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  2. Ok well on the xLODGen|DynDOLOD guide, I just followed that and put the Diffuse/Normal on 512, and I didn't use mipmaps, because shenson said before it wasn't needed. Ok I'll use BC7 Quick... What about for TexGen 4K the Texture Size Max shown now 1024, instead of 2048 like before? THANKS
  3. Hi shenson, So I'm using uLockedObjectMapLOD=8 and then in the DynDOLOD UI I have LOD4/LOD8/Level0 and LOD16 Level 1 and LOD32 None. I thought this is all correct for no trees on the map? But I still see tress... THANKS
  4. I downloaded and installed DynDOLOD from NexusMods a few hours ago. (Version 3.00 Alpha 99) Running the TexGen portion the first time, I received the following error message (text version): [Window Title] TexGen [Main Instruction] Skyrim.ini can not be found. [Content] The INI file is missing from its default location at D:\Games\Mod Tools\DynDOLOD\Themes\Windows10BlackPearl.v\My Games\Skyrim Special Edition\Skyrim.ini. Current game mode: Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) Click on this link for additional explanations and help for this message [OK] [Exit TexGen] [Footer] Online Help | Support Forum | Copy message to clipboard After an hour or so of attempting to find a resolution and also trying to find a TexGen.ini and not finding anything that addressed the message above, I created the folder path listed in the error message and copied my skyrim.ini to it. Now TexGen now works as expected. I thought I should give you a heads up.
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  6. Do I need to disable synthesis and Wyre Bash When running Dyndolod I was having Form ID errors from some mods and when I disabled well synthesis since that was coming up a lot it works all of a sudden. In my Experience Dyndolod dosent add any draw distance for these 2 patches
  7. Using the current Dyndolod 3 Beta with Dyndolod 3 Scripts and LargeRef Workarounds, I am getting an error for a specific mod for the first time almost instantly after starting the LOD creation process in the Dyndolod exe. Dyndolod: "Item not found while processing Improved Mountain LOD and Z Fight Patch.esp [REFR:00041EE4] (places MountainRidge01_HeavySN [STAT:0005205B] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:0000BBA1] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 48,-15))". Maybe this error report is helpful, so I posted it here according to the recommendation for such errors from Dyndolod info page. EDIT: Same error for Lanterns of Skyrim II with another random reference: "Item not found while processing Lanterns Of Skyrim II.esm [REFR:000F4CFA] (places FXAmbSnowBlowingPlane [MSTT:000197C7] in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of [CELL:00006E0D] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at -33,29))".
  8. Some of it looks like z-fighting between object LOD and object LOD or maybe terrain LOD. Are the trees affected or not? If there is ultra tree LOD set standard tree LOD to zero. Some of it looks like almost like there is something going on with the snow LOD shaders. https://dyndolod.info/Help/Snow-Ash-LOD-Shader, check what overwrites those records. Test without DynDOLOD plugins to make sure it has nothing to do with dynamic LOD and this the large ref workarounds. Large ref workarounds can only work in the uLargeRefLODGridSize. Test with default INIs. Make sure no custom INI or [plugin].ini in data folder either. Test without the water (falls) mod that has controller blocks in LOD models (the block itself is not causing the issue as it is ignored, but it means somebody made bad static object LOD models). Which version of Water for ENB is it? https://dyndolod.info/Mods/Waterfalls (meshes in DynDOLOD Resources for these mods have the full model CRC32 in their filename) Do you use other full models for LOD. Especially ones with BSEffectShaderProperty. Some shader settings/flags can cause wierd effects. The last few seconds of the video shows switch between LOD levels.
