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  1. So, first practical question: how to adapt the System Setup guide? It's quite useful, but I still have to change the links to point to FNV tools (like FNV LODGen instead of xLODGen) and add a stwp where the 4 GB RAM enabler is installed, or FNV will CTD. I can adapt the text as a separate (new) article or I can write something like: "Follow System Setup up to step X, then come back to the FNV guide for further instructions". The first option seems more practical.
  2. Discussion topic: Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus by PushTheWinButton, TrueVoidWalker, miguick Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: NV Compatibility Skeleton by Fallout2AM Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Ragdolls by KiCHo666 Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Poco Bueno Texture Pack by tapioks Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul by vurt Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMC_NMC Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: FCO - The Last Few Edits by mando69 Wiki Link Build upon Fallout Character Overhaul's assets this mod fixes all errors in the original's plugin and extends its effects over to characters introduced in Dead Money and Lonesome road. Now all the NPCs in FNV: Ultimate Edition should be covered. Requires: Fallout Character Overhaul (of course) Don't forget the following edit to fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini: [General] bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  9. Discussion topic: Fallout Character Overhaul by Drumber Wiki Link FCO 3.01 is unstable and likely will never be fixed. However it introduces the best face and head assets available for FNV and is used as a basis for other character overhaul mods. I want to warn everyone against using FCO as a standalone mod.
  10. Discussion topic: lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl Wiki Link It is highly recommended to read the ReadMe. the mod offers over 200 tweaks and bugfixes, all fully optional and toggleable through the INI. Mods replaced by this mod* (i.e. users no longer need to download the listed mods from Nexus, they are included in this file) and how to activate them: Automatic weapons fix (bSpinWeaponsSoundFix = 1; bAutoWeaponNoFiringDelay = 1) All savegame managers (Better Saves, Simple Saves, CASM with MCM, etc.) - bImprovedAutoSave = 1 and then tweak the options under [Save Manager] Weapon mod menu - bUnequipWeaponMods = 1 All mods that modify XP gain rate and/starting stats, skillpoints, perks (like Perk Every Level, Level cap Increaser, Balanced Skill Points, etc.) - bModifySkillPointsEarned = 1 and the settings under [Skill Points]; bCustomSpecialPoints = 1 and settings under [SPECIAL Points]; iPerksPerLevel = <custom number>; iMaxCharacterLevel =<custom number> (can be set up to 100) bReduceXP = 1 and tweak the percentage under [Reduced XP] Tutorial killer - bDisableTutorialMessages = 1 Inentory search/Quicksearch - bMenuSearch = 1 (the function is activated through Ctrl+f) Self-carrying Power Armor, similar mods that make worn power armor weightless - bWeightlessWornPowerArmor = 1 Zooming Scope - bAdjustableScopeZoom = 1 Just Hold Breath - bScopeHoldBreath = 1 Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix- bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug = 1 Other cool features toggle scope nightvision bAddNightVisionToggle = 1 stop the player's automatic reloading when the clip is emptied bManualReload = 1 Further optimize game performance -bInlineVanillaFunctions =1 better controller support allow NPCs to perform stealth criticals on the player various UI tweaks and so much more... *The list does not pretend for completeness, I've only listed the most popular ones (the ones I know).
  11. Discussion thread: New Vegas Heap Replacer by iranrmrf Wiki page
  12. I've recently beaten Alduin and Miraak and found out that I don't like Skyrim enough to replay it with a different character or to do the Dawnguard DLC (I know, a big shock). So it came to my attention that while I was committing genocide against the dragonkin, FNV's modding community has evolved quite a lot. I had to see what it looks like. And now that I'm back to playing Fallout: New Vegas, I think I can find the time to update/modernize EssArrBee's Fear and Loathing guide. The issue is that I don't know if I am allowed to do so under this site's rules and since EssArrBee is not active anymore, I don't know fow I might ask for his consent. Can someone from the site's staff tell me whether I can (legally) update the current guide and how can I start? If such an option even exists, I would like to do it respectfully and give the original author all the respect and praise he deserves. P.S. I don't have the time and/or eloquence to do a guide from the ground up, nor would I be able to do a job that comes even close to the current guide, especially when it comes to writing the technical sections (i.e. how to set up Mod Organizer, how to run FNV LODGen or Wrye bash). My only intention is to make the guide practically useful by today's standards. P.P.S. I know that Viva New Vegas Exists and it has given me ideas on which mods from F&L need to be replaced by a better written ones. The issue I have with Viva New Vegas is that it promotes WMIM over WMX, NV Redesigned over FCO and is build around JSUE instead of PN (though it has an almost complete list on how to recreate PN with newly released mod content).
