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  1. If there is hardly any difference what is t h point of a smaller texture. In any case, if you want a model to use a specific texture be it smaller resolution or show what you like, update the texture path in the model. You can also make the texture darker for example. It will have some kind of brightness settings for the crown and trunk in the near future. It easy enough to update the 3D hybrid tree LOD models included in DynDOLOD Resources since they are created programmatically.
  2. See the readme how to troubleshoot CTD. Post the .Net Framework Crash log if more help is required.
  3. The grass cache does not change how the grass looks in the game. Read descriptions of 3rd party mods to and ask questions about 3rd party mods on their appropriate forum, discord or wherever support for the 3rd party mod is provided.
  4. You can always edit the 3D LOD model NIF with NifSkope for example to use different textures. Then generate LOD again.
  5. If you believe there is something that can be done with textures in order to adjust LOD for your personal preference , first create them with whatever means you have at your disposal (e.g. edit the texture atlas in an image program) to see if any ideas have the desired result in the game.
  6. 2.45 is the "API version" of the scripts and their data files. It didn't need to change in a long time. You need to ask questions about third party mods on their appropriate forum/discord etc. I suggest to be a bit more descriptive than using the term "not working". You can start troubleshooting grass LOD generation by reading Troubleshooting on the second post. Obviously it requires a "working" No Grass In Objects setup.
  7. The problem is to programmatically target only the leafs, but not the 2D or 3D trunks of tree LOD models at the same time, while leaving other object LOD models alone. Also not all models require being modified. Maybe just a few select LOD models always need to be modified. In the end a LOD model should only require to be created once and should work for every occasion, just like the 3D LOD models for buildings or rocks. The tree LOD models included in Alpha 3 are combined from two resources as explained in the manual, maybe that step just needs a feature to avoid manual editing. I have been pondering over such an feature for quite some time. We will see. I sort all 3D tree LOD models included in DynDOLOD Resources into meshes\DynDOLOD\trees. The models for the vanilla trees are all in the main folder.
  8. Vanilla, with test weather 15e. Time is noon, so the sun shining from top is probably the key.
  9. Object LOD needs to generated again so the new LOD models are being used when generating the BTO files. Executing LODGen in expert mode will suffice if nothing else changed
  10. The game does not ignore vertex colors. If something does not show up in the game, it was not installed/used when generating LOD or the generated LOD is not installed. This is what I get with your treepineforest05passthru_lod.nif
  11. I assume the screenshot shows Solstheim? Paste the SSELODGen_log.txt to pastebin. Please post a https://modwat.ch/ of the load order. Don't worry about reporting. I just need to be able to reproduce the setup so I can test.
  12. You know which LOD model to edit by checking the DynDOLOD_SSE_Tree_Report.txt, with vanilla trees it would meshes\dyndolod\lod\trees\treepineforest05passthru_lod.nif That's why I mentioned Blender/3DSMax. It might be necessary to only adjust specific triangle, vertices so not to disturb other parts of the tree. You might as well just try a different full model/LOD model from one of the many tree mods just for those couple trees to see if they fit your taste.
  13. Yes, those first settings mean the billboards are only used in LOD 8 and 16. The distance of where LOD level 4 end and LOD level 8 starts is controlled by fBlockLevel0Distance. If you set Billboard1 for LOD level 4, then they will immediately start showing beyond the loaded cells. You can edit the ini (Billboard = Billboard1) if you like, but typically you would edit the rule in the advanced options and save the preset. There is currently no settings that can change LOD models. As such 3D tree LOD models are object LOD models. Atm the only way to change anything about them is to edit the LOD models. The 3D tree LOD models uses the full models leafs copied 1:1, so whatever you are seeing happens because the LOD shader is a limited subset of the full tree shader. With a lot of time and NifSkope and experimenting with a couple shader settings or maybe manually editing normal vectors with Blender/3DSMax it might be possible to make the tree LOD a bit less susceptible to low sun directions. One way to make a shape in a model darker is to use vertex colors.
  14. If changing the brightness of textures seemingly does not have any effect in the game, you are either changing the wrong settings/billboard type or the updated billboards are not installed when generating LOD / updating the texture atlas. You can emulate with TexGen what happens to the lighting of the full model when the sun is low: set direct light to maximum and ambient to minimum. Change Front/Back to either full left or fully right. You get really distinct dark and lit up pieces. The way this information makes it into the HD billboard is via the normal map. Test if increasing the smoothness of the HD normal map texture of the HD billboads helps to lessen the effect in the game. If the mentioned NIF is the 3D tree LOD model (typically has _lod in the filename) and not the full mode (typically does not have _lod in the filename)l. It should be no surprise that billboards are different (manually screenshotted from NifSkope versus a high quality render of the current full model) or that billboards from mods do not contain any HD billboards e.g. front and side views and normal maps. The compression format of generated textures can be changed in TexGen at any time. Age is not a good indicator of supported formats. The Intel plugin can read/write BC7 for example. If you believe the mip mapping of textures affects things, you can could test if removing them from the generated atlas textures ..\Textures\DynDOLOD\LOD\DynDOLOD_Tamriel.dds and Tamriel_n.dds helps.
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