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  1. Within the LOD instructions on the Step Guide, it has you enable and disable mods. Make sure those mods are disabled after running through the LOD section. If they're not disable for gameplay, they can cause issues. So ensure they are disabled before you rerun that section of the Guide.
  2. Yeah, honestly I'm not sure. The load order looks okay and if there is nothing overwriting RWT meshes, then I'm at a bit of a loss. Are there any mods conflicting with RWT meshes? From that console, DynDOLOD was the last to touch it. If you haven't already, I would rerun DynDOLOD. You might just had a bad run...happens sometimes. Before that, make sure you've unchecked the TEMP files from the LOD section of the Guide.
  3. I've never actually restored from a backup like that, but if you have all the mods, profile folder, and plugins.txt backed up from your previous install, it should just all go right back to the way it was when everything is restored. If it's not, then I would just suggest redoing the Guide. You can copy your mods from your backup to your new mods folder to prevent you from having to redownload them. You'll just have to "Refresh All Mods" from the menu in MO after you copy and paste mod folders into the new install.
  4. Step NoMansSky Guide - Beta Release Guide | Nexus Page | Discussion & Support Today we release the beta version of our guide for No Man's Sky, the Step NoMansSky Guide. Though a beta release, the Guide has been well tested as it's a conversion of the "Tech Enhanced - No Man's Sky Guide"; originally developed my TechAngel85. We decided to release it as a beta to allow the community to provide some feedback before moving it a full release under the Step Modifications, umbrella. Most of the work for this release was converting the original guide into the Step format for release and bringing the files up-to-date with the latest version of the game (v3.22). Future releases will focus on keeping the Guide up-to-date with the game's updates, as well as, refining features based on user feedback. AMUMSS support will likely be added at some point, as well. We hope you enjoy this new guide by Step and look forward to hearing feedback from the community!
  5. Step NoMansSky Guide v0.1.0 Bug Reports Guide Link | Changelog | General Support Please post any bugs or issues related to the Step NoMansSky Guide beta release on this topic. Reported issues will be fixed, if possible, before the official v1.0 release.
  6. Bashed Patch isn't needed unless you add additional mods that are altering leveled lists. Same thing with the merge patch; not needed unless you need to merge mods for some reason. The Step CR Patch handles what the Bashed Patch used to and takes care of all conflicted within the mod list.
  7. You don't have to reinstall from scratch. I would recommend just scanning through the mod list; comparing it to what you have in MO and making changes as you go.
  8. Yes, LoS is included in the L&W Patch, but it's just the light reference to change the light color. Easily removed.
  9. It's mostly likely connected to weather/lighting/ENB. For example, if it only happens during certain weather, then an issue with your weather mod or something weather related.
  10. You can leave them all on their defaults and not worry about the Snow settings. Yours are fine.
  11. This is common stuff that shouldn't have to be noted on every mod so I've added this line to the top of the mod list section with the rest of the bullet points: When there is a choice between ESL and ESP, always choose ESL unless otherwise noted.
  12. This has already been thoroughly discussed on the mod's topic: Please remember to search before posting.
  13. This is a know bug with Armor and Clothing Extension that has yet to be fixed: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19002?tab=bugs (page 2, Issue with translation files). The workaround is to: unpack the bsa and change the translation file name from "Expansion" to "Extension". The MCM still works fine, it's just the text that is off as the coding variable is being revealed.
  14. I've updated the instructions for this mod to download the individual files, considering the FOMOD is not kept as up-to-date as they are.
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