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  1. The Step ENB doesn't alter colors of the game, and most ENBs don't affect skin color much. If they do, it's by using a bit of voodoo by using unintuitive settings. You are best off messing with color on your monitor or display settings.
  2. Yes, we have instructions for disabling plugins for several mods in the Step guides
  3. Agree that this mod isn't a significant deviation from vanilla. I prefer Hybrid's, but not strongly.
  4. Thanks for the screens. It's obvious to me now that Hybrids uses the vanilla texture for the leaves. It doesn't even look upscaled. Probably a slightly better normal though. I still think Hybrid's the best replacer for vanilla, due to the flowers. This mod's leaves are an entirely different thistle variety, and vanilla does accurately represent the actual plant they must've been using as a reference. It just needs an upscale or a leaf retex is all.
  5. Hybrid's (Step) seems to be a better vanilla replacement than this mod. Hybrid's flowers look great, but the leaf retex is in need of upscale and possibly UV remap. It does mimic the Wavy leaf Thistle best though, which I agree is what vanilla is going for.
  6. Find your model on the monitor somewhere and google it. You can also look in Windows display settings to be sure you have it properly configured. In Windows, click Settings (gear icon) > System > Display > Advanced Display Settings (text link near bottom)
  7. Seems like you could be using ENB if you aren't. SSE Display Tweaks sets menu cap at 59-60, so that's why it's lower in menus. If you have a 144 Hz monitor, then you want 141 FPS in game. Otherwise, you have set SSE Display Tweaks settings for the wrong monitor frequency. Take a look at that mod's instructions.
  8. Yeah, it's fixed in our DEV patch. Hopefully to be released soon.
  9. I agree that thistle varies quite a bit. There are many species. Focus on only the North American variety with pink flowers and see which one vanilla is trying to mimic. If you include the vanilla compare as first shot in your screens above, that would help.
  10. TLL will toggle LOD, so if the 'bad' texture is part of LOD, TLL from far away while it looks odd should make the object disappear if it is a LOD object. You could try changing your nearest LOD distance via the DynDOLOD MCM to something like 25000 to see if it happens when you are much closer to the object(s).
  11. Looks like a race condition may have kicked in that is incompatible with something in you LO. Lore0Corrected Races and Faction Fixes are last to load if I interpret the crash log correctly. Do you have a pure Step 2.0.0 install and config, or do you have anything additional/altered in your Step install?
  12. Please click the link as suggested and then post on the DynDOLOD support forum with logs as described in the OP
  13. We don't have a dual sheath mod in the guide I don't believe. I really don't play with such weapons though on rare occasions that I actually play the game.
  14. You must have figured it out? I see your sig, but you should get rid of the blank lines. New paragraphs always include white space so blank lines are not needed. You can use the wiki to add your system specs. https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/STEP:Main Then you can link that as I have done in my sig.
  15. Agree. I neglected to note that Performance Tuning occurs before LODGen, so don't judge look of anything yet. Just measure performance and continue through the guide.
  16. I have all the Step patches loaded here, so I will add this to the PP patch, since that is for Godrays now. I'm assuming we don't know for sure if this could cause the blue tint bug then. But maybe?
  17. I'm assuming this is EVLaS kicking in for loaded cell and maybe vanilla mountains (i.e., I wonder what the result is with double-sided meshes for MM surrounding mountains).
  18. Only LOD settings affect LOD generation. See the DynDOLOD documentation and support forum for questions. Some Skyrim INI settings affect rendering of LOD, but that has nothing to do with generation of LOD. If you follow the guide precisely, you will have a game that works and looks great, including LOD. If you want to know more, you will need to investigate the sources to which we link for more info. Our guides are essentially and introduction to modding and modding information.
  19. If you install the patches downloaded from Nexus, they will all default to "Step Patch - Conflict Resolution". In MO when you are installing the other two, simply click on the name field dropdown menu in MO when prompted and pick one of the alternatives. This is a nexus data thing and happens for any additional installs from any given nexus mod page.
  20. Can you confirm that this fixes the blue tint issue? Is this the wild edit you spoke about? If so, I will address in the PP patch. CW main plugin has it even higher, so is this an issue with synergy between this value and some other incompatible value Godrays update also changes? Else, this would also be an issue with CW main I suspect:
  21. Those last two bad looking shots are due to your not disabling CL TEMP mod as instructed in the guide as mentioned in Tech's post. The blur is as Moustick says. This image is something else. Are you using only the mods in our ModList or do you have some other grass mod active here (e.g., Complex Grass for ENB-CL version). Are you using ENB in this shot? If so, the Step ENB or something else? This can happen with 'bad' ComplexGrass ENB settings or by enabling this in ENB when not supported by the mod(s). It can also happen if your DyDOLOD_SSE.ini or TexGen_SSE.ini settings are 'bad'. More info needed for this
  22. Why do you want to merge these? It's unnecessary. Just install them as the guide instructs. If you merge them, then you constrain your entire setup to many of the Post-Processing AND Lighting and Weather mods. There is no thread on this, because it's not useful to merge these patches unless you are reaching the plugin limit ... in which case, you are doing something unsupported anyway.
  23. It's not a master, but some of it's changes are included in the Step Patch. E.g., torch weight/value.
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