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  1. This is a beta of [FNV|FO3|FO4|FO4VR|TES5|SSE|TES5VR|ENDERAL|ENDERALSE]LODGen/Edit with terrain LOD meshes and textures generation. This is for experienced mod authors and users that know how to use xEdit, xLODGen or DynDOLOD already. Installation and Setup Download xLODGen beta 77 - based on 4.1.3f Unzip into a dedicated folder outside of any game and Steam folders or special Windows folders like Program Files. (Pro users can merge with existing xEdit installation. Make sure to overwrite older LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe TexConv.exe/TexConvx64.exe in Edit Scripts. All other files with the same filenames are the same as the latest version of xEdit.) Rename xLODGen.exe to [game mode]LODGen.exe (TES5LODGen.exe for example) or start with command line parameter -fnv, -fo3, -fo4, -fo4vr, -tes5, tes5vr, -sse, -enderal, -enderalse Use -o:"c:\OutputPath\" command line parameter to change where files are generated to, default is the game folder. Use this if a mod manager with a virtual file system (like MO) is used. Do not generate into any game or any mod manager folders that are part (direct or indirect) of the virtual file system. Requirements Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 - Required by LODGen.exe/LODGenx64.exe and Texconv.exe/Texconvx64.exe. Get matching platform x86/x64 depending on which xLODGen.exe (x86) or xLODGenx64.exe (x64) is used. RTFM and Share Results See the included Skyrim-Occlusion-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the Skyrim TVDT Occlusion data generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions or give feedback in the dedicated Skyrim TVDT - Occlusion Data thread. See the included Terrain-LOD-Readme.txt for a brief explanation of the settings for terrain LOD generation. Read the hints that are shown when the mouse pointer rests on a setting. Ask specific questions about terrain LOD in this thread for a more in-depth explanation if required and share feedback (with screenshots) about results or problems. These tools generate LOD meshes and textures "exactly" like CK, but not like the meshes and textures which are shipping with the games (they are often manually edited). However, these tools provide more options and higher resolutions (use the x64 version if there are memory errors because you believe you require 4k or higher) and can be updated to add more useful features and options. I did some testing in the different games, but finding the best combinations of options and settings requires lots of testing and are a matter of personal opinion and which game is used, the load order, mods, even different worldspaces probably. That means, I am only able to give generic guidelines and hints to send you off to find and test for yourself and share your results. My main interested is that generations works correctly and without problems for now. Check out the thread xLODGen Terrain Settings Compare. Also refer to any modding guide which has a list of relevant mods close to your load order. The object and tree LOD generation is the same as the current versions of xEdit / xLODGen. Refer to their respective descriptions and explanations. Obviously, users of Skryim/Enderal/Skyrim SE/Skyrim VR/EnderalSE continue to use the easier and more comprehensive DynDOLOD for drastically improved object and tree LOD generation and only use xLODGen for terrain LOD (and maybe Occlusion) generation. First Time Here are suggestion to start without going crazy and that should be quick enough to generate: Set quality of meshes for LOD4 to 5 and then +5 for each next level. Or just set levels 8/16/32 to 10. Check protect cell borders (yes it fixes the ugly terrain drops at outer cell borders that still exist in Fallout 4). Use the max vertices setting only if you want to hard limit max file size. In Skyrim Special Edition or Skyrim VR, if you notice terrain briefly flickering when new areas are loading in, set [Display] bEnableLandFade=0 in Skyrim.INI Set Optimize Unseen to off for LOD4 for first generation. Start experimenting with a value of 550 with a quality setting of 10 or lower for LOD32 (used for map) and compare coastlines and file size to other settings. To quickly generate terrain LOD meshes just for the map, check only terrain LOD Meshes, check the Specific Chunk checkbox and set drop down to 32. Leave SW fields empty for complete map or set SW cell coordinates to same values as a *.btr filename to test a specific area with lots of water, river etc. Set texture sizes to 512 for a start. Larger sizes and large world spaces will take a considerable time (like 15 to 30 minutes or more easily). Each higher resolution means quadruple the work. Use DXT1 for diffuse and 565 (DXT5 if on Windows 7) for normal maps. If generating for Skyrim Special Edition use BC7. Uncheck mipmaps, raise steepness and Bake normal maps. For now, leave the Brightness, Contrast and Gamma at 0 and 1.0 respectively. It