  13. Discussion topic: DarNified UI - TTW by Axonis, DarN, Roy Batty, pintocat, MamaStankum, Jesus H Christ Wiki Link Requirements: NVSE JIP LN NVSE plugin. UIO (not a hard requirement, but never use UI mods unless UIO is set up) DarNified UI Font Dummies is highly recommended unless you want to modify your Fallout.ini files. The TTW team has taken over the old and abandoned DarNified UI and taken it out of Beta into a fully functional mod. Don't be worried by its name. it works with "regular" FNV as well. Alternatives: Vanilla UI Plus Vanilla HUD Remastered
  14. Discussion thread: FNV Mod Limit Fix by iranrmrf Wiki page Fixes a decade-old problem of FNV not being able to load more that 135 plugins at once (compare this to Skyrim's 255). The solution also improves the game's stability. Requires NVSE.
  15. Discussion topic: NVTF by carxt, lStewieAl, tgspy Wiki Link Features: Tick Count Fix - Removes micro stuttering, replacing the old NVSR fix under Windows 10. Hashtable Optimization - Optimizes performance; decreases loading times. High FPS Fix - prevents various issues when playing above 60 FPS. For optimal experience play in windowed mod and do not use ENBoost:
  16. I completed my update to the bash tag autodetection script. Behold: Bash Tagger! View/Download Supported games: Fallout 3 Fallout: New Vegas Skyrim* *Not completely tested; limited support currently If anyone is willing test, I'd be grateful for your feedback. Suggestions for a better name are welcome, too. Requirements: xEdit svn1839 or older, or xEdit svn1876 or newer (latest xEdit dev version) patience a credit card Instructions: Download the script to your FNVEdit "Edit Scripts" directory. Run FNVEdit and load the plugin you want to test. Right-click that plugin and click Apply Script. Select the script and click OK. Like the original script, you can run the script on only one plugin at a time. Roadmap: v1.1 - Initial release (based on zilav's BASH tags autodetection v1.0 script) v1.4 - Mostly complete TES4 and TES5 support v2.0 - No bugs whatsoever
  17. This is a beta of [FNV|FO3|FO4|FO4VR|TES5|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERAL|ENDERALSE]LODGen/Edit with terrain LOD meshes and textures generation. This is for experienced mod authors and users that know how to use xEdit, xLODGen or DynDOLOD already. Installation and Setup Download xLODGen beta 83 - based on 4.1.3g Unzip into a dedicated folder outside of any game and Steam folders or special Windows folders like Program Files. (Pro users can merge with existing xEdit installation. Make sure to overwrite older LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe TexConv.exe/TexConvx64.exe in Edit Scripts. All other files with the same filenames are the same as the latest version of xEdit.) Rename xLODGen.exe to [game mode]LODGen.exe (TES5LODGen.exe for example) or start with command line parameter -fnv, -fo3, -fo4, -fo4vr, -tes5, tes5vr, -sse, -enderal, -enderalse Use -o:"c:\OutputPath\" command line parameter to change where files are generated to, default is the game folder. Use this if a mod manager with a virtual file system (like MO) is used. Do not generate into any game or any mod manager folders that are part (direct or indirect) of the virtual file system. Requirements Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 - Required by LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe and Texconv.exe/Texconvx64.exe. Get matching platform x86/x64 depending on which xLODGen.exe (x86) or xLODGenx64.exe (x64) is used. RTFM and Share Results See the included Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the Skyrim TVDT Occlusion data generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions or give feedback in the dedicated Skyrim TVDT - Occlusion Data thread. See the included Terrain-LOD-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the settings for terrain LOD generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions about terrain LOD in this thread for a more in-depth explanation if required and share feedback (with screenshots) about results or problems. These tools generate LOD meshes and textures "exactly" like CK, but not like the meshes and textures which are shipping with the games (they are often manually edited). However, these tools provide more options and higher resolutions (use the x64 version if there are memory errors because you believe you require 4k or higher) and can be updated to add more useful features and options. I did some testing in the different games, but finding the best combinations of options and settings requires lots of testing and are a matter of personal opinion and which game is used, the load order, mods, even different worldspaces probably. That means, I am only able to give generic guidelines and hints to send you off to find and test for yourself and share your results. My main interested is that generations works correctly and without problems for now. Check out the thread