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  1. We've talked about just dropping this mod, because it really doesn't add any value to the game. It's just a village with nothing to do so it's just filling space. I think Helarchen Creek is the same; it's just generic content that fills space. No real reason to go there.
  2. Yes, the changes make since, but not for this mod; totally agree. WizKid has told me, himself, that he is aware that mod's name doesn't match what the mod is today. I wish they would just rename it to something that makes sense and document better. As to dropping the mod, I will admit that my main issue is the mod covering a lot more than what is advertised or suggested by its title. Combine that with sparsely detailed changelogs and you end up with a mod that makes a lot of changes that users simply aren't aware that it is making. These changes aren't discovered until compatibility stuff crops up. It just rubs me the wrong way, for some reason. Anyway, if we keep it, I would say we drop the ownership bloat from the FOMOD (now that it's optional). Also install the RS Patch, as long as it's an ESL. If not, I will simply provide one on the RS page. Right now, the patch is incorrectly...well, patched; which I've notified them of. If they return that their edits are intentional, then I will make a proper patch and put it up on the RS page.
  3. Going back and looking more closely, it looks as though this mod is flipping the interior...the reason is unknown until the author gets back to me. If I had the time, I would say just drop this thing and let roll any actual fixes into our own mod. It's just become a dumping ground any any arbitrary fix from this author, which may or may not be actual fixes. Many are just "changes", not fixes.
  4. I'm going to have to ask to author. I have no idea why they're moving around a bunch of items in that interior. It's not documented besides saying the patch is needed for a fix they did, however, I don't see any issues with the interior in the CK or game...scope creep on this mod is ridiculous. Honestly, looks like the author is basically using as a dump for any "fixes" they've deemed appropriate. At any rate, that patch is reverting a light back to vanilla for some reason, which is why I have to ask...why is this mod even touching lights...or interiors for that matter... I'm still 100% for dropping this bloated mod.
  5. I'll have to look. No idea what this mod would have anything to do with RS.
  6. ...was thinking the same thing considering we waited forever on a few of the authors to update and some mods never were. Most likely, but it will be a few weeks before we do anything. First, we have some site maintenance planned that will take up a few weeks. When that is done, see where everything sits and decide what to do from that point.
  7. We have a development topic that we used for this the last time, which could be reused. I think we're mainly just in a waiting period right now, but feel free to post a public list if you wish.
  8. You can reverse an update, but it's far more hassle than it's worth and many users have run into issues doing so. Step only supports the latest version of games.
  9. Ah stairs. That, I'm not sure of. I've been having a hard time getting some NPCs in a house of mine to use stairs, as well. I haven't figured out why they refuse to use them, but will use the vanilla placed ones (as you've shown) without issue. I'd certainly like to know what is happening, myself.
  10. Just make sure the borders are connected (should be a box around the borders) and that you have finalized your navmesh on both sides of the cell borders.
  11. Always good to have cell border toggled on so you can see where you're working. It's one of the first things I do when working in exteriors.
  12. LOOT generally sorts it correctly by placing it neat the end, but there will be a few mods that LOOT will sort after it. Notably map and worldspace-type mods. Some patching will likely be required.
  13. That's an error in their master list because it's setting these mods to do the same thing, but can't due to the rules that are set. You'll have to contact LOOT. They'll have to fix whatever is causing it in the master list.
  14. Updated OP with list of known changes.
  15. This is a little off topic (I'll split this out if it's becomes a discussion), but I'm curious which of the AE content you feel aren't lore friendly and why? I'm always diving into lore for my modding adventures so I'm genuinely curious.
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