seems that only Skyrim CK and Skyrim SE CK are manipulating the intensity of the textures to adjust for the noise.dds and the god awful "improved" snow shader of Skyrim SE (just turn that thing off, really). If textures seem too dark in the game, brighten the noise.dds instead or vice versa. That way you can get perfectly matching LOD textures that look just like the textures in the loaded cells. For Skyrim a good average color of the noise texture seems to be around #C0. See below for a couple noise texture downloads. If you want to test larger texture sizes, use the chunk option to limit the number of textures that need to be generated. For example, check [x] Specific chunk, leave the drop down empty and set WS to the lower left cell coordinate of an 32x32 area, like 0, 0. It will then generate all textures up to 31,31. Not all worldspaces have their origin at 0,0 so you will have to check already generated meshes/texture filenames for their lower left coordinates. Recommended Optionals TES5-Terrain-Tamriel.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm TES5-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm, SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Extend.esm - These extend the sea of ghost further to the north (see screenshots) SSE-Terrain-Tamriel-Full-Extend.esm - Entire map from -96,-96 to 95,96 with northern ocean extension. Useful for mod authors. Put in game data folder obviously. Adds back terrain for Skyrim (Tamriel worldspace) at the outer edges so there is no missing terrain meshes/textures when generating terrain LOD for Skyrim. Load as early with lowest priority as possible, so that any other plugins overwriting or adding land records or cells with the same coordinates take precedence. Only required to be loaded when generating terrain LOD. No harm done when loaded in-game but typically the player can not get close to these areas. There are no effects outside the far away added cells. Noise Single color flat noise, Adjusted vanilla noise, HD Terrain Noise Texture SE Examples for Skyrim. Install to game folder like any other texture mod. The noise texture is applied in-game on top of terrain LOD textures, so no effect for LOD generation. Only the red channel is used in case the textures is not a grey channel format. MipMaps are ignored. The textures is tiled 3x3 per LOD quad, e.g. for LOD level 4, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 4 cells, for LOD level 8, the noise texture is repeated 3 times to cover 8 cells and so on. Test-Terrain-Tamriel.7z For testing terrain LOD distances. Plain color terrain LOD textures for Tamriel with coordinates for every LOD quad. Green for LOD 4, yellow for LOD8, blue for LOD 16 and red for LOD 32.
  2. Mod Source: BethINI by DoubleYou Wiki Link BethINI STEP Wiki Link BethINI (pronounced "Bethany") is an attempt to restore decency to the INI configuration files for games created by Bethesda. It currently supports Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim Special Edition, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4. It arose out of my research into the Skyrim INI files over on STEP. Why You Need This There are many advantages to using BethINI: 1. It automatically reorders your INI files into a sensible order, making them much easier to navigate for manual tweaking. 2. It automatically fixes common errors, including some that can cause CTDs. 3. It automatically detects mods you have installed and makes changes recommended by the mod authors where deemed appropriate. If your mod or a mod you know of requires such support, please contact me, as this is the easiest thing in the world to implement. 4. It's presets are superior in graphical fidelity and performance (95% of the time) to the official presets one can create via the game launcher. 5. It allows for the modification of more settings than is accessible via native game settings, and provides explanation for each setting and what it does. 6. It automatically backs up your INI files. 7. For Skyrim, it automatically configures the Creation Kit to support multiple masters and any installed DLC, if enabled. TL;DR BethINI fixes your INI files and lets you tweak your INI files to improve performance and quality. Installation: BethINI is a portable application. You can run it anywhere. Simply extract and run. Do NOT run through Mod Organizer! Recommended usage: 1. Please do not delete your INI files prior to running this! 2. Run BethINI 3. Mod Organizer users should go to the Setup tab and select the profile they wish to use via the ''INI Path'' setting. Your profiles should be autodetected. It is highly recommended to close Mod Organizer if open. 4. Click Default. This will refresh your INI files to the default state. 5. Original Skyrim ENB users should tick the ''ENB Mode'' checkbox. This does not apply to users who ONLY use the ENBoost portion of ENB. This should be autodetected, so if you are unsure, leave this alone! 6. Click your desired preset. 