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  1. INI settings are fine. The gpu driver settings are fine (texture filtering he mentions is Anisotropic Filtering). I would guess that the load orders are not identical and there is a mod adding a light into those locations for Greg and not for Z. Or, different files installed.
  2. @z929669 has image sharpening enabled, which is probably why Greg's textures look smoother. As for the Particles, I'd check both of your iMaxDesired settings and your installation of the Particle Patch for ENB. I don't know if weather couldn't affect this, so maybe both of you should fw 81a to test that out.
  3. By the shots it looks like it was designed to work with the "improved" snow shader using T4's bluish tint tweaks. I agree it doesn't work with our current setup.
  4. I do believe there is a setting in the MCM menu to modify this behavior, because I remember it annoying myself.
  5. The Step guide includes the Unequip Quiver SE mod, which is most likely the cause of your quiver being unequipped.
  6. I think if you put Steam in Offline mode, you don't have to worry about it updating on you. However, the necessary registry entry that I know about is shown below: Newer mods may require newer versions of the game/skse.
  7. It looks like you just need to increase your block distances in your INI.
  8. DoubleYou

    Bethini Pie

    The Restore Backup button will not have any backups it can restore until the user has actually saved their INI files at least once. I can make it say "No backups found" to make this more apparent. I found a bug looking into this. If you change the INI Path, it will not update the backups in Restore Backup until restart. I'll have to call a refresh on that if the user changes the INI Path. This is good feedback. This is currently how it is designed, but an OK button would be far more intuitive. Yes, this confused many of my users, so it made sense to give the user more control. Did it not populate your MO profiles in the dropdown? I may have to work on my MO detection, as it can be difficult finding its location given different installation methods. Do note that if you launch BethINI through Mod Organizer, the default path will work.
  9. DoubleYou

    Bethini Pie

    No. They are independent of each other. If you have a Custom ini, however, I do not yet have support built in for it yet.
  10. I would install it as it's own mod. I actually prefer to install each file as it's own mod in this case, and place it right below the mod it overwrites, but that's just so I can remember what files I used.
  11. DoubleYou

    Bethini Pie

    I added a standalone beta test version to Miscellaneous files on the SSE Nexus page. Let me know if you find any bugs. You do not need to install Python, as this has been compiled with pyinstaller. It only includes the SSE plugin for now. If you want to test the Fallout 4 plugin, you can grab it from the Github repository. Bethini Pie can be run through Mod Organizer. It doesn't need to be. Since this is a complete rewrite of the application, not all features are included between this version and the old BethINI app, but all necessary functions should work correctly.
  12. I use 21:9 widescreen. To use it with STEP, install the following files from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1778 and make sure they overwrite the relevant mods: Complete Widescreen Fix for SkyUI 5.2 SE Alpha - 2560x1080 Better Dialogue Control Widescreen Fix Better MessageBox Control Widescreen Fix Race Menu SE - WIdescreen Fix SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames FIx - Widescreen Fix I also recommend using one of the Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI options. Just choose one you like. You shouldn't really need to mess with anything in your display settings this way. Make sure you set your resolution back to 2560x1080 afterward.
  13. Probably not an easy way. I don't have Enderal SE, so I haven't looked at what all they changed. Post your inis and I can fix them up if you like.
  14. The author hasn't been active for 2 years.
  15. I like the last option the best. Anything to make this bush less horrid.
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