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  1. Discussion topic: iscontroller by onvil Wiki Link Patches all animations to work with custom meshes.
  2. Discussion topic: Step FalloutNV Guide (curated by Majorman) Changelog Nexus Mods Please submit feedback about the 1.1.0 guide to this topic.
  3. This is a beta of [FNV|FO3|FO4|FO4VR|TES5|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERAL|ENDERALSE]LODGen/Edit with terrain LOD meshes and textures generation. This is for experienced mod authors and users that know how to use xEdit, xLODGen or DynDOLOD already. Installation and Setup Download xLODGen beta 93 - based on 4.1.4b Unzip into a dedicated folder outside of any Steam, game or mod manager folders or special Windows folders like Program Files. Rename xLODGen.exe to [game mode]LODGen.exe (TES5LODGen.exe for example) or start with command line parameter -fnv, -fo3, -fo4, -fo4vr, -tes5, tes5vr, -sse, -enderal, -enderalse Use -o:"c:\OutputPath\" command line parameter to change where files are generated to, default is the game folder. Do not generate into any game or any mod manager folders. Requirements Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 - Required by LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe and Texconv.exe/Texconvx64.exe. Get matching platform x86/x64 depending on which xLODGen.exe (x86) or xLODGenx64.exe (x64) is used. RTFM and Share Results See the included Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the Skyrim TVDT Occlusion data generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions or give feedback in the dedicated Skyrim TVDT - Occlusion Data thread. See the included Terrain-LOD-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the settings for terrain LOD generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions about terrain LOD in this thread for a more in-depth explanation if required and share feedback (with screenshots) about results or problems. These tools generate LOD meshes and textures "exactly" like CK, but not like the meshes and textures which are shipping with the games (they are often manually edited). However, these tools provide more options and higher resolutions (use the x64 version if there are memory errors because you believe you require 4k or higher) and can be updated to add more useful features and options. I did some testing in the different games, but finding the best combinations of options and settings requires lots of testing and are a matter of personal opinion and which game is used, the load order, mods, even different worldspaces probably. That means, I am only able to give generic guidelines and hints to send you off to find and test for yourself and share your results. My main interested is that generations works correctly and without problems for now. Check out the thread xLODGen Terrain Settings Compare. Also refer to any modding guide which has a list of relevant mods close to your load order. The object and tree LOD generation is the same as the current versions of xEdit / xLODGen. Refer to their respective descriptions and explanations. Obviously, users of Skryim/Enderal/Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/EnderalSE continue to use the easier and more comprehensive DynDOLOD for drastically improved object and tree LOD generation and only use xLODGen for terrain LOD (and maybe Occlusion) generation. First Time Here are suggestion to start without going crazy and that should be quick enough to generate: Set quality of meshes for LOD4 to 5 and then +5 for each next level. Or just set levels 8/16/32 to 10. Check protect cell borders (yes it fixes the ugly terrain drops at outer cell borders that still exist in Fallout 4). Use the max vertices setting only if you want to hard limit max file size. In Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim VR, if you notice terrain briefly flickering when new areas are loading in, set [Display] bEnableLandFade=0 in Skyrim.INI Set Optimize Unseen to off for LOD4 for first generation. Start experimenting with a value of 550 with a quality setting of 10 or lower for LOD32 (used for map) and compare coastlines and file size to other settings. To quickly generate terrain LOD meshes just for the map, check only terrain LOD Meshes, check the Specific Chunk checkbox and set drop down to 32. Leave SW fields empty for complete map or set SW cell coordinates to same values as a *.btr filename to test a specific area with lots of water, river etc. Set texture sizes to 512 for a start. Larger sizes and large world spaces will take a considerable time (like 15 to 30 minutes or more easily). Each higher resolution means quadruple the work. Use DXT1 for diffuse and 565 (DXT1 if on Windows 7) for normal maps. If generating for Skyrim Special Edition use BC7. Uncheck mipmaps, raise steepness and Bake normal maps. For now, leave the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma at 0 and 1.0 respectively. It seems that only Skyrim CK and Skyrim SE CK are manipulating the intensity of the textures to adjust for the noise.dds and the god awful "improved" snow shader of Skyrim SE (just turn that thing off, really). If textures seem too dark in the game, brighten the noise.dds instead or vice versa. That way you can get perfectly matching LOD textures that look just like the textures in the loaded cells. For Skyrim a good average color of the noise texture seems to be around #C0. See below for a couple noise texture downloads. If you want to test larger texture sizes, use the chunk option to limit the number of textures that need to be generated. For example, check [x] Specific chunk, leave the drop down empty and set WS to the lower left cell coordinate of an 32x32 area, like 0, 0. It will then generate all textures up to 31,31. Not all worldspaces have their origin at 0,0 so you will have to check already generated meshes/texture filenames for their lower left coordinates. Questions and Feedback Obliviously anything related to terrain LOD should be posted in this thread. Posts related to Occlusion should be made here. Recommended Optionals TES5-Terrain-Tamriel.esm (Mega), SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm (Mega) TES5-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm (Mega), SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm (Mega) - These extend the sea of ghost further to the north (see screenshots) SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Full-Extend.esm (Mega) - Entire map from -96,-96 to 95,96 with northern ocean extension. Useful for mod authors. Put in game data folder obviously. Adds back terrain for Skyrim (Tamriel worldspace) at the outer edges so there is no missing terrain meshes/textures when generating terrain LOD for Skyrim. Load as early with lowest priority as possible, so that any other plugins overwriting or adding land records or cells with the same coordinates take precedence. Only required to be loaded when generating terrain LOD. No harm done when loaded in-game but typically the player can not get close to these areas. There are no effects outside the far away added cells. Noise Single color flat noise, Adjusted vanilla noise, HD Terrain Noise Texture SE Examples for Skyrim. Install to game folder like any other texture mod. The noise texture is applied in-game on top of terrain LOD textures, so no effect for LOD generation. Only the red channel is used in case the textures is not a grey channel format. MipMaps are ignored. The textures is tiled 3x3 per LOD quad, e.g. for LOD level 4, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 4 cells, for LOD level 8, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 8 cells and so on. Test-Terrain-Tamriel.7z For testing terrain LOD distances. Plain color terrain LOD textures for Tamriel with coordinates for every LOD quad. Green for LOD 4, yellow for LOD8, blue for LOD 16 and red for LOD 32.
