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  1. Discussion topic: Atom Cats Drag Race Start Fix by Ablaze666 Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: Diamond City Auto Close Gate by Three-Socks Wiki Link When you first visit Diamond City, the gate is shut. Ever after that, the gate is wide open. This mod makes you have to reactivate it for the gate to reopen, since it doesn't make sense for them to leave it open all the time with all the super mutants and raiders about.
  3. Discussion topic: Vault 81 Close Door by Three-Socks Wiki Link When you first visit Vault 81, the door is shut, and you open it with your pip-boy. Ever after that, the door is always opened, despite all the trouble you went through to convince them to open the door for you. This mod fixes that they close the door after you leave, and you have to reopen it again.
  4. I want to drop this one. It conflicts badly with Even Better Mod Descriptions in a way that makes it pretty much impossible to patch, as one is describing the effects, and the other is changing the effects. Patching it is like making your own custom mod. I think UFO4P fixes should suffice.
  5. Your screenshot does NOT display DynDOLOD.esm in the load order, from the archive, so it is not installed correctly according to the screenshot. I believe Verdant includes some grasses from Veydosebrom.
  6. This is incorrect. You had it right. Your grass cache was fine. Your LODs are somehow wrong. I see now that when you showed your generated DynDOLOD, you opened the file in 7-zip to prove to me you did it right. You didn't happen to simply forget to install the archive in Mod Organizer by any chance???
  7. Well, your game doesn't display any grass LOD, so it is a literal impossibility that you have done this correctly, so I don't understand why you say you have done it right when it is obviously not working. Please follow the No Grass LOD Check List found here: https://dyndolod.info/Help/Grass-LOD
  8. Discussion topic: Im Talking to You by Yeti Wiki Link Prevents NPCs from walking away from you while you are talking to them. This is a big issue in Fallout 4. We'll need to test if it works well or not.
  9. Then you haven't installed or ran DynDOLOD correctly, because they simply are not there. Grass Cache does not equal Grass LODs.
  10. I am going to drop this from testing, since the ini file is not needed.
  11. You need grass LODs. Currently you do not have any. Use your grass cache to generate Grass LOD.
  12. DynDOLOD will be run in step 6 of the grass cache guide. It is merely mentioning the mods that will be used throughout the guide, and not suggesting you need to use them now, just downloaded and ready to use. xLODGen has nothing to do with grass LOD, so it's usage is irrelevant. Oakwood is only available for the AE edition of the game, so you won't be able to use it. Arthmoor doesn't allow the usage of older versions.
  13. Not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind. The other improvements far outweigh this IMHO.
  14. Yeah, I saw those too. Think it's temporary testing file mainly till he finishes. Just skip them, as we need Majestic Mountains, and it already has premium lod meshes.
  15. Grass Cache "mod" should only contain the grass folder. The other stuff you have in overwrite can be organized according to what is there. The following talks about MO's Overwrite folder. It is old, but most of it still applies: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Mod_Organizer#Overwrite
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