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    It's just the perfect overhaul for the children of Skyrim. The children "feel" like the belong in the world, meaning they fit perfectly into vanilla style. You can look at them and believe they would grow up to resemble the adults of the world.

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  1. I think Fix would be the first to grab it up on our flowchart.
  2. Interesting. I, indeed, have had this issue happen to me on more than one occasion.
  3. See the View Distance tab in BethINI. It's the Level 4, 8, and 16 settings. Everything else is there too. Tree far-off distance is on the Visuals tab. Instructions are at the top of the SE Guide, but you can just hit that Ultra button and check the Recommended settings box before making further tweaks. If you've never ran BethINI, then hit the Default button before choosing Ultra preset. That will reset your INIs to make sure you don't have any known bad settings.
  4. Instructions have already been updated for next release: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/SkyrimSE:Armor_and_Clothing_Extension/2.1.0
  5. Nice! I was just looking at this mod, again, last night. I know the author planned to cover it, but makes no mention of the last few areas it doesn't seem to touch yet (snow and volcanic tundra). These are more sparse areas, though, so the author could simply not bother with them and it would me okay. Then lastly are the files needed to make hybrid 3D trees with DynDOLOD. I'm tracking it to see if these things are ever produced because I think this is the best forest overhaul I've come across in terms of aesthetics.
  6. @z929669 Boris said that these parameters should already be in the latest binary. There's no need to separate them out into an INI.
  7. It all depends how things are handled. If the DLL is overwriting everything, including ENB Light, then there is no worry. The DLL is always going to win. I haven't looked at this mod closely enough to know what it's doing. I simply know that ENB Light has some of these effects covered just by looking at the files, which is all I looked at to verify it was or wasn't covering these shaders. Any speculation can be resolved by simply asking about it on this mod's page. Po3 typically responds.
  8. Mod was updated on June 20th: Added bash tags. (Bug #32173) Vignar should not be commenting about the brawl inside Jorrvaskr when he's still outside after performing his restored scene by the Gildergreen. (Bug #31436) The male first person sleeved Stormcloak cuirass is incorrectly weighted. This was originally done via USSEP 4.1.3 when it was thought that it needed the same adjustments as the non-sleeved ones. It turns out the sleeved variant doesn't need them. I will temporarily override the USSEP archive with the vanilla sleeved meshes since I've confiemed those don't have weighting issues in the game. When USSEP updates next and these files get removed, CRF will have them removed from the archive as well. (Bug #24405) Gargoyle Sentinels and green Gargoyle variants now have their unique abilities assigned. (Bug #31328) Chitin, Nordic, and Stalhrim (both heavy and light) Helmets of Waterbreathing have been added to the leveled lists with other similar enchanted helms. (Bug #31314)
  9. Mod was updated on the on June 22nd for those that haven't grabbed it.
  10. True, but that is also going to depend on distance to said mountain range and your own altitude. It'll never resemble RL so the question is to either place it or not. I'm fine with either, to be honest. I just wanted to make a case for opposite site so that we have all our basis covered.
  11. No because I wasn't seeing any changes between switching presets. I'll ask over on their Discord.
  12. There's no confusion. You're just tripping up on the word play. By "mod" I mean the INI via the Nexus Page. These are "mod pages", hence why I called it a "mod". Those settings are closer to preset #2. I simply stated the moves but doesn't flatted like that on my end (at least for the tundra). I prefer it how it is now, though. That flattening looks unnatural in the video...like a giant, heavy ball is rolling with the character.
  13. Distance is one thing. If the distance is not accurate I could see your point, but lets take the game world out of it and just look at the maps. They all have the distance between Windhelm and Red Mountain about the same as between Dawnstar and Solitude (just a but further), and you can see LOD quite easily at those distances. Now taking the real world examples that we can pull from and some quick research, it would be fair to say most volcano plumes can be see at least from 100mi away. This largely depends on the volcano height and plume height; however, with those numbers and distances I would say you should be able to see the plume; mountain range or not.
  14. I haven't tried this, but I'm fine with it from the shots.
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