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  1. Discussion thread: Beards by Hvergelmir Wiki Link Beards 2.0 by lthot. This mod is the latest addition of a brilliant series of vanilla retexture projects best known as Hvergelmir's Retextures. The author made it with ENB in mind. Also the mod unlocks (optional) braided beards that were precedently not used by Bethesda in the stock game. Unfortunately, the quality of these vanilla meshes are not very good and look a bit off with the rest. Now if any skilled 3d modeler could offer any assistance.. Last but not least, the new Hvergelmir's Aesthetics series is shaping up nicely (Brows 2.0 retex mod is out) and lthot will redo vanilla hairs, tint masks (makeup), complexion and war paints in the near future.
  2. Discussion thread: Brows by Hvergelmir Wiki Link I suppose it was about time I started posting my own mods around here. Brows by yours truly. This mod is part of a WIP series I'm in the progress of making called Hvergelmir's Aesthetics which aim to improve vanilla facial textures such as beards, eyebrows, tint masks (makeup), complexion, war paint and so forth all in high resolution (with optional "normal" resolution downloads as well). All my textures (not limited to this mod) has been optimized with DDSopt and my BSA archives (if available) is always optimized and packed with BSAopt. Brows looks stunning using ENBseries but should be quite the looker as well without it.
  3. Discussion thread: Consistent Older People by Winterlove Wiki Link Have you noticed that some NPCs are clearly meant to be elderly if you look at their faces, but their bodies seem to be more appropriate for a younger person. Furthermore, this is not consistent - some older NPCs have bodies and faces that match. Now, this may or may not bother you, but the visual disparity annoys me. What most people might have done is make the fake-old NPCs younger. Instead, I reckoned that generally the NPCs are generally supposed to be the age their faces look, so decided to make their bodies match their faces. I've been following Consistent Older People for a while since it makes bodies and faces of a number of the older people in Skyrim reasonably consistent; this helps in lore friendliness at least for me. Previously this mod required using SkyBash because of the race edits it made. The new version removes the race edits, and the need for SkyBash which hasn't been updated in a while, so it should be more compatible with other mods.
  4. Discussion thread: Not Really HD-Mask of Clavicus Vile by Kobayashi345 Wiki Link
  5. Discussion thread: Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows by EvilDeadAsh34 Wiki Link
  6. Discussion thread: HQ Paper by Anarin Wiki Link Just found this mod. It covers a bit more than Realistic Paper that we currently use in STEP: Books, notes, business ledgers, rolls of paper, scrolls, battle maps and the corresponding world objects (such as open books, notes on the wall, etc). Worth comparing I think. Mod Testing[*]Gather and post compares from current STEP (Realistic Paper - Dark / HQ Skyrim Map) and this mod. [*]Attempt to gather all the compares from the textures covered as possible. [*]No ENBs/light mods should be used in the compares. Gwoody79's Compares: Vanilla ------------ HQ Skyrim Map (current STEP) ----------- HQ Paper map Vanilla ---------- Realistic Paper Dark (current STEP) ---------- HQ Paper book TechAngel85's Compares: Vanilla >> STEP >> HQ Paper
  7. Discussion thread: Enhanced Blood Textures by RAN46 Wiki Link Still use it, still love it. Keeps getting more refined with each update.
  8. Discussion thread: More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed by puuloo Wiki Link More Dynamic Shadows and Striping Fixed Nexus link dead as of 7/8/2012 by puuloo Author's description: This is not compatible with Shadow Stripping Fix mod which is already in STEP, but I believe it fixes many more instances where shadow stripping occurs. There is a list of all the interiors and dungeons in the readme with around 100 places already completed. The author has also stated that 20+ dungeons and fixes will be added to the mod every five days, so there are many fixes still on the way. After testing this for around an hour, this mod does exactly what it says it's going to do and seemed to be completely compatible with RLWC, but I'd recommend to load this before both esp files from RLWC. I'm not using RCRN, so maybe someone else can test the compatibility. There is no performance hit on more powerful rigs, but the nexus site mentions a small hit to low end rigs. I loaded this on my laptop and could see any drop in performance. Overall, the extra dynamic shadows from the interior lights is a nice touch to Skyrim.
  9. Discussion thread: Enhanced Lighting for ENB (ELE) by --JawZ-- Wiki Link This mod changes the lighting to better suit an ENB. If you're using an ENB then this mod will enhance the color and brightness.
  10. Discussion thread: Relighting Skyrim by NovakDalton and --JawZ-- Wiki Link Among the lighting "Fix" mods that we want to evaluate for STEP. Please let us know about what it covers and how it works! Mod Page
  11. Discussion thread: Dynamic Distant Objects LOD - DynDOLOD by Sheson Wiki Link DynDOLOD creates dynamic LOD for Skyrim, and is developed by Sheson, to whom everyone has given their children as slaves. Please refer to Sheson's thread here for discussion. Accepted for Core
  12. I'd like to recommend this recently-released mod be tested for inclusion in the STEP portfolio. It's pretty phenomenal work. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82468/?
