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  1. I think it's more like in most cases Weapon Mod Fixes is changing the effects, but I see some (Swatters Logo, 2076 World Series Logo, Standard Receiver, etc.) in which both are changing nothing more than the description. If I'm not mistaken, I think the "FormID,int" properties that add a keyword have the keyword in "Value 1 - FormID" and "Value 2 - Int" is not used. I do agree that dropping this one simplifies the patch.
  2. I was very tempted to add this one for testing as well but I was afraid it may require excessive patching.
  3. Yes, let's not add this one to the guide at this time since none of the mods are dependent on it.
  4. Discussion topic: Highlight Console Reference by KernalsEgg Wiki Link This is more a troubleshooting/diagnostic aid that highlights the item selected in the console so I know at a glace whether the console selected what I wanted. If the wrong item is selected/highlighted, use the scrollwheel on the mouse to select the items through the layers until it finally highlights the correct item.
  5. The FIS - FallUI Item Sorter optionally allows showing weapons as a flat list or grouped into categories by opening Mod Configuration menu, selecting FIS - FallUI Item Sorter / Pipboy subcategories and changing the Weapons option highlighted shown in this screenshot: Custom > All Alternatively, the Custom weapon subcategories can be used to specify each weapon type that should be displayed in categories. The Custom apparel subcategories can also be used to specify the types of clothing and armor that should be display in categories.
  6. After completing installation of the guide, I suggest going into Mod Configuration / FallUI - Inventory / Interface / Coloring and setting Pipboy / Dual Color ON. See the selected setting in this screenshot. Dual Colors Off > Dual Colors On
  7. Discussion topic: FIS - The NEW FallUI Item Sorter by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: FallUI - Icon Library by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  9. Shoot and I didn't copy this anywhere, but the biggest change is that help works similarly to the Skyrim version: help: Vanilla does nothing whereas this mod shows the syntax and filters that can be used. help pipe 4 weap: Vanilla shows "WEAP: (FormId) 'Name'" whereas this mod shows "PluginName WEAP: EDID (FormId) Name" (or "Fallout4.esm WEAP: PipeGun (00024F55) Pipe"
  10. I found this from Parapets posted in the mod forum.
  11. Discussion topic: FallUI - Sleep and Wait by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: FallUI - Map by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: FallUI - Confirm Boxes by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: FallUI - Workbench by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
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