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  2. Just an FYI, the build is currently being updated. All featured mods and patches are up to date and the guide is being updated with changes from STEP SE 1.0. It will take another week before all changes are mirrored in the guide.
  3. Fixed. Mistake was completely on my end. (As might've been expected.^^) Wrong references due to a newly and wrongly sorted loadorder after generating LOD. (By accident) The steps for troubleshooting and the logs helped put me on the right track, even though they aim to tackle other problems in the first place. Thx to the both of you for the quick reply and for offering further assistance. I'll make sure to check better before posting the next time. 😉
  4. Started doing that in the meantime. Thx for the reply.
  5. If there is hardly any difference what is t h point of a smaller texture. In any case, if you want a model to use a specific texture be it smaller resolution or show what you like, update the texture path in the model. You can also make the texture darker for example. It will have some kind of brightness settings for the crown and trunk in the near future. It easy enough to update the 3D hybrid tree LOD models included in DynDOLOD Resources since they are created programmatically.
  6. See the readme how to troubleshoot CTD. Post the .Net Framework Crash log if more help is required.
  7. No crash for me around Kynesgrove or the mine-entrance. I walked around a bit to make sure.
  8. My math skills are totally out today. 1024x512 (1/16), 512x256 (1/64), 256x128 (1/256). I did some testing changing the branch texture of that tree and the brightness of the highlights. The result wasn't as effective as I had hoped. I really thought the brighter colors in that texture had a lot to do with it, but it turned out not so much. I should have manually changed some of those vertices and called it a day. Looking for the "ultimate" solution turned out to be more elusive than I had thought. Still, a bit of lower global brightness really makes a noticeable difference, enough to the point of making those highlights not being obvious. Having a brightness control I think would really help with the transition between the full models and Static LOD4. Normally the game applies a certain level of brightness fog at that distance, which results in a jump in brightness, but with a bit of finer adjustment to some of the objects it can be made slightly more subtle. Hopefully this reduction in size and a brightness adjustment can be implemented. If not, oh well... Will start playing and report something useful if I find. Thank you sheson for all your help and making this monumental project that I simply can't wrap my mind around how you've made it.
  9. I agree. I think you've put it as accurate as it can be said. I keep writing and then deleting gratitude sentences, as they feel inadequate. Thank you
  10. Encountering a reproducible CTD when approaching the mine-entrance of Kynesgrove with Dyndolod 3.0 Alpha 30 (High Rules, Ultra-Trees, Myrkvior). Tested with existing saves and new games before and after regenerating all Lod (TexGen and Dyndolod). Stable when Dyndolod not present in the Loadorder. Papyrus-Log writes reproducably last before crashing: Log-files of the latest Dyndolod- and TexGen-Runs together with screenshots of the location (incl MCM showing coordinates): Dyndolod-Logs on Google-Drive Any help appreciated. On a side-note to sheson: Thank you for creating Dyndolod and supporting it the way you do. To me Dyndolod is the single-most game-changing mod(/tool) ever created for Skyrim. Terrific work.
  11. Actually that was 1/16th and 1/64th the size. Maybe 256x128 was too far, I think a little detail was lost downsizing it that much, but certainly at 512x256 there was no perceivable difference. Even at 1/2 both dimensions at 1024x512 would be 1/4 the reduction in texture size, which means no loss in quality because of re-compression. And most importantly, giving us the freedom to edit the highlights or the overall brightness of those files! Edit: Testing...
  12. Nope, the bright highlights are still there. I tested at 512x256 and 256x128 textures sizes for that tree. A notable observation was that I hardly saw any difference in detail of those Static LOD4 trees on my monitor at 1440p at original texture size vs 1/4 and 1/8 size. It got me thinking, maybe there could be a setting to generate smaller textures for those trees. This way we can have some control over the brightness of those Static LOD4 tree textures, the same way we currently have it for the billboards. This will also make it easier to have the same control for all kinds of trees and all parts of the trees. As a bonus maybe even squeeze a few extra frames. While testing I also decided to really push it to see what those triangles are doing to reflect so much light, so I did one test setting the textures to 32x16 😄 The result was pretty interesting, some very abstract and artistic looking pine trees, but also quite revealing and I think I finally saw what is going on. It turns out when light hits those triangles at a certain angle they are able to reflect quite a lot of light, and in those particular trees at that particular time of the day it just so happens that this effect gets pretty strong. We already knew this, but now I saw it very clearly.
