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  1. This is what has been mentioned. Just above, sheson linked the fix someone else posted: ... I just marked it as best answer on that topic ... and on this one:
  2. All, this is like THE most common error people are reporting. It's most likely related to Win OS UAC or AV. You will need to install the tools in a location that is not under UAC control and possibly set an exception for TexGenx64.exe (and possibly DynDOLODx64.exe) in your AV. See System Setup Guide and search the DynDOLOD topic for "system cannot find the path specified" This issue has been reported at least 50x as have the resolutions.
  3. You can adjust the grass lighting in TexGen for overall brightness of grass billboards specifically. I have found that setting ambient from default 160 to 145 works well with ENB (depends on ENB settings). Even better is to ALSO adjust the grass lighting by channel for upper/lower in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini. Increase red and decrease blue for upper, and subtract at least 0.010 from all of them. For lower, decrease red a bit and also subtract about 0.010 from all three. Then regen. You will find that this looks much better. Weather can still potentially cause minor issues with matching, but playing with these settings resolves it almost completely.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, your rule additions have conflicting priority with the default preset. I believe that you could use a spreadsheet to interleave your custom rules with the default, merging and renumbering in the wanted priority. You will need to remove default rules matching your new ones also, I'd say. Seems faster than inputting via the gui anyway. Oof ... I guess I didn't know that the preset INIs allowed 'append' of custom mesh rules via mod-included rules. Duh. I assumed that the line numbering like "LODGen 202" actually indicated priority ... but it seems like it's just a line counter that must update internally (without duplication) when eternal rules are appended/injected/interleaved.
  5. Yeah, those are the records I found frequently (in addition to this one) in a random quick scan in xEdit with all 2.0.0 activated. Looking at Smooth Shores.
  6. At least this mod is in active development. It would be great if it incorporated Smooth Shores edits and all were patched with MM, RWT, USSEP, etc.
  7. Yeah, just looked at the mod more carefully. Lots of conflicts with Realistic Water Two as well as USSEP and many others. Too bad it's abandoned. Looks to be about 75% completed. Nothing in the icy shores is fixed though. Looks like it will never be updated unless someone takes it over.
  8. Where to look for these 'holes'? All over or in certain areas? Does it edit river shorelines too? I hadn't noticed anything, but I also haven't been looking at shorelines. EDIT: Nevermind, I see that the author is tackling river shorelines, too. Looks like it's a WIP, so if it gets finished, that would be a plus. People usually quit these big projects before completing. This may be why nobody is patching for it ... yet. I can imagine that it will conflict with many mods though. LSaWF addresses a ton of issues that this mod will likely never touch, so it would seem that they should be patched. Curious why this is in Locations rather than Fixes
  9. MO2 should be installed outside of any location under UAC authority, so as long as the program is installed this way, you are good. Using an 'instanced' install (recommended), MO2 will create resources and profiles in %LOCALAPPDATA%/ModOrganizer, so that's OK. As instructed, set up a default vanilla Skyrim profile and ensure that you are able to launch the game via MO2 without any mods at all. Then install SKSE64 and see that you are able to use the SKSE launcher to launch via MO2 under the vanilla profile. Then you can try using your podded profile in the same way. If you crash, then you probably have something installed incorrectly or wrong version. This process will rule out any issues with game, MO2, and SKSE64 installation. From there, you will need to disable all mods in your intended MO2 profile and ensure that it starts up fine. Simply enable mods in groups from extenders and foundation mods on up, until you find what's causing the crash. You can also look for crash logs under .Net Script Framework. The following are the foundational mod types that you should have installed at lowest priority that you want to ensure are working properly (you don't need the xBox controller mod or the Weather Selector mod, but the rest are pretty standard:
  10. First off, you shouldn't run MO2 as admin, so you can reset that. Second, you must launch Skyrim from the Steam launcher before trying to do so with MO2. This establishes all of the registry settings and initializes the game. Read through our System Setup Guide to verify that you have completed all necessary steps to properly setting up your environment.
  11. Well I see an issue in the mod list. The ESP, BS_DLC_patch.esp, is loading before other ESMs. Not sure what the patch is, but you should be sorting with LOOT regardless. You are also running Wyrnstooth and Falskaar, so new lands can cause issues with compatibility with 200+ mods installed. Try disabling some of those big mods if sorting with LOOT doesn't resolve.
  12. Up until a week or so ago, forum members that had never logged into the wiki prior to Feb 12, 2021 were unable to log onto the Step wiki. Why? We had permissions missing after the site move at that time. Since nobody mentioned it until @Ruedii did so a couple of weeks ago, we never knew it. It should be fixed now, so that anyone that has forum membership should once again be able to log onto the wiki with same member name and password. note that if your member name begins with a lower case letter, it will need to be upper case for the wiki user name. This is just a wiki thing, so no getting around it. Once logged in, simply check the box so that future logins don't require a password (if browser cookies are enabled).
  13. At the bottom of all Mod page > File pages, there will be an "Archived" button that will reveal any archived (old) versions .. I think the caveat is that the Archive system had to be up before a mod was deleted. Looks like this one has a bunch of options, and 1.6.3 is at the bottom: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/67870/?tab=files&category=archived
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