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  1. Just finished STEP 3 and cleaned the masters. Thought everything was going smooth but when it came time to open the overwrite folder in MO to replace data files, there was nothing in overwrite. I'm assuming I need to put something back into the data file, but I'm not sure what to do now or where I went wrong. I'm very new to all this and apologize in advance for my naivety.
  2. I will keep this post brief. Make use of the Help buttons and hover over settings. Do not hesitate to ask questions and provide feedback. This is early ALPHA to test things and iron out bugs. Certain things may be incomplete, not work as expected or change considerably between versions. In case of error messages, click "Help for this message" if available. Ask questions or report any problems or issue in this thread. If making posts or reporting errors, upload/paste these files (if they exist) to a file or text sharing service: ..\DynDOLOD\bugreport.txt ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\[DynDOLOD|TexGen]_[TES5|ENDERAL|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERALSE]_log.txt (truncate large log files to last meaningful generation) ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\[DynDOLOD|TexGen]_[TES5|ENDERAL|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERALSE]_Debug_log.txt If issue involves LODGen upload/paste ..\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_[TES5|ENDERAL|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERALSE]_[Worldspace]_log.txt Requirements DynDOLOD Standalone 3.00 Alpha-35 (Mega) DynDOLOD Resources 3.00 Alpha-10 (Mega) for Skyrim/Enderal or DynDOLOD Resources SE 3.00 Alpha-10 (Mega) for Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/Enderal SE Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 For dynamic LOD: SKSE, SKSE64, SKSEVR and PapyrusUtil, PapyrusUtil SE, PapyrusUtil VR or DynDOLOD DLL For grass LOD: A warm precache from No Grass In Objects. See next post for details. For Majestic Mountains: Majestic Mountains LOD Pack for DynDOLOD 3 Installation Install the requirements as usual. Install the Core Files from either DynDOLOD Resources or DynDOLOD Resources SE depending on the used game version. Typically overwrite any files or refer to Load/Overwrite Orders. Install other options as desired. Unpack the DynDOLOD Standalone archive into a new 'DynDOLOD' directory that is outside of special OS folders like 'Programs Files' or 'Program Files (x86)', User, Documents, Desktop, Download and also not in SteamApps, game or any mod manager folders. If the tools are started without setting a Game Mode with a command line argument (-tes5 for Skyrim, -sse for Skyrim Special Edition etc.), a message window will prompt for the desired Game Mode. LOD Generation Use TexGen to generate object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards into a dedicated output folder and then install as a mod. Use DynDOLOD to generate object LOD (includes grass LOD if enabled), tree and optional dynamic LOD into a dedicated output folder and then install as a mod. Major Feature Changes Generate high quality tree/grass LOD billboards with TexGen. No need to install any billboards. Ultra tree LOD is now a checkbox - remember to update the tree mesh rule as desired. Billboard Grass LOD in object LOD Level 4. See next post for details. Generate some pre-rendered object LOD textures, including all cities. Generate an underside terrain mesh to block sun rays. Automatic texture replacements for stitched object LOD textures. Changelog 3.00 Alpha 35 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not updating Mesh Mask/Reference list view DynDOLOD.exe - improved reporting and ignoring of some missing textures 3.00 Alpha 34 TexGen.exe/DynDOLOD.exe - added game mode selection window if started without game mode command line argument DynDOLOD.exe - improved automatic texture replacements for stitched object LOD textures DynDOLOD.exe - do not warn about missing textures if they are being replaced DynDOLOD.exe - automatically create stitched object LOD texture for replaced textures if required DynDOLOD.exe - automatically create non alpha texture of full texture if required DynDOLOD.exe - improved mini atlas export data DynDOLOD.exe - improved worldspace bounds warning/error settings DynDOLOD.exe - fixed and improved mesh rules loading order DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes ignoring Reference Enable mesh rule setting DynDOLOD.exe - fixed a case of wrongly setting LOD Levels to None DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not updating reference rules internally DynDOLOD.exe - improved detection of childworld copies DynDOLOD.exe - never list child worldspaces that use parent worldspace for LOD even if they have a lodsettings file TexGen.exe - added/updated rendered object LOD textures TexGen.exe - fixed wrong output path for rendered billboards found in data folder TexGen.exe - do not try to render textures for DLC if DLC is missing TexGen.exe - improved config file reading for records in ESL flagged plugins TexGen.exe - added CreateMod INI setting to generate textures to include in a mod that won't prompt to uninstall old TexGen output LODGen.exe - fixed an issue with