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  1. Thanks for confirming. The '-o' is the "output" switch. As our instructions say:
  2. Good question. I haven't seen that myself with many config variations (apps, drivers, and OS). But I wasn't looking for it either. You have a wide screen format, yes? I think it's likely related to your display and SSE Display Tweaks configs. I would play around with the full/windowed mode settings. I think there are modifiers to those as well. There is also a frame buffer setting (or something like that) that I think may be worth changing. There are only 4 values I think.
  3. Yes, this is required as the settings I linked previously will instruct. Only if you want to generate grass LOD though. As I mentioned, I think it is useful to get NGIO how you like first, as if DynDOLOD will not be used. Then you only need to change a setting in NGIO and in DynDOLOD configs to generate and add LOD. Now you have a LOD/no-LOD compare.
  4. Give these settings a try: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:2.0.0#Grass_LOD_Configuration ... I also suggest turning OFF grass LODGen to delineate between LOD issues and NGIO issues. I am guessing that your grass distances in NGIO are probably very low. We have found that higher distance settings work nicely. Links to the DynDOLOD and NGIO settings are in the instructions I linked above. Also, don't test any of this with ENB enabled, which adds yet another degree of freedom. Baby steps. Too many variables can make finding the optimal config intimidating. Once you have things as you like with NGIO, then you can mess with grass LODGen. Then you can mess with your ENB config. Many mods have mistakes. Few are perfect, so yes, many (most?) grass mods are not completely compatible with LOD requirements. The same can be said for many tree mods.
  5. Cathedral Landscapes grasses probably have object bounds and flags set properly while many of the others don't. The documentation goes into this a bit ... my guess is that the grass mod plugins need some tweaks.
  6. Added background, padding, and border to make these more obvious from non-spoiler text. See a recent Step guide for examples.
  7. @Majorman We recently updated the mod Page headings format and code markup format. Please review the Mod Page section in the following link for reference. I will update all of your current headings, but not sure if you have any multi-line code you want to use. Our new method works nicely though if you have use for it: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Wiki_Maintenance#Mod_Pages EDIT: You no longer need to add extra line breaks before headings on mod pages. padding is built into the new class. The following page demonstrates all of the mod-page workarounds to avoid use of template and headings. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/FalloutNV:JIP_LN_NVSE_Plugin#tab=Recommendations Use: class=salmontx - callout text & psuedo-headings (as in lists or inline at start of paragraph) class=hltx - highlighted text (bound with brackets to simulate Template:Ui for 'button' clicks in instructions) class=redtx - warning text I am slowly going through your mod pages and fixing, so don't worry about this stuff except for new mod pages or opportunistically if you are editing one.
  8. @sheson This person did upload all logs as instructed. The missing ones are linked from this post. I had added the smaller logs myself on his/her behalf ... so my oversight.
  9. Make sure you are using the updated DynDOLOD and DynDOLOD SE Resources linked in the OP. I would re-download and reinstall to be sure. Then reconnect in mod manager. Make sure no other previous Resources are conflicting. It's most likely a configuration problem rather than a DynDOLOD problem.
  10. Try Cathedral Landscapes. We use that and have generated grass LOD successfully many times with it. This is what the guide I linked uses.
  11. Yeah, that's probably a good bet. This way, we can rule out any issues with Viscous Grass mod, which I have zero experience with. You can check your NGIO and DynDOLOD configs against our WIP instructions: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:2.0.0#DynDOLOD EDIT: re-posting your relevant logs for sheson to review. They are kind of a pain to get at on that service, and the debug logs are always pretty huge: DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txtTexGen_SSE_log.txtLODGen_SSE_Tamriel_log.txt
  12. You are using the correct version of xLODGen. I recommend searching and then posting on the xLODGen topic for better help, but sheson will want your log files, so please read the OP in full before posting:
  13. I only have rudimentary understanding of many of the log messages. In TexGen log you have errors like this: [03:18] <Error: Can not find file Meshes\landscape\grass\egrass02marsh.nif Skyrim.esm FrozenMarshGrass01 [GRAS:0004013C]> [03:18] <Error: Error processing Meshes\landscape\grass\egrass02marsh.nif Skyrim.esm FrozenMarshGrass01 [GRAS:0004013C]> In DynDOLOD log, you have errors like this: [00:05] <Warning: Can not find file Meshes\cwi\clutter\tueffechimeh.nif used by CollegeOfWinterholdImmersive.esp CWITueffelChimeHavok [MSTT:1A295E62]> [00:05] <Warning: Can not find file Meshes\landscape\plants\mixgrass01.nif used by ViscousGrass.esp mixgrass01 [STAT:1B022F48]> [00:06] <Warning: Can not find file Meshes\landscape\plants\mixgrass01.nif used by ViscousGrassGrass.esp mixgrassDUPLICATE002 [STAT:1B02710C]> You have PHP errors in your LODGen log that I have never seen before. I would look at the mods providing these resources or your installation of those mods. sheson will have better advice no doubt, but I suspect either a bad install, plugin issues with Viscous Grass mod, incompatibility of grass mod with DynDOLOD, etc.
  14. Remember that your LOD is completely different from your NGIO grass rendering, so it would be helpful if you posted a screen highlighting the issue.
  15. Your DynDOLOD log says you have output in C:\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_Output\ So not sure what the issue is. Did you create a mod from that output? Remember that your LOD is completely different from your NGIO grass rendering, so it would be helpful if you posted a screen highlighting the issue.
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