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  2. I'm not clear on DynDOLOD support for complex grass in LOD. If it's supported, it didn't work for me with latest alpha. If it isn't supported, then complex grass is probably not worth it. I have a discussion going with sheson troubleshooting this in the DynDOLOD topic. I haven't RTFM on DynDOLOD support for complex grasses yet, but it seems to support it ... whether or not ENB supports in LOD is another question. Grass tint settings may need to be altered, since CG renders slightly different colors in loaded grass, but it's a moot point until I understand the LOD support for complex grass and rendering under ENB.
  3. EVT and HLT both change vanilla trees, so they are not compatible without custom patching the plugins and setting the correct mesh overrides.
  4. It's mostly skylighting settings and ambient lighting to some extent along with a few other tweaks. Just ENB settings and not the engine. Always use latest ENB runtimes though.
  5. Ok! I'm gonna go over the process of running texgen (to fix the bright grass) and dyndolod again and will report if any new problems arise, thanks for the patience.
  6. I provided the TexGen-created billboard txt file in previous. As you can see, the TexGen log says it was created at C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp\TexGen_SSE\4E18480728C24D67B5BE8F21C0A67198.dds, and this agrees with the corresponding billboard txt file also in my previous post. The textures are no longer in that location for me to check, presumably deleted by DynDOLOD or TexGen when finished? So to me, the logs all seem correct but for the DynDOLOD debug and summary warning. Does DynDOLOD support complex grass rendering for ENB use in LOD grasses? I suspect not, but I obviously don't know and haven't RTFM on this bit yet. As I mentioned, I will troubleshoot by running TexGem/DynDOLOD on just grass for CL with the updated complex grass textures and keep an eye on files generated in Temp during runtime. I will also preview in TexGen to see what that shows. I just figured you may be able to look at those logs and the billboard txt I posted for ferngrass01a example and determine if things correspond properly. I will post back later once I have time to look into this further. More later, thanks.
  7. Great! Looks like some of the modular Holds plugins changed their name a good while ago, so some configuration settings does not get applied anymore. Replace ..DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\DynDOLOD\Configs\DynDOLOD_SSE_mod_world_ignore.txt with the version attached and generate LOD from scratch. That should hopefully solve those LOD objects being added. DynDOLOD_SSE_mod_world_ignore.txt The updated config file will be included in next alpha version, too.
  8. TexGen loads meshes\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.nif and creates a billboard from it. TexGen adds the textures that meshes\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.nif defines to the billboard.txt as additional information. DynDOLOD loads meshes\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.nif and sees that it defines textures\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.dds. However, DynDOLOD does not find the the texture is being listed in the billboard.txt This can mean the billboard was generated with a different NIF that defines different textures, e.g. it is outdated or something in this process went wrong one way or another. Check the billboard txt what textures are listed and if they make sense. TexGen knows how to split the combined diffuse/normal complex grass texture. Check the preview for such grasses that it worked. cgid/gid contain model nif and position information for grass. The used textures are irrelevant for the cache files. The textures only change how the grass billboards generated by TexGen look.
  9. Is this specific to the ENB used by STEP, or is this an issue with the ENB engine (or what it is called, the files put into the root game folder)?
  10. Thanks both of you! And yes I mean EVT, just ****ed up in my memory due to using the Lush Trees option IIRC.
  11. Nevermind, I'm stupid Here's both:
  12. Today
  13. As explained earlier, the first two digits of the form ID are the load order ID of the plugin. If it changes because the load order of plugins is different between the game and loading things with xEdit, it needs to be adjusted to match the desired plugin. Replace the DA of the reference form ID with whatever the 2 hex digits are for the DynDOLOD.esp plugin in xEdit.
  14. I'm looking at ferngrass01a as a test case. I looked through the debug logs, and from DynDOLOD debug (link in previous post), I see the warning same as in Summary: [00:47] <Warning: Billboard for model Meshes\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.nif does not contain texture textures\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.dds Cathedral Landscapes.esp FernGrass01aLight_NoGrass [GRAS:2200088E]> ... Presumably, DynDOLOD creates temp files in my output dir that link to my %LOCALAPPDATA%/Temp directory, but this texture is no longer in my temp directory as indicated by the TexGen billboard txt generated just prior to running DynDOLOD: ferngrass01a_0000088e.txt ... so it's evidently deleted by DynDOLOD process. But it's created by TexGen, so it should still be in my Temp dir, no? From TexGen debug: [00:28] [SplitComplexGrassTexture] <Debug: Splitting complex grass textures textures\landscape\grass\ferngrass01a.dds into C:\Users\David\AppData\Local\Temp\TexGen_SSE\4E18480728C24D67B5BE8F21C0A67198.dds> TexGen seems to recognize that I am using complex grass textures and is attempting to split the diffuse/normal of those (I assume). This seems to be successful, as the log throws no warnings: TexGen debug I assume there may be some issue with complex grass billboard gen process. I will try running again (just grass) PS: I am not abreast of latest DynDOLOD 'lore' on complex grass, but it seems to be supported in LOD now? I did successfully use the new GrassGID=gid setting using only custom gid.bsa that we created for AE, so I have grass LOD but no complex grass LOD. Transition is pretty stark. This is the result of the run we are discussing:
  15. I did that already and nothing came up, not even the base ID came up as matter of fact.
  16. Figured it out. My INI Path was screwed up. made sure it was relocated to my actually game file location. (Example: Users>*username*>Documents>My Games>Fallout 4) Just incase anyone else runs into this aswell.