sometimes not combining crown and trunk when generating hybrids LODGen.exe - fixed a random grass LOD exception LODGen.exe - fixed grass LOD not being generated for grasses added by ESL flagged plugins LODGen.exe - default threadsplit to number of physical cores DynDOLOD Resources - updated meshes and textures for better compatibility DynDOLOD Resources SE - updated meshes and textures for better compatibility 3.00 Alpha 33 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed an issue with adding grass LOD billboards to object LOD atlas 3.00 Alpha 32 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong INI settings 3.00 Alpha 31 DynDOLOD.exe - added Enderal SE Steam support, start with -enderalse command line argument DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings CrownBrightness, TrunkBrightness, FlatTrunkBrightness vertex color multipliers to control brightness of 3D tree models in object LOD DynDOLOD.exe - never ignore neverfades in child worlds for upgrading to static or dynamic LOD DynDOLOD.exe - fixed accidentally adding material shader to glow LOD DynDOLOD.exe - do not use empty list item from lists in INI DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not always disabling some dynamic LOD correctly in scanned childworlds that also have their own LOD (e.g. Markarth) TexGen.exe - added rendered object LOD textures - most notably Solitude, Markarth, Riften, Windhelm and College of Winterhold LODGen.exe - CrownBrightness*=, TrunkBrightness*=, FlatTrunkBrightness*= added DynDOLOD Resources SE - updated meshes and texture for better compatibility 3.00 Alpha 30 TexGen.exe - fixed sometimes wrongly applying specular 3.00 Alpha 29 TexGen.exe - improved loading of cubemap textures 3.00 Alpha 28 TexGen.exe/DynDOLOD.exe - added Enderal SE support, uses its own config files in anticipation of Steam version DynDOLOD.exe - fixed accidentally generating tree LOD instead of object LOD for child world copies DynDOLOD.exe - add full-model-CRC32 matching for object/dynamic LOD models for automatic support of "dumb" mesh replacer mods DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding center cell data for first dynamic LOD activation DynDOLOD.exe - added/updated rules for better compatibility TexGen.exe - properly ignore trees without models or deleted base records TexGen.exe - added environment/cubemap shader TexGen.exe - added rendered object LOD textures - most notably vanilla Whiterun and Dwemer Ruins, DynDOLOD Dawnguard castle and more LODGen.exe - improved parsing of txt files Texconv.exe - updated to latest version DynDOLOD_Manual.html - updated explanations information for Enderal DynDOLOD Resources SE - updated meshes and texture for better compatibility 3.00 Alpha 27 DynDOLOD.exe - added INI setting TerrainUndersideIgnoreWorlds= LODGen.exe - optimize underside terrain by removing triangles for default terrain height DynDOLOD-Resources-SE - added patch to enable grass for Whiterun exterior 3.00 Alpha 26 DynDOLOD.exe - add terrain underside references to ESP so they work in all worldspaces 3.00 Alpha 25 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed a problem with thread control DynDOLOD.exe - fixed patches sometimes being confused about the destination plugin DynDOLOD.exe - improved enabling/disabling of underside mesh Papyrus Script - updated objectenabler script 3.00 Alpha 24 DynDOLOD.exe - enable/disable terrain underside meshes in child worldspaces DynDOLOD.exe - only generate terrain underside meshes for worldspaces that have LOD level 32 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring skinned meshes for dynamic LOD Papyrus Script - new objectenabler script for terrain underside meshes LODGen.exe - do not fail if optional billboard txt file is not present LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not automatically setting passthru for glow shader LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not applying replacement textures 3.00 Alpha 23 DynDOLOD.exe/TexGen.exe - fixed not using SSE config files for TES5VR DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings TerrainUnderside, TerrainUndersideQuality and TerrainUndersideHeigth to automatically generate and place a terrain NIF that aids in blocking sun rays 3.00 Alpha 22 DynDOLOD.exe - added INI settings DoubleSidedTextureMask and DoubleSidedMeshMask to force double sided flag for specfic meshes or textures LODGen.exe - DoubleSidedTextureMask= and DoubleSidedMeshMask= added 3.00 Alpha 21 DynDOLOD.exe - ignore billboards without txt files so LODGen does not fail later LODGen.exe - added GrassDensity= to allow for lower density of grass LOD billboards in object LOD LODGen.exe - added ThreadSplit= to control ratio of main to sub threads for object LOD generation 3.00 Alpha 20 LODGen.exe - fixed looking up wrong path in BSA for billboard txt 3.00 Alpha 19 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed skipping over some references using LIGH DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring overwrites from patches DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not always copying XEMI record from child world to existing parent LOD representations DynDOLOD.exe - ignore references with only a notice that have been moved out of their original worldspace