7. Tick the ''Recommended Tweaks'' checkbox to apply tweaks recommended for all users. 8. Click the Save and Exit button. Testimonials FAQ Q: The program will not load. The cursor spins, but the program does not load and the process is not created. A: Add BethINI.exe to your antivirus exclusion list. Q: Virus! A: False positive. See the VirusTotal report. Q: Should I delete my INI files before running this? A: No! Indeed, it is likely the game launcher shall kill your INI files if you do this! Q: Why is my savegame crashing? A: Not all INI settings can be changed mid-game (e.g., uGridsToLoad). If you used some bad INI tweaks (e.g., Ewi's INIs) on a save, they can cause your save not to work with good INIs. Either copy some of the problematic lines back into your INI, stick the old INIs back, or start a new game. Q: Does it work with ENB? A: Yes! Skyrim users can simply tick the ENB Mode checkbox (should be autodetected) to ensure that all necessary tweaks are applied. ENB users of other games may need to check to make sure that they haven't accidentally disabled any necessary settings (as I currently don't know what settings are necessary for the other games, as I haven't used them. Sorry.) Q: If I use ONLY the ENBoost part of ENB, do I need to tick the ENB Mode checkbox? A: No. Again, this should be autodetected. Q: I get an error when I start the game that says, "failed to initialize renderer." A: Your screen resolution is incorrect. Please change your resolution to one that your monitor supports. Custom resolutions can be manually typed into the Resolution box. Q: I want to go back to the way my INIs were before I used BethINI. Is that possible? A: Simply go to the setup tab and select "Before BethINI" in the "Restore Backup" dropdown.
  3. FO4LODGen by Ehamloptiran, Zilav and Sheson Static objects LOD generator tool for Fallout 4 After one and a half years, Zilav and I finally managed to incorporate FO4LODGen fully into the latest xEdit.exe builds posted to WIPz TES5Edit on Afk mods. However, get the latest xLODGen - beta with terrain LOD, this is were the most recent LOD development happens. Users of xEdit and FO3LODGen/FNVLODGen/TES5LODGen/SSELODGen will feel right at home. After downloading and extracting the archive rename executable to FO4LODGen.exe or FO4LODGenx64.exe Start FO4LODGen.exe with the command line parameter -o:"c:\Output" to set the output folder. This will make it easier to create BA2 archives, to avoid blurry textures because of loose texture files. I assume Fallout 4 modders know all about this issue with loose texture files, the involved INI settings and ENBoost. Hover over the options of the FO4LODGen window to see hints what each setting does. If a texture atlas is not created it will use the vanilla texture atlas (Commonwealth and SanctuaryHillsWorld are supported atm, ping me if DLC worldspaces are required) if possible and single LOD textures if not. I created a FO4LODGen Resources archive, to improve the generated LOD. While it is not required to generate object LOD, I recommend using the FO4LODGen.esp and the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 for better results. Refer to the included docs/ReadMe.txt file to learn what each of the plugins do. The plugins can be merged, but make sure to keep a the name FO4LODGen.esp in the load order so that the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 is loaded when starting FO4LODGen.exe. Check the log to make sure the BA2 is loaded. There is no hard requirement for the plugins that define unused LOD models and the FO4LODGen - Main.ba2 to be loaded in the game. However, if you notice flickering LOD textures or other odd behavior keep them in the load order. Let us know if this happened so we can update the instructions. The FO4LODGen-DLCCoast-WindTurbines.esp is just a bonus plugin and has nothing to do with LOD generation. All tree LOD in Fallout 4 is done as object static LOD, so 3D models are required instead of billboards. Even without the FO4LODGen Resources and no plugins changing the worldspaces, FO4LODGen already improves vanilla LOD. Tree LOD models use a feature called "double sided", which the vanilla LOD does not support. In vanilla this means the opposite side of branches are invisible. See below screenshots. Please test and post results so we can work out any kinks before official release. "Use backlight power"
  4. Hello. Im trying to put together a Fallout 4 guide, and I have some questions. Im looking at these seven F4SE doo-dads, and I'd like to know if they're recommended: xSE PluginPreloader F4 (manual install) PrivateProfileRedirector F4 - Faster game start (INI file cacher) Address Library for F4SE Plugins Baka ScrapHeap-Script Memory Limit Expander Buffout 4 Auto Gamepad Switch and... Canary Save File Monitor ----- They all seem to have tangible benefits. But they also may be difficult to use. Are they stable, or necessary, or effective? Any opinions or experiences would be appreciated. -thx.
