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Found 6 results

  1. Discussion topic: Detailmap Seamfix by zzjay Wiki Link This helps to hide neck seams on actors when the blankdetailmap texture isn't included by authors. Since Step currently uses some vanilla textures for beast races, it would be a good idea to test this for the Guide. Tech: I have done some very light testing by allowing this mod to overwrite Tempered Skins, since those mods include the blankdetailmap texture. Results were mostly worse seams than before; therefore, I would recommend the placement of this mod to be before the Tempered Skins mods; allowing them to overwrite this one.
  2. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Sword Ferns by Dr Jacopo Wiki Link Step v2.2 (vanilla) w/ENB > Cathedral 3D /ENB The last compare here is simply without ENB to show the color. The animation on the Cathedral ferns is more wavy vs vanilla's more rigid ones. It's not natural looking because the stem would be woody on this plant, meaning the the stems wouldn't "wave". That my (Tech's) only real complaint about these. They are a bit dark vs vanilla, however, vanilla is too shiny. As is the case with a lot of vanilla textures, it has too much specular for a plant...especially one that is brown and dying.
  3. Discussion topic: Rally's Torchbugs by Rallyeator Wiki Link Looks like a good mesh and texture replacer with ENBSeries Complex Particle Lights compatibility. Covers both torchbugs and bliss bugs, including their jars. These are currently vanilla textures in Step. Acceptance of this would allow dropping:
  4. Discussion topic: Icons For Skyrim Character Sheet by mlthelama Wiki Link This is icons for the guide mod Skyrim Character Sheet. Before > After
  5. Discussion topic: Navigator - Navmesh Fixes by tarlazo Wiki Link Fixes and improves vanilla navmeshes. Skyrim has notoriously bad navmeshes in some places. USSEP fixes a few of those. This mod covers more of them. Only interior cells are covered, mostly dungeons, to avoid conflicts with other mods. This not only helps the movement of followers/summons, but all NPCs: neutral, allies, and more importantly enemies. Have you ever felt disappointed because the boss was stuck in a doorway or behind a pillar during the entire battle? This mod is intended to alleviate this issue. Notes: As recommended on the mod page, choose the All-In-One ESL option, and sort it high in load order if LOOT doesn't it do for you. Don't clean with xEdit. ITMs are intentional and may break the mod if removed.
  6. Discussion topic: Dynamic Collision Adjustment by Ershin Wiki Link This is used by many mod guides out there and I feel it fits into the mandate. I did not know collisions prior to were static as mentioned on the mods main page. This mod as minor at it seems to be viable. Now we can sneak under objects better than before, etc.
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