DynDOLOD.exe - fixed ignoring XESP parent configuration not working as intended TexGen.exe - do not leave orphaned billboard files in case they are filtered out 3.00 Alpha 18 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong tree LOD atlas coordinates 3.00 Alpha 17 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed index out of bounds while generating tree LOD texture atlas 3.00 Alpha 16 DynDOLOD.exe - ignore duplicate patches 3.00 Alpha 15 DynDOLOD.exe - default to -memory instead of -speed DynDOLOD.exe - added duplicate texture removal to object LOD atlas generation DynDOLOD.exe - added thread limit settings for some Occlusion operations LODGen.exe - fixed an indexing error LODGen.exe - added Threads= to limit number of concurrent LOD generation threads, defaults to number of cores 3.00 Alpha 14 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not ignoring player enable parent for tree LOD TexGen.exe - fixed a case of not ignoring case 3.00 Alpha 13 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes leaving ITM records DynDOLOD.exe - fixed removing alpha channel from texture if NiAlphaProperty threshold is 0 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes setting unresolved material links DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not overwriting earlier rules TexGen.exe - maximize and trim billboard texture based on render instead of vertex bounding box TexGen.exe - do not generate billboard if textures are missing LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not using side-view billboard 3.00 Alpha 12 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed wrong load order detection for ESP only generation 3.00 Alpha 11 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes modifying other plugins TexGen.exe - added separate MaxSuperSamples options for grass, tree and objects LODGen.exe - fixed sometimes not discovering grass billboards correctly 3.00 Alpha 10 DynDOLOD.exe - removed a left over debug check stopping things for no reason 3.00 Alpha 9 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes copying wrong overwrite record 3.00 Alpha 8 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes not matching LOD models 3.00 Alpha 7 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed sometimes adding a duplicate textures on atlas 3.00 Alpha 6 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding master for direct childworld copies 3.00 Alpha 5 DynDOLOD.exe - demoted duplicate cell exception to a warning DynDOLOD.exe - check for childless worldspaces DynDOLOD.exe - fixed not adding master for enable parent of object activators DynDOLOD.exe - improved reading of grass data DynDOLOD.exe - added INI setting AlphaFactor= to control internal mipmap alpha coverage DynDOLOD.exe - improved normalization of assets paths TexGen.exe - ^^which means finding textures with rooted texture paths found in NIF 3.00 Alpha 4 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed trying to add references for empty parent models for glow LOD DynDOLOD.exe - report missing base record LOD definitions if automatic matching fails DynDOLOD.exe - do not add worshippers to cells added by ESP DynDOLOD.exe - fixed forced load order resulting in orphaned records DynDOLOD.exe - double check if there are duplicate cells DynDOLOD.exe - monitor for duplicate triplets DynDOLOD.exe - properly blame ESP not setting MSTT DATA - Flags 0x4 TexGen.exe - fixed localization preventing rendering TexGen.exe - fixed sometimes writing wrong CRC32 for textures 3.00 Alpha 3 DynDOLOD.exe - ignore inconsequential unresovled errors in DLC and paid mods 3.00 Alpha 2 DynDOLOD.exe - fixed INI setting typo DynDOLOD Help - updated grass LOD settings information for No Grass In Objects version 6 3.00 Alpha 1 DynDOLOD.exe - converted all remaining external pas scripts to native code DynDOLOD.exe - added ultra LOD as a GUI option DynDOLOD.exe - export binary terrain file for LODGen DynDOLOD.exe - export grass LOD billboard file for LODGen TexGen.exe - converted all remaining external pas scripts to native code TexGen.exe - added OpenGl renderer and options to generate object LOD textures and tree/grass LOD billboards from models LODGen.exe - added support for reading Skyrim Special Edition CGID grass data files to place grass billboards in static object LOD meshes LODGen.exe - PathGrass= path to folder with xy.cgid files LODGen.exe - GrassMap= file with simple (NIF_FormID) billboard filename to fully qualified (textures\terrain\LODGen\...) billboard filename LODGen.exe - GrassBrightness*= vertex color multipliers to control overall brightness of grass LODGen.exe - use optional binary terrain file for pre-pass removing unseen faces for object LOD, TerrainData= as for terrain LOD
  3. Good Evening everyone, So i've been playing for quite a while without ENB but now i've decided to try it out and see how it goes but i've a few questions and i hope someone would be able to help. 1. Do i need to Run LOD after installing ENB? 2. Do i need to re-enable (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen and (TEMP) - Cathedral Landscapes before running DynDoLOD for the second time? 3. Do i need to run all the LOD generators or just DynDoLOD? sorry for my noob questions and thanks in advance. Regards.