  5. Hi. Over the last month or so, I´ve been putting together a modlist/guide for fallout 4 over at Nexus mods (based in large part on Biraitbec´s guide, linked from a thread a bit below this one), and now it´s time for some serious testing, so I figured a post here would help with that. The guide is focused on survival mode with Unbogus fallout overhaul as a basesettlement buildingplenty of extra quests and locationssharing modding knowledge, to make you and me better modders The guide contains 50 pagesabout 300 mods270+ esps merged down to 201 (suggested merges section)instructions on basic usage of MO2, FO4Edit, Mator Smash, Wrye Bash, MergePlugins etcinstructions on how to repackage mod textures in ba2-filesThe Nexus page offers: Customized HUF based on Clean HUD 2Preset subdividers for MO2Links to testrun spreadsheet and other documents with some brainstorming for the future..To make it clear. I´m not a very experienced modder, and I´m learning as I go along, but this has become a bit of a passion project for me, and now I wouldn´t mind some help making it better. So if you have nothing better todo for about 8 hours of your life (just kidding, not really sure how many hours this would take.. a few at least) head on over to the Nexus page linked above and download. All feedback is appreciated (except for possibly "You suck" because... not sure what to do with that :P) both for the guide and the list itself. I would not mind help with conflict resolution either , so... Thanks for the word.
  6. Hey all, I'm very familiar with the STEP guides for Skyrim (including SRLE and SRLE Extended), and looking to jump into FO4. I found a handful of FO4 guides, looking for your experienced opinions on the best/most stable/current FO4 mod pack/guide. Here are the guides I found so far... Fallout 4 Mod List and Load Order Guide (BiRaitBec Modlist) wip-fallout-4-using-modorganizer-2 by Gernash https://forum.step-project.com/topic/12227-fallout-4-mod-it-till-it-breaks-my-personal-guide/ by Fenris95 Any guidance is appreciated! Thanks Rig: MSI SLI PLus Z270 mobo...Intel i5-7600K (4.5GHz OC)...Team T-Force Night Hawk 16MB DDR4 3000 RAM...EVGA GTX 1070 8GB FTW Gaming GPU...Crucial m4 256GB SATA SSD (OS and misc)...PNY 480GB M.2 PCIe NVMe SLC SSD (Gaming)...Hitachi GST Deskstar 750GB 7200 HDD (Storage)...Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium PCI Express Sound Card...Qnix 27" 2K IPS display
  7. I am looking for any help to resolve a mod conflict that is preventing the display of settlements in the "Send To" menu. In the picture only Sanctuary shows up. There should also be RedRocket and Star light drive in. Those options are there and selectable, they just do not show. I am at a loss as to where to look. I am just going through my load order in xEdit, but nothing stands out. If anyone has had this and fixed it let me know. Thanks
  8. Hey guys, spent the last week working on this guide since the others weren't current and one provided information that I didn't agree with. It's not completely final but it works in it's current state and is how I would play the game myself. I've removed references to cleaning individual mods until I figure out if that's even necessary. I've also split the guide into two halves as there were too many references for one page to handle. https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Fenris95/FO4_-_Fenris%27_Mod_Guide_Part_1 https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Fenris95/FO4_-_Fenris%27_Mod_Guide_Part_2 Good luck on your travels through the guide and hopefully you make it out to the other side without too much issue. Feel free to add the donate to step button at the top etc. I'm not technical enough to figure it out myself.