  9. With a few of my recent DynDOLOD generations I've had issues with flickering distant LOD. Here's a video with a couple clips that demonstrate the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9o7jh5UYUI I don't think this is a large reference issue, as the affected cells are way too far to be included in the uLargeRefLODGridSize range, which I have set to 11. Also it often affects trees, which can never be large references anyway. To my eyes it looks like two different LOD levels are fighting in the affected cells, rapidly switching between LOD4 and LOD8 or similar. The issue is quite sporadic. With each LOD generation the affected cells are different. Sometimes I don't find any affected cells at all. When I tried approaching the bugged cells some of the LOD in the cells failed to properly unload. All non-bugged cells always unload without a hitch. Here are some logs. Logs 1 should correspond to the first clip on the video, and Logs 2 to the second clip. What kind of troubleshooting steps would you recommend? Is there a chance this is related to the large ref workarounds? Should I try generating LODs without them active? I tried setting uLargeRefLODGridSize to 5 just in case, but it had no effect on this as expected. Edit: Checked Papyrus logs, no DynDOLOD related messages.
  10. See https://dyndolod.info/Messages
  11. Optional would be good as I'd prefer to keep it. Arthmoor's Oakwood is currently required by the CR patch so for me to even consider the other Oakwood may cause issues.
  12. DY actually did the Aspens Ablaze reduction for LOD in Blender I think. My assumption is that he configured Decimate as he liked and re-UV'd, but I'm not sure. It may be possible and simplest to use NifSkope > Optimize functions, but I haven't tested that. The general idea is to reduce triangles. There are several algorithms in the respective 3D toolsets that could accomplish this for better/worse results. Alternatively, consider manually combining separate leaf/branch polygons into a single shape using a new combined texture and re-UV that. Either way, the key is to keep the LOD model result as close to the full model result as possible so that transitions are not too obvious in game. This is why an algorithm can be beneficial over manual (tip: constrain overall shape while combining triangles). The latter will often look better, but transitions can be worse without putting in many hours of labor and testing. Trees can be a lot of work, but they have the advantage of randomness with respect to 3D layout.
  13. The settings are all correct and consistent with the previous guide version (2.0.0) but for two differences. First is the Default size setting for xLODGen. This should technically be 256, but it probably doesn't matter, since it is a catch-all that will otherwise use another value I believe. Let us know if sheson explicitly recommends it be set to a value in the doc or a post. Second, we recommend BC7 Quick everywhere, since that seems to be possibly faster and just as reliable. Max should work fine though. I don't see any difference between the two in game. These are terrain textures that don't really look great anyway, and they are only noticeable when missing or when something is really 'bad' (like z-fighting or other GFX anomalies). Regarding mips, we intentionally use them on the map (LOD32) and at LOD4 along with Raise steepness. It isn't clear if either one of these settings make any difference at all. If sheson has evidence that these increase z-fighting issues, we will change them, but I don't think there is evidence either way.
  14. Now what are the actual questions in addition to the explanations from https://dyndolod.info/Messages/Property-Not-Found-In-Scripts or https://dyndolod.info/Messages/File-Not-Found-Meshes? Install the latest version of mods. For example it looks like Serana Dialog add on just had an update today. Maybe the missing property was fixed in case it was an actual problem. In case of Pilgrim checking the https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/54099?tab=bugs it seems that the 2 meshes are not used. You checked if all BTOs are valid? I am pretty sure they would cause CTD in game in case that error goes through unnoticed. That tree is not used that often, so check where it is positioned to find the filename for the bto to see if it opens in NifSkope without error. What makes debugging this not take some time is that it takes ages to let it do the reuv to see what is happening.
  15. Well it works fine when I uncheck grass. Why would it do that if it's something about trees? Anyway, I'm sure you'll find it.
  16. I don't use Arthmoor's Oakwood and Helarchen for this reason. It is nothing but filler. So I would support dropping them both. I have tried Schlitzohr's Oakwood and it looks and works better than Artmoor's version, in my opinion. But that is personal preference I guess.
  17. It does add a bit of exploration value, albeit not much at all. Nice to visit a town that was in TES:Arena though.
  18. https://ufile.io/dsn2o509 Here are the logs, i ensured that nothing is overwriting the Serana Dialouge Add-on, Verdant and Pilgrim. Also i'm not sure what you meant in the first post by "truncate" the log message so i left it as it is.
  19. Read the first post which log and debug log to upload when making posts. See https://dyndolod.info/Messages and/or https://dyndolod.info/Help/Summary-Of-Messages for explanations about messages, their severeness and possible (often optional) solutions (obviously only brief/generic and non exhaustive ). If further help is required ask specific questions and provide the log/debug log files.
