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Found 19 results

  1. Discussion topic: Majestic Mountains Creation Club Landscape Patch by DoubleYouC & StepModifications Wiki Link Created specifically for 2.0.0 so no testing necessary (beyond what DoubleYou did in creating it) Current requests:
  2. Discussion topic: EBF UFO4P compatibility fix by Peregrin0 Wiki Link Everyone's Best Friend - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch compatibility fix merges the script changes of both.
  3. Discussion topic: Seasons of Skyrim SMIM Patch by wankingSkeever Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: kryptopyr's Patch Hub by kryptopyr Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Umgak's Vokrii Compatibility Patch Compendium by AUTHOR Wiki Link This adds patches in ESP-FE format (don't count toward plugin limit) for the following mods in STEP: Audio Overhaul for Skyrim Trade and Barter Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes We may or may not want to use these to help eliminate extra patching for the STEP Patches. Accepted for 2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: Vokrii - Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul Patch by Retrah Wiki Link Hi all! I'm having a great time playing, but just now hit what might be a little issue. With CACO items to extract blood and flesh has been added to the game, but due to Vokrii, the perks that the ability to harvest these doesn't exist. This leaves in useless items added by CACO, and immensely increases the rarity of these items (I'm level 28 now and found 2 (total) blood ingredients). I found this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/46476 which is a patch, would it be fine to use with STEP. Or is there a STEP solution I've missed? ~Sincerely Halde
  7. Discussion topic: Step SkyrimSE Patches by Step Modifications Wiki Link Step CR Patch Step LW Patch Step PP Patch
  8. Discussion topic: Majestic Mountains - Bloodchill Manor Patch AE by timbra Wiki Link This mod is probably necessary to fix this CC content for compatibility with Majestic Mountains. We should test this before we release 2.0.0.
  9. Discussion topic: Useless Patches Collection by mnikjom Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches by Garthand Wiki Link Creation content will not be unofficial patched by Arthmoor's USSEP. Creation content and USSEP will be supported in AE by Garthand. This will most likely be a needed patch/link between USSEP and CC.
  11. Discussion topic: Undeath - XPMSSE - Strange Runes - Skeleton Patch by Nerudious Wiki Link Skeleton.nif patch for use with Undeath Remastered and XPMSSE.
  12. Discussion topic: CACO Undeath Patch by Teiresius Wiki Link Patch between Undeath Remastered and CACO.
  13. Discussion topic: Smooth Shores Patches by Step Modifications Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Step Patch - Conflict Resolution by Majorman86 and Step Modifications Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: AI Overhaul SSE - Official Patch Hub by mnikjom/SpiderAkiraC Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Circlet USSEP Fixes by obpluto Wiki Link Per discussion in the Gemling Queen Jewelry SE topic, I am adding and accepting this mod, placing it in 20-Patches as per the flowchart. Accepted for 2.0.0
  17. Discussion topic: Realistic Boat Bobbing Patch Hub by jjensen6823 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0
  18. Discussion topic: Step NoMansSky Resource Files by Step Curators Wiki Link
  19. I think it's a good idea to create a thread where everyone can post links to compatibility patches for Requiem. There are patches that don't exist on the Nexus like the ones some members have uploaded here, so post their links here to have them all gathered in one page. I wish I knew how to create patches myself and start with my own but at least I can contribute with the idea. If this thread goes well then we can contact the authors of Requiem let them know about it. Firstly, make sure you have this mod because it's required for some patches to work right. Here are the already known ones: (important note:some might not work well or are outdated) Requiem - Immersive Creatures Patch by Azirok Requiem - Dragonborn by Azirok Requiem - Falskaar by Azirok Requiem - Skytest Realistic Animals and Predators Patch by Azirok Requiem - Immersive Armors Patch by Azirok Requiem - Immersive Weapons Patch by Azirok Requiem - Hearthfires by Azirok Requiem - Immersive Patrols by Azirok Requiem - Wyrmstooth by Azirok Requiem - Civil War Overhaul Patch by Azirok Requiem - Dragon Combat Overhaul Patch by Azirok Requiem - Moonpath to Elsweyr Patch by Azirok Enchanting Awakened by egocarib (there's a requiem version of the mod inside its installer) Audio Overhaul for Skyrim - Patches by michaelrw (the patch is located in the miscellaneous section) Dual Sheath Redux by Neovalen (the patch is located in the optional files section) Compatibility patch for Requiem - Ethereal Elven Overhaul by MrFilipenko Even Better Quest Objectives by whickus with fixes and expansions by William Imm (the patch is in the installer) These patches might not work as intended: OBIS - Organized Bandits in Skyrim - Requiem Patch BETA by ArtMurder RND Requiem Food Patch by diannetea Requiem and Imps More Complex Needs compatibility patch by Gatonegro Requiem and Deadly Mutilation Compatibility Fix by Umbrecht Some modifications: Requiem - Rebalanced Potions Weight by HexPex Requiem - Hard Times by Azirok
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