  9. This is just a import from the official Nexus Site mod page. All text bugs and issues will be fixed with the time being. This Mod List and Load Order Guide is the fully detailed and explained process to achieve a Great Fallout 4 Modding experience at smooth fps and close to Bethesda's Fallout 4 Game Idea. {-The Most Complete, Performance Friendly and Endorsed for Fallout 4-} VOTE THIS MOD PAGE TO MAKE THIS REACH MORE AUDIENCE!! Click on the VOTE button near the Endorse one - This would be a great achievement after months of daily updating this project, and since we reached a great overhaul, i'd really like that more people at least try this. REQUIREMENTS - Fallout 4 - All Dlcs (NO HD TEXTURE PACK) - To disable that HD Pack you just need to untick it from the steam library page, where all downloaded contents are displayed. It gives no balance between quality/performance. They are not such great textures to excuse such performance loss Lets make a scheme: Vanilla textures: 7/10 quality and 5/10 performance - HD official pack= 7.7 and 3 - Texture Mods= 6.9 and 8 - A Beginning Knowledge of Nexus Site, Mod Organizer/Nexus Mod Manager, Personal Folders Directories and Modding. SUGGESTIONS 1) Modlist is in Order, Loot can be used only to make it sort masters (esm), plugins (esp) must stay in this order. 2) Overwrite Everything. if i don't say different. 3) Green Mods are a Must Have or Highly Recommended Mods that i want you to install if you follow this modlist. 4) Orange Mods are Optional Recommended but that people can skip freely to enhance performance, stability or to play an intended way. 5) Do Not Install Everything! This Modlist is not meant to be installed All, start with Green mods if you don't know how much you can handle, and then if your performance stay high you can start with easy Orange mods, 1 or 2 per step, you can install more settlements mods over clothes mods and so on, more clothes over weapons. If you have a great pc system then try to install more. I Never Recommend to go over the 150 plugins, better around 130 or less. 6) Read the Official Mods Description to know how a mod works in-game, leave an endorsment to that mod if you loved it and donate that author if you can or want. 7) If you see not text near a mod then you just have to install the main file only, of your preference if there are more. 8) This Mod-List is tested and meant to be played on Survival Difficult. It may be unbalanced in Others. 9) Test the modlist each 2 steps to see if it's working. I recommend you to install my clean saves file, but they are meant only for graphic and performance preview. 10) If you have doubts or you are not sure what you doing, Just Ask, its better to improve modding knowledge and to avoid useless mistakes. 11) If your Comments are deleted, it means you are not under the Rules, see Sticky Post! STEP 0: Tools and Optimization STEP 1: Textures Optimization STEP 2: Base Mods STEP 3: User Interface STEP 4: Audio STEP 5: Gameplay STEP 6: Player & Npcs STEP 7: Clothes & Accessories STEP 8: Factions STEP 9: Weapons & Gadgets STEP 10: Animations STEP 11: Visual Improvements STEP 12: Settlements STEP 13: Environment IMPORTANT MOD FOR COMPATIBILITY PATCHES. Radrose Usability Enhancement - Download the main file and install it. During installer Just click next till end. STEP 14: ENB & Graphic STEP 15: Last Optimization Use this section only if you still suffer performance or you want more fps Credits Leave an Endorsement to these mods and kudos to authors. They kindly shared their work to make installation process easier and faster for all. Optimized Textures - Repack: - Westeland 512 Textures Reloaded by darthanimal - Optimized Vanilla Textures by MysticalFlare Various Textures - Repack: - Vivid Fallout Landscapes - Trees - Roads and Bridges - Rocks by Hein84 - Vault 111 Exit 2K Retexture by shyzofreny - Wasteland Creatures Redone by DOOMBASED and stabcops - Bottles Labels Overhaul, Grey Tortoise Cigarette Overhaul by BlastoLho - Rusty Fridge Retexture by CorenseWolf - Less shitty industrial wall lights by Ablaze666 ​ - Black vertibird by akalor - All Weapons HD, Evil Institute HD by bLaCkShAd0w ​ - More Realistic Pipe Weapons by AlexSlesh - Tapeless Hunting Rifle Stock by Rakul - Assault Rifle Retexture AR-51 by DeviousMeth0ds - Improved holotapes, Improved Road Signs, HD Item Retextures, Improved Flags, by ClearanceClarence - Suitcase Texture Replacer by wscottling and OpusGames - Pool Table HD, Monkey Trap HD, Camo Trapper Armor by mm137 - Proto VaultSuit by nitronizer - Combat Armor Retexture by Leyr (As of perms tab in this mod i can include it since there's no money gain, if you want it removed PM me) - Ammo Retexture by jorhadoq ENB by Boris Vorontsov MasterEffect and DOF by Marty McFly 
  10. Hey guys, Just wondering how to setup MO2 to run with the tweaks made in FO4CT. I'll try and explain my problem best as possible. Starting FO4 through configuration tool alone (Fallout4configtool) works fine, but then i don't have the mods from MO2, trying to start FO4CT through MO2 crashes. Running F4SE through MO2 starts games with mods but no config edits. if anyone has any ideas on how to get this to work would be much appreciated *FO4CT (Fallout 4 configuration tool)
  11. So I've recently bought FO4, after putting it off for so long, and as I have been modding it up I now have come across a problem I can't seem to rectify. Whenever I activate the Armor Workbench and then move the mouse to select another item I instantly crash to desktop. I've tried deactivating any and all mods that I see directly modify armor but no luck. [spoiler=Modlist]# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer. +Easier Hacking with Options - Easy Lockpick - Guaranteed Pickpocket +Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion At Same Time - No Console - No Hack) +Achievements +QuickTrade +Shaikujin's Better warning for settlements being attacked +Armorsmith Extended +Concealed Armor for Far Harbor and Nuka World DLC +Concealed Armors +=== Base === +Satellite World Map +Mod Configuration Menu +VIS - ALL DLC - Merged +Immersive HUD - iHUD +FO4 Hotkeys +DEF UI Compatibility Patch +Updated ICONLIBS2 for DEF_UI v5.5.2 +DEF_UI +Valdacil's Item Sorting +Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource (AWKCR) +HUDFramework +=== UI === +Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch +=== Bugfixes === [spoiler=Plugin List]# This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer. *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp *ArmorKeywords.esm *Armorsmith Extended.esp *Armorsmith All DLCs Patch.esp *SatelliteWorldMap.esp *Immersive HUD.esp *SkjAlert_All_DLC.esp *QuickTrade.esp *FO4Hotkeys.esp *EveryonesBestFriend.esp *Easier Hacking - 1 Word.esp *Easy Lockpick.esp *HUDFramework.esm *VIS_Merged.esp *ConcealedArmor.esm *ConcealedArmor.esp As you can see I am not running a lot of mods at the moment and I am still in Sanctuary trying to get my game modded correctly before I progress. The only non-standard plugin is VIS_Merged which is my merge of all of Vardicil's Item sorting mods. If I decativate this and use the original plugins I still get the same CTD.
  12. I apologize if this has already been covered, but I'm relatively new to modding and I've been following the Merge Plugins Tutorial on youtube in an attempt to reduce my list of 260 plugins for Fallout 4. I love all the mods I've been using and already sacrificed more than I wish. I'm attempting to use the Gamer Poets tutorial to accomplish and Michael of Gamer Poets suggested I look here for the answer. I'm trying to set up the Merge Plugins tool and I'm stuck on the integrations tab. I've selected "detect integrations" and the only path that is detected is the compiler. the other two are blank and I'm not sure if I'm doing any of this right. Attempting to do this with Fallout 4, if that makes a difference. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I'll give you caps.
