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  1. So you are saying that this mod isn't a valid fix for anything or just not for what you had hoped? Drop from testing and consideration?
  2. Thanks. I will ask kojak to fix that tree and check for others
  3. It's just a warning message that the texture wasn't found. In the case of an invalid texture path for a texture that doesn't apply (should be a blank path), then the warning can be ignored by the user. The mod author should still correct it. In the case of these errors, it's the mod author of the tree mod that should fix the paths in the base models. Then the LOD models also would need to be updated. For your Myrkvior warning, are you using kojak747's LOD models or the add-on DynDOLOD 3 LOD models?
  4. If tree mesh rule was set to Billboard for all levels, wouldn't that explain why the same error wouldn't appear?
  5. I will look at those as well. It could be that this particular partial path has a space after the slash or something, whereas the others don't. There must be some difference that causes DynDOLOD to throw the error in one case but not the others. Maybe it's a trunk vs crown ... I can't tell from the texture names or the NifSkope screen. Thanks
  6. YES, this is the issue and explains the empty texture path in the error. I will reply on the Nexus topic, but I essentially need to fix this in the mod. In the meantime, you can resolve this as follows: Double-click on the third texture row and clear that partial path Save the model Get the CRC32 from this model (right click the NIF and you should see a CRC option if you have 7z installed) Go into the mod and update the CRC in the file names for this treefile names: DynDOLOD/Render/../ meshes/DynDOLOD/../ Save each LOD model Regenerate using DynDOLOD, and the error should be gone.
  7. Always read the OP before posting ...
  8. ODIN Spells for NPCS has been accepted, so we should NOT use this mod's ODIN changes ... just confirming this is what you are saying. This mod is categorized properly then. Thanks
  9. Someone mistakenly added the 2.0.0 tag to this topic, so I assumed it was applicable for 2.0.0 consideration. If it was in 1.0.0 and we weren't considering dropping it, then it should not have gotten the 2.0.0 tag, and I would not have posted my previous question. I didn't look at the mod page either, or I would have seen it was carried forward from last guide. Who knows, I may have mistakenly added the tag
  10. OK, so this should probably be in Interface then per our flowchart (as opposed to Extenders, since it does affect the interface specifically)
  11. I think it meets this definition, no? "Mods have a programmatic component that fixes various bugs and/or inconsistencies" What this mod does: "Ensures the journal menu always opens at the system page tab." ... so if the journal menu doesn't always do this, it would seem to be a bug or inconsistency (IMO) that this mod alleviates.
  12. This issue is caused if you either do not have the exact DynDOLOD 3 Alpha with matching DynDOLOD 3 Resources OR you have remnants of old DynDOLOD application and/or Resources in your load order. You should look at the OP for the correct files for SSE (note that there are Mega and Nexus locations). Also install the app into a clean directory and update path to EXE via mod manager. Also remove any old Resources from your load order and reinstall correct Resources.
  13. Answers for this are provided, but nobody searches or scans these support forums or seems to take the necessary steps to resolve. Blame Windows Security and Windows Update:
  14. I believe it is a nomenclature difference so that they sort alphabetically in your inventory ... but I can't remember
  15. Sounds good. I will mess with the instructional details tomorrow probably. Will be entrenched with my own setup and some site maintenance tonight.
  16. I use AMD, and my recommendations are slightly different. Like NVIDIA, it's best to enable "adaptive vsync" using AMD "Freesync" via drivers and nowhere else. Also, we should be recommending frame caps of 60 in menus and monitor refresh rate in game (144 for me) ... subtracting 1-3 frames is fine but not necessary in my experience (but it's probably prudent as general advice). Not sure where you find that SSE Display Tweaks is better for AMD. G-SYNC and Freesync are pretty much the same thing if monitors support. Both are better (if supported) than standard vsync set in game or mods. EDIT: also, there is no need to have vsync set anywhere else if using Adaptive Vsync methods offered by AMD (and almost certainly NVIDIA) ... at least not for Bethesda games with frame cap enabled in my XP using Radeon. I have tested this extensively, but in particular the past two years now that I have a Freesync monitor. I would not set vsync using SSE Display Tweaks, game INI, or ENB, as that breaks the "rule of one" if for nothing else than simplicity of toggling. Adaptive Vsync + frame cap is more efficient where supported as far as I have read/learned. Besides, enabling standard vsync in addition to adaptive vsync introduces its unnecessary limitation (input lag and latency) into an otherwise great solution. I had started making some edits but I rolled them back until I can verify with you.
  17. Feel free to add mod topics for those that you think apply. Just copy source from one of the existing and tag with TESTING and the 2.0.0 tag so we can easily find them. So are we switching this one to MG Skills & Perks or Extenders?
  18. Yes, I was assuming 'INI' in the traditional sense for altering existing settings. Now i see what you mean. So given all of this and those pesky stragglers I have mentioned for reclassification, I am only asking if we want to reconsider some of the assigned ModGroups. If not, that's fine, but may as well be resolute. If Odin Spells for NPCs is redundant, I agree we should not use it. What about Vokrii Perks for NPCs?
  19. Accepted just because? Sounds fine, but just wondering, as I see it in the guide.
  20. Because it doesn't. It uses SKSE to 'script' content alterations. An INI only adjusts settings that already exist, so that's a fairly big difference. Skill uncapper is altering mechanics (adding a new dial, or changing a dial), while SPID is tuning an existing dial. INI settings are nothing like plugins or scripts IMO. I do agree it is much more elegant than plugin edits. It's a gray area simply because we don't really have a MG that it fits into, so need to define one. Maybe your assessment is correct in that the "end result" is what matters, but that changes a lot. Good point
  21. That's totally not funny, but I actually stifled a LOL when I read this. Poor toe!
  22. I can't say that I remember seeing Textconv process running when this has happened to me, but I cannot say for sure. I always suspected that it was some LODGenx64.exe or Texconvx64.exe issue rather than xLODGenx64.exe, given the lack of logs or bugreport.txt. My issue was always a general kernel DLL fail reported via xLODGenx64.exe as the app. Glad I am no longer the only person with this issue. I am on an AMD system if that matters.
  23. I see what you mean about it not being a 'resource' for SPID (or anything). I must disagree on this assessment for Skills & Perks though. This mod does not affect existing content itself. It only does so via SPID > plugin INI, so I do see how it could fit better into Extenders or even Utilities. This is definitely a "gray-area" mod though, and I ultimately can rationalize it being in any of these MGs besides Patches.
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