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  1. What does "the general Alpha 10 Resources" mean and why is installing the latest version of DynDOLOD Resources a mistake? What tool had an error with ../Data/creationkit/. missing files? What was the exact error message, log etc? What are incorrect and correct Resources? What does can not invoke Task Manager means? It typically can always be started via the CTRL+Alt+DEL menu. The previous report had a debug log that stated the error message "DynDOLOD Resources SE version information not found. Verify correct installation", which is printed to the log right before the message window with the same error message is shown to the user. The error message is shown if the version INI flie of DynDOLOD Resources can not be found in the load order.
  2. DynDOLOD generates tree and object LOD. It does not affect water LOD or terrain LOD in any way. Use xLODGen terrain LOD beta to generate terrain LOD meshes which includes water LOD. Read the first post of xLODGen terrain LOD beta (the part about optimize unseen) and also search the thread for previous discussion about the same topic.
  3. Do not post screenshots of text/log. Read the first post which log files to upload when making posts. The message says exactly what happens. The system runs out of memory. In this context it runs out of VRAM.
  4. The entry is of the format part-of-plugin-filename;help-filename as in docs/help/help-filename.html for the "Help for this message" link of the message window. LODGenThreadSplit only affects LODGen in Edit Scripts. It has not effect on DynDOLOD. The debug log shows a problem finding or reading version information of the installed DynDOLOD Resources. There should have been a message window prompt. Maybe it was behind another window? If MO2 does not unlock there is usually a process that still uses the virtual file system. Check with the task manager for such a hidden processes in that case. Such processes interfere with access to files. Comparing the size of the output is not really a good method for anything unless you are comparing ballparks. The updates to texture replacements means more distinct object LOD textures are created and put on the object LOD texture atlas. Thousands of LOD models changed in the last update. Rules are added or updated etc.
  5. Please see the first post what log files to include when making a post. The settings of the DynDOLOD INI are used when the the export file for LODGen is created. Changing settings in an export file for LODGen only has an affect when LODGen is executed for the file/worldspace afterwards.
  6. Simply checking the content of the archive (a feature of the Nexus website) and it is clear that the current version for DynDOLOD 3 alpha does not include a FOMOD installer or the different texture variants.
  7. The URL of the link "Majestic Mountains LOD Pack for DynDOLOD 3" on the first post is the same URL as the button "MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD" for DynDoLod V 3.0 Lod pack on Nexus page of Majestic Mountains file section. As mentioned in a post yesterday, I sent the file to T4gtr34um3r so it can be hosted there.
  8. Bethesda has not changed how the buggy large reference system works since Skyrim Special Edition came out in 2016. All the bug reporting, discussions and explanations from the last 5 years still apply. Removing overwrites from ESP (and instead putting them into true ESLs), moving all large references of a cell underground and replacing them with non large references, or converting plugins to ESM and the caveats of any method are outside the scope of LOD/DynDOLOD support.
  9. Are you using the CreateEmptyBTT=1 DynDOLOD INI setting because of Beyond Bruma?
  10. Read the first post what logfiles to include in posts. Always post entire logs for the last meaningful process, e.g. from starting the tools to the end. ESP plugins overwriting large references should be considered visually incompatible with a Skyrim Special Edition engine feature. If the visual issues are a problem, either do not use the plugin, fix the cause of the errors with the help of the log messages or do not use the feature. The texture mismatch means there are "older"/vanilla LOD models from other mods overwriting the Core Files from DynDOLOD Resources. Install the Majestic Mountain LOD Pack for DynDOLOD 3 from the first post and as explained in the "Compatibility" section of docs/DynDOLOD_Manual_SSE.html. The log message is about the textures defined in the NIFs, not about installed textures. Also read docs\help\LogMessages.html
  11. It is straight forward to update an unresolved formID to the NULL reference with xEdit in case the object property in the script is supposed to be not defined.
  12. Unresolved FormIDs are real errors that break the game or can cause CTD. That is why they are reported by the xEdit error check. From https://tes5edit.github.io/docs/7-mod-cleaning-and-error-checking.html#CheckingForErrors: In this example we found Unresolved Reference errors (Ouch!) These errors are very serious as they indicate a record from the mod is trying to reference something, but what it is looking for is missing from the mod or the master of the mod. Mod authors should never leave these uncorrected! They should be corrected by the mod author and not by you! Personally I would not use mods that contain such easily fixable but serious errors on "purpose".
  13. Textures end in *.DDS and not in *.NIF. Those are models. Read the first post what log files to include when making reports.
  14. I really have not much to add anything to all the explanations provided by what is explained by "help for this message" -> docs/help/Unresolved.html Broken plugins should never be used in the game. Fix the error or permanently remove the broken plugin. At the minimum instead of linking the FormID to a non existing record, set it to the NULL reference with FormID 0. Every mod author should know this. However, note that depending on which record links to what this can still cause CTD, though in case of script objects it should be OK. Obviously whatever does not work because of the missing records will still not work with the NULL reference. Personally I would not use mods that contain such easily fixable but serious errors on "purpose". There is no LOD Pack for DynDOLOD 3 for Alpha 34 and newer available yet at the mods file section. I sent it to T4gtr34um3r and it will hopefully be added soon.
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