  20. Hello, this is the first time i use Dyndolod and i have several messages in the Log and i'm not really sure how to fix them, i understand how to fix large reference bugs but with the other 3 types of messages it's not really clear to me. I have many Property not found messages on the "Serana dialogue add-on" mod and 2 missing meshes from the mod Pilgrim, and Verdant, i tried reinstalling them both and checking their post section on nexus but i couldn't find anything useful. Thanks in advance for help.
  21. It reported this in the log [00:04] <Error: File not found textures\DLC03\Architecture\PierShacksSiding03TwoWideRed_s.dds. Used by textures\DLC03\Architecture\PierShacksSiding03TwoWideRed_d.dds> The textures were copied fine to the new _s name, it just didn't look for them in the temp location, only in data. I also made it so that temp textures use uncompressed formats so texconv doesn't complain about multiple of 4 This version should do the trick https://mega.nz/file/dAp1CDLS#tf55DHqIv8p6N5pjilTyVtY9fqbyk7UDtZ5a7O--3E4 See https://dyndolod.info/Changelog to see what changed between versions. >I'm not sure if something has changed You are changing settings. This is what changes. In your last post you said you set uLockedObjectMapLOD=8. Which means the map is obviously not using object LOD Level 32. https://dyndolod.info/Help/Ultra-Tree-LOD#Trees-on-the-Map
  22. Thank you. This is exactly why i've been omitting Oakwood, Helarchen Creek and also Oblivion Gates from my STEP install. (With all the additions from AE there is already this feeling of 'Overcrowdedness' in Skyrim) Maybe STEP would consider communicating these mods as optional?
  23. We've talked about just dropping this mod, because it really doesn't add any value to the game. It's just a village with nothing to do so it's just filling space. I think Helarchen Creek is the same; it's just generic content that fills space. No real reason to go there.
  24. Yes, the changes make since, but not for this mod; totally agree. WizKid has told me, himself, that he is aware that mod's name doesn't match what the mod is today. I wish they would just rename it to something that makes sense and document better. As to dropping the mod, I will admit that my main issue is the mod covering a lot more than what is advertised or suggested by its title. Combine that with sparsely detailed changelogs and you end up with a mod that makes a lot of changes that users simply aren't aware that it is making. These changes aren't discovered until compatibility stuff crops up. It just rubs me the wrong way, for some reason. Anyway, if we keep it, I would say we drop the ownership bloat from the FOMOD (now that it's optional). Also install the RS Patch, as long as it's an ESL. If not, I will simply provide one on the RS page. Right now, the patch is incorrectly...well, patched; which I've notified them of. If they return that their edits are intentional, then I will make a proper patch and put it up on the RS page.
  25. It was my understanding before, using LOD Level 32 None would make it so no trees appear on the map. I set it to None, but I'm still seeing trees on the map with Alpha99. I'm not sure if something has changed, and I need to do something else besides setting LOD32 None now? THANKS
  26. The NIF is fine, it just that something falls apart when it tries to re-uv the trunk.
  27. Two issues I found for the experimental Fallout 4 TexGen when creating the Barn mini-atlas, likely both linked to the fact the source texture requires the use of a Copy file to fetch the correct normals/speculars: Specular maps not named the same as the diffuse texture do not seem to copy using the Copy text file used previously only for normal maps. In this case specifically, PierShacksSiding03TwoWideRed_d.dds maps to PierShacksSiding03TwoWide_n.dds (which copies correctly) and PierShacksSiding03TwoWide_s.dds (which is labeled missing). The rotated texture, PierShacksSiding03TwoWideWhite_d.dds, similarly maps to the same normal and specular textures as the red variant. The output texture doesn't display the correct normal or specular texture for this. Strangely, this isn't reported as missing. I made several temporary textures to map this texture, so it's possible I've gone above and beyond what I "should" be doing here. The output diffuse matches perfectly, however. Logs, configs used, and generated vanilla DLC03Barn01LOD for reference. https://mega.nz/file/8cB3kCCR#6idOO3alx4K9OT6UfMh9HGGfrWlu6K0d_O3lKY0a51M
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