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Found 2,369 results

  1. Discussion topic: SkyUI - Ghost Item Bug Fix by SkyUI Team and EdmanSA Wiki Link I hope this fixes the issue where I have to reset my hotkeys every time I upgrade my items at the workbench.
  2. Discussion topic: Helarchen Creek by Arthmoor Mod Picker Link
  3. Discussion topic: ETHEREAL CLOUDS - Special Edition by Gamwich Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Mesh Patch for Various Mods by ShatterRock Wiki Link Testing the following: SMIM - Quality Addon - Unofficial Material Fix Patch. Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB - ELFX - Unofficial Material Fix Patch Place immediately below Unofficial Material Fix in Foundation.
  5. Discussion topic: Enemy (R)Evolution of Skyrim by Mangekyoumadara1987 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 This is a mod...more patcher...that helps distribute mod-addon perks, spells, and more to NPCs at game start.
  6. Discussion topic: Blended Roads by T4gtr34um3r Wiki Link The plugin is redundant with Cathedral Landscapes.esp, so move Blended Roads.esp to Optional ESPs. Blended Roads option: Cathedral Landscapes --> Blended Roads REALly Blended Roads option: Cathedral Landscapes --> Blended Roads Bridge issue fixed in Blended Roads v1.7
  7. Discussion topic: Detailing the Eldrich - Higher-Res Riekling Architecture by ObsidianStag Wiki Link placeholder
  8. Discussion topic: Improved Clouds Mesh by TrueDraconis Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Realistic Water Two by isoku/SparrowPrince/TechAngel85 Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: SSE Display Tweaks by slavicpotato1 Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Here We Go Again - World Interactions by tarlazo Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan/iammitochondrion/Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  13. Discussion thread: HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire by skyrimaguas Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Simple Horse SE by tktk Wiki Link Testing this against Convenient Horses.
  15. Discussion topic: Worldspaces with Grass SSEEdit Script for No Grass In Objects by DoubleYou Wiki Link Description This is an SSEEdit script that can be used to populate the "OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces" setting for No Grass In Objects. This increases the speed of precaching grass by eliminating worldspaces that do not have grass in them. Installation Extract the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file to your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder. Usage Open SSEEdit and load all your plugins. Once the "Background Loader: Finished" message appears, right click anywhere in the left pane and select "Apply Script...." In the window that appears, in the Script dropdown, select List worldspaces with grass and click OK. Wait for it to finish processing. This may take a minute or two, depending on how many mods you have. When the Worldspaces with grass window appears, right-click the highlighted text and select "Copy". Click OK and exit SSEEdit. Open GrassControl.config.txt from NGIO (it's under Text Files in the mod information window in Mod Organizer) and paste the contents between the quotation marks of the OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces setting. Save GrassControl.config.txt Precaching grass will now only look at the worldspaces specified in OnlyPregenerateWorldSpaces, so it will take less time to finish. Uninstallation Delete the "List grass in worldspaces.pas" file from your SSEEdit installation's "Edit Scripts" folder.
  16. Discussion topic: RUSTIC SOULGEMS - Special Edition by Gamwich Mod Picker Link
  17. Discussion topic: Radiant - Candles by TechAngel85 Wiki Link ENB required.
  18. Discussion topic: A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Simple compare of A Quality World Map versus this mod: A Quality World Map --> A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds Vote to use this in 2.0.0 to replace A Quality World Map Requires Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM Accepted for 2.0.0
  19. Discussion topic: Scrambled Bugs by KernalsEgg Wiki Link For testing, set Bug Fixes SSE mod BugFixesSSE.config.txt: FixAbilityConditionBug.Enabled = False This mod introduces engine bug fixes. Some are integrated in the current SE guide, but some aren't too. What I'm more interested at, is the 2nd enchantment effect bug fix. Also, the perk entry point bug where if you 2 apply-on-hit effects only 1 will work, this fixes it. It's against the guidelines to repeat the mod description, but please take a look at the mod page and check out the things it fixes.
  20. Discussion topic: Skyrim SE Improved Puddles by PCG4m3r Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: ELFX - Exteriors Fixes by wizkid34 Wiki Link
  22. Discussion topic: Cathedral Landscapes by The Community Wiki Link This is a mod that overhauls the grass and landscapes of Skyrim SE. It's grass is optimized compared to other grass mods in that the vertices have been reduce, thus providing a performance advantage vs other similar mods. It also comes coupled with landscape textures specifically designed to blend well with the grasses. Due to the design of the grass being affected by lighting it's specifically designed for use with Cathedral Weathers and Seasons to achieve the designed outcome, however, it has been reported to work well with other weather mods as well.
  23. Discussion topic: Embers XD by mindflux Wiki Link NOTE: Embers XD is ENB compatible but performs nicely without ENB. Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Sconces: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) Torches: Ultimate HD Torch (Step) > Inferno + Embers HD > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: Torch flames for Ultimate HD Torch and Inferno + Embers HD lick very fast. Embers XD flames lick more slowly and behave more realistically. Forge: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange/red flames) NOTE: FPS gain with Embers XD ... need someone to confirm.
  24. Discussion topic: Vokrii Perks For NPCS by oyvveg Wiki Link
  25. Discussion topic: ODIN spells for NPCS by oyvveg Wiki Link
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