xLODGen Terrain Settings Compare. Also refer to any modding guide which has a list of relevant mods close to your load order. The object and tree LOD generation is the same as the current versions of xEdit / xLODGen. Refer to their respective descriptions and explanations. Obviously, users of Skryim/Enderal/Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/EnderalSE continue to use the easier and more comprehensive DynDOLOD for drastically improved object and tree LOD generation and only use xLODGen for terrain LOD (and maybe Occlusion) generation. First Time Here are suggestion to start without going crazy and that should be quick enough to generate: Set quality of meshes for LOD4 to 5 and then +5 for each next level. Or just set levels 8/16/32 to 10. Check protect cell borders (yes it fixes the ugly terrain drops at outer cell borders that still exist in Fallout 4). Use the max vertices setting only if you want to hard limit max file size. In Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim VR, if you notice terrain briefly flickering when new areas are loading in, set [Display] bEnableLandFade=0 in Skyrim.INI Set Optimize Unseen to off for LOD4 for first generation. Start experimenting with a value of 550 with a quality setting of 10 or lower for LOD32 (used for map) and compare coastlines and file size to other settings. To quickly generate terrain LOD meshes just for the map, check only terrain LOD Meshes, check the Specific Chunk checkbox and set drop down to 32. Leave SW fields empty for complete map or set SW cell coordinates to same values as a *.btr filename to test a specific area with lots of water, river etc. Set texture sizes to 512 for a start. Larger sizes and large world spaces will take a considerable time (like 15 to 30 minutes or more easily). Each higher resolution means quadruple the work. Use DXT1 for diffuse and 565 (DXT1 if on Windows 7) for normal maps. If generating for Skyrim Special Edition use BC7. Uncheck mipmaps, raise steepness and Bake normal maps. For now, leave the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma at 0 and 1.0 respectively. It seems that only Skyrim CK and Skyrim SE CK are manipulating the intensity of the textures to adjust for the noise.dds and the god awful "improved" snow shader of Skyrim SE (just turn that thing off, really). If textures seem too dark in the game, brighten the noise.dds instead or vice versa. That way you can get perfectly matching LOD textures that look just like the textures in the loaded cells. For Skyrim a good average color of the noise texture seems to be around #C0. See below for a couple noise texture downloads. If you want to test larger texture sizes, use the chunk option to limit the number of textures that need to be generated. For example, check [x] Specific chunk, leave the drop down empty and set WS to the lower left cell coordinate of an 32x32 area, like 0, 0. It will then generate all textures up to 31,31. Not all worldspaces have their origin at 0,0 so you will have to check already generated meshes/texture filenames for their lower left coordinates. Questions and Feedback Obliviously anything related to terrain LOD should be posted in this thread. Posts related to Occlusion should be made here. Recommended Optionals TES5-Terrain-Tamriel.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm TES5-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm - These extend the sea of ghost further to the north (see screenshots) SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Full-Extend.esm - Entire map from -96,-96 to 95,96 with northern ocean extension. Useful for mod authors. Put in game data folder obviously. Adds back terrain for Skyrim (Tamriel worldspace) at the outer edges so there is no missing terrain meshes/textures when generating terrain LOD for Skyrim. Load as early with lowest priority as possible, so that any other plugins overwriting or adding land records or cells with the same coordinates take precedence. Only required to be loaded when generating terrain LOD. No harm done when loaded in-game but typically the player can not get close to these areas. There are no effects outside the far away added cells. Noise Single color flat noise, Adjusted vanilla noise, HD Terrain Noise Texture SE Examples for Skyrim. Install to game folder like any other texture mod. The noise texture is applied in-game on top of terrain LOD textures, so no effect for LOD generation. Only the red channel is used in case the textures is not a grey channel format. MipMaps are ignored. The textures is tiled 3x3 per LOD quad, e.g. for LOD level 4, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 4 cells, for LOD level 8, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 8 cells and so on. Test-Terrain-Tamriel.7z For testing terrain LOD distances. Plain color terrain LOD textures for Tamriel with coordinates for every LOD quad. Green for LOD 4, yellow for LOD8, blue for LOD 16 and red for LOD 32.
