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  1. Discussion topic: Show Player In Menu by myztikrice Wiki Link This mod will show the player to the right of the inventory window. Comes with an MCM. Nice to see your char from time to time when playing in 1st person. Vanilla > Modded (hade to stand next to the fire since the interior here is very dark)
  2. Discussion topic: Spell Perk Item Distributor by powerofthree Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 Use with these SPID configs for now (context): ODIN Spells for NPCS by oyvveg Vokrii Perks for NPCs by oyvveg A helper resource for modders which allows them to support files for distributing mod-added perks, spells, etc. to NPCs at game start.
  3. Discussion topic: Cutting Room Floor - SSE by Arthmoor Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Reverb Interior Sounds Expansion by DylanJamesWasTaken Wiki Link This is an expansion to AOS created by that MA. Associated mod links: (other) AOS Expansions Regional Sounds Expansion Acoustic Space Improvement Fixes AOS-ISC Integration Solution Audio Overhaul for Skyrim SE Immersive Sounds - Compendium Audio Overhaul - Immersive Sounds Integration Implementation Mechanic Sound Record Distributor
  5. Discussion topic: Papyrus Tweaks NG by Nightfallstorm Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Creation Club Open Helmets by Imperial2000 Wiki Link Since we are using ICH already, I think this would make sense to patch the armors added by CC.
  7. Discussion topic: Glacier LOD Meshes by Phlunder Wiki Link Higher quality glacier LOD meshes. Oldrim page, but works on Special Edition no problem. Should be an easy compare/add. Mod testing notes: Install ONLY the Main File. Do not include the Cathedral landscapes textures. To maintain compatibility with Just Ice in LOD, run TexGen against the Step mod list, and copy/rename the following file in the TexGen Output ... textures/landscape/glacierslabnoalpha.dds textures/landscape/glacierslabnoalpha_n.dds to textures/lod/glacierslablod.dds textures/lod/glacierslablod_n.dds
  8. Discussion topic: ENB Helper SE by aers Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Odin - Skyrim Magic Overhaul by EnaiSiaion Wiki Link Helpful patches: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46445 Testing: Disable Modern Brawl Bug Fix, as this mod includes that. I'm curious as to what everyone thinks of this mod. Some things users have asked for repeatedly are overhauls for magic, perks, and more skills. We've repeatedly responded with, "we haven't found one that fits Step". Well, I've had a good read over this mod page and compared it to our Mandate. The page had me smiling at points, which meant it aligned with what I would expect something like this to be done for an "enhanced vanilla". This one seems to fit the bill for magic. It... ... provides bug fixes and corrections to malfunctioning aspects of the vanilla magic features/items. ... provides HD asset replacements in the style of the vanilla game. (from looking at the shots) ... improves existing magic content within consistency of the vanilla game. ... its new content is consistent with the game's style and lore, and isn't overpowered. (from what I can tell from reading) ... it's not only geared toward a specific user base. (affects all magic schools equally and consistently) As for mod compatibility, users should remember that Step isn't as concerned with "down the line" compatibility since the Guides are now meant as complete solutions. However, we're not oblivious to the fact users will still install additional mods on top of the Guides. With that in mind, Odin is actually very compatible with other magic overhaul mods that aren't included in the SE Guide due to the Mandate. I did have a look in xEdit to preview compatibility with the current SE mod list, and it seems to need minimal patching. Since we don't have many mods that alter these areas of the game, Odin's main conflict within our mod list is with USSEP, which it should be overwriting anyway. So a bit of patching for Elemental Staffs, CACO, and a few others. Really easy and lightweight, but will probably require becoming a master of the CR Patch; meaning users won't have the option of not installing Odin in their mod lists. With the Guides being complete solutions now, those things shouldn't matter as much, but old habits die hard. I just wanted to put that fact out there.
  10. Discussion topic: Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack Revamp by Step Modifications Wiki Link This is a revamp of Bellaches Pack with cleaned textures, upscales to better match HD DLC sizes, and many corrections to specular maps. Texture sizes are meant to resemble vanilla, however, a new 4K option is provided for the mammoths; since they are such large animals.
  11. Discussion topic: Skyrim Character Sheet by mlthelama Wiki Link Displays a character sheet conveniently showing all player stats in a single place, invoked with a hotkey. Skyrim spreads character information over several disparate menus and the information is incomplete, which is pretty lame for a so-called "RPG". This mod attempts to remedy that shortcoming. It does it very well with a clean UI, IMHO. SKSE plugin, configurable via INI file. Note: Not compatible with 1.6.640 or greater as of this writing.
  12. Discussion topic: Legendary Mutation Messages Fix - Cut Content Restored by Crash Wiki Link This restores the additional information to the messages describing the mutation when a legendary enemy mutates. No conflicts with anything on our list. Should be an easy add.
  13. Discussion topic: QuickTrade Redux by Dylbill Wiki Link Test as a replacement for Quicktrade, as there are a few minor bugs with it that this appears it might fix.
  14. Discussion topic: Jason Bright Head Seam Mesh Fix by Survivalistic Wiki Link Necessary with FCO, not needed when playing with vanilla faces.
  15. Discussion topic: Skyrim Skill Uncapper AE by Kasplat Wiki Link We may finally have a working port.
  16. Discussion topic: The Choice is Yours by kryptopyr Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: At Your Own Pace by agd25 Wiki Link I think this is a better option than Not so Fast Mage/Main Quest by CDCooley. How does it makes sense to configure a mod via a button in game on walls. Thoughts on this? At Your Own Pace series is more up to date as well.
  18. Discussion topic: Corpse Collision by Moogletron Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: TexGen by Sheson Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: The Missing Nukalurk Recipe Book by BenRierimanu Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: DLC Timing UFO4P Patch by VishVadeva50 Wiki Link While checking conflicts, I saw this mod needed a patch, to which I found that VishVadeva50 has already provided for us as an esp replacement.
  22. Discussion topic: DLC Timing by Jonx0r Wiki Link This looks like a no brainer, and from the author of Wyrmstooth, so I'm certain it's high quality.
  23. Discussion topic: Automatically Lowered Weapons by pauderek Wiki Link Poet recommends this instead of Lowered Weapons, as he says that mod can cause crashes in some cases. I actually used this mod during my last playthrough (mistook it for the other tbh), so I can vouch for it.
  24. Discussion topic: Fallout 4 AI Overhaul by SpiderAkiraC Wiki Link From the same mod author that created AI Overhaul SSE.
  25. Discussion topic: Power Armor Ownership Fix by Selenarious Wiki Link Makes "stolen" power armor not stolen anymore. Also has an option to disable the glitchy animation of walking around the power armor to insert the fusion core.
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