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  1. The answer is in the Nexus description for this mod. I had posted it for you elsewhere previously.
  2. I honestly don't get it. I read all books I find and take those that are not owned. Does this mod simply automate this? EDIT: Maybe I'm forgetting something about the reading mechanic, but it would be helpful if MAs would spell out the problem/solution for these kinds of mods.
  3. Did you read my post about grass object bounds? You did not mention this in your response. You only seem to have acknowledged what I mentioned about BethINI. Does Verdant have object bounds defined for its grasses? From the post I linked: ... so if you follow the Grass LOD Guide, you will get grass LOD. If you don't then you are either not following the instructions properly, or you are using grass mods that don't define object bounds. Try using Cathedral Landscapes for testing purposes or Google how to get LOD working for Verdant and whatever other grass mods you are using.
  4. Ditto. I assume he is making the LOD models, but if he doesn't, I will do so.
  5. Awesome. Thanks. I will update the ENB accordingly
  6. The OP has the manual instructions for renaming the texture path.
  7. If you follow the Grass LOD Guide and have a working grass cache, then the BethINI distances in Terrainmanager are maximized efficiently (as I posted on one of you other topics), and so are you Grass settings. You either have to mess with the grass tint settings in DynDOLOD_SSE.ini, or your grass LOD isn't working correctly. Hard to tell. It could be that Verdant is missing object bounds for grass too. Try troubleshooting that with sheson. EDIT: actually, try searching 'Verdant' in the DynDOLOD support forums.
  8. Yes, thanks. I missed the version instructions.
  9. Yeah, that's what I mean. He has responded to such questions, albeit without elaboration. He has basically said that it is not redundant with ENB Light when someone said that "it's one or the other". So: the MA has insinuated that both can be run together. See my previous post with link.
  10. OK, I will make the change and update 2.0.0 ModList/changelog and 2.1.0 ModList
  11. How is this possible? There is no plugin. It's meshes and a DLL. (I honestly don't know) The MA seems to advocate it's use with or without ENB Light. I've had it installed for months, and have not noticed anything funky ... but I have not been looking for ENB lighting effects explicitly to test this.
  12. I don't have the time or inclination to check your math/logic The assessment rings true and is inherently logical, so I think this mod would be a nice addition with some modest nerfing to map ideally to vanilla (in which case I will need to look at the logic more closely). From your assessments from researching an using it, I am all the more interested in advocating it for myself and for Step
  13. Yeah, I just updated all of my AFK mods. These all were updated but nothing else: I have added all AFK URLs to my applicable MO mods, because it's such a pain to find them on that site. I need to go through each section and look for anything familiar PS: I already checked CRF plugin against our DEV patches/plugins. Including Krypoto patch updates ... Everything is up to date in current DEV patches.
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