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  3. What does "the general Alpha 10 Resources" mean and why is installing the latest version of DynDOLOD Resources a mistake? What tool had an error with ../Data/creationkit/. missing files? What was the exact error message, log etc? What are incorrect and correct Resources? What does can not invoke Task Manager means? It typically can always be started via the CTRL+Alt+DEL menu. The previous report had a debug log that stated the error message "DynDOLOD Resources SE version information not found. Verify correct installation", which is printed to the log right before the message window with the same error message is shown to the user. The error message is shown if the version INI flie of DynDOLOD Resources can not be found in the load order.
  4. Beyond 512? Do you have screen compares? Pretty sure that 512 is indistinguishable from 1024 EDIT: Unless you have a 4K monitor, but even then ...
  5. I think we should at least increase the size of lod32 so that the map can benefit. It won't really show up in the worldspace anyway.
  6. Lower far away, because mips used are tiny in comparison, which would waste the majority of a larger res texture. Yes, we can stop linking to this post now. We have better data on the guide itself (and will have more).
  7. Despite the content pointing to this thread, our guide xLODGen settings differ between the current guide and the dev guide and the settings I am seeing in this thread. Also, is it just me, or does the texture size recommendations seem random? I would think that the higher level LOD should, generally speaking, have a larger resolution than the lower level LOD to account for the effective doubling of their respective sizes (e.g., 4 lod4 squares fit in 1 lod8 square, so for the resolutions to be equal, the size would double for each lod level).
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  9. You don't need to start the whole process over but rather go through the System Setup Guide and the 'Tools' chapter of the guide to make sure you have the environment configured correctly and are using the correct software versions.
  10. I'm not sure where I messed up. Anyone have any idea why xLODGen would appear that way? Figure I'll ask one more time before I start this whole process over.
  11. DynDOLOD generates tree and object LOD. It does not affect water LOD or terrain LOD in any way. Use xLODGen terrain LOD beta to generate terrain LOD meshes which includes water LOD. Read the first post of xLODGen terrain LOD beta (the part about optimize unseen) and also search the thread for previous discussion about the same topic.
  12. Do not post screenshots of text/log. Read the first post which log files to upload when making posts. The message says exactly what happens. The system runs out of memory. In this context it runs out of VRAM.
  13. Thanks, I should've done that first before posting, it worked now, turns out it was using the integrated graphics on my laptop instead of the dedicated graphics card lol
  14. Sorry, I did see those links but my eyes must of glazed over the sse version; I only saw the extended.esm at the time. I'll try going through the system setup again for xLODGen
  15. Search this thread for "out of memory", and you will find several other posts like yours and sheson's responses.
  16. This Guide has been updated The Guide has had a bit of a rewrite. All of the relevant information is still there, however, all remaining game-specific content has been reworked to be applicable to all games. Any game-specific content will be hosted within their Gamespaces or on subpages and linked to from within the Guide. Doing this focuses this Guide on ENBSeries, itself, rather than content specific to any single game. During this rewrite most of the "fluff" from the content was also removed, meaning if it wasn't adding anything relevant to the content it was removed or condensed. The additional random updates completed were: Several headings were renamed Removed or converted some unnecessary Alerts to FC templates Replaced the preformatted boxes with syntax enabled boxes All instruction sets were condensed using Spoilers Most of the ELE content was removed (most modules were never realized to full-release states before JawZ retired) As content expands for ENBSeries, it will likely be moved from this main Guide onto subpages.
  17. Hello, I'm using the most recent alpha (As of 30/07/2021) of DynDOLOD 3.0, but I keep getting an error in TexGen where it says "Insufficient Memory", it also doesn't generate most of the billboards, I'll provide a screenshot and also upload the bugreport text, and sorry if my english is not good, it's my 2nd lanugage lol bugreport TexGen 3.0.txt
  18. Note on this particular INI setting: The way it is worded indicates that IgnoreLargeReferences (should) equal '1' if uGrids = 5 and also mentions the Large Ref system will not be used. This is further conflated by the next comment implies that IgnoreLargeReferences (should) equal zero if uGrids > 5. I suggest stating the comments more explicitly to avoid the valid assumptions above: Set IgnoreLargeReferences = 1 only if uGrids = 5 and only if the large ref system is not desired. Set IgnoreLargeReferences = 0 (default) if uGrids ≥ 5 and the LR system will be used (best visuals if LR bugs are not present) Rewording similarly will also be less conflicting with the alt text in the app for the "Upgrad NearGrid large refs" message.
  19. You need to read that entire forum post. the file needed is linked further down. Yes, v83 now ... but it is expected that people read the entire post to figure it out, since there is good info in that. You select all worldspaces by ticking each box in the dialog (or right click > select all) once the app loads. If it is not coming up, then something is wrong. You may not have followed the System Setup Guide fully or set up the application to run from MO2 properly. All of the instructions are in the guide.
