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  1. Hi, I noticed that the new TexGen 4K settings, on the Step guide now shows for the Texture Size Max only 1024, instead of 2048. It use to be listed before as 2048, which I assumed was correct for 4K settings, or has something now changed in the latest DynDOLOD Alpha versions, that it's now 1024? Step Skyrim Special Edition Guide (stepmodifications.org) I also noticed for xLODGen, that now all the Default Size: Diffuse/Normal are on none. Before for LOD32 it was 256 for both. None is now correct for both when using LOD32? The Format also changed, it use to be BC7 Max, now it's Quick. Quick is also correct to use now? The guide xLODGen | DynDOLOD says to set the Default Size Diffuse/Normal; Typically set Size to 512 or 1024 for LOD32. MipMap are also checked now on the latest screen shots on the Step Guide for xLODGen, and shenson said to not use these.
  2. Discussion topic: Oakwood by Arthmoor Wiki Link
  3. Hi! I'm have made 3D LODs and I want to create a "performance version" of the 3D LODs. I noticed that the Step Modifications team has created plenty of 3D LODs for various tree mods with this option. I'm unsure where to start in this process of optimizing the tree models. So far, as you can imagine, the decimate modifier in blender seems to be greatly lowering poly count but at the cost of a deteriorated model. I have seen the term "flat trunk models", but am also unsure of how to do this or what it means. Does this refer to the trunk after running it through hybrid.bat? Any advice on where to start or what tools to use? Also, should I only concern myself with optimizing the trunks or would it be wise to include optimized crowns? Thank you in advance for any help!!
  4. Discussion topic: Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes by Wizkid34 Wiki Link
  5. Starting a list for all the mods in the current STEP guide, which are in need to be updated (or already are) to work with the current game version 1.6.640. I'm listing only relevant mods in each category (please correct me if i missed anything). For a more comprehensive view on SKSE dependencies please see https://modding.wiki/en/skyrim/users/skse-plugins
  6. What is the best program for tree modeling for skyrim?
  7. Discussion topic: CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project by Jelidity and Parapets Wiki Link Looks useful.
  8. Discussion topic: AI Overhaul SSE by mnikjom/SpiderAkiraC Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Step SkyrimSE Guide Resources: Nexus Mods Please submit feedback or bug reports about the 2.1.0 guide to this topic.
  10. I've trying to make trees, so I used speedtrees to create first tree. I've exported tree model to .obj format and textures in png. After it i converted png to dds. In blender I checked tree, connected alfa channel and it looks like good. Then I've exported from blender .obj and opened in NifScope, so all was ok, but then I started to put textures I fond problem Here you can see black color around leafs, so how can I fix it and remove this black color? Maybe something wrong with textures ?
  11. Discussion topic: Synthesis by Nogog Fallout 4 Mod Wiki Page
  12. Hello, I'm running into a very inexplicable crash that I haven't seen anyone else encounter. So far it happens specifically at cell 32, -2 (FormID: 0000ba04)m, around Bonestrewn Crest. I thought it could be the notorious Wonders of Weathers-Dragon mound crash, but disabling those showed they weren't the culprits either. Crash log is as follows: https://pastebin.com/6kZ7TX22 Specifically, I haven't seen anyone else have an "EXCEPTION_BREAKPOINT" error. I think it could be some issue with a .dll, because I've tried to narrow it mod to a specific mod/.esp. Sometimes, disabling a certain mod will avert the crash, but when I enable it and disable it again just to check, the crash will return. This has happened multiple times across different .esp's. I see Engine Fixes' .dll pop up a few time in the stack. Disabling the Memory Manager patch leads to a CTD on menu launch, which is separate problem I can't figure out, but simply means here I can't be sure if it's the cause. I can usually troubleshoot my way out of errors and crashes, but after most of my weekend gone, I'm at a loss. I would really appreciate any help or advice
  13. Discussion topic: Grass Cache Fixes by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Use a SSE 1.5.97-created grass cache in SSE 1.6.xxx without NGIO dependency to allow grass LOD in SAE. Related Topic s - Please do not post here about downgrading or swapping between SSE/SAE. Get 1.5.97 without a backup Run 1.5.97 and 1.6.xxx on same PC via MO Kezyma's Root Builder for Mod Organizer
  14. Discussion topic: Realistic Water Two SE by isoku/SparrowPrince/TechAngel85 Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Arctic - Frost Effects Redux by iRetrospect Wiki Link
  16. Bethesda/Steam pushed the 1.6.629 update today, so the SSE guide will be broken until some key mods catch up (e.g., SKSE). This only impacts those that don't prevent the update. In the meantime, we will not be officially supporting the previous version of SSE any longer (1.6.353) ... looking forward only. As usual, Step supports the latest game release, so as far as we're concerned, the guide will remain 'broken' until we can review the impact and determine what mods are impacted and updated. At the very least, we'll need to wait for updates to SKSE and CommonLib (and all of the mods dependent upon that). This OP will be updated as we learn more. Changes shared via Bethesda's official Discord:
  17. Discussion topic: DynDOLOD Resources SE 3 by Sheson Wiki Link This topic is for use by Step Modifications. It is not an official forum for DynDOLOD. See the link below for those: DynDOLOD Support Topic Accepted for v2.0 of the Step SkyrimSE Guide
  18. Hello, I am working on modifying a mod for my liking. The mod is the Souls Quick Menu RE. I am using CS4 Flash to edit the decompiled SWF and have no problem re-compiling the scripts and such but I cannot get the $EverywhereMediumFont to work. In game it just shows up as squares. I can embed a font no problem into the swf and that works but I would like to have the swf use whichever font is used as a replacement font in UI overhauls. I have read through this page many times but just can't get it to work. I am using JPEXS and Adobe CS4 for editing. Thank you for any advice.
