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Found 2,731 results

  1. Discussion topic: Highland Cows More Wooly - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link SCREENSHOTS
  2. Discussion topic: More Lights for ENB - Blood Splatter Fix by wSkeever Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: QUI by Qudix Wiki Link I'm assuming Qudix will drop the Alpha from the title at some point. I have pre-emptively done so for this topic title. This mod adds various UI fixes and tweaks: AddItemMenu alternative (basically an explorer of the items for your list of plugins that can be then added to your inventory if desired if I understand it right) Stay at the System Page fix The ability to add/remove buttons from the main menu Remove the Creation Club banner.
  4. Hey all! I fell before this reddit post recently, and wanted to share the link for consideration. Basically it lists some mods, that try to fix some changes that USSEP introduces by changing parts of the game not meant to be changed. I'm only using the Redbelly Mine mod, since I was unsure whether Vanilla Purist Patch would complicate my STEP installment. I know this isn't the typical mod suggestion, so if an admin sees this, feel free to move it, this sub-forum just made the most sense to me. I just wanted to make aware of the post, since the mods posted, seem to go hand in hand with the mandate of STEP, as I understand it, and perhaps changes by USSEP doesn't. https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/usamua/unarthmoored_ussep_compendium/ ~Best regards Halde
  5. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Thistle by Dr Jacopo Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - AE by Magus80Mods Wiki Link Alternative to Fudgyduff's version that seems will never be updated.
  7. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Lavender by DrJacopo Wiki Link We tested some lavender a while back and nothing looked particularly good. This might be worth a look. The 2D to 3D is probably worth it, but haven't tried in-game.
  8. Discussion topic: Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM by Kronixx and kryptopyr Wiki Link To be used with A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds
  9. Discussion topic: ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium for various grass mods by Skurkbro Wiki Link This looks promising. It adds grass normals for grass mods.
  10. Discussion topic: Realistic Water Two SE by isoku/SparrowPrince/TechAngel85 Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: I'm Walkin' Here by Fudgyduff Wiki Link SKSE plugin with customizable JSON configuration. QOL: Disables collision between player and NPCs so that they don't push the player or block narrow passages. The description on the Nexus mod page is very short and rather vague: What this does exactly is disabling collision so the NPCs are no longer solid: they can walk through the player and vice-versa. They'll still get in your face while you're in a conversation, or clump together stuck in passageways. So it's not perfect, but it's much better than vanilla. The following NPCs and situations are addressed: Disables collision while the player is in dialogue. Disables collision between the player and their allies. Disables collision between the player and their summons. Disables collision between the player and their allies' summons. Each of the above can be turned on or off via configuration settings (all ON by default).
  12. Discussion topic: ENB Grass Collisions by Boris Vorontsov Wiki Link Preset 5 is currently considered best.
  13. Discussion topic: Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes by Wizkid34 Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Fixed Mesh Lighting by Catnyss Wiki Link On the hot files currently, this mod fixes meshes that are too bright in the shadows. Tree portion is incompatible with EVT, but the ice and plant fixes appear to be viable. Installation for Testing Modular Skip Trees Install only Vanilla Flora, 3D Snowberries, and 3D Juniper Install Artic and Landscape And Water Fixes Select nothing on creatures Place in alphabetical order in Models & Textures
  15. Discussion topic: Blue Palace Dome Windows by AgentW Wiki Link Replaces a couple of Solitude Blue Palace roof meshes. Adds windows to the exterior dome to match the interior. The windows will use the same emittance system as vanilla which will change color throughout the day. Please see screenshots on Nexus mod page. I'm not in the capacity to produce my own at the moment. I use the 'Blue Palace Dome Windows - Flickering Meshes Fix' under Optional Files, in addition to the Main file, and let them overwrite FMF. There is also Windhelm Fake Windows Fix by the same MA but I'm more hesitant to recommend it because it's a little more involved (meshes + small plugin) and some of the window additions are more subjective. You can always take a look and see how you like it, or not.
  16. Discussion topic: More Informative Console by Linthar Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: Oakwood by Arthmoor Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: iscontroller by onvil Wiki Link Patches all animations to work with custom meshes.