  20. Made it to step 5, xLODGen, Generation, Terrain LOD Generation. After running xLODGen from MO2 executable drop-down list, I do not have any options to "select all worldspaces" or to tick anything like it is shown in the examples. All I see is this: I think I did the Terrain LOD preparation correctly, but the link to forum download was a bit difficult to follow; couldn't tell for sure if xLODGen beta 83 based on 4.1.3g link at top was indeed what I was supposed to copy into (TEMP) - SSE Terrain - Tamriel - xLODGen mod folder in MO (guide step 1 says to download SSE-Terrain-Tamriel.esm, didn't see that so I went with the mentioned xLODGen beta link at the top).
  21. I'm at a loss here. No matter what combo I use for overwrites and such I can't seem to get this to run properly. Could I get some insight here? Here's my texture mods and DynDOLOD resources (also got the DLL) and here's the log log.txt Any ideas? I'm using 1024 on the LOD and Texgen's and I saw back on like page 9 some guy had a similar issue that he could get around by loading Tamriel alone then the others together so I'll try that next but idk man I'm pretty much out of ideas. If I'm just doing something dumb that would be great to know.
  22. You can use the BethINI settings in our dev guide as a baseline. I recommend following the guide in total, but just skip mods you don't want. Once you are running properly, you can begin adding in any mods you prefer. To better understand the LOD system and billboards, download and read the DynDOLOD doc. It's complicated, but billboards are just 2D textures used by the LOD atlas to render flat trees in distance. This is default game behavior. DynDOLOD allows use of tree models on the atlas, hence "3D Ultra Trees", or rendered trees on the atlas instead of (or in combination with) billboards. See our WIP guide for current recommended INI settings, system setup, mod install order, and final configuration. We don't support this guide yet, but it has updated recommendations for BethINI and other things. You can also follow our current SE guide for a supported version. Basically, your really should follow one of these guides, as it will help you understand the basics that you need to understand what you are trying to understand.
  23. Using the latest DynDOLOD Alpha 35 and xLODGen Beta 83? Screenshots? Did you get the advice from sheson? It does sound like Terrain LOD at LOD16 or LOD32, depending on game INI settings. @DoubleYou has been testing with the map recently using the latest Alpha and may have some advice for that and corresponding game INI settings. I rarely look at the map in my DynDOLOD testing. We use these methods for Terrain LODGen. WIP DynDOLOD specs follow that.
  24. RE the 'comment': Thanks for confirming RE LODGenThreadSplit: Confirm that my setting to '16' and having a successful run after was purely coincidence. I since ran successfully again with it set to zero. RE my 'issue': I had installed the general Alpha 10 Resources by mistake for my first couple of runs, getting the error with ../Data/creationkit/. missing files. I had since corrected that. In total, I had 4 runs with the then-reproducible behavior mentioned. 2 with incorrect Resources and 2 with correct. All were 'dead' runs in that DynDOLODx64 was in a sort of stasis, not locking and not getting past the point of validating LOD assets. I could not invoke TaskManager or Event Viewer during this 'statsis', which lasted upwards of 10 min each time. I had restarted MO before third 'bad' run and my PC before the fourth. Still reproducible at this point. I did then execute DynDOLODx64 itself once with admin privileges (outside of MO2) just to fiddle ... no unexpected issue. Then I restarted MO2 in admin mode (I normally just run it normally) and changed LODGenThreadSplit=16 in the INI. Then I had a successful run as mentioned. No evidence that it had anything to do with these previous actions. My previous report was a fluke with unknown cause, so nothing further to share at this time other than it seems to be running as expected.
  25. Hello (sorry for filling this sub) Well the title say all, my SE map has weird ugly, flickering angles in water like Lake Ilinalta after running Dyndolod, i put "A Quality World Map" below everything in MO2 but still... even when i disable the mod, still this weird issue (of course). What can i do to fix my lovely map? I tried to follow this but nothing: " Just generate the LOD 32 terrain meshes. No need to generate the same of anything else. It should only take seconds. Enable the checkbox for terrain LOD only, check meshes, uncheck build diffuse/normal. In the lower left check Specific Chunk. Set drop down to 32, leave W and S empty. Or set W to -32 and S to 0, then it will generate only that one specific terrain mesh Tamriel.32.-32.0.btr for that area with the specified quality/optimize unseen settings." Thank you
  26. The entry is of the format part-of-plugin-filename;help-filename as in docs/help/help-filename.html for the "Help for this message" link of the message window. LODGenThreadSplit only affects LODGen in Edit Scripts. It has not effect on DynDOLOD. The debug log shows a problem finding or reading version information of the installed DynDOLOD Resources. There should have been a message window prompt. Maybe it was behind another window? If MO2 does not unlock there is usually a process that still uses the virtual file system. Check with the task manager for such a hidden processes in that case. Such processes interfere with access to files. Comparing the size of the output is not really a good method for anything unless you are comparing ballparks. The updates to texture replacements means more distinct object LOD textures are created and put on the object LOD texture atlas. Thousands of LOD models changed in the last update. Rules are added or updated etc.
  27. Please see the first post what log files to include when making a post. The settings of the DynDOLOD INI are used when the the export file for LODGen is created. Changing settings in an export file for LODGen only has an affect when LODGen is executed for the file/worldspace afterwards.
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