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  1. I'm sure he'll have an explanation if you ask him nicely. I think I've even seen him posting on here a few times recently.
  2. I added detailed instructions to download and install the Vokrii Perks For NPCS 50 main file based on your recommendation above. The mod author incremented the version of the configuration files to 1.4, but the new release isn't visible in Mod Organizer because the main version is still 1.0. Version 1.4 drastically reduced the change of some not so popular perks, also reduced inspire to the same amount since it could have a negative effect in testing. removed some files who cluttered up the page.
  3. Updated again on Nexus Version 0.4.5b Previous version had all controls fixes turned off by default in the .ini (optional conf. file not affected) Fixed an error reporting message box having swapped caption and text. Version 0.5.5b AE: fixed crash caused by SetExpressionOverride patch
  4. I think I see the problem with this one. If you look at the ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix in xEdit, you'll see (surprise!) that the vanilla game is using the Whiterun Temple cubemap (Textures\Cubemaps\WRTemple_e.dds) on the water in the Ragged Flagon. It's been a while since I looked at the water here so I'm guessing the vanilla cubemap is so vague that it wasn't noticeable. Quality Cubemaps changes this cubemap to one that sticks out like a sore thumb and ELFX Fixes Ragged Flagon Fix changes this to use Textures\cubemaps\ELFX\raggedflagon_e.dds so it's a better match.
  5. I thought we were using only the meshes in ELFX and ELFX Fixes?
  6. Yeah, those two videos were impressive and seemed to indicate this isn't an issue.
  7. The update also adds a new option to the FOMOD to select thunder delay: No Delay (Immersive) or With Delay (Realistic). I suggest using With Delay (Realistic), but it can be user choice.
  8. I just checked the conditions on the Wizard Duel quest and it's set to trigger if alteration, conjuration, destruction, restoration or illusion skills are >= 50 and the player is not at the College of Winterhold. If I'm reading this correctly, it looks as if there may be a few of these random events that were triggered to occur randomly after the series completed but Here We Go Again changes the trigger to randomly.
  9. I suspect there may be some confusion here. If you are using the Step SkyrimLE 3.0.0 guide, the instructions state to install the Thundering Shouts - Loose Files optional file. If you are following the SkyrimSE 1.0.0 guide, install the Thundering Shouts main file and you should be posting in the Skyrim SE mod topic instead of this one. DoubleYou: The Thundering Shouts SE wiki page is missing the detailed instructions for the SkyrimSE 1.0.0 guide. If you look at the wiki page, you'll see the detailed instructions are there but it 's tagged for a future version of the guide by mistake.
  10. I don't recall receiving gifts very often, but this is most likely because I don't bother building most of the Hearthfires homes, I don't have anyone other than a housecarl in my homes, and I rarely visit any of them other than whatitsname in Whiterun. I generally use the home in Whiterun for storage because it's centrally located and has the crafting benches next door or down the street at Arcadia's. From what I remember, I see the fire/ice mages dueling each other more often than I see the wizard. I wonder if this may be because I primarily use a bow with a small bit of restoration magicka?
  11. We should consider updating the detailed instructions for CACO. The current instructions say to install the main file and both update files. As Mercury72 points out, CACO now has three update files: CACO SKSE 2.0.19 - 2.0.20 DLL Update (Special Edition), CACO SKSE 2.1.3 DLL Update (Anniversary Edition), and Temporary Patch for Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered. Users should install the Special Edition or the Anniversary Edition update and the patch.
  12. I think the detailed instructions should be updated. The instructions currently instruct the user to install the main file and then hide all the LOD assets. The current version uses an FOMOD installer so all this can be skipped by not selecting the LOD Assets option as shown in DoubleYou's screenshot