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Found 22 results

  1. Discussion topic: ENB Complex Grass - Patch Compendium for various grass mods by Skurkbro Wiki Link This looks promising. It adds grass normals for grass mods.
  2. Discussion topic: ENB Grass Collisions by Boris Vorontsov Wiki Link Preset 5 is currently considered best.
  3. Discussion topic: Elytra and Bliss Bug ENB Light by wSkeever Wiki Link Seems like a no brainer to me.
  4. Discussion topic: Saints and Seducers Flora ENB Light by Mur4s4me Wiki Link Looks promising.
  5. Discussion topic: More Lights for ENB - Blood Splatter Fix by wSkeever Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Particle Lights for ENB - Nordic Ruins Candles by RemmyKun Wiki Link I know @TechAngel85 and I mentioned this mod somewhere (probably Discord). It doesn't currently conflict with Radiant - Candles, so I'm not sure if we were intending on using this or not.
  7. Discussion topic: Radiant - Candles by TechAngel85 Wiki Link ENB required.
  8. Discussion topic: ENB Lights For Effect Shaders by powerofthree Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: Deadly Spell Impacts Transparency Fix for ENB by Korodic and Daralima Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Word Wall Transparency Fix for ENB by wSkeever Wiki Link I've had this in my modlist for a while and I don't even use ENB so I have no idea if it's effective or not. I'm posting this in case it helps with the ENB setup STEP is using. It's reportedly similar to the ENB transparency patch for Footprints. Should be easy to test: they are just mesh replacements. They don't even overlap with any other mesh fix mods - and I've got a crapton of them! Just plug and play. Refer to the Nexus page for pictures and more info. Compares: STEP --> This mod
  11. Discussion topic: Particle Lights For ENB SE - Paragon Gems by LossRec and Daralima Wiki Link Adds Particle lights to the Paragon Gems. Not sure if this is a desirable option or not. Compares ENB off: Vanilla --> Particle Lights for ENB SE --> Particle Lights for ENB SE + Iconic --> Iconic ENB on: Vanilla --> Particle Lights for ENB SE --> Particle Lights for ENB SE + Iconic --> Iconic
  12. Discussion topic: ENB Helper SE by aers Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: Player Spell (and Weapon) Lighting for Vanilla and ENB by doodlez Wiki Link Requires MCM Helper and powerofthree's Papyrus Extender. Compatible with ENB Light and similar mods. Disable hand spell lights to disable overlap. *Mod also does not require an ENB if desired*
  14. Discussion topic: ENB Light by 4109 Wiki Link EmbersXD seems to have built in compatibility for its meshes so ENB Light should not overwrite them (will need to hide or not install this meshes) Battle Ready Candlelight Fixes is completely overwritten by this mod (so hide these as well)
  15. Discussion topic: Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB SE Torchbugs and Moths by rudy102 Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB SE Glowing Mushrooms by rudy102 Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB SE Deathbells and Nirnroots by rudy102 Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Rudy HQ More Lights for ENB SE Bthardamz by rudy102 Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Particle Lights for ENB - Wisps - Witchlight by RemmyKun Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: ENB Particle Lights - Dwemer Lanterns by fadingsignal Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: ENB Lights for Aetherium Shards by lilum Wiki Link
  22. Discussion topic: ENBSeries by Boris Vorontsov Wiki Link
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