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  1. Remember in vanilla all NPC just go to the local inn, however, adding in any mod that changes this behavior (AI Overhaul) will throw off the compare. AI Overhaul has likely changed where some of the NPCs go so the inns aren't overcrowded, like in vanilla.
  2. This mod is suppose to be the successor to Embers HD. I kept an eye on it for a while as it wasn't anywhere near on par with Embers HD for the longest time. Might have developed enough to take a look now. It's colors were particularly bad for the longest time...far too orange to "feel" realistic in the game. I'll have to try it out when I get some time. Mesh There are a few graphical effects that (like flares), but most mesh.
  3. Yes, please post back if it fixes it. Honestly, the documentation on the Nexus page is confusing and not straightforward.
  4. For starters, documentation: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:XEdit#Launch_Arguments I think I originally had some text saying they were optional, but it's been edited so many times, who knows. Do you need them for just the Guide? No, not really. We're not instructing users to do anything that requires them. Honestly, the concern just sounds like over-zealous caution, but if the staff want to remove the arguments, they can have at it. However, if you don't know what you're doing...learn? There's nothing that you're going to do that isn't fixable. You're not going to learn anything without breaking some things first, but to each their own.
  5. You have something installed wrong because there are no conflicts. This mod is a mesh. Ultimate HD Torch is just textures.
  6. Yes. Not all conflicts are desired to be "resolved" via the patch. Some are just overwrites to other mods that are desired conflicts.
  7. Vanilla behavior is that arrows stay on the back, however, you can change the behavior of Unequip Quiver in its INI.
  8. I've heard this off and on over the years. Ultimately...does the game work without cleaning? Yes, it does. The game doesn't care about ITMs and UDRs in the vanilla files; else console users would have issues and crashes all the time...same for those that don't mod on the PC. What Arthmoor said is basically how I see it too. Vanilla files = doesn't matter. User files (mods, patches, etc.) = should be cleaned. I've actually ran past Step Guides with dirty vanilla masters without issue simply because I forgot to reclean them. Ran fine for months until I realized I never recleaned my files after a refresh so I went ahead and did it again anyway.
  9. It mainly just patches conflicts between the mods within that section. I can't think of anything else I added to it. That issue with the LoS lights is already fixed in for the next version. It's as simple as changing the RGB values for that single light used for the lanterns...super easy and quick fix so no reason to remove it just because of that.
  10. We do, but did you read the description? It actually does a lot more than that and the fixes can be enabled/disabled at will. There is only a single overlap with Bug Fixes, though, and it's just an alternative way of fixing that same bug. One fix or the other must be disabled if the two mods are used together, but besides that they are compatible.
  11. Sort of looks like Cathedral Landscapes' files for generating LOD were left enabled.
  12. I always install the Less Opaque option. It just looks better, imo, but it's dependent on your weather/lighting/ENB. As for that fix, I can't say either way, either. I don't have this issue, so it could very well be performanced based. If it was truly a mesh/collision issue and nothing else, everyone would have the issue. The fact that not everyone does means the root issue is likely something else, but the fix is probably just circumventing it with some trickery.
  13. That's possible to do to. The mod folder method just keeps the caches separated by game/profile. I do a lot of authoring too so I don't like there being a ton of clutter. Also, if you need to clean out the cache of a single game, you'd need to separated out. I went with a mod just to keep things tidy using MO. Keep in mind that we'll be using a single installation of xEdit for all games (via launch arguments) so just having it all tossed into a single cache folder would place all Guide plugin caches together (not desirable imo). True, but I did give the reason, which is what was being asked. It's to catch the cache files (for normal users, I use it for more for mod dev). This drastically speeds up load times. It only takes a couple seconds to load on my end with a full load order. Without the mod, the cache is placed in Overwrite, which shouldn't house any files. It's a temporary folder and should be empty before playing. You're also on the right track with your thought of users posting issues. Basically, it boils down to creating and pushing "best practices". Stopping the bad habits that cause issues...one being utilizing Overwrite as a place to store things. It's not for that and anything stored within it will overwrite the entire mod list ....aka "bad practice" (there's a reason MO warns you there are files within Overwrite). When I created the new workflow I prioritized three things: Improve the flow so that's more "start to finish"; little need of leaving the Guide page Remove points of user error, thus reducing user support (like removing LOOT rules and just handling the conflicts via Patches) Reduce maintenance overhead So, yes, if you're using Overwrite to store files, you shouldn't be. This falls under #2. As for the reason for the mod over the program's folder, see above reply to Neb. Btw, nice to see you around again, Nebulous112!
  14. It's just the textures from that mod. The old female textures are also likely installed by default, regardless of options. I've never really paid it any attention, to be honest. They're still old looking, not aged better I suppose. You have to get closer to see their wrinkly faces. You can likely just hide the textures and it'll be okay (testing for neck seams, etc). Those older females will simply not have the higher quality textures. Also seem a few other users have noted old females not looking old on Nexus. The author (nor anyone else) replied to those posts.
  15. This is much easier to do, but people complain about the bandwidth of redownloading, which makes no sense to me considering they're also downloading gigabytes of mods on the side...redownloading the vanilla masters is a "drop in the bucket", comparatively.
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