  18. ---START--- Discussion topic: Ogg Vorbis Libraries by KaneWright Wiki Link So what does this do then? Well, I have taken upon the task to enlighten the profligates of the wastes (or, rather, shamelessly copy-paste other people's comments from Nexus): Elflat 63 wrote:
  19. Discussion topic: NVSE by DemoRome, IstewieAI, c6-dev, carxt, iranrmrf, jazzisparis, and korri123 Wiki Link
  20. Mod Source: BethINI by DoubleYou Wiki Link BethINI STEP Wiki Link BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. It arose out of my research into the Skyrim INI files over on STEP. Why You Need This There are many advantages to using BethINI: 1. It automatically reorders your INI files into a sensible order, making them much easier to navigate for manual tweaking. 2. It automatically fixes common errors, including some that can cause CTDs. 3. It automatically detects mods you have installed and makes changes recommended by the mod authors where deemed appropriate. If your mod or a mod you know of requires such support, please contact me, as this is the easiest thing in the world to implement. 4. It's presets are superior in graphical fidelity and performance (95% of the time) to the official presets one can create via the game launcher. 5. It allows for the modification of more settings than is accessible via native game settings, and provides explanation for each setting and what it does. 6. It automatically backs up your INI files. 7. For Skyrim, it automatically configures the Creation Kit to support multiple masters and any installed DLC, if enabled. TL;DR BethINI fixes your INI files and lets you tweak your INI files to improve performance and quality. Installation: BethINI is a portable application. You can run it anywhere. Simply extract and run. Do NOT run through Mod Organizer! Recommended usage: 1. Please do not delete your INI files prior to running this! 2. Run BethINI 3. Mod Organizer users should go to the Setup tab and select the profile they wish to use via the ''INI Path'' setting. Your profiles should be autodetected. It is highly recommended to close Mod Organizer if open. 4. Click Default. This will refresh your INI files to the default state. 5. Original Skyrim ENB users should tick the ''ENB Mode'' checkbox. This does not apply to users who ONLY use the ENBoost portion of ENB. This should be autodetected, so if you are unsure, leave this alone! 6. Click your desired preset. 7. Tick the ''Recommended Tweaks'' checkbox to apply tweaks recommended for all users. 8. Click the Save and Exit button. Testimonials FAQ Q: The program will not load. The cursor spins, but the program does not load and the process is not created. A: Add BethINI.exe to your antivirus exclusion list. Q: Virus! A: False positive. See the VirusTotal report. Q: Should I delete my INI files before running this? A: No! Indeed, it is likely the game launcher shall kill your INI files if you do this! Q: Why is my savegame crashing? A: Not all INI settings can be changed mid-game (e.g., uGridsToLoad). If you used some bad INI tweaks (e.g., Ewi's INIs) on a save, they can cause your save not to work with good INIs. Either copy some of the problematic lines back into your INI, stick the old INIs back, or start a new game. Q: Does it work with ENB? A: Yes! Skyrim users can simply tick the ENB Mode checkbox (should be autodetected) to ensure that all necessary tweaks are applied. ENB users of other games may need to check to make sure that they haven't accidentally disabled any necessary settings (as I currently don't know what settings are necessary for the other games, as I haven't used them. Sorry.) Q: If I use ONLY the ENBoost part of ENB, do I need to tick the ENB Mode checkbox? A: No. Again, this should be autodetected. Q: I get an error when I start the game that says, "failed to initialize renderer." A: Your screen resolution is incorrect. Please change your resolution to one that your monitor supports. Custom resolutions can be manually typed into the Resolution box. Q: I want to go back to the way my INIs were before I used BethINI. Is that possible? A: Simply go to the setup tab and select "Before BethINI" in the "Restore Backup" dropdown.
  21. Just in case anyone was looking for a 2019 guide that looks decent. https://hackmd.io/s/Hka6UZxqm or https://vivanewvegas.github.io/
  22. I've just started a fresh playthrough of NV and began by using this guide: vivanewvegas.github.io/core-utilities.html That said, I only got up to the 4GB Patcher and decided to run the game to see is the NVSE was working. Within 2 to 3 seconds the game will hard crash with no error message... Furthermore, when I run the game normal via the main exe, the game runs fine, no issues. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Note 1: I have zero mods installed. I only have the stuff to get the game working by putting it in the root folder. Note 2: I have tried turning the archive validation on and off and running the game... no luck.