  13. Discussion thread: Skyrim Project Optimization by rgabriel15 Wiki Link This mod adds occlusion planes to many interiors in Skyrim, resulting in a vastly improved performance in those areas. It's an ideal STEP candidate as it shouldn't conflict with any mods, the author pledged to keep it updated with support for many big mods out there and it improves performance with no perceivable loss of picture quality. I highly recommend checking it out and including in the next STEP revision, if it passes the mod testing stage. The preview of this mod has been featured in Realistic Lighting Overhaul already, but it's a separate mod with many improvements now.
  14. Discussion thread: Bug Fixes by meh321 Wiki Link This mod is an independent companion to Crash Fixes. Instead of stability improvements, this mod fixes bugs with the executable.
  15. Discussion thread: Traps Make Noise by kryptopyr Wiki Link Trap's noise now alert enemies. Like it should. Just think that need to see if scripts are ok, papyrus log and stuff.
  16. Discussion thread: Audio Overhaul for Skyrim by David Jegutidse Wiki Link AOS is an extensive sound overhaul aiming to make the soundscape more immersive, clear, responsive, impactful and ultimately fun, while always aiming for maximum compatibility, performance and coherency with the main game. Audio has been tweaked and often redesigned from scratch in thousands of instances of content and implementation, to achieve one coherent vision for the soundscape that does not rely on third party content or code. The overall style and tone moves away from a "gamey" soundscape and instead uses more real life audio behavior as a guideline. Another goal was to really make sure that this mod does not give it self away as a mod. Through subtlety and coherence, new and old content should meld together seamlessly, even if that means that the majority of changes will not be consciously noticed. No content has been stolen from other games. New content is unique to this project and there is nothing that was just copied straight out of a sound library. ------------------------------ This mod is definitely one to watch! I've only played with it a little bit in game but what I have heard is awesome! :)Accepted for 2.2.8
  17. Discussion thread: Distant Decal Fix by SparrowPrince Wiki Link This mod has been added to the STEP Compilation. Dropped in version 3.0. Mod by SparrowPrince. Fixes decals (moss on rocks, etc) vanishing/popping in at a very short distance. I know this has been discussed here in the past and until now there wasn't a solution. Not sure how extensive the mod is. .gif showing the difference:
  18. Discussion thread: Book Covers Skyrim by DanielCoffey and doccdr Wiki Link This looks interesting. It re-textures the books of Skyrim so that each one has a unique look. I think I may have to give it a go! Accepted Desaturated version for Extended
  19. Discussion thread: Clams Drop Pearls by Corepc Wiki Link
  20. Discussion thread: aMidianBorn Farmhouse by CaBaL Wiki Link Dropped in v3.0. I didn't see this posted yet in the 'mods' section so I thought I'd post it. The screenshots look like vanilla/SRO farmhouses to me. I really can't tell any difference. I don't have a working PC at the moment but if someone wants to try this out and compare it to SRO, that would be great. HRDLC->STEP Core->AMB->AOF Interiors Exteriors
  21. Discussion thread: Not So Fast - Main Quest by cdcooley Wiki Link Frankly good mod for the game that puts a little more pacing between the parts of the main quest, and also alters some of the annoyances with it too. Worth a look at for STEP Extended or a community pack. I have already made a patch for this mod in the most recent EBQO update, so no worries there. Author now includes EBQO instructions in mod.
  22. Discussion thread: The Ruffled Feather by SparrowPrince Wiki Link Replacement all-in-one mod for: Enhanced Distant Terrain 2Enhanced Distant TerrainMoss RocksStalhrim of Skyrim-Fixesas well as some others that are not included in STEP. Includes an easy to use FOMOD installer updated for STEP by TechAngel85. Accepted for, and previous, due to the removal of the above mods from Nexus.
  23. Nexus link That's pretty interesting mod. Thans for pointing me to it, whoever it was yesterday. (would that make it a STEP candidate?) I think it even makes a few othe mods obsolete, namely 3rd Person Dual Wield Animation Fix and 3rd Person Animation Mod - Dual Wield Sprint (it does it slightly differently for the latter). It's not exactly compatible with 360 Walk and Run Plus. It also conflicts with Better Turn Animation only One pose and Dual Wield Blocking Animations. Would be interesting to check whether it doesn't make those mods obsolete.
  24. Discussion thread: aMidianBorn Caves and Mines by CaBaL Wiki Link
  25. Discussion thread: Realistic Boat Bobbing by Gandaganza Wiki Link Finally we can have bobbing boats without all the bloody clipping! I could see this mod in STEP
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