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Found 42 results

  1. Discussion topic: Ghosts Mechanics and Shaders Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: Savos Aren's Regrets Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Spellbreaker Spell Reflection and Ward Visuals Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Elytra and Bliss Bug ENB Light by wSkeever Wiki Link Seems like a no brainer to me.
  5. Discussion topic: Saints and Seducers Flora ENB Light by Mur4s4me Wiki Link Looks promising.
  6. Discussion topic: Particle Lights for ENB - Nordic Ruins Candles by RemmyKun Wiki Link I know @TechAngel85 and I mentioned this mod somewhere (probably Discord). It doesn't currently conflict with Radiant - Candles, so I'm not sure if we were intending on using this or not.
  7. Discussion topic: ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium for various grass mods by Skurkbro Wiki Link This looks promising. It adds grass normals for grass mods.
  8. Discussion topic: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Redone by Sherwyn Wiki Link It would seem that we have this mod accepted in our guide in lieu of Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored, a Skyrim texture mod which works on SSE. It would seem that user LtdJorge effected this change on September 17, 2020 without anyone catching it. See the wiki page, which @z929669 added the note that the mod name changed, but it actually is a totally different mod by a different author. I do not see any discussion of this change, and given that these mods appear to be much different, I have marked this mod for testing and redirected the wiki to the original mod.
  9. Discussion topic: Major Cities Mesh Overhaul by raiserfx Wiki Link raiserfx released this yesterday. I'm hoping it doesn't get lost in the shuffle, as it looks quite good from the screens. It looks like it covers all the major cities too.
  10. Discussion topic: ENB Lights For Effect Shaders by powerofthree Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Blue Palace Dome Windows by AgentW Wiki Link Replaces a couple of Solitude Blue Palace roof meshes. Adds windows to the exterior dome to match the interior. The windows will use the same emittance system as vanilla which will change color throughout the day. Please see screenshots on Nexus mod page. I'm not in the capacity to produce my own at the moment. I use the 'Blue Palace Dome Windows - Flickering Meshes Fix' under Optional Files, in addition to the Main file, and let them overwrite FMF. There is also Windhelm Fake Windows Fix by the same MA but I'm more hesitant to recommend it because it's a little more involved (meshes + small plugin) and some of the window additions are more subjective. You can always take a look and see how you like it, or not.
  12. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan/iammitochondrion/Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - AE by Magus80Mods Wiki Link Alternative to Fudgyduff's version that seems will never be updated.
  14. Discussion topic: Highland Cows More Wooly - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link SCREENSHOTS
  15. Discussion topic: QUI by Qudix Wiki Link I'm assuming Qudix will drop the Alpha from the title at some point. I have pre-emptively done so for this topic title. This mod adds various UI fixes and tweaks: AddItemMenu alternative (basically an explorer of the items for your list of plugins that can be then added to your inventory if desired if I understand it right) Stay at the System Page fix The ability to add/remove buttons from the main menu Remove the Creation Club banner.
  16. Discussion topic: Archery Quick Shot Perk Bug Fix by Dutchj Wiki Link Replaced by Scrambled Bugs
  17. Discussion topic: More Lights for ENB - Blood Splatter Fix by wSkeever Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Lavender by DrJacopo Wiki Link We tested some lavender a while back and nothing looked particularly good. This might be worth a look. The 2D to 3D is probably worth it, but haven't tried in-game.
  19. Discussion topic: I'm Walkin' Here by Fudgyduff Wiki Link SKSE plugin with customizable JSON configuration. QOL: Disables collision between player and NPCs so that they don't push the player or block narrow passages. The description on the Nexus mod page is very short and rather vague: What this does exactly is disabling collision so the NPCs are no longer solid: they can walk through the player and vice-versa. They'll still get in your face while you're in a conversation, or clump together stuck in passageways. So it's not perfect, but it's much better than vanilla. The following NPCs and situations are addressed: Disables collision while the player is in dialogue. Disables collision between the player and their allies. Disables collision between the player and their summons. Disables collision between the player and their allies' summons. Each of the above can be turned on or off via configuration settings (all ON by default).
  20. Discussion topic: ENB Grass Collisions by Boris Vorontsov Wiki Link Preset 5 is currently considered best.
  21. Discussion topic: Ambiance - A Vanilla(plus) Ambient Lighting Overhaul by TheMilesO Wiki Link This would replace Luminosity and improve RAID compatibility. Test with and without the Light Colors optional plugin. The Step ENB should work fine with this mod. SCREENSHOTS
  22. Discussion topic: Luminosity Lighting Overhaul by JonnyWang Wiki Link This is a big change, but we have approval of > 2 admin and several users to swap this mod out for Ambiance (follow link for details). Marked as dropped as of 2.1.0
  23. Discussion topic: Majestic Mountains - Patch for Dynamic Volumetric Lighting and Sun Shadows by Sakatsuky Wiki Link Subset of MM meshes (the mountain ones + a few unique city rocks) edited to make them double-sided. Ignore the title referring to the obsolete DVLaSS. There is no dependency on it. They're just meshes. Intended for use with EVLaS nowadays. If not using EVLaS, they're useless and a waste of resources. Installation (later overwrites previous): Majestic Mountains. This mod. Skyrim - A Mountainous Experience double-sided version. Beware of possible performance degradation. Can't say I've noticed it in the ~2 months I've been using it. No other issues to report either. Does it actually make a significant improvement with shadows casted by mountains in loaded cells? I can't tell you either as I'm spending more time playing than rigorously checking these kinds of details these days. To compensate for the possible performance degradation, you can turn off double-sided mountain LODs because they reportedly don't work, so they're just a waste. Even sheson can't tell if they work because he's never tried it
  24. Discussion topic: Holy Cows - 4K and 2K Textures by Ice885 and Craziux Wiki Link
  25. Discussion topic: Amulet of Talos - Concept Art Implementation by Exalderan Wiki Link
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