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  1. Hi, Not sure if this is a Bug or me doing something wrong as my experience with WryeBash is fairly limited! When I try to create a Bashed Patch with WryeBash (though running WB via MO), it gets to the last step where it gives an File in use Error (see screenshot link below https://imgur.com/U917l7U As this was the first time trying to create a Bashed Patch with SE I tried finding the Bashed Patch.esp, .txt & .html files in the file system and removing them to see if this would resolve the issue, after doing this and re-starting MO I can see no reference to the Bashed Patch.esp in plugins, however running WB again causes the same error the strange thing is the bashed patch is created but from file size looks like it is empty. From my limited knowledge my guess is that MO is locking all the esp's and failing to release this when WB is run (I could be wrong though).
  2. Our guides typically instruct users to merge multiple files provided by any given mod into the same "mod" in Mod Organizer. However, I know several of our more advanced members prefer to not do this, and install the individual mod files as separately, myself included. I have therefore created this topic so we can get a poll of users showing their preference in this matter, and perhaps spark discussion as to the best practice that perhaps would be better employed and promoted. I will list some pros and cons of which I am aware, which may be added to based off your provided input. Merge Pros: Less "mods" installed in the Left Pane. No need to move multiple "mods" priority when changing priority. Automatically names all mod files to the same name on installation (provided the meta information is downloaded for the mod archive), so no need to change the mod name in most cases. Cons: The last mod file merged into the main mod will set the version for the "mod" in Mod Organizer. Many times, due to optional files having a file version themselves, this will not accurately reflect the current mod's version, and may cause issues with the Check for updates mechanism. Harder to keep track of your installed mod files. If only one of the mod's file updates, many times you will need to reinstall all of the mod's files, and it may be unclear as to which time you may need to choose Replace for any particular update versus Merge. Separate Pros: Update check is more accurate, as Mod Organizer will track the version of the optional file separate from the main file in most cases. A good example is kryptopyr's Patch Hub. If you merge all updates, the last installed file will be used to set the installed version, and will be the only file checked against for updates. If you install separately, Mod Organizer will check each individual file's version for update. Easier to keep track of all the additional files from a mod you have installed. If only one mod file updates, and not any of the others, you only need to install and Replace that mod file. There is no need to worry about whether or not you should choose Merge versus Replace. Cons: More "mods" installed in the Left Pane. If you need to change the mod's priority, you need to move multiple "mods." You have to be very careful when installing additional files to ensure you are using a unique name. Most of the time, the dropdown contains a suitable name, but often you need to make your own name. This can also cause issues if you accidentally name the file wrong upon updating, and accidentally Replace the wrong mod file. You have to ensure that you install the additional mod files in the correct priority against itself. This, however, is normally quite straightforward. Additional information about this has been added to the wiki here: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Mod_Organizer/Merging_vs_Separating
  3. So i would like to use CAO from inside MO2 to only pack my used textures, instead of using CAO on individual mods, or on all mod folder, which is not only bad practice, but also cumbersome. If i had packed just my used textures overrides from USVFS[virtual file system] then i could get benefit of bsa without the hassle of packing every individual texture mod.
  4. I hope it is the right place for asking for new features. If it is not, please no flame. I'm a novice here. I'm installing the SEE STEP mod-list, and I noticed that a couple of other items in the right click contestual menu in the downloads tab should be nice and easy to achieve. The first is a feature "install and activate" to install and activate the mod just downloaded; The second is a feature "install, activate and hide" to install, activate and then hide the downloaded file. Less mouse walkabouts and clicks, useful for long lists of mods. Thanks for the attention.
  5. I need to discuss some funcionalities of MO2. Is this the right place for that? I looked into the forum list and I coudn't fine a 3d dedicated to MO2. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Hey everybody, i ran into an issue that i was hoping someone would help me with. last night when i was installing my mods from STEP 2.0.0 Guide, my PC accidentally turned off and on again, after it turned back on and i went to open MO2 i found all my mods rearranged alphabetically into the last separator, and all of them were unticked. as seen in the screenshots. Is there a way to revert this and not go through the menace of rearranging all of the 310 mods into their separators? Thanks.
  7. I am crashing when I press SKSE 64 [RUN] button, I get the near instant black dos-like box like always, a few seconds later MO2 unlocks and that's that. I had been using a previous modlist of my making to great success (I have my own modlists on the Nexus for reference), but wanted to start a new character with some additional mods. I ran SSSE without it complaining. I ran TexGen and DynDOLOD without them failing. Yet just running the game = MO2 drops the attempt every time. I also verified my Steam files, and started it with the vanilla launcher AND also just a clean default MO2 profile with only SKSE. Those ran fine. Attached are my latest files. Am I out of memory? What can I glean from these, if anything? What should I be checking? mo_interface.log usvfs-2023-01-01_03-35-43.log usvfs-2023-01-01_03-35-47.log usvfs-2023-01-01_03-39-43.log
  8. It seems that my mods are making permanent changes to game files, even after they've been uninstalled and removed from MO2 itself and after starting a new game. I recently installed a simple mod that takes the essential tag off everything. I decided that wasn't for me so I unchecked it and started a new game. Everything still dies. I uninstalled the mod and started a new game. Everything still dies. I can't seem to undo the effect and that isn't supposed to happen, is it? I also had a perfectly-working expansion called Snow City and messed around with trying other expansions too. It messed up the interiors on Snow City and even after removing the conflicting mod and starting a new game, I've never been able to get the interiors to work again. I'm told MO2 doesn't let mod files overwrite game files, so what is actually happening?
