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  1. Not sure, but it's not needed anymore. I think that author has lost his marbles just a bit. I told him to get his marbles straight and he removed it. He mentioned Nexus's change to the files being collapsed makes it easy to forget. Honestly, I think he was just coming up with excuses.
  2. Those ESPs from the ELFX Fixes mods should be moved to Optional ESPs (shouldn't be using them). I just checked and it's not RWT. Looks fine with RWT in vanilla profile.
  3. Just thought it would be a bit odd with two two right next to one another. I only like Oakwood because it makes a very nice extension to Lakeview Manor; else, it really doesn't add much beside generic content.
  4. How's it work with Oakwood? Would seem like there's a lot going on at the lake with both these mods installed.
  5. The control panel and setting are rarely edited anymore. They won't do you much for performance. You can using GeForce Experience to run the game at a lower resolution and have it AI upscale it to your monitor resolution. It costs some quality, but is suppose to save some performance. Other than that, try BethINI on Medium; DynDOLOD on Low or Medium.
  6. Sure you can do that. Note that any meshes/textures that include plugins may or may not need patching, but if they're just meshes/textures, then no harm.
  7. Someone else will be along to patch that up. I've already let the crew know that I don't have past stuff installed so I don't have v1.0 installed anymore. I wasn't planning on staying with the SE content, but the need is still there until v2 is released.
  8. Well...at least they're honest about the state of the mod. This one might just end up being dropped if it's never ported properly.
  9. Discussion topic: WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix by Diego2891 Wiki Link I don't know what causes this issue for some, but not others. However, it doesn't seem to hurt to have this installed either way. It would better to simply include it for those that do have the issue. I've tagged with with Lighting & Weather since this would only be installed if that section is also installed.
  10. I use it during development when I don't have a weather mod installed and need to push the fog out of the picture for better visuals. However, this shouldn't be needed in the Guide and will affect the way weather is designed, since some weather relies on fog to be present. It shouldn't be needed with Cathedral Weathers. It shouldn't be needed with Luminosity, which pushes the fog out of the scene, anyway, unless it chooses not to. It will not affect Obsidian, which is actually clouds not fog. It also shouldn't affect Picta, which is clouds too...unless Picta is doing more now.
  11. This is not really going to affect us, in the end. The Guides are down, at this point, due to mods not being updated for the new version of the game. Once those are back up and running, then we'll be back to full swing. This is because we've accepting the free update as just another game update, like any other one from the past. V2 of the SE Guide will support the full AE content.
  12. USSEP is up the to load it early due to other mods requiring it downstream...else, if should go in Patches too. That's the only difference.
  13. The mod is in BSA. BSA will load where the plugin loads and then overwritten by anything that is loose, regardless of position. The rest of the patching in within the plugin.
  14. I don't think the USSEP one does't matches the design of the chimney on the inside so there is a mismatch.
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