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  1. That's a mistake then ... mips don't make any diff that I can see, so they can be off for all, especially if you notice higher VRAM consumption. However, quantifying VRAM consumption is pretty much impossible unless there are huge diffs. VRAM is allocated dynamically, depending on many factors, and high VRAM usage is not really a 'bad' thing.
  2. I am at 2560 x 1440 (QHD) and don't notice any diff between 1024 and 2048. But it's the map, so shouldn't be a performance hit in game. Still ... I don't see any diff.
  3. Again, 256 is optimal for all 512 for LOD32 ... for 4k, then 512/1024 is probably beneficial. Why hog VRAM for an unnoticeable diff in terrain LOD? Terrain LOD just doesn't contribute much to the overall.
  4. First, don't comparte anything to recs in the 1.0.0 guide. Please use 2.0.0 as your baseline. 1.0.0 is far outdated with respect to LOD config settings for all LODGen. I don't see any difference in 512/1024/2048 ... at all. None. Same image but for the clouds/fog. 256 is optimal unless you are running a 4k monitor with 4k res. Terrain LOD is just not that important once you get to a certain point. All we are doing is eliminating the jaggies around water and letting the color of the full landscape textures through. people spend way too much time worrying about terrain LOD, IMO. It is trivial but for fixing these basics. I vote to leave it at 256 for all levels, and would be fine with 512 for the map, but no more. It's a total waste of resources otherwise, IMO.
  5. Sounds like 3DsMax is messing up the alpha thresholds in the meshes or the alpha thresholds of the base crown meshes are > 128 ... or the texture format/mips are the proble. I would skip the 'optimization' piece via 3dsMax and simply copy the crowns into empty_passthru_lod.nif and trunks into empty_trunk.nif (using "save as" from emptypassthrulod.nif). Then combine using hybrid.bat. This at least rules out that as being the issue. EDIT: I just saw sheson's response, so that is probably the issue ... I would still try without the 3dsMax optimization piece though.
  6. NGIO precaching works great without grass LOD, even at 24000 distance on my system. Also, some people don't mind a little lag in loading cells outdoors.
  7. Basically, grass LOD costs more than it's worth, IMO. Cutting back on render % and LOD distances essentially obviates using it on my system, which is pretty beefy. I think that only those with the top-performing GPUs can afford to run it with reasonable settings without any stutter. The screens toward bottom of this link show differences with and wo grass LOD, so judge for yourself. Toggle last two screens (Optimal vs Optimal (no grass)): https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:2.0.0#Grass_LOD_Configuration
  8. I installed Alpha 10 Resources for LE rather than SE by mistake. So I got an error about missing files expected by SE version. TaskManager and Event Viewer would not load while DynDOLODx64 was running. Only after closing it by clicking twice on th 'x'
  9. Beyond 512? Do you have screen compares? Pretty sure that 512 is indistinguishable from 1024 EDIT: Unless you have a 4K monitor, but even then ...
  10. Lower far away, because mips used are tiny in comparison, which would waste the majority of a larger res texture. Yes, we can stop linking to this post now. We have better data on the guide itself (and will have more).
  11. You don't need to start the whole process over but rather go through the System Setup Guide and the 'Tools' chapter of the guide to make sure you have the environment configured correctly and are using the correct software versions.
  12. Search this thread for "out of memory", and you will find several other posts like yours and sheson's responses.
  13. Note on this particular INI setting: The way it is worded indicates that IgnoreLargeReferences (should) equal '1' if uGrids = 5 and also mentions the Large Ref system will not be used. This is further conflated by the next comment implies that IgnoreLargeReferences (should) equal zero if uGrids > 5. I suggest stating the comments more explicitly to avoid the valid assumptions above: Set IgnoreLargeReferences = 1 only if uGrids = 5 and only if the large ref system is not desired. Set IgnoreLargeReferences = 0 (default) if uGrids ≥ 5 and the LR system will be used (best visuals if LR bugs are not present) Rewording similarly will also be less conflicting with the alt text in the app for the "Upgrad NearGrid large refs" message.
  14. You need to read that entire forum post. the file needed is linked further down. Yes, v83 now ... but it is expected that people read the entire post to figure it out, since there is good info in that. You select all worldspaces by ticking each box in the dialog (or right click > select all) once the app loads. If it is not coming up, then something is wrong. You may not have followed the System Setup Guide fully or set up the application to run from MO2 properly. All of the instructions are in the guide.
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