  23. In my research with Skyrim INI settings, I figured it would be fun to apply what I've learned to Fallout New Vegas. From this I have created a the following, which is a comprehensive list of all valid settings for Fallout New Vegas (any settings not listed here are invalid and not recognized by the game) along with their default values, with floating point values estimated to four decimal places. I have also added relavent comments left by Bethesda from the Fallout_default.ini file and some of my own. It is not recommended to use these as your INI Files! Well, actually, on second thought, I totally recommend everyone replace their FalloutPrefs.ini with the one given here and selecting your Fallout Launcher preset again, as the default INI generation mechanism makes a royal mess out of the FalloutPrefs.ini file. Extra: Unfortunately in Fallout New Vegas there is no equivalent to SkyrimCustom.ini in Skyrim, so any INI settings that you do not want to get overwritten by the Fallout Launcher or Steam should be loaded as a plugin INI or Mod Organizer INI tweak. No matter what, even if you set Fallout.ini to Read-only mode, Fallout Launcher will take control of Fallout.ini and force most if not all of its "default" settings from the Fallout_default.ini file. Please note that these values and settings are not the same as the Fallout_default.ini in the Fallout New Vegas game directory, which is copied as your default Fallout.ini file at startup. These are the default settings that are hardcoded into the game itself if the setting is not specified to be some other value. In the case of the FalloutPrefs.ini, most of the defaults are determined by the values assigned when pressing the Defaults button in the in-game settings. The rest were gathered from the saveini command with a blank INI with three exceptions. With three exceptions. Those three exceptions are the following, which are required to exist in the Fallout.ini for Fallout New Vegas not to CTD at startup. It is assumed that the default settings for these three settings are erroneous, and therefore the values from Fallout_default.ini were used. These three settings are: [Archive] SArchiveList=Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa [Fonts] SFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\Monofonto_Large.fnt SFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\Baked-in_Monofonto_Large.fnt Without these settings, Fallout New Vegas will CTD at startup. It should also be noted that four settings also had to be added to the FalloutPrefs.ini in order to satisfy the Fallout Launcher that it needed to detect game settings, or are only used by the Fallout Launcher and therefore reproduced here, as they do not affect the main Fallout New Vegas game in any way: [Display] sD3DDevice="AMD Radeon HD 8650G" ;This is the name of my video card, which would be the name of your video card. This is the only setting required for the Fallout Launcher not to run its detection. [Launcher] bEnableFileSelection=0 bShowAllResolutions=0 uLastAspectRatio=1 ;These three setting are only used by the Fallout Launcher, and these are the defaults. They have been changed in the FalloutPrefs.ini below to their most desirable values. Now here are the default INIs: Fallout.ini FalloutPrefs.ini
  24. I can't seem to figure out why I'm getting stutters when I launch the game through Mod Organizer specifically. I narrowed it down to JIP LN but can't find an answer to why it's doing that. It only stutters with camera movement. I could be going in a straight line without a single stutter with just the movement keys. If I install JIP LN manually and launch the game directly it works perfectly fine. I've also done separate installs using other mod managers such as NMM and FMM. Both worked flawlessly. Could this be an OS level issue? This whole thing has left me speechless. It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. The only mods/fixes I have installed currently. NVSE included of course. Specs if curious
  25. Hi all, I have faced a really weird issue while running F:NV with ENBoost (just the VRAM tweak, no effects installed) and SMAA injected. Besides the weird anti alising on distant object while moving, which, as far as I know is to be expected for this particular game, I discovered that foliage is extremely pixelated and ugly, as if not rendered properly. See for yourselves: Here are my ENB settings: [MEMORY] ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true DisableDriverMemoryManager=true DisablePreloadToVRAM=false EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=true ReservedMemorySizeMb=256 VideoMemorySizeMb=16320 -->(I have 16 GB RAM, 8 GB VRAM) EnableCompression=true AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false [ENGINE] ForceAnisotropicFiltering=true MaxAnisotropy=16 AddDisplaySuperSamplingResolutions=false [ANTIALIASING] EnableEdgeAA=true EnableAccumulativeAA=false As already mentioned, I inject SMAA Standalone as a proxy. I have disabled AA, anisotropic filtering and water-what's-it in fallout.ini, as per instructions. Please tell me whether it's a normal effect of using ENB on Fallout's enjine, or something's wrong with my setup. Also, is it possible to improve the AA by forcing supersampling through Radeon Crimson while using an ENB, without negating its effects?
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