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  1. In my experience, most stuttering/GFX/havok issues are related to vsync and FPS capping/not in relation to monitor refresh rate. This is compounded by the fact that you can have > 1 setting dictating these (display soft-settings, game INIs, display tweak mods, and ENB-related post-processing). The most complex of these are often the opaque driver soft-settings, which depend on your GPU software (which then has versioning dependencies on hardware and software). My advice would be to turn all of these OFF and establish a baseline by loading up a reliable save. Then make singular changes to each of the multitude of settings and check against the same save game. My optimal settings came down to using my driver soft-settings for vsync and AA and and my display tweaks mod(s) for FPS limiters/caps. But every situation can be different.
  2. @DoubleYou The forum links to the old site will work fine, but they need an extra dash for some reason, so ... https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13322- ... will be broken, but https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13322-- ... will work fine.
  3. @boycadNot sure where you are publishing your guide, but if it's on the Step wiki ... so you and others know, we have a means of displaying links to unofficial guides on the game home pages (e.g., Fallout4:Wiki). In order to do so, you can add the following code to the top of your guide (or wherever). Just replace <Username> and <Guidename> {{#set: Game={{NAMESPACE}} |GuideMaintenance=Unofficial |GuideTitle=<Username>-<Guidename> }}__NOTITLE__[[Category:{{NAMESPACE}} Guides]][[Category:Unofficial Game Guides]]{{DISPLAYTITLE:<Username>-<Guidename>}} Ideally, the guide should be moved to a page like: Gamespace:Unofficial-UserName-#.#.# ... but as long as it's in the relevant namespace (Fallout4: in this case), your guide will be listed under Unofficial Guides in the game home page. We have included some examples of other user-created guides here. Ultimately, members have the option of constructing their guides using our mod pages, which is nice for everyone, since the mod pages are available then for ANY guide (and they allow for guide-specific instructions). You can read over the Step Portal for general instructions on how to do all of this (see game portal page of interest, like Fallout4 Portal). The other benefit of this is that user guides have mod tables consistent with the site look/feel. None of this is required, but we will likely scrape the wiki for user guides now and then and configure so that they appear on game home pages.
  4. Right click LOS and reinstall. Sort with LOOT, ignoring the message and see if things are working. Note that LOSII is required by the Step patch as indicated on the mod page: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:Lanterns_Of_Skyrim_II This is why you are having issues probably. Nothing to do with the MO update. Cleaning LOS probably broke the patch.
  5. MO can run WB as a helper application. See the MO Guide for details: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Mod_Organizer#Wrye_Bash You can open a wizard.txt to see what it's doing and replicate via MO. Otherwise, it's just a matter of adding OBSE and TES4ALL to MO. No fast and simple instructions though for getting it all set up. You can still use WB of course if it's easier in the end, but most guides leave out key details, which is why you are likely having issues. I would get MO set up with these basics first and launch your game to be certain it's working ... same if you are using WB.
  6. LOOT isn't aware of all mods and definitely not customized mods. Whenever you repack a mod, LOOT won't recognize it. you need to move this mod to the top of your install order after all main files and DLC. Then anneal. Worst case, you will need to uninstall all mods from WB and begin again but ONLY after checking that none of these mods has any relics in the data directory. WB used to be notorious for not uninstalling all files. Not sure if that has been fixed in recent versions. Yes, MO2. I would seriously consider cleaning up your data directory. For that, this older guide should still be relevant. Then begin again. Consider using MO2, because it is much simpler to recover from these issues using that tool. All of the instructions you referenced are far more easily imnplemented with MO ... and without any chance of messing up your all-important data directory.
  7. If there is an underride, you probably need to reorder your mods in WB accordingly. Otherwise, uninstall/reinstall the conflicting mods in their proper order. Then you can try annealing. Alternatively, you can use Mod Organizer instead. It does not have these problems, because there are actually no overwrites in MO, just overrides that can be corrected simply by changing the 'install' order. MO does not actually install mods into the data directory. Changing to MO will likely not obviate the guide you are following. We have an unofficial Oblivion guide you can find on the wiki if you want to try that as well: Mythic Dawn. It may give you some ideas. MO allows you to create multiple coexistent builds without using additional space on your HDD.
  8. In MO, find SSE Display Tweaks. Right click, select "Information" > INI Files. Click on the ini and read through all of the settings and make adjustments one at a time, beginning with the most suspect (see below). Note that these settings can conflict with your display driver settings in your config manager. So those settings can also impact inputs and thing relating to havok and stutter. Avoid changing multiple values at once in driver settings or below without first testing the result. Notable settings (with values I am using) are: EnableVSync=true MaximumRefreshRate=144 #set to monitor refresh rate if your frame rates often exceed this value FramerateLimit=144 #set to monitor refresh rate if your frame rates often exceed this value MaximumFramerate=144 #set to monitor refresh rate if your frame rates often exceed this value My guess is if you configure your dirver soft-settings and these accordingly, you will see some big improvements, depending on your system. I use AMD Radeon X, and every system may have different optimal settings for all of this. My soft-settings are: I would also suggest always enabling both vsync and frame caps in SSE Display Tweaks OR in soft-settings ... the results using either one could be different.
  9. I will take a look when I'm off work and post when it's resolved.
  10. z929669

    Site Themes

    Try clearing cache. Under FF, select "show all history" , select any row with a page from this site and select "forget about this website", then clear cache in history. Or you can open a private window and log into the forums from there.
  11. This guide doesn't rely on any tools other than TES5Edit.
  12. It's a data issue. It should resolve as time goes on as long as there are not two actual mod page versions (which for this mod, there are not). You may need to hard refresh or clear cache.
  13. Sorry, I do see some issues with a few mods on that list. Let me get them corrected I fixed most of them, but @TechAngel85 will need to fix these two, because they were never added to the SE mod lineup, only LE (or they did not come over correctly in the move): Northfires Skidmarks SE 2K-4K RUSTIC AZURAS STAR - Special Edition EDIT: Looks like we got them all corrected now
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