  4. Mod Source: BethINI by DoubleYou Wiki Link BethINI STEP Wiki Link BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. It arose out of my research into the Skyrim INI files over on STEP. Why You Need This There are many advantages to using BethINI: 1. It automatically reorders your INI files into a sensible order, making them much easier to navigate for manual tweaking. 2. It automatically fixes common errors, including some that can cause CTDs. 3. It automatically detects mods you have installed and makes changes recommended by the mod authors where deemed appropriate. If your mod or a mod you know of requires such support, please contact me, as this is the easiest thing in the world to implement. 4. It's presets are superior in graphical fidelity and performance (95% of the time) to the official presets one can create via the game launcher. 5. It allows for the modification of more settings than is accessible via native game settings, and provides explanation for each setting and what it does. 6. It automatically backs up your INI files. 7. For Skyrim, it automatically configures the Creation Kit to support multiple masters and any installed DLC, if enabled. TL;DR BethINI fixes your INI files and lets you tweak your INI files to improve performance and quality. Installation: BethINI is a portable application. You can run it anywhere. Simply extract and run. Do NOT run through Mod Organizer! Recommended usage: 1. Please do not delete your INI files prior to running this! 2. Run BethINI 3. Mod Organizer users should go to the Setup tab and select the profile they wish to use via the ''INI Path'' setting. Your profiles should be autodetected. It is highly recommended to close Mod Organizer if open. 4. Click Default. This will refresh your INI files to the default state. 5. Original Skyrim ENB users should tick the ''ENB Mode'' checkbox. This does not apply to users who ONLY use the ENBoost portion of ENB. This should be autodetected, so if you are unsure, leave this alone! 6. Click your desired preset. 7. Tick the ''Recommended Tweaks'' checkbox to apply tweaks recommended for all users. 8. Click the Save and Exit button. Testimonials FAQ Q: The program will not load. The cursor spins, but the program does not load and the process is not created. A: Add BethINI.exe to your antivirus exclusion list. Q: Virus! A: False positive. See the VirusTotal report. Q: Should I delete my INI files before running this? A: No! Indeed, it is likely the game launcher shall kill your INI files if you do this! Q: Why is my savegame crashing? A: Not all INI settings can be changed mid-game (e.g., uGridsToLoad). If you used some bad INI tweaks (e.g., Ewi's INIs) on a save, they can cause your save not to work with good INIs. Either copy some of the problematic lines back into your INI, stick the old INIs back, or start a new game. Q: Does it work with ENB? A: Yes! Skyrim users can simply tick the ENB Mode checkbox (should be autodetected) to ensure that all necessary tweaks are applied. ENB users of other games may need to check to make sure that they haven't accidentally disabled any necessary settings (as I currently don't know what settings are necessary for the other games, as I haven't used them. Sorry.) Q: If I use ONLY the ENBoost part of ENB, do I need to tick the ENB Mode checkbox? A: No. Again, this should be autodetected. Q: I get an error when I start the game that says, "failed to initialize renderer." A: Your screen resolution is incorrect. Please change your resolution to one that your monitor supports. Custom resolutions can be manually typed into the Resolution box. Q: I want to go back to the way my INIs were before I used BethINI. Is that possible? A: Simply go to the setup tab and select "Before BethINI" in the "Restore Backup" dropdown.
  5. Hi, I followed the STEP FNV guide and everytime i try to do a change with Bethini, everything goes well but none of my settings are saved in Fallout.ini, Falloutpref.ini, Falloutcustom.ini and custom.ini Exemple: iMaxAnisotropy=8, iMultiSample=0, and object fade, actor fade and items fade are not actually saving. Is it something that i done wrong?
