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  1. Have you reported this to the Mod Organizer developers on discord?
  2. This sounds as if it may be a language issue, meaning the game is set to use a language like Russian and Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade does not include a translation file for this language. You might try setting Skyrim.ini to ENGLISH to see if this solves the problem. [General] sLanguage=ENGLISH
  3. The script is linked at the bottom of the first post above. Click the "FO3 Fix NavMeshes.txt" to download the file and rename it to "FO3 Fix NavMeshes.pas".
  4. Sorry, I missed that one. Yes, use the ESL version of the CACO patch as well.
  5. Install the Butterflies Unchained (ESL Version) main file.
  6. Discussion topic: Iconic's Remastered Paragon Gems Retexture by Iconic Wiki Link
  7. Greg

    Site Themes

    The dark theme is working for me with Firefox.
  8. Mod Organizer has two mods: Instance and Portable. If you are using Instance mode (the default), your downloads, profiles, and mods folder are stored in %LocalAppData% (usually C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\ModOrganizer). I think you can change the default locations by clicking the Screwdriver/Wrench icon and changing the Base Directory path at the top. If you change this one setting, Downloads, Mods, Caches, Profiles and Overwrite are stored within this folder as well. The advantage with Instance mode is that you can click the button at the top-left to switch to any of the supported Bethesda games (say from Skyrim Special Edition to Fallout 4). If you are using Portable mode, all folders (Downloads, Mods, Caches, Profiles and Overwrite) are stored within the Mod Organizer folder (e.g. F:\Modding\ModOrganizer\Downloads, F:\Modding\ModOrganizer\Mods, etc.). The disadvantage with portable mode is that you must install a new copy of Mod Organizer if you want to use it for both Skyrim Special Edition and Fallout 4. It sounds as if you are using Instance mode, so just change the Base Directory path to a folder on the F: drive.
  9. In Skyrim (and I assume the same applies to Morrowind and Oblivion), the path to the texture file in the NIF is something like "textures/armor/bandit/boots.dds" so I think your resource path should be one level above textures: "C:/Users/(my username)/Desktop/Games/Morrowind stuff/Morrowind/Morrowind/Morrowind/Data Files/"
  10. Run Mod Organizer 2, click Configure Profiles (at the top left that looks like a contact card), select the profile you are using, check or uncheck "Use profile-specific Save Games" (basically reverse the setting) and click Close to see if your saves are accessible in game now. The default is unchecked so your saves are stored in C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Skyrim Special Edition\Saves. If this option is checked, the saves are in your profile folder in Mod Organizer.
  11. In other words, it's kind of like modding Morrowind or Oblivion back in the day?
  12. You might try posting to the Wrye Bash developers on afkmods. I think it's linked in the Wrye Bash description on Nexus.
  13. Delete "bashed patch.esp" in Mod Organizer and build the bashed patch fresh to see if this solves the problem. If you still get the error, you might poke around in overwrite or the mopy folder to see if Wrye Bash has a log with any information that may help.
  14. I merged your post into the appropriate thread and you'll find the answer about two posts above yours from @TechAngel85.
  15. All plugins in the right pane should be ticked. If a plugin is not needed, the instructions state to move these to optional when installing the mod so these should not appear in the right pane.
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