  13. As the title says, does this page here > https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Radeon_Settings > can be used as a base for F04? For exemple, i am using ENBoost only, so could i use ForceAnisotropicFiltering=False, and then set through Radeon Settings the AnisotropicFiltering ?? Maybe this has been answeared elsewhere, but i'm not really good at GoogleFu >_<' Thx in advance, and sorry for any grammar killing, as always, english isn't my native. Edit- Also, the Radeon Settings Guide is a little outdated, as Max Tesselation isn't there anymore, and there's a new option, Shader Cache there. Just thought it would be good to warn yah folks =3
  14. Hey there ! Boston Atomic Bomb Yankee v0.1 is live ! You can check it out BABY Not exactly the best one you'll find over STEP, but I figured it's about time I start gathering everything I install somewhere, and keep track of it so I can share it :) Suggestions / editions are welcome, whether it is about instructions, advice, guide-formatting, or mod-content. (And of course, bug report). The guide is aimed at people who already know some basics about beth's games modding. Beginner should follow some more basics tutorial before attempting to follow BABY. No real support yet, basically if you encounter issues with mod installation, you'll need to learn how to fix it ;) The truth is, there is a lot of unknown things about FO4, and you might encounter issues which I just can't reproduce (weird ini tweaks, issues with drivers, your mod manager going crazy with w10, whatever...). @Kelmych : I kinda stole the background from your FO3 guide... I Hope it's alright ? :)
  15. I've been using Wrye Bash since the Oblivion days, finally decided to try Mod Organizer for Fallout 4. I've tried 2.07b3 and 2.08 (I forget the beta version, but its the most recent). I can install mods, and they work in-game. But I can't launch Bodyslide. MO2 locks, and I can see a Bodyslide process running in the Windows Task Manager, but Bodyslide doesn't actually launch - no UI. I've tried running MO2 as Admin, but it changes nothing. Bodyslide runs normally if launched directly. Win7 x64, if that helps.
  16. Kesta


    Archive2 Guide Archive2 is the official tool from Bethesda to package mod-archive (.ba2). Especially interesting since it allow to package archive optimized for textures. Wiki Link Currently looking for knowledgeable people to improve the guide. Or potentially just testers willing to spend hours comparing the data stored in archives with similar files but different settings :P
  17. Fallout 4 Default Values for All Valid INI Settings If it's not here, the tweak is most likely bogus, if it follows the same pattern as in previous games. Also note that there is a FalloutCustom.ini that is believed to function the same way SkyrimCustom.ini did in Skyrim. Plugin INIs appear to behave the same as well in initial testing. The in-game settings menu "default" values are different from these (Bethesda has given three different definitions of default in Fallout 4, all contradicting each other. I have settled for the same definition used in Skyrim, i.e., the value used when the setting is not explicitly stated in the INI files.) Do NOT use these as your INI files. This is for reference only at this point. Fallout.ini FalloutPrefs.ini
  18. So I have no doubt MO will eventually get all the quirks ironed out, and I know there's been a recent update to the beta. Just wanted to get some feedback from anyone playing Fallout 4 currently. Which organizer are you using? I'd much prefer to stick with MO beta as, among other things, I'd have to completely relearn NMM after years of not using it. But I'm reading MO still has some issues with xEdit and LOOT etc?
  19. Discussion thread: Fallout4Prefs INI Guide by STEP Wiki Link This thread is for discussion and improvement of the Fallout4Prefs INI Guide on the wiki.