  4. Hello. I have more than one question, actually. I'm not sure if I want to follow the guide or not. Many of the mods are not to my taste. However, I was thinking that the Bethini tweaks the guide recommends might be worth it no matter which direction I take with my game. Mostly, I tend to use mesh and texture mods: things like armor, hair, custom skin, landscape textures, etc. In short, I have to turn every game I play into the Sims, lol. I don't bother with a lot of gameplay mods. Given that it's mostly meshes and textures that I'm using, would doing the Bethini tweaks break my game? Or have no effect at all? I have NO IDEA what anything means in the ini files. The other questions I had is about making billboards. Does the game require just one billboard for the trees and textures or can/does it utilize more than one? If a tree mod and a landscape texture mod came with its own billboard, would that be acceptable? I don't know how the billboard system works with the game and the idea of making my own billboards is awfully intimidating. I am such an incredible noob; it's embarrassing. Can anyone explain how the billboard system works in Skyrim SE? I thank thee in advance
  5. Mod Source: BethINI by DoubleYou Wiki Link BethINI STEP Wiki Link BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. It arose out of my research into the Skyrim INI files over on STEP. Why You Need This There are many advantages to using BethINI: 1. It automatically reorders your INI files into a sensible order, making them much easier to navigate for manual tweaking. 2. It automatically fixes common errors, including some that can cause CTDs. 3. It automatically detects mods you have installed and makes changes recommended by the mod authors where deemed appropriate. If your mod or a mod you know of requires such support, please contact me, as this is the easiest thing in the world to implement. 4. It's presets are superior in graphical fidelity and performance (95% of the time) to the official presets one can create via the game launcher. 5. It allows for the modification of more settings than is accessible via native game settings, and provides explanation for each setting and what it does. 6. It automatically backs up your INI files. 7. For Skyrim, it automatically configures the Creation Kit to support multiple masters and any installed DLC, if enabled. TL;DR BethINI fixes your INI files and lets you tweak your INI files to improve performance and quality. Installation: BethINI is a portable application. You can run it anywhere. Simply extract and run. Do NOT run through Mod Organizer! Recommended usage: 1. Please do not delete your INI files prior to running this! 2. Run BethINI 3. Mod Organizer users should go to the Setup tab and select the profile they wish to use via the ''INI Path'' setting. Your profiles should be autodetected. It is highly recommended to close Mod Organizer if open. 4. Click Default. This will refresh your INI files to the default state. 5. Original Skyrim ENB users should tick the ''ENB Mode'' checkbox. This does not apply to users who ONLY use the ENBoost portion of ENB. This should be autodetected, so if you are unsure, leave this alone! 6. Click your desired preset. 7. Tick the ''Recommended Tweaks'' checkbox to apply tweaks recommended for all users. 8. Click the Save and Exit button. Testimonials FAQ Q: The program will not load. The cursor spins, but the program does not load and the process is not created. A: Add BethINI.exe to your antivirus exclusion list. Q: Virus! A: False positive. See the VirusTotal report. Q: Should I delete my INI files before running this? A: No! Indeed, it is likely the game launcher shall kill your INI files if you do this! Q: Why is my savegame crashing? A: Not all INI settings can be changed mid-game (e.g., uGridsToLoad). If you used some bad INI tweaks (e.g., Ewi's INIs) on a save, they can cause your save not to work with good INIs. Either copy some of the problematic lines back into your INI, stick the old INIs back, or start a new game. Q: Does it work with ENB? A: Yes! Skyrim users can simply tick the ENB Mode checkbox (should be autodetected) to ensure that all necessary tweaks are applied. ENB users of other games may need to check to make sure that they haven't accidentally disabled any necessary settings (as I currently don't know what settings are necessary for the other games, as I haven't used them. Sorry.) Q: If I use ONLY the ENBoost part of ENB, do I need to tick the ENB Mode checkbox? A: No. Again, this should be autodetected. Q: I get an error when I start the game that says, "failed to initialize renderer." A: Your screen resolution is incorrect. Please change your resolution to one that your monitor supports. Custom resolutions can be manually typed into the Resolution box. Q: I want to go back to the way my INIs were before I used BethINI. Is that possible? A: Simply go to the setup tab and select "Before BethINI" in the "Restore Backup" dropdown.
  6. Hi guys, first post here, happy to have joined! I've been tearing my hair out trying to get No Grass in Objects to work without causing stutter upon changing cells/loading new objects, trees, etc. I've heard so many people get great results with it, and I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a hardware limitation. I tested it with a separate MO2 profile, enabling only NetScriptFramework and No Grass in Objects, along with a pregenerated cache of grass, and "Low" Bethini settings, and was still getting stuttering, so it shouldn't be a mod conflict or an ini problem, though I'll post my ini files anyway. I've also tried it with DynDOLOD 3.00 and the same thing happened, but I don't believe it to be a consequence of DynDOLOD. My hardware specs are as follows: CPU: Intel i7-9750H @ 2.60GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1660-Ti 6GB Here are my ini files: Skyrim.ini: https://pastebin.com/92mkUzYW SkyrimPrefs.ini: https://pastebin.com/njhEHaKH SkyrimCustom.ini: https://pastebin.com/6b8uGFHJ Is there something I'm missing? I added some exclusions to the grass precaching process, but the stuttering occurs in areas not related to those exclusions. I'm really at a loss for what to do. Thanks for any help!