  9. I get the following message when seeing if any mods have been updated: [2022-12-22 15:26:16.666 I] You have mods that haven't been checked within the last month using the new API. These mods must be checked before we can use the bulk update API. This will consume significantly more API requests than usual. You will need to rerun the update check once complete in order to parse the remaining mods. How do I check these mods? I went to Nexus, through my download history and updated the two mods that had been updated within the last month, but I still get this message when checking for updates. I also tried doing the "force check update" on every mod in my list (almost 200). What do I do to get the updater working again? Thanks for your time. Sorry, I don't have a discord membership or any other social media membership and I'm not interested in doing so. So if there is no one here that can help, I'm S.O.L.
  10. So I ran it the first time and definitely had plugins checked but it never showed up in my MO2 plugins panel. So I ran it again and now I get an error reading: load order fileID {02} can not be mapped to FileID for file "Occlusion.esp". I am doing this after I have ran texgen but what I have read has said your supposed to do it this order? No one online seemed to be having the same issue so I thought id ask here. If you need any more info I will try to provide it. Thanks!
  11. Hello all- I tried creating a new instance to begin modding Subnautica but now MO2 won't launch and it gives the error "Traceback (most recent call last):", attached in the image. Anyone know how to fix this? Maybe by deleting the instance I created through file explorer? I'm not a computer expert. Thanks, E
  12. I tried to mod The biding of Isaac and it didn't work. I'm really new to modding so any help on the matter is most welcome.
  13. Sorry in advance for the long post... I have been updating my Skyrim SE load order and patching a lot of stuff over the past few weeks and am finally at a point where I'd like to draw a line and wrap it all up so I can hopefully finally start playing soon™. But I have a few points which I really want to address before that (also to prepare for any future uncontrollable modding addiction relapses I might encounter at any given time...) and haven't found any solutions through googling, yet. I currently have 875 active plugins and have never manually sorted them without LOOT (aside from custom metadata for some mods of course) because it just works™ and I basically never encounter CTDs with my whole setup but it is extremely difficult to keep up with which record overwrites which record in xEdit and I therefore want to implement "The Method" and create a custom load order in conjunction with that. I kow this is a whole new mountain of work I need to do in order to achieve this goal but since I actually have fun modding and working things out in xEdit, I don't really mind, tbh. But now my question: How do I start? Since I can't see direct record conflicts in LOOT and can't sort plugins in xEdit I'm currently at a loss at determining the most efficient way to tackle this problem. I want to use LOOT as a base for my LO but don't know where to go from there and also already have some issues with that. Mainly, because for some reason LOOT groups don't seem to work for me and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. For example: I want to group all JKs interior mods together to declutter my LO a little since LOOT doesn't seem to care (even with custom metadata) and just throws most of those in the list seemingly without any order. Creating a group and placing it before groups which would contain lighting patches for Lux doesn't work and LOOT also doesn't give any info as to why despite telling me with its "couldn't sort" warning about a "General Informations" tab which doesn't exist. And I'm also sometimes encountering another issue where I locked the LO of the first say 50 manually sorted plugins in MO2 but then sorting with LOOT places some mods in between those locked mods for some reason. I'm no expert and still don't know how some of this works since I never really manually sorted my mods but I'm willing to learn! And apologies, if some of the stuff I wrote doesn't make 100% sense, I might've already become a little insane through modding Skyrim. But if anybody kinda understands where I want to go and could give me some tips for an efficient workflow, I would greatly appreciate it!
  14. Hello, Yesterday I created a new profile, let's call it "new profile" in my SkyrimVR MO2 instance by copying the default profile ( the profile currently used for game play) with the intent of making some modifications to the existing stable modlist, and testing them in newprofile. When I selected the option to use local profile saves for newprofile, all the default profile saves were removed from it. I was hoping to copy one of the early saves in the default profile to newprofile by using the transfer button, however, it was either all or none, e.g. I couldn't see an option to transfer only one save, or select one save from the global list. At this point, decided I'd transfer them all to new profile, and run a few tests using an early save in the list, with the idea of not touching any of the other saves, then transferring the saves back to the default profile. However, when in the transfer menu I mistakenly selected the move option instead of copy, and now when I attempt to move and/or copy them back to the global section, so they can be seen in the default profile again, a cryptic warning appears stating performing this action will cause problems with the save order, or something close to that. Since this is the first time using the transfer saves function in MO2, and not being real sure of what is happening with respect to the other profiles when transferring the saves, I decided to hold off on attempting to get the original saves of the default profile to show up in the default profile again until I could find some guidance from others who are familiar with using the transfer saves function. Any guidance on the best way to get the moved saves back into the default profile, and what the significance of the warning message shown when trying to move the saves out of the local saves now in newprofile are appreciated. Thanks,
  15. Hi! I'm not sure this is the right forum to aks this since I use my own modlist, but I hope someone here can help me out. I currently have 215 mods and 212 plugins in my load order. Wrye Bash (run through MO2) detects all the plugins just fine when it's launched, but when I try to build a patch it only displays "Import Object Bounds" and "Leveled lists" in the laft panel and the Nuka World DLC and Unofficial Patch in the plugin selection panel (see screenshot). When I start a new game without a bashed patch all I get is an infinite load screen before the intro sequence. If I try to Alt-Tab out my screen goes black and stops responding to anything short of a hard reset. LOOT doesn't show any issues with the plugins and all I could find in fo4Edit are clean overwrites - base plugins overwritten by their recpective patches etc. The game itself, MO2, Wrye Bash and LOOT are all up to date. Can anyone help me figure out what the issue might be?