  13. Yesterday
  14. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9282393-no-grass-in-object/page-76#entry90410143 https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/9282393-no-grass-in-object/page-77#entry90429523
  15. The grass cache does not change how the grass looks in the game. Read descriptions of 3rd party mods to and ask questions about 3rd party mods on their appropriate forum, discord or wherever support for the 3rd party mod is provided.
  16. Idk how else to describe it. It's not working at all. I use Veydosbrom but I've also tried 3 other grass mods and ran the NGIO pre-cacher. It runs for an hour or 2 and I check on it from time to time and I see the % of each world completed. It completes, I put the almost 1GB of files in the MO2 Overwrite folder into a new empty mod called "Grass Cache" and activate it. I load up my save and there isn't a single change. Hell, I don't even get crash logs in my .NetScript Framework folder, even tho the pre-cache thing crashed half a dozen or so times during the process. It doesn't work at all. I've tried 7 or 8 different times over the last few months and have never once got it to pre-cache my grass.
  17. Yes, but the new textures must still be the same dimensions, no? Edit: Nevermind, forgot .nif files do that automatically. Testing...
  18. You can always edit the 3D LOD model NIF with NifSkope for example to use different textures. Then generate LOD again.
  19. I was thinking of a way to test it, but I'm not sure how I can easily make the mesh use lower resolution texture atlas. I thought about "simulating" lower res image by downsizing and then upsizing the texture file, but I don't think this will give an accurate representation. Assuming there is some merit in this idea, would this even be possible to do in DynDOLOD? Have the Static LOD4 meshes use lower resolution texture files?
  20. If you believe there is something that can be done with textures in order to adjust LOD for your personal preference , first create them with whatever means you have at your disposal (e.g. edit the texture atlas in an image program) to see if any ideas have the desired result in the game.
  21. I have been studying those needles for quite some time, as you can imagine 🙂 and I think I might have another explanation for the bright highlights. I noticed that even when the trees are still in their full model, not in Static LOD4, the highlights start to become progressively stronger the further I move away from them. I wonder if the problem might not be from the limited shader at LOD4, but from the texture of those branches. I wish I can test it, but I wonder if the textures have lower resolution if the brightness effect can be minimized. I'm attaching a picture that sort of shows this idea, I've exaggerated it a bit to make it more clear. I don't know if this would be something that can be easily done during texgen and dyndolod generation, to generate lower resolution textures for the Ultra trees, and then have the Static LOD4 trees use them, but I thought it might be something else worth exploring.
  22. 2.45 is the "API version" of the scripts and their data files. It didn't need to change in a long time. You need to ask questions about third party mods on their appropriate forum/discord etc. I suggest to be a bit more descriptive than using the term "not working". You can start troubleshooting grass LOD generation by reading Troubleshooting on the second post. Obviously it requires a "working" No Grass In Objects setup.
  23. Is it normal that the MCM for DynDOLOD says the .esp and the .esm are version 2.45 when I'm actually using version 3.0 alpha 30? I'm also not getting any grass LOD to show up. I've never once got the NGIO mod to work anyway tho. It generates several hundred MBs of grass files and I have them activated in MO2 but nothing ever shows up in game. I thought running DynDOLOD 3.0 would fix that but it didn't. I changed the grass=0 to grass=1 in the DynDOLOD_SSE.ini file and I made sure Grass was checked in TexGen. Where can I start troubleshooting this?
  24. The problem is to programmatically target only the leafs, but not the 2D or 3D trunks of tree LOD models at the same time, while leaving other object LOD models alone. Also not all models require being modified. Maybe just a few select LOD models always need to be modified. In the end a LOD model should only require to be created once and should work for every occasion, just like the 3D LOD models for buildings or rocks. The tree LOD models included in Alpha 3 are combined from two resources as explained in the manual, maybe that step just needs a feature to avoid manual editing. I have been pondering over such an feature for quite some time. We will see. I sort all 3D tree LOD models included in DynDOLOD Resources into meshes\DynDOLOD\trees. The models for the vanilla trees are all in the main folder.
  25. Modwatch: https://modwat.ch/u/User77111 I saw it in solstheim and in the forgotten vale. I did not check all the worlds though. LODGen_log.txt
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