  17. You can not search by the Editor ID obviously, since you do not have it from your in-game screenshot. As explained and shown in my xEdit screenshot, the Editor ID is what you will find on the reference in xEdit when you look it up. As explained, from the in-game screenshot (open console, clicking the object) you have form ID of the reference. So load up xEdit and look up the reference by its form ID. For example by entering the form ID into the Form ID field top left of xEdit and hitting Enter. Adjust the load order form (the first two digits) in case the load order ID of the plugin changed.
  18. So I just downloaded BethINI for FALLOUT 4, tried tweaking a couple of settings and this popped up as I tried saving and exiting. Tried it a couple more times and still the same message will pop up. ill even simply open BethINI and close it without altering anything and it will still show this message. please help
  19. Alright, searched both references on the editor ID search bar and nothing came up, what do I do now?
  20. As explained, the Editor ID of such reference is of the format pluginame_formid so it tells us the source plugin and reference for which this LOD reference has been added to the DynDOLOD plugin. The wording is verbatim. The DynDOLOD documentation simply does not re-explain the use of other tools. Refer to the xEdit manual or ask further question how to use xEdit. Every reference in the DynDOLOD plugins has an Editor ID. In this case it should look something like this in the image.
  21. Why would you look up a reference in SSEEdit anyway? That wording is very vague, anyway, I couldn't find this editor ID, also nothing in that reference ID matches with anything on any Dyndolod plugin, if you could screenshot the information that you need that would be great.
  22. I recently installed the latest Wyre Bash update, 310 Beta 1. I installed it because whenever I would try to save my Bashed Patch esp for Fallout: New Vegas, I would get this particular error message, and the patch itself does not save. "< not supported between instances of 'nonetype' and 'int'". It would also not register the masters for the patch in the screen section beside the load order. I have reinstalled Wyre Bash, I have also deleted the previous patch (Which also had the same error), and I don't know what else to do in this case. U have some coding knowledge, but I think it won't help here. What should I do? I have attached a screenshot below of the error messsage itself and how no masters show up in the section for them in the GUI.
  23. Vampire Thralls are unaggressive ("attacks nobody unless provoked") and neutral towards the player by default. They are allied with vampires who are aggressive ("attacks enemies on sight") and hostile to the player. Vampire Thralls only react to the player in the presence of vampires in combat. There are several instances in the game where you'll encounter isolated Vampire Thralls, away from vampires, who won't react unless you attack them first. This is normal, nothing's broken and no fix is necessary. It's just the game telling you: "you're in a vampire lair, be on your guard, you're likely to encounter vampires further on". For the Forsworn, can you be more specific? Can you interact/talk to the Forsworn at Fort Sungard for example? AFAIK the Warlock Thrall start doesn't change the player's faction compared to a vanilla start. It only changes the starting location/scenario/equipment and player's backstory (for RP purpose). There are 3 ASLAL starts that put the player in specific faction, as explained on the mod page: Member of a Guild (these are factions you can join in the vanilla game with a vanilla start) Thalmor Agent Penitus Oculatus Agent The last 2 forcibly remove the player from the specific faction during the starting quest so as not to break the remainder of the game.
  24. I moved the post to the DynDOLOD 3 Alpha thread. The first post explains which log files to upload. The message itself explains which LODGen log file to check in particular. If there was a message pop-up and/or the summary opened it should open/point to the corresponding help page for LODGen: https://dyndolod.info/Help/LODGen 25B Error accessing ... There is a problem reading the mentioned *.NIF. Try to reinstall the file or mod from its download archive. Run the *.NIF through Cathedral Assets Optimizer. If the file opens without error in NifSkope, make a post on the official DynDOLOD support forum and upload the *.NIF or provide a link to the mod etc. Again, check the mentioned log file for details.
  25. Hi Everyone I'm following Lexy's LOTD guide https://lexyslotd.com/guide/finishing-line/ but I can't seem to get DynDOLOD to work. I'm starting it up with the settings recommended in the guide: But I'm getting all sorts of errors. In particular it seems to be Occlusion Error and LODgen error when DynDOLOD stops working but there are other errors as well: [16:05] <Error: Occlusion generation aborted due to LODGen error> [16:06] DynDOLOD plugins generated successfully [16:06] <Error: LODGenx64Win.exe failed to generate object LOD for mannyGFDesert. LODGenx64Win.exe returned 25B. Check D:\Modding Tools\DynDOLOD Special Edition\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_mannyGFDesert_log.txt> I was going to attach the logs but there's loads of them and I'm not sure which ones are relevant, sorry. I can post any that you guys might think will help diagnose the problem though. I've disabled my windows anti-virus and I don't have any other anti-virus so I don't think that can be causing the issue. I've tried asking for help in Lexy's Discord but she's directed me here. I'm really hoping you guys can help as it's driving me nuts to go through this long guide and fail at the final hurdle . thanks!
  26. That does sound likely that you are in the same faction as them, so are considered your friends.
  27. Perhaps we no longer need to darken the grass lod with complex grass? Or maybe the texture atlas merely needs grass normals added as well?
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