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    It is straight forward to update an unresolved formID to the NULL reference with xEdit in case the object property in the script is supposed to be not defined.
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    Unresolved FormIDs are real errors that break the game or can cause CTD. That is why they are reported by the xEdit error check. From https://tes5edit.github.io/docs/7-mod-cleaning-and-error-checking.html#CheckingForErrors: In this example we found Unresolved Reference errors (Ouch!) These errors are very serious as they indicate a record from the mod is trying to reference something, but what it is looking for is missing from the mod or the master of the mod. Mod authors should never leave these uncorrected! They should be corrected by the mod author and not by you! Personally I would not use mods that contain such easily fixable but serious errors on "purpose".
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    Ok i found out! It was "Skyshade - Create Your Own Paintings" ! Found error with Fallrim and Papyrus !
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    I’m sorry it caused issues, but 3 or 4 posts back I was literally told post the entire log in the spoiler or use pastebin. I am trying to learn these tools and I do not know all of what he needs to see when his message says to post the entire log. I couldn’t know of that amendment to rule beforehand. Not only that, I did not realize it even went through twice because on my end I got an error window. I thought there was an issue with the site. This was the only reason I tried again to send a message, not to double post. This was the reason I took the screenshot, because I didn’t think that unnecessarily large file was needed and it’s entirety, but then I was told that was wrong, which I understand now for pastebin next time. I only write this up to defend myself so you’re not thinking I’m some impatient jerk, when I couldn’t know otherwise for some of this thank you, I will check out this information, and I know better for next time, but again, none of that was done purposely or with ill intent.
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    You should check your Windows memory management settings in case you have throttled them by setting pagefile size. Make sure you have a pagefile for Windows defined using your fastest drive with plenty of unused space. You can also check background processes and programs that may be running. If you are generating occlusion with a web browser open with a bunch of tabs and other programs running, you will have less memory available. Right click taskbar and select Taskmanager to see what background programs may be hogging resources and close them (if you know what they are and they are unneeded). Go to the Performance tab to see available resources. Right click Windows Start Menu icon, select System > Advanced System Settings: ... check that virtual memory is assigned to your fastest drive and Windows is managing:
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    All plugins should be checked, whether they are checked by default doesn't really matter. Right click the plugin list and choose enable all. The thunderchild plugin is the exception. Thunderchild was removed from the guide a week ago, I have forgotten to remove the patch for it. Just reinstall JK's Skyrim where the plugin comes from and install it without choosing thunderchild.
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    Sorry for late answer here, I'm on vacation Glad you solved it, I'll definitely add to the guide that the c should be lowercase. Without the argument, xLodGen outputs to MOs overwrite folder.
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    Thank you i fixed it, just by bEnableProjectUVDiffuseNormals=1, the first thing i did but i did it in the wrong place, should've been via MO2 ini not "real" ini!
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    Fallout4Custom.ini will never overwrite Fallout4Prefs.ini. BethINI does read FalloutCustom.ini, however. See my reply to your other thread for more details.
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    Fallout New Vegas is the oddball. Fallout New Vegas does not natively support a custom.ini file, but just about everyone uses the JIP LN NVSE Plugin mod for Fallout New Vegas, which adds the ability to use a FalloutCustom.ini file to overwrite any and all INI settings set in Fallout.ini or FalloutPrefs.ini. For the rest of the games, the order is game.ini, gameCustom.ini, custom plugin INIs (INI files that accompany a mod plugin), and then gamePrefs.ini. In other words, gameCustom.ini will overwrite any setting in the main game.ini file, but not any setting that is validly placed in the gamePrefs.ini file. However, only a select few settings of the many thousands of available INI settings are valid in the gamePrefs.ini file. You can see the lists of valid settings for each of these games within BethINI, or through our wiki guides, or my several threads listing all valid INI settings for each of the games. Here is the one for Fallout 4 for instance: Therefore, since iLocation X and iLocation Y are invalid within Fallout4Prefs.ini, as long as a plugin INI file is not overwriting the values, it will use the value assigned within FalloutCustom.ini. If you are unsure at any time if an INI setting is being applied by the game, you can easily verify it in the console with the following commands: getini "setting:section" An example in this case would be: getini "iLocation X:Display" Which should return 0 if you are using the setting displayed above.
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    I would right-click, All Mods, check all for update, and you should see in the log where mods are not found IIRC.
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    What is DynDOLOD? FO4LODGen There should be FO4 modding guides that explain how to install the available improved LOD assets mods and FO4LODGen Resources to generate better LOD with xLODGen
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    LOOT 0.16.1 still supports load after rules and I see some load after rules in the master list (e.g. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp has load after rules for Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One - Main.esm, and Requiem Records Fix.esp with Skyrim Special Edition and Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm loads after ObjectPlacementFix.esm for Fallout 3). I think the ultimate issue is that LOOT mod groups help establish the overall load order, but I imagine it would get overly complex really fast to handle all the nuances of a proper load order. I think @TechAngel85 prefers not to use load after rules if at all possible and I haven't used load after rules since LOOT introduced mod groups. I haven't created a bashed patch in a few years. I either install a compatibility patch (if available) or copy as override into a CR patch and manually resolve the conflicts. I think @TechAngel85 is manually resolving leveled lists and other conflicts into the CR patch for the Skyrim guides as well. This may add more work for guide authors, but I think it actually helps introduce consistency and removes one level of complexity from the guides.
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