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    Alpha-53 will report the problem to the log instead.
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    I had already set up windows defender to exclude texgen. So I didn't think it was the issue. I had accidently excluded texgen, but not the x64 version. Sorry for my stupidity. Thanks for helping me resolve the issue.
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    Exactly. The export folder and its content is created when running DynDOLOD with the object LOD option checked. DynDOLOD create these files for LODGen to generate the object LOD meshes.
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    Plugin being checked will be fixed next version. The debug is being replaced for each session. You need to reproduce the error and upload that debug log please.
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    Just backup your executable and it'll be fine. We'll probably have to wait, perhaps a year or two or three before SKSE and .NET Framework and any plug-ins that rely on reverse-engineered code is viable again. I may be being pessimistic on my time frame, but it is going to take a lot of work to get it all worked out.
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    Bethesda folder and file naming conventions stipulate that different assets never have the same filename. The DynDOLOD manual explains how automatic full model file name to LOD model matching works. It addition the CRC32 of full model can be used to bind a specific LOD model to a specific full model. The next DynDOLOD Resources 3 LE/SE versions will have a dedicated LOD model for the second rock02.nif. They will also have an LOD model updates for the building from the other post.
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    Yes, plugins should be removed. We are only using the meshes for all ELFX mods.
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    Which settings are the "best" depends on the game, load order, setup, performance and personal preference. So as I always, I suggest to make screenshots and compare different settings yourself. Or refer to a modding guide and/or a comparisons made by users who play/mod the game.
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    The defaults are perfectly fine. Using anything but BC5 for normal and specular textures does not really make any sense. The diffuse format of the vanilla single object LOD textures is typically DXT5. There won't be any visual improvements by using BC7 max over BC7 quick over using DXT5. If vertex colors are checked there can be issues with interiors using the LOD from parent worldspaces. As you can see from the screenshots on the first post, using backlight power helps with tree LOD lighting. Increasing the alpha threshold will make LOD for trees and other objects using transparency appear to be thinner.
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    Any other mods in your load order we need to know about?
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    Etheral Clouds, Improved Clouds Mesh and Cathedral weathers do not seem to conflict with one another. They show no conflicts in mod organizer. This is because ethereal clouds only changes the vanilla textures and improved clouds mesh improves the mesh. Cathedral weather has new clouds that I think only show up in the new weathers and do not change the vanilla, constant ones. So each improves a different aspect. Improved Clouds mesh works with both mods too texture wise. I have yet to give a good visual look in game just cursory.
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    I have that one moved to optional so it wasn't needed for some reason. I have yet to run into any issues without it during patching, so I don't think it's needed.
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    I disagree. I think this adds to the console interface menu. Even the mod author classifies this as an Interface mod. I don't see how it extends the game engine nor is it required by other mods, but instead adds to the interface of the in-game console.
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    It's adds environment maps to metal on some objects so the metal has a shine rather than being dull and looking a bit like plastic.
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    I'll correct the Orc. From tallest to shortest with this mods is: Altmer Dark Elf Nord Orc Redguard Khajiit Argonian & Wood Elf Breton & Imperials
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    Marking accepted, assuming Tech's tacit agreement.
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    I vote we accept this outright, since we know we need it. kinks can be worked out if we find any, but that should be simple, since tech created it, and Step is maintaining the mod. Since Tech has approved by virtue of creating this, I will mark as accepted.
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    Discussion topic: Smooth Shores Patches by Step Modifications Wiki Link
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    I think we need to drop this one (rather, not accept for 2.0.0 ... it wasn't in 1.0.0) if we are adopting A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds
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    Do not change DynDOLOD_SSE_worldspace_ignore.txt and/or do not select any worldspaces from Vigilant. It is not supported atm.
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    You can only do that by matching plugin names in the load order.
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    This mod supplements it, so I strongly advise using this.
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    The Single Shotgun Re-Retexture mod has an incorrect link. it leads to Weapon Retexture Project - WRP which is already installed by this point in the guide.
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    Thanks I'll uninstall Hide SkyUI and see if I can get it working properly
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    Edit: Problem solved. This is my "Enhanced Vanilla Trees" mod which was not up to date. Many thanks for your help and patience. You taught me how to interpret the "NetScriptFramework" file and I now know that the first page of this forum is important for choosing which files to attach to my help requests.
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    I owe you folks an apology. I have fallen in to the stupid user trap of believing that my situation is unique despite a ton of evidence to the contrary. I am absolutely sure that your diagnoses are spot on and I will eventually discover that my OS or something is blocking the writes. Thank you for your advice and help, and for providing these invaluable tools.
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    I'm back from my vacation and have properly "fixed" the CR patch to include all features except the extended Helmet Overlay support (so that it will no longer look for Helmet Overlay.esp when the plugin was changed to an .esm in the latest version of the mod). I will attempt to re-add the Helmet Overlay support shortly, but the mod author changed the way overlays are implemented (via a .txt file rather than FormID list edits) and I will need some time to test it out. Also updated the install instructions on Helmet Overlay's Step Wiki Page. There are 2 extra steps added. Thanks everyone for their patience.
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    Hi everyone, I just started my Skyrim playthrough and just completed Bleak Falls Barrow. However, after turning in the Dragonstone, Irileth didn't interrupt and talking to the Jarl results in a "Not Now!" After scouring the internet for a solution, it looked like the only answer was to restart with the different/no mods and pray that it didn't happen again. Not very hopeful... So I decided to use my new xEdit skills and check what mods where modifying the quests. It turns out that the quests are modified by Not-So-Fast Main Quest! That made me load up the game and look at the mod's MCM menu, and what do you know - by default "First Dragon Sighting" doesn't occur for 6 days if you have this mod installed! I confirmed this on the mod's nexus page. So it looks like if you have Not-So-Fast MQ installed, this is not a bug but rather intentional to give you several days to do side quests and the like. Not don't know if there is a similar vanilla bug, but looking at the google search results there may be dozens, if not hundreds of individuals like me who made the same mistake. So I thought I would post this here on the STEP forums to help anyone else looking into this. Also, I don't know if the mod author, cdcooley, is on these forums, I recommend adjusting the quest completion text of Bleak Falls Barrow to say something like "I should give Farengar sometime to research the Dragonstone" rather than just saying that "the Jarl will reward me." I think the author just forward the BQO text by default, which is kinda misleading here.
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