  6. as background info, A few months ago I got into modding for fallout new vegas and while doing so i searched up several guides on the topic. One of those guides was viva new vegas which I was able to follow along easily. After a week or two of playing nv with the mods from the guid and installing several others with it, I got a notification from windows saying "mod organizer failed to load the plugin 'plugin_python.dll' last time it was started". I ignored it and carried on as usual until eventually when I tried to open mo2 I got back to back notifications from google about a delayed write failed that happened multiple times for several files. It said that windows was unable to save all the data for the files \MO2\logs\usvfs-2022-02-11_06-15-18.log, \MO2\plugins\data\OMODFramework.log, and \MO2\ModOrganizer.ini all lost data.After that I recieved the same message about plugin_python.dll failing to load from the last time it was started which i decided to skip. when i skipped though mo2 refused to load saying it was already running even though it wasn't appearing on screen. Not knowing what was going on, I went to the viva new vegas discord server for help and they just told me to uninstall mo2 and reinstall it. I did but the same thing happened so then they told me to head to the mo2 offical server, but they havent responded yet. So Im now here to figure out what exactly is going on hoping that u guys can help. just know that I still don't know much about modding in general so u might need to explain a lot of things in simple terms
  7. Hello F&L Community I am having an issue with modifying the effect of a weapons condition upon the amount of damage it inflicts. According to the Fallout Wiki, the values to modify are as below: fDamageGunWeapCondBase = 0.66 (Vanilla) fDamageGunWeapCondMult = 0.34 (Vanilla) I have changed the values to 0.95/0.05 for the Base/Mult but from testing I have found that it has had no effect. However, when I use PN Rebalance and set the desired values, everything works as intended. I have had luck modifying weapon value based upon it's condition such that it loses less value and a destroyed gun is still worth half it's full value. I can only assume I am missing something really simple - as I sometimes do when modding - but cannot for the life of me think what. I am only interesting in altering gun damage not melee weapon damage. Please could you help? Tough Puppy
  8. Hello There, I did a fresh install following STEP recommandations (FNV not in program files, modding directory neither, I started FNV after installing it). I can start the game with all mods from STEP except Step Patch - Conflict Resolution. I tryied to pinpoint my problem and as soon as I add the Step patch (then LOOT order dirladada) I get the following error in nvac.log : 23190643 _ NewVegasAntiCrash FalloutNV.exe 23190643 _ 17E90000 07050000 nvac.dll 23190643 i 008BFBC1 0441B60F FalloutNV.exe 23190643 _ 17AE0000 06020050 nvse_1_4.dll 23190643 _ 77170000 0A004A64 ntdll.dll 23190646 a 0072607A 0048A1DF FalloutNV.exe 23190647 h 181A42EB 8B48088B nvse_stewie_tweaks.dll (100342EB) 23190647 ^ 0076E223 00000004 FalloutNV.exe 23190647 h 181A42EE 8B01FF10 nvse_stewie_tweaks.dll (100342EE) 23190647 ^ 0076E223 00000004 FalloutNV.exe 23190647 h 181A42F0 FF1068F0 nvse_stewie_tweaks.dll (100342F0) 23190647 ^ 0076E223 00000004 FalloutNV.exe 23190647 m 000003EC 219C46E0 23190647 r 10001432 00000009 d3dx9_38.dll (10001432) 23190647 ^ 0045CEF5 0000000D FalloutNV.exe 23190647 h 100034E0 834104FF d3dx9_38.dll (100034E0) 23190647 ^ 0045CEF5 0000000D FalloutNV.exe 23190647 h 100034E6 C7010000 d3dx9_38.dll (100034E6) 23190647 ^ 0045CEF5 0000000D FalloutNV.exe 23190647 u 00F0B4FA C0000409 FalloutNV.exe 23190647 ! CRASHSAV E_FAIL_0 FalloutNV.exe 23190648 q 00F0B4FA C0000409 FalloutNV.exe 23190648 ! CRASHSAV E_FAIL_0 FalloutNV.exe I also tryed to use Cobb Crash Logger Cobb Crash Logger Version 3.0.0, build 0. If this file is empty, then your game didn't crash! Probably! Exception C0000409 caught! Calltrace: 0x00F0B4FA ==> EntryPoint+0xFFFFFFFF in FalloutNV (0x0019F138) 0x771F88B4 ==> RtlInterlockedCompareExchange64+0x1B4 in ntdll (0x0019F204) 0x771E4EE6 ==> KiUserExceptionDispatcher+0x26 in ntdll (0x0019F208) 0x0019F21C ==> ¯\(°_o)/¯ (Corrupt stack or heap?) (0x0019F20C) 0x0019F26C ==> ¯\(°_o)/¯ (Corrupt stack or heap?) (0x0019F21C) blablabla GAME CRASHED AT INSTRUCTION Base+0x00B0B4FA IN MODULE: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\FalloutNV.exe Please note that this does not automatically mean that that module is responsible. It may have been supplied bad data or program state as the result of an issue in the base game or a different DLL. Help welcome, I am at a loss..
  9. Discussion topic: WTH - Weapon Textures from Heaven by Heaven3xx3 Wiki Link Always keep above Simplified Weapon Retexture Project to avoid conflicts.
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