  7. I've stumbled upon this error while I was following the SkyrimSE S.T.E.P. guide: Using SSE Engine Fixes skse64 Preloader as the guide says, but I also tried DLL Plugin Loader and had the same issue. Here is the Net Script Framework log: I've just started following the guide instructions and honestly I have no idea about what could be wrong. EDIT: Both SSE and MO2 are not installed in any UAC-controlled folders and none of the mod's dlls has an Unblock button or checkbox on it's properties. EDIT for solved: I think the issue was the game executable which I've removed SteamStub from in order to play without Steam client/service. Sometimes I do this when I want the game to have access to as many hardware resources as possible. Starting the game with the unmodified executable and with Steam running solved the issue for good.
  8. Made it to step 5, xLODGen, Generation, Terrain LOD Generation. After running xLODGen from MO2 executable drop-down list, I do not have any options to "select all worldspaces" or to tick anything like it is shown in the examples. All I see is this: I think I did the Terrain LOD preparation correctly, but the link to forum download was a bit difficult to follow; couldn't tell for sure if xLODGen beta 83 based on 4.1.3g link at top was indeed what I was supposed to copy into (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen mod folder in MO (guide step 1 says to download SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm, didn't see that so I went with the mentioned xLODGen beta link at the top).
  9. Hello (sorry for filling this sub) Well the title say all, my SE map has weird ugly, flickering angles in water like Lake Ilinalta after running Dyndolod, i put "A Quality World Map" below everything in MO2 but still... even when i disable the mod, still this weird issue (of course). What can i do to fix my lovely map? I tried to follow this but nothing: " Just generate the LOD 32 terrain meshes. No need to generate the same of anything else. It should only take seconds. Enable the checkbox for terrain LOD only, check meshes, uncheck build diffuse/normal. In the lower left check Specific Chunk. Set drop down to 32, leave W and S empty. Or set W to -32 and S to 0, then it will generate only that one specific terrain mesh Tamriel.32.-32.0.btr for that area with the specified quality/optimize unseen settings." Thank you
  10. Update March 10, 2017 Starting with version 2.22 DynDOLOD supports Skyrim SE - as beta for experienced users. Starting with 2.36 dynamic LOD is now supported for Skyrim SE. DynDOLOD Skyrim SE beta Skyrim Special Edition The static LOD BTO format changed a bit. It may be possible to use the tree and static files created in the old format, but I do not recommend it at this point as they might be missing out new features and are twice the file size than the new format. It won't be long until an update for DynDOLOD/TES5LODGen is available and you will be able to create static object and tree LOD that can be just dropped into any existing save game without a problem. Static object and tree LOD is only meshes and textures and only requires some simple updates to base records in the esp. Obviously the dynamic LOD that requires SKSE, PapyrusUtil is an entirely different matter. But I plan for a substitute generation in the way like SkyFalls/Mills did it until the required plugins become available.
  11. This is a beta of [FNV|FO3|FO4|FO4VR|TES5|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERAL|ENDERALSE]LODGen/Edit with terrain LOD meshes and textures generation. This is for experienced mod authors and users that know how to use xEdit, xLODGen or DynDOLOD already. Installation and Setup Download xLODGen beta 83 - based on 4.1.3g Unzip into a dedicated folder outside of any game and Steam folders or special Windows folders like Program Files. (Pro users can merge with existing xEdit installation. Make sure to overwrite older LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe TexConv.exe/TexConvx64.exe in Edit Scripts. All other files with the same filenames are the same as the latest version of xEdit.) Rename xLODGen.exe to [game mode]LODGen.exe (TES5LODGen.exe for example) or start with command line parameter -fnv, -fo3, -fo4, -fo4vr, -tes5, tes5vr, -sse, -enderal, -enderalse Use -o:"c:\OutputPath\" command line parameter to change where files are generated to, default is the game folder. Do not generate into any game or any mod manager folders. Requirements Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 - Required by LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe and Texconv.exe/Texconvx64.exe. Get matching platform x86/x64 depending on which xLODGen.exe (x86) or xLODGenx64.exe (x64) is used. RTFM and Share Results See the included Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the Skyrim TVDT Occlusion data generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions or give feedback in the dedicated Skyrim TVDT - Occlusion Data thread. See the included Terrain-LOD-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the settings for terrain LOD generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions about terrain LOD in this thread for a more in-depth explanation if required and share feedback (with screenshots) about results or problems. These tools generate LOD meshes and textures "exactly" like CK, but not like the meshes and textures which are shipping with the games (they are often manually edited). However, these tools provide more options and higher resolutions (use the x64 version if there are memory errors because you believe you require 4k or higher) and can be updated to add more useful features and options. I did some testing in the different games, but finding the best combinations of options and settings requires lots of testing and are a matter of personal opinion and which game is used, the load order, mods, even different worldspaces probably. That means, I am only able to give generic guidelines and hints to send you off to find and test for yourself and share your results. My main interested is that generations works correctly and without problems for now. Check out the thread xLODGen Terrain Settings Compare. Also refer to any modding guide which has a list of relevant mods close to your load order. The object and tree LOD generation is the same as the current versions of xEdit / xLODGen. Refer to their respective descriptions and explanations. Obviously, users of Skryim/Enderal/Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/EnderalSE continue to use the easier and more comprehensive DynDOLOD for drastically improved object and tree LOD generation and only use xLODGen for terrain LOD (and maybe Occlusion) generation. First Time Here are suggestion to start without going crazy and that should be quick enough to generate: Set quality of meshes for LOD4 to 5 and then +5 for each next level. Or just set levels 8/16/32 to 10. Check protect cell borders (yes it fixes the ugly terrain drops at outer cell borders that still exist in Fallout 4). Use the max vertices setting only if you want to hard limit max file size. In Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim VR, if you notice terrain briefly flickering when new areas are loading in, set [Display] bEnableLandFade=0 in Skyrim.INI Set Optimize Unseen to off for LOD4 for first generation. Start experimenting with a value of 550 with a quality setting of 10 or lower for LOD32 (used for map) and compare coastlines and file size to other settings. To quickly generate terrain LOD meshes just for the map, check only terrain LOD Meshes, check the Specific Chunk checkbox and set drop down to 32. Leave SW fields empty for complete map or set SW cell coordinates to same values as a *.btr filename to test a specific area with lots of water, river etc. Set texture sizes to 512 for a start. Larger sizes and large world spaces will take a considerable time (like 15 to 30 minutes or more easily). Each higher resolution means quadruple the work. Use DXT1 for diffuse and 565 (DXT1 if on Windows 7) for normal maps. If generating for Skyrim Special Edition use BC7. Uncheck mipmaps, raise steepness and Bake normal maps. For now, leave the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma at 0 and 1.0 respectively. It seems that only Skyrim CK and Skyrim SE CK are manipulating the intensity of the textures to adjust for the noise.dds and the god awful "improved" snow shader of Skyrim SE (just turn that thing off, really). If textures seem too dark in the game, brighten the noise.dds instead or vice versa. That way you can get perfectly matching LOD textures that look just like the textures in the loaded cells. For Skyrim a good average color of the noise texture seems to be around #C0. See below for a couple noise texture downloads. If you want to test larger texture sizes, use the chunk option to limit the number of textures that need to be generated. For example, check [x] Specific chunk, leave the drop down empty and set WS to the lower left cell coordinate of an 32x32 area, like 0, 0. It will then generate all textures up to 31,31. Not all worldspaces have their origin at 0,0 so you will have to check already generated meshes/texture filenames for their lower left coordinates. Questions and Feedback Obliviously anything related to terrain LOD should be posted in this thread. Posts related to Occlusion should be made here. Recommended Optionals TES5-Terrain-Tamriel.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm TES5-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm - These extend the sea of ghost further to the north (see screenshots) SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Full-Extend.esm - Entire map from -96,-96 to 95,96 with northern ocean extension. Useful for mod authors. Put in game data folder obviously. Adds back terrain for Skyrim (Tamriel worldspace) at the outer edges so there is no missing terrain meshes/textures when generating terrain LOD for Skyrim. Load as early with lowest priority as possible, so that any other plugins overwriting or adding land records or cells with the same coordinates take precedence. Only required to be loaded when generating terrain LOD. No harm done when loaded in-game but typically the player can not get close to these areas. There are no effects outside the far away added cells. Noise Single color flat noise, Adjusted vanilla noise, HD Terrain Noise Texture SE Examples for Skyrim. Install to game folder like any other texture mod. The noise texture is applied in-game on top of terrain LOD textures, so no effect for LOD generation. Only the red channel is used in case the textures is not a grey channel format. MipMaps are ignored. The textures is tiled 3x3 per LOD quad, e.g. for LOD level 4, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 4 cells, for LOD level 8, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 8 cells and so on. Test-Terrain-Tamriel.7z For testing terrain LOD distances. Plain color terrain LOD textures for Tamriel with coordinates for every LOD quad. Green for LOD 4, yellow for LOD8, blue for LOD 16 and red for LOD 32.
  12. Hello there, Just finished installing STEP for Skyrim SE, Everything looks great and smooth. I've one question thou, my brother has the same game but without any of these mods installed on his PC. is it possible that i just copy the "modding" folder and "skyrim SE" folder to his PC and it'll work just as it works on mine? or is there another way?
  13. xLODGen beta (47 or newer) and DynDOLOD (2.70 or newer) can be used to update or generate TVDT Occlusion culling data on cell records, which is famously wrong for some cells in Tamriel causing rectangular holes in the distant LOD. Please read the included documentation Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt in the xLODGen archive and the TVDT - Occlusion Data section in Docs/DynDOLOD_Manual.html to learn about TVDT data, how to generate it and the settings. Mod users / complete load orders For Skyrim, Skyrim VR and Skyim Special Edition I generally suggest to use xLODGen to create an Occlusion.esp for the entire load order. Generating the Occlusion.esp is fairly quick with quality 2 and it means not having additional plugins as master in DynDOLOD. The Occlusion.esp is automatically ESL flagged for Skyrim Special Edition. Since DynDOLOD is just the advanced version of xLODGen for tree and object LOD generation, the code to generate the occlusion data and the results are the same. Using DynDOLOD has the advantage that the occlusion is generated automatically with pre-defined settings in the DynDOLOD INI as part of the LOD generation process. Using xLODGen has the advantage of being able to update a separate plugin which only contains the occlusion data and nothing else more quickly and even for a specific worldspace only. For Enderal it seems more convenient to have DynDOLOD generate it, so in DynDOLOD it is enabled by default for Enderal only. There are also additional optimizations in DynDOLOD for Enderal that help improve performance in certain locations. In xLODGen the Occlusion generation is an additional option below the Terrain LOD options. See the included documentation for information about the settings. Once generation is complete, Occlusion.esp is saved to the data folder (or MO mod folder / MO Overwrite folder accordingly). To make sure its updated TVDT data is used, ensure the Occlusion.esp is loaded last so it overwrites any other plugin. Generate the Occlusion.esp last. So the order would be: Finalize load order use xLODGen to generate terrain LOD meshes [and textures] use TexGen/DynDOLOD to generate drastically improved object and tree LOD (uses terrain LOD meshes for object LOD optimization) use xLODGen to create Occlusion.esp (uses object LOD meshes to determine max height samples) If the load order changes afterwards and a plugin makes changes to WRLD/CELL records, the entire worldspace should be updated in the Occlusion.esp (unless the new plugin loads after Occlusion.esp of course). Worldspaces in Occlusion.esp can be updated by simply starting xLODGen with the current Occlusion.esp being last in the load order. Select the desired worldspaces only and generate Occlusion for it. The selected worldspace is removed from Occlusion.esp and then generated completely anew for the new load order. Other worldspaces in the Occlsuion.esp will not be changed. Mod authors It is possible to update the TVDT data on CELLs in a single plugin by starting the tool in edit mode. Generate/Update object LOD first so the object LOD meshes match the current state of the worldspace. As suggested in the included documentation, generate max height data for all cells with CK beforehand. You are welcome to test the included MHDT generation as well. Consider defining/updating the Border Region for the worldspace so the +Border filter option can be used. Either start xLODGen.exe in edit mode with the -edit command line or rename xLODGen.exe to [Gamemode]Edit.exe e.g. TES5Edit.exe Select loading of plugins as usual. Right click desired plugin in the left tree view, click Other, Generate LOD. Check Occlusion and verify the text next to it mentions the desired plugin to be updated. Adjust other settings as desired and explained in the included documentation. For large / multi people projects it is probably better to generate an Occlusion.esp the usual way and merge the TVDT data. Stick to the usual workflow. As always, mod authors are welcome to direct message me here or on discord for help with their projects. Read the provided information and in case of questions about occlusion generation, post them in this thread regardless of using xLODGen or DynDOLOD.
  14. Hello, I've installed the files as shown in the attachment, but the problem is I saw in the extra notes " when asked to merge select yes " but it never asked me to merge and it installed them in the following way, is this wrong? if yes how can i correct it? the mods in question are Unofficial High Definition Audio Project and Skyrim Realistic Overhaul thanks in advance.
  15. Hello guys, first post here just started installing the patch looking forward to it. I just wanted to know whether i should install parts 1 AND 3 only from SRO or should i install parts 1,2 and 3? because that 1-3 thing kinda made me confused.
  16. Hello when i talk to a merchant (innkeeper, misc vendor etc) my notifications zone is spammed with "Form not found n°XXXXX". https://i.imgur.com/d6j6VM3.jpg https://i.imgur.com/4nVX12X.jpg Stop when i reload save or kill myself. I just looked for some formID in SSEDIT and it gives me worldspace records with no conflicts or whatsoever. Doesn't make sense. https://i.imgur.com/JMzAeFw.jpg Is it way to find which mod is involved or turning this off? LO: https://modwat.ch/u/ZaZa Idea?
  17. Hello. The newest STEP guide says next to the Net Script Framework link to ignore the loader, that the loader will be provided by another mod. Can anyone tell me which mod provides the loader? Thanks so much!
  18. Someone please explain why DynDOLOD is telling me I need PapyrusUtil when I've always had it in my load order? I've tried rolling back to older versions but nothing seems to work. I've had this issue in the past and I don't remember how I solved it.
  19. Discussion topic: STEP Skyrim SE Patches by The STEP Team Wiki Link Mods that are required for the Patches are marked on the Guide by a GREEN indicator at the beginning of the mod's listing. STEP SE CR Patch Reference Document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CmUkCGlaWewvqAu6fKdnNKPdrDTTkW6pHgt7wS7OsLg/edit?usp=sharing Included Tweaks Timescale is set to 15 (default 20) Fast travel speed adjusted to match walking speed 40% faster arrow speed vs vanilla for more realistic speeds 50% chance of recovering arrows from corpses (default 33%) NPC greeting distance reduced to reduce random greets from every NPC passed Bump wait times for NPCs to move out of the way have been reduced (default 3.0/1.0, reduced to 0.5/0.5) Bump wait distances have been increased to help those NPC get out of the way (default 75/125, increased 150/250) NPC max-dodge-chance reduced to prevent uncanny ability of enemies dodging projectiles (default 100%, reduced to 66%) Incorporated Mods The mods below have either been 1) incorporated into the STEP Skyrim CR Patch (permissions allowed for this) and are indicated as such, or 2) the edits from the mod were already created from scratch for the Patch via the CK. This means the mods listed below will never need to be installed for the STEP Skyrim SE Guide: Battle Cry Fix (incorporated; thanks NTense!) Don't Talk With Your Mouth Full (incorporated; thanks Whitefang37!) Move it Dammit - for Skyrim Special Edition No NPC Greetings (Special Edition) No Spinning Death Animation Leveled Lists The STEP Skyrim CR Patch now includes merged leveled-lists for the Guide. These merged lists would have been similar to what was being provided by WB. Our merges, however, are addressed by hand and each conflict is checked to ensure only the correct and desired forwards are made vs WB's default output, which is full of issues. What this means is users get a far cleaner (and proper) merge of the Guide's leveled lists vs what can be provided by a tool.
  20. The vanilla walls are full res and the modded walls are not. Any way to fix this?
  21. Can someone help me please? I changed dyndolod's settings via mcm and I sadly I cannot revert it! Please can someone send me a screenshot of his or hers mcm dyndolod settings?
  22. Hello! I try to use TexGen and Dyndolod but i'm stucking at "Removing temporary files". Don't know what to do exactly... if someone can help me! Thanks and here's the log: https://pastebin.com/ct4K3iLi
  23. Hello! Am I correct in understanding that .NET Script Framework is only included in the guide for its crash logs, and that not loading it would not result in the loss of any other functionality down the line in the load order? I ask because I am unable to launch SKSE through MO2 with .NET Script Framework active. Deactivating .NET Script Framework in MO2 allows for launch. My SSE and MO2 installs are not in UAC protected locations (they're in a physically separate drive), I've given Full Control permissions to every folder I can find/think of associated with SKSE, MO2, and SSE, and I fully deactivated my AV software (Webroot), but am still unable to launch SSE through SKSE/MO2 unless I deactivate .NET Script Framework in MO2. Just hoping someone can confirm I can safely remove .NET Script Framework from my build and only lose crash logging capabilities. Thank you in advance for any and all help,
  24. For the last several months, I've had an issue with MO2 not displaying some of my installed mods. Not obviously, at least. For example: notice the blue bar in this image and how this image lacks it? This has happened with maybe a dozen or so of my installed mods. I'm curious to know what's going on, or what I might be doing wrong and if I need to do a fresh install of Skyrim. And if the latter is the case, will MO2 keep my mods and backup lists, or will I have to re-download and reconfigure everything from scratch? I'm pretty sure I don't have to since MO2 is in a separate location from Special Edition, but it never hurts to be sure. Thanks in advance!
  25. Ive been modding for a few years now, and its gone without a hitch. I dont use vortex since its over complicated, and use a community driven NMM (Nexus Mod Manager.) Ive tried installing skse64 to play my new mod profile, but i cant seem to load it on skse. It somewhat loads on vanilla, but very buggy and a ton of mods wont work. Ive uninstalled, reinstalled, disabled and re enabled, and ive even run on administrator, and reinstalled SKSE itself. Nothing seems to be working. i can give screenshots if needed
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