  16. i don't know what happened but this suddenly popped up when i started opening fnis. and now ALL my mods aren't working pls help it was working fine and then suddenly when i was installing fnis sexy move, it just... stopped, all my mods stopped working. even the ones not related to fnis. i always restart skyrim to check what happens and it only showed up when i installed fnis. it shows up to when i run skse so.... i really need some guidance. pls, modder gods bless me with answers
  17. 1. I've been using MO 2 for years for 3 of my games, Skyrim, Skyrim SE and FA4. No problems and yesterday I know I did something wrong because the top line of items is missing and Skyrim SE is the only game I can access. But I don't know what I did or how to fix it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no change. Hoping someone has done this and can explain how to fix it.
  18. Hey all. Sorry if this has been asked but I couldn't find anything. I got a Steam Deck recently and was in the process of setting Skyrim SE up with mods. Right now it actually works, however I can't seem to figure out how to launch Skyrim SE Launcher? I need to change settings so it runs better. When I open Skyrim from Steam, or use bottles to run Skyrim SE Launcher, it launches MO2. From there I have to select SKSE and hit run and it launches. If I click the drop down and select Skyrim Special Edition Launcher, it says an instance of mod organizer is already running. Any ideas on how I can get around this to launch the launcher so I can change my settings? It seems there is _SkrimLauncher.exe file that must of been automatically created by MO2, however when I run that with Bottles, and make changes, it doesn't seem to have the changes when I run SKSE. Thanks for any help!
  19. I have always used Wrye with MO but now on a fresh install of everything(Skyrim SE) when I try to rebuild the Bashed Patch I get an error saying "file not found, it may have been moved, edited or deleted. I have no idea what that means since it doesn't even tell me what file is supposedly missing. Any ideas as to whats going on here?
  20. Hello there, I've been trying to find a way to color the text for separators. The text color is either black and white, but sometimes it's black on a separator that shares the same color of others that have white text. I would really like to be able to control the color of both the separator bar and it's text.
  21. Hi everyone, I have a portable installation of MO2 on a different drive than the OS, same drive where Skyrim is installed, and since I updated to Windows 11 I can't start Skyrim through MO2 either with or without all mods, SKSE. If I start it from outside of MO2 in any way, it works fine (with SKSE too). What could be the issue?
  22. Ok, so, everything was working fine until a few days ago. I was installing mods and building my load order when all of a sudden I could no longer double click an installed mod to check out things like specific conflicting mods, notes I had left, or the file tree of the mod. The last thing I remember doing before I know it stopped working was running SSEedit, SSELOD gen, and DynDoLOD. The functionality of the double click may have stopped working sooner than that. I can't be 100% sure. As far as I can tell, every other aspect of the program is working other than trying to access that menu. To try to be as specific and detailed as possible, I am talking about the list of installed mods on the left side of the program. When I double click one the window pops up like normal, but does not populate. I have tried right clicking to open specific tabs in that window and double clicking the lightning bolt that indicates file overwrites and nothing has worked. The window always pops up but then will not ever populate and my only option is to completely close MO2. When I first noticed the issue I tried updating MO2, but that did not fix anything. I have not yet tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling MO2 yet. I am not sure how to do that in a way that will allow me to retrieve my mod list. Any help is greatly appreciated and I am happy to provide more information if I left anything out, as well as pictures if someone thinks that would be useful. Thank you.
  23. I'm having some troubles with Mod Organizer not detecting Fallout 3. I installed the game on my SSD and it doesn't detect the game and the game/launcher files aren't visible when manually searching for them. I've tried finding a fix here on the forums but couldn't find a fix. It's a fresh install on my SSD, the Mod organizer is also installed on said SSD. It's just odd that the files aren't showing up when I search for them through MO but I have no trouble finding them when I just search through the file explorer
  24. In the attached image, the CC mods that are disabled there are not loading properly. I placed them into MO2 as opposed to having them in my Skyrim installation, but MO2 just can't manage them I guess. The mods aren't loaded into the game, and when I quit the game, the mods become disabled again. Is this an issue with MO2 or my installation of those mods?
  25. I keep getting an error saying "Cannot start ModOrganizer.exe" after trying to launch anything through MO2, like SKSE. I don't have an antivirus, even Windows Defender is completely disabled. What do?
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