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  1. Don't use Clamped. It's there because you can use it, but you don't want to use it. In fact, I'm going to remove it from my next update, as it's an extremely advanced use case tweak that anybody using it should be knowledgeable enough to go find it in Custom. FPS is for maximum framerate supported by game physics. Basically, if you have a framerate above 60 and you have your physics set to 60, items can just randomly fly all over the place. This however, can be ignored since you use Oblivion Display Tweaks. Probably the only BethINI setting you should be interested in is Vsync aka iPresentInterval. Do make sure you read the docs for ODT carefully. You might consider removing OSR altogether and seeing if that makes a difference. Are you using a Freesync/Gsync monitor? Make sure you have that setup properly if you are relying on it for removal of screen tearing.
  2. I need to remember to update those links with the recent website update. None of these are issues, and everything is working as intended. I am decoupling various settings such as Vsync from the presets in a new update once it's ready as a quality of life improvement.
  3. Picture? Check to make sure you didn't lower the gamma way down in the SkyrimPrefs.ini file. Did you recently get an HDR monitor? Make sure you have the HDR settings in Windows set up correctly.
  4. Read the Readme to install it correctly. The mod archive is not set up for easy installation, so you will need to manually set the correct data directory structure.
  5. There is little need to ever extract BSAs nowadays, unless you need to modify the files contained within.
  6. I am the author of BethINI. BethINI will not remove custom tweaks unless it knows for certain that they are problematic. Just because it left them there doesn't mean that they are OK. You say the problem is with the camera, so it seems reasonable that the problem relates to the [Camera] settings.
  7. You have a bunch of [Camera] tweaks in Skyrim.ini. While they are probably fine, I haven't exactly tested them as working for SSE, so try removing them and see if that fixes the issue. Sometimes these things don't work as well as they did in previous games.
  8. ESL files are generally preferred over regular plugin files. I would imagine that is the case here.
  9. @z929669 I added a <pre> template here: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Template:Pre It uses the mw-code class. You need to add the following css for it to work perfectly: .mw-code p { margin-bottom: 0; } .mw-code div { white-space: pre-nowrap }
  10. I am guessing it's a caching issue, as it displays fine for me. Try clearing your cache and see if that fixes it. @PugAre you also on Firefox? Edit: Actually, I see now this is a bug. Looks like we can't use pre tags. Can't find a workaround.
  11. It is working for me on Chrome. Try clearing your cache.
  12. The changelog should detail all changes since that version: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:1.0.0/changelog
  13. If you already have fSplitDistanceMult at 4.0, you probably don't want to increase it further. What that variable is telling the LOD is that you want the terrain LOD to be nicer for 4x the distance of the object LOD, basically. You probably have it as nice as it's gonna get.
  14. You could improve the terrain LOD pop-in by increasing fSplitDistanceMult. Just remember that this number is multiplied against the fBlock distances for terrain LOD levels, so don't go crazy. You can adjust this easily in the DYNDOLOD MCM menu.
  15. https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Skyrim_Tree_Settings I think you just need to adjust your tree settings.
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