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  1. That does make sense. Thanks for letting us know.
  2. It sounds like you may be having issues in game and are using broad strokes to troubleshoot specific issues. I think it's much more constructive to research specific issues in a targeted manner. The issue above seems to be in the vanilla plugin, and it's a safe bet that we all should see such an issue were we to error check Skyrim.esm. This is the kind of stuff the USSEP targets for patching. Take this topic as an example. You are reporting all of these strings errors, but it isn't clear what exactly you are troubleshooting that landed you on checking all of your mods for errors in xEdit. This has lead you to find this other ?unrelated? issue, which is really a different topic (but it isn't clear if this is an issue that manifests in game as a specific problem).
  3. Issues with the game or issues reported in xEdit when error checking? Missing strings will mean that you have incorrect languages represented in dialogs, due to missing localization files and your language settings in the game. I don't think it has anything to do with the OS. It's about languages available in your vanilla version of the game. I'm not sure if all languages are packaged into the vanilla game (I thought so) or if there are language-specific versions of the game. language/localization in vanilla should be pretty much 'good', so I think Mousetick is on the right track. It sounds like your downgrade instance may have some issues either related to only a single-language version available with the downgrade patcher or a hybrid update of your game files. I use the American English version of the game and always have, so I haven't worked with strings much aside from specific mods.
  4. You need to search for the mod providing those references in xEdit. Loader: <Note: SigurdBurialUrnRef [REFR:01900011] (places WRBurialUrn01 "<Error: No strings file for lstring ID 0000265A>" [CONT:000E4258] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of WhiterunHalloftheDeadCatacombs "<Error: No strings file for lstring ID 0000EA7B>" [CELL:00094BAB]) was injected into Update.esm> Then you need to look at those mods and their requirements. Post on that mod's topic if necessary. If these are also DynDOLOD errors, so you should be posting on those forums, depending on the version you are using.
  5. See forum rules in the parent forum or the DynDOLOD Alpha topic.
  6. It's best to upload your logs as sheson mentioned. He will be able to troubleshoot better than I.
  7. DY would know offhand, but it is in our Skyrim INI guide (or SkyrimPrefs.ini guide linked there as well).
  8. Mentioning this because I know you are following the Step SSE guide 1.0.0. For an identical mod list, you only need to gen occlusion once. If you wind up regenerating LOD again for some reason, just disable the mod containing Occlusion.esp, untick the Occlusion box, run DynDOLOD, and re-enable when finished.
  9. Latest alpha 65 crashed for me when generating object LOD. No bugreport. all logs attached.Logs.7z OS Event: Currently running again. PS: I normally don't report this issue, since running again usually works (it's never been repeatable). So reporting this time, just because Second run worked without issue.
  10. Acknowleged. I'm still going to hold off on the updated LOD though, since mindflux may make some tweaks to those meshes based on what he told me a few days ago.
  11. @ButchDiavolo Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. See this post. That may be the issue until @Majorman confirms/resolves.
  13. I added some clarification about compatibility with the DynDOLOD add-on until I get that mod updated.
  14. I recommend using v2.32 if you want LOD. I also think it would be wise to compare 2.33 against 2.32, because my testing with EVT and my own mod have revealed that the FML fix for those trees is not an improvement. Sure, it fixes glowing trees slightly, but you trade off dark branches contrasting with brighter ones in daylight. You can mitigate this a tad with optimized normals, but it's still doesn't compensate as well as the vanilla lighting effect 1 values (or thereabouts). I suspect the FML fix will prove to be a 'good' one though for THIS mod, since this mod's normal faces are mostly pointing our/up I think. I will test it at some point and provide screens if someone doesn't beat me to it. Won't be for a couple of weeks though.
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