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  1. The 2.0.0 guide is still in development and so is the LODGen stuff, but terrain LODGen is probably pretty much 'done' for our build at least.
  2. Interesting ... but further complicates display config, LOL. It could take us months to agree on optimal configs with this one in the mix. I don't want to offer every scenario or maintain those instructions in our guides. Maybe some suggestions is all or for the most common setup. Remember, every time one of these mods is updated, we would need to spend a lot of time adjusting (and debating) the changes to our recommendations. PC envs are just too variable.
  3. If you set Level0 for LOD4 of LTM DynDOLOD Add-On mod, you will not get billboards in LOD4. Also be sure to run TexGen first ... and hide/remove any billboards shipping with LTM. They are not needed with the Add-On if you are using DynDOLOD 3 Alpha and can override TexGen assets, which are required for DynDOLOD to honor your tree rule. Be certain to install TexGen output as a mod (enable this BEFORE running DynDOLOD) one priority less than DynDOLOD 3 output, both at the highest priority in your installed mods. Sort with LOOT. Check 'winning' assets using MO conflict management if necessary. It really is pretty straight forward. I think you may be getting LTM billboards due to problems with asset prioritization.
  4. So you are saying that this mod isn't a valid fix for anything or just not for what you had hoped? Drop from testing and consideration?
  5. Thanks. I will ask kojak to fix that tree and check for others
  6. It's just a warning message that the texture wasn't found. In the case of an invalid texture path for a texture that doesn't apply (should be a blank path), then the warning can be ignored by the user. The mod author should still correct it. In the case of these errors, it's the mod author of the tree mod that should fix the paths in the base models. Then the LOD models also would need to be updated. For your Myrkvior warning, are you using kojak747's LOD models or the add-on DynDOLOD 3 LOD models?
  7. If tree mesh rule was set to Billboard for all levels, wouldn't that explain why the same error wouldn't appear?
  8. I will look at those as well. It could be that this particular partial path has a space after the slash or something, whereas the others don't. There must be some difference that causes DynDOLOD to throw the error in one case but not the others. Maybe it's a trunk vs crown ... I can't tell from the texture names or the NifSkope screen. Thanks
  9. YES, this is the issue and explains the empty texture path in the error. I will reply on the Nexus topic, but I essentially need to fix this in the mod. In the meantime, you can resolve this as follows: Double-click on the third texture row and clear that partial path Save the model Get the CRC32 from this model (right click the NIF and you should see a CRC option if you have 7z installed) Go into the mod and update the CRC in the file names for this treefile names: DynDOLOD/Render/../ meshes/DynDOLOD/../ Save each LOD model Regenerate using DynDOLOD, and the error should be gone.
  10. Always read the OP before posting ...
  11. ODIN Spells for NPCS has been accepted, so we should NOT use this mod's ODIN changes ... just confirming this is what you are saying. This mod is categorized properly then. Thanks
  12. Someone mistakenly added the 2.0.0 tag to this topic, so I assumed it was applicable for 2.0.0 consideration. If it was in 1.0.0 and we weren't considering dropping it, then it should not have gotten the 2.0.0 tag, and I would not have posted my previous question. I didn't look at the mod page either, or I would have seen it was carried forward from last guide. Who knows, I may have mistakenly added the tag
  13. OK, so this should probably be in Interface then per our flowchart (as opposed to Extenders, since it does affect the interface specifically)
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