  20. I used to use this perfectly (Thanks by the way, excellent Application) & Upon a ReInstall of My Windows I can No longer use the app! I receive : External Exception C0FB007E error Bug Report : If Anyone Can Help it'd Be Appricated , Thanks
  21. So... Welcome to the Fallout 4 Funny Bugs Gallery, a place to post all the pictures of your favorite Fallout 4 bugs! Here's one I took recently. Decapitated Conversation
  22. Discussion thread: Flawless Widescreen by HaYDeN Wiki Link Flawless Widescreen enables Skyrim, Fallout 4, and many other games to display correctly in unsupported resolutions used in eyefinity and ultrawide setups.
  23. I just figured I would note that I added the Fallout 4 prefix for use in the Mods and Packs forums.
  24. INTRODUCTION While chatting with some folks at the STEP forum in the enbseries.ini guide, we, myself, Aiyen, Matso and TechAngel, agreed that it would be helpful to newcomers to the ENBSeries "world" to supply them with easy and highly configurable shader files. And that it had a clean look with good amount of info in them, letting the "reader" of the code see what each code line actually do to achieve that particular visual effect. So I started whipping up my own shader library, borrowing the base template, sort of anyway, from Aiyen's Skylight ENB. This is however not an extension of Aiyen's Skylight ENB preset, rather something totally different. A base code library for anyone to configure and expand how they see fit. FEATURES Highly customizable and easy customization and addition of various effects for the purpose of altering the visuals. All ENBSeries default shader effects in easy accessible and injectable .fxh files Entirely new effects, compared to what is available in the default ENBSeries shader files Currently only effects for enbeffect.fx, enbbloom.fx and effect.txt EFFECT LIST ENBSeries Game Color-Correction effect, also known as APPLYGAMECOLORCORRECTION ENBSeries Post-Process methods, v1, v2, v3, v4 Reinhard Tonemapping Filmic ALU Tonemapping Uncharted 2D Tonemapping Improved Tonemapping Sepia Tone ENBSeries Procedural Color-Correction Control of Shadows and Highlights SweetFX Vibrance and Saturation controls 3D LUT SweetFX Split Screen control Clip Mode, to display over and underexposed colors Multiple helper functions such as Yxy, HSV, HSL color space conversion, Average/percieved luminance calculations. And more to come... HOW TO INJECT EFFECTS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EV3ZgtAc3Sc First you need to include the files into the enbeffect.fx, you do that with this code line; NOTE: elepHelpers.fxh and enbAGCC.fxh will be used for this example. #include "/Modular Shaders/msHelpers.fxh" // This code line needs to be added before the Vertex Shader section inside a .fx or .txt #include "/Modular Shaders/enbeffect/enbAGCC.fxh"There, you have now successfully added/included the helper function library and the APPLYGAMECOLORCORRECTION effect library into your file. Now you need to include it into the rendering stage so it will have an effect on the render output. For that you need to add this code line for the AGCC code to take affect; color.rgb = enbAGCC(color, IN.txcoord0.xy); // This code line goes into the Pixel shader (PS_Draw) after all initialization code is doneLike this; // PIXEL SHADER float4 PS_Draw(VS_OUTPUT_POST IN, float4 v0 : SV_Position0) : SV_Target { float4 res; float4 color; color = TextureColor.Sample(Sampler0, IN.txcoord0.xy); /// HDR scene color /// AGCC if (ENABLE_AGCC==true) color = enbAGCC(color, IN.txcoord0.xy); /// Requires enbAGCC.fxh active res.xyz=saturate(color); res.w=1.0; return res; }And to be able to toggle the AGCC code in the GUI; // Add the below GUI annotation at the top of the file bool ENABLE_AGCC < string UIName = "Enable Game Post-Processing"; > = {true}; DOWNLOAD
  25. There's a lively discussion over on the Bethesda forum about the use of the *Snip tool used by some authors to make their plugins. Basically a re-occurrence of the whole debacle with Skyrim mods early on before the Creation Kit and/or xEdit became available. Already a number of mods are being cited as causing savegame corruption and the authors are either washng their hands of the matter or saying they will redo it when the correct tools are available. So, basically anyone that installs a mod with a plugin should weigh up if they want to risk the dangers over the alleged benefits.
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