  19. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Tundra Cotton by Dr Jacopo Wiki Link The vanilla cotton plant is modeled somewhat after a flowering commercial cotton plant: Google Images of cotton plants Herbalist's Guide to Skyrim depicts it after the tundra cotton plant, which is more like a grass. Google Images of tundra cotton This mod blends the two, giving it the leaves of a commercial cotton plant and the flower of a tundra cotton plant. I consider this a significant deviation from vanilla, so I would not recommend for Step, but it looks fantastic. Compares: Vanilla --> Cathedral Plants --> Hybrid's HD Plants --> Cathedral - 3D Tundra Cotton
  20. Discussion topic: Assorted Tiny Tweaks by Parapets Wiki Link There are 3 completely unrelated tweaks, each packaged in a separate ESP-FE plugin. I'm only recommending one of them for STEP: Roggvir's Amulet of Talos: Gives a unique name to Roggvir's Amulet of Talos so that it doesn't stack with every other Amulet of Talos in your inventory and treat the whole stack as a quest item. The related quest starts when the game starts, but only becomes visible in the journal after talking to a certain NPC. If you pick up Roggvir's amulet off his corpse before talking to that NPC and triggering the remainder of the quest, it will be stuck in your inventory as a quest item until then. Without the above fix, it will stack with other Amulets of Talos and prevent you from dropping or trading them. In my last game I looted Roggvir's corpse right after his execution, because I'm a bad person. I kept his amulet in my inventory for several in-game months as I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. Talking to children was very low priority, because I'm a horrible person. Thankfully I was using this mod which allowed me to loot, trade or gift many other Amulets of Talos without this quest interfering. Long story short: it's a very simple and useful fix. It reverts the EBQO changes to vanilla so some patching is needed. You might consider incorporating this mod's change in the STEP CR patch, with appropriate credits, if you don't want to add one more mod to the guide, as it appears to be open-permissions. The other 2 tweaks are more subjective: Falion Is Rude: Prevents Falion from greeting you when entering his home during business hours if you've never spoken to him before, so his introductory dialogue doesn't feel so out of place. I use it. It makes Falion not greet you like any common merchant the first time you enter his house and have not encountered him before. This is consistent with him being rude when you first encounter him outside. Requires patching to merge its changes with RDO's. I Know How Marriage Works: When you first speak to Maramal about marriage, you have an option to tell him that you already know how it works instead of the vanilla "no" and "maybe" options. I don't use this one. Can't speak about it.
  21. Discussion topic: Essential Favorites by powerofthree Wiki Link SKSE plugin with customizable INI configuration for turning each feature on/off. QOL: prevents favorited items from being crafted, sold, disarmed, disenchanted or dropped. Favorited items will no longer show when selling/crafting/disenchanting/gifting items. This prevents user mistakes as well as declutters the trade windows of things that are not intended to be sold. The disarm prevention is somewhat of a cheat, but is off by default. Recommend using this mod in conjunction with Favorite Misc Items.
  22. Discussion topic: Configurable Notification Messages by MaskedRPGFan Wiki Link Script-based, only run when using MCM + ESP-FE plugin. Allows you to use MCM to change the number of notifications displayed on the screen, fade speed, size and position. It works automatically with any mod that modifies the GUI, because it doesn't modify any files, so it doesn't require any patches. I wanted to also recommend Notification Log SSE (by Fudgyduff) to go with it as it's an essential tool IMHO (how many times have you missed a notification because you were focusing on something else and wondered what it was). But I can't since it's not been updated for, and it doesn't work with, SSE 1.6.x. Fortunately this mod's MA is planning to add a notification log feature in the future.
  23. Discussion topic: Sweeping Organizes Stuff - Use Broom to Clean Mess by wankingSkeever Wiki Link Script-based, only run when used + ESP-FE plugin. Half tongue-in-cheek, half seriously quite useful. Please see the Nexus mod page for screenshots and demo videos. Practical example: let's say you've used Unrelenting Force on that boss at the end of the dungeon and now the quest artifact that was sitting on the pedestal and you were supposed to retrieve has flown off... somewhere. What do you do? Cheat and add the item to your inventory via the console Spend 15 minutes searching every nook and cranny, perhaps unsuccessfully Wait until the cell resets and come back afterwards With this mod you can just use your broom and after a few seconds the artifact (and everything else that was displaced) will be back on its pedestal (to its original place, respectively). This requires carrying a broom in the player's inventory. I do carry a broom in my inventory at all times, just in case, and I like it.
  24. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan/iammitochondrion/Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  25. Discussion topic: Ambiance - A Vanilla(plus) Ambient Lighting Overhaul by TheMilesO Wiki Link This would replace Luminosity and improve RAID compatibility. Test with and without the Light Colors optional plugin. The Step ENB should work fine with this mod. SCREENSHOTS
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