less extent.
  10. I've corrected our server time, which was off. I'm also using creative ways to re-index search on forums, since there is evidently no simple way to do this via software admin (as there had been years ago ... this is what happens when UIs are 'upgraded' for dummies). My initial testing seems to have worked, so I am setting the lookback to three years to trigger another index. This will likely take minutes or hours to complete. EDIT: It's fixed now with 3-year lookback. I'd rather have unlimited lookback, but 3 years seems like a viable compromise for 99% of search relevance
  11. If you let Steam update SSE, the guide will be broken until all related mods get updated on Nexus.
  12. @Majorman can assist on this topic, but can you share what was happening and how you resolved?
  13. Discussion topic: Step FalloutNV Guide (curated by Majorman) Changelog Nexus Mods Please submit feedback about the 1.2.0 guide to this topic.
  14. SO ... since you have had your LOD issue with alpha 97, you have since run alpha 95 again to confirm it works? You have run alpha 95 AFTER your alpha 97 failed run? If not, then you cannot say that alpha 95 works and alpha 97 is the source of your issue. The source of your issue is in your configuration as has been mentioned several times. Why can't you consider that you have made a simple mistake that has nothing to do with DynDOLOD?
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