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  1. I have reported your comment so that TechAngel85 can chime in here. I'm no xEdit guru myself and cannot speak to these switches. In the meantime, some illumination or a pointer to relevant sources would be much more helpful than a curt statement. There is mention from other non-authoritative sources like this. Being rid of the 4 sec warning is a boon in and of itself, which seems to be why most people use it and probably why it was added to the guide. I never saw any value in the added barrier. Indeed, even more official doc doesn't describe the risks. I assume that one could break the plugin or the game and cause undue support queries ... but does the gate REALLY prevent this? EDIT: sorry, I was composing this as Tech was responding ... obviously, I echo his sentiment.
  2. Agree, but it's not the light source but the particle aura that is perplexing. We both have the light sources but not the aura. Are such lighting auras dictated by the plugin or the mesh or both?
  3. @Greg Agree. The only things that could be causing the aura are the game INI settings or more likely the Texture Filtering in the display-soft settings. Maybe try turning them all off if possible to see if the aura disappears. Otherwise, I'm stumped.
  4. Check my previous post, and examine your LOD distance settings as described.
  5. First, follow all of the instruction sheson advised, but do note that some of your Skyrim INI settings are pretty far off from what we recommend in our guides. DynDOLOD MCM uses [terrainmanager] settings from the game INIs at first load of a new DynDOLOD under a new game in my XP. The LOD distances you have set are significantly lower than my own in some cases, and your multiplier is 1/8 of what we recommend (4.00, which I think is also mentioned somewhere in DynDOLOD doc). Please try following our BethINI instructions for basic game INI setup so that that is not a contributing factor. This will get your view distances set at a reasonable 'medium' baseline (you can fine tune later). We also have basic guidelines for LODGen using DynDOLOD 2.xx. The general principles and UI are very similar under DynDOLOD 3 alpha. None of this instruction pertains to grass LOD, but it should help you get the basics situated and reduce the 'noise' of these other issues so that you can focus on your original grass problem.
  6. I'm not sure if the version of that mod that was available when we constructed the current guide and if it was fully compatible with AI Overhaul at the time. There could be other reasons why @TechAngel85 added the compatibility INI to the patch. Either way, I suspect this will not harm anything, but you can obviously disable the compatibility INI if you want to verify it fixes your issue. Please post back to confirm if that's the case, and we'll then have a good reason to remove it.
  7. Could be the texture. We don't use that mod for various reasons. One reason is that whenever all textures are batch reprocessed, there are inevitably artifacts introduced here and there. I still think it could the mesh though, and a mod could be adding the mesh to the vanilla object. It can be tricky to click what you intend with More Informative Console in certain situations. Get really close and crouch if that may be the case here. The mesh name should show up at upper left in MIC. Then you can search for it in the right Pane of MO under Data tab. If it's in the BSA, it won't show up here, so try disabling the mod to confirm.
  8. Cathedral Weathers works fine, but some mods may use meshes that look strange under certain weathers and/or under ENB. This can happen with any weather mod. It's probably more of an issue with the mod mesh. That doesn't look like a juniper to me, so use More Informative Console to determine the mesh and find source in MO Data tab of right pane. The mod author may provide ENB-friendly meshes
  9. ENB can cause this. If you use an ENB, try switching off in game using Shift + F12 to test. Otherwise, you can adjust grass color via DynDOLOD_SSE.ini and grass billboard direct/ambient brightness in TexGen to compensate. It's probably also exacerbated by certain weathers.
  10. That looks like a mesh issue if it isn't water or oil. Hard to tell from that shot. Use More Informative Console to determine the mesh and it's source from the Data tab in MO right pane. Then try disabling the mod to confirm.
  11. My weather is default clear if that is what fw 81a is (I use weather maker) the image sharpening doesn't have much noticeable impact on my system in Skyrim, so that's probably not the reason. The Particle Patch for ENB idea is interesting, but I still wouldn't expect the aura without post processing of some kind, be it ENB or driver-soft settings. I have it installed per Step guide instructions. iMaxDesired=6000 for me @Greg's second set looks to have erased the ENB-like texture effects and the interior lighting effect.
  12. Your install is exactly like mine by your description ... except yes, I did mean "orange/red" (clarified in the OP). But that is not the reason for the aura, I'm nearly positive. It's very curious that you have that aura/particle effect without an ENB, but at least the interior looks correct now in those shots. Your wood textures also appear to be smoother and more blended that I am getting (strict Step 1.0.0 on my side but for mods under testing right now). Time to call on @DoubleYou or Tech to speculate on the particle aura and what may be the cause. I have to think it's an INI setting in the game or a mod, but I suppose it could also be a driver-soft setting (I use no driver-soft settings like AF or surface format optimization or other DX9-type settings for Skyrim). Thanks for taking the time to post all the detail.
  13. OP updated. I only looked at this one area, but it was enough for me. This mod does not work for Step, and the current Step textures/meshes are a lot better, IMO.
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