  19. I installed DynDOLOD okay but ran into a problem during the very last step when Vortex thought that the output.zip and the texgen.zip were the same file when I dragged them to the add file box. DynDOLOD in game says is initialized properly and all of that but I am not so sure. Vortex created the following directory structures: E:\steamdirectory\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data\dyndolod\ with .patch files inside E:\steamdirectory\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data\meshes\dyndolod\lod\ with several directories inside E:\steamdirectory\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data\seasons\ with 3 .ini files inside E:\steamdirectory\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\data\textures\dyndolod\lod\ with .dds files inside Is this correct or is it missing something? Thanks!
  20. I have been trying to generate a grass cache for Seasons of Skyrim with Seasonal Landscapes but my cache keeps coming out looking all blotchy like so: https://postimg.cc/Rq3fkGf8 Now i did this right once because I sent my friend a picture: https://postimg.cc/mh0MBMyr BUT IDK what i did and haven't been able to recreate this miracle. I went to bed, moved a few mods around and it's been coming up blotchy again ever sense. Not sure what happened but this was real because with seasons turned off it was giving me summer grass, this was rich and full fall grass with both seasons and the grass cache active - but alas even with the same grass cache i could not get it to look like this again. Does anyone have any idea what i'm doing wrong to have the grass appear blotchy like that? I have followed all of the steps on https://github.com/The-Animonculory/Modding-Resources/blob/main/Grass Lods.md I should note that I am generating cache for use with AE using a secondary install of skyrim on SE. As far as load order i have tried an empty profile of just the relevant mods and it still comes out looking like top pic regardless of the permutation of mods i have active. I have tried nearly everything and am sadly out of ideas, playing without a grass cache is better than playing with this blotchy mess. If anyone has any idea what is going wrong here that would be greatly appreciated, I have been stuck on this problem for days and have finally resorted to asking in forums.
  21. Discussion topic: Security Overhaul SKSE - Gems Patch - The Cause Chests Secured by PraedythXVl, Unbrntoast Wiki Link Add-on for Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations
  22. Discussion topic: Hunters Not Bandits by Raccoondance Wiki Link
  23. Discussion topic: Simple Children by Tetchystar Wiki Link Review: This is the mod I was using for my personal Guide. I think it's close enough to vanilla that it can be considered for STEP and is a large improvement to the children. It actually makes the children look like the fit into the game and could grow up to be the adults we're used to seeing. It will use whatever clothing, eye, and hair textures are installed, meaning they are the same as you'd see on the adult NPCs. Rustic Clothing is included in the Guide for their outfits. Finally, the most obvious thing is that this makes children more unique. No more potato-head copies of children running around! Obviously that comes with some necessary artistic deviation, however, this is the only mod that really feels like it got it "right". There is a bug in the mod at the moment. It is simply an error that needs to be removed from the mod due to an USSEP update. Instructions for fixing it are not any more complicated that cleaning the master files...less so, actually. Else there is a mod available that patches it until the author returns to update the mod.
  24. Discussion topic: HD Local Map by doodlez Wiki Link
  25. Discussion topic: Skyrim Objects SMIMed - Glazed and Nordic Pottery by wSkeever Wiki Link Suggested by the author of Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod to use in combination with his own mod. This could be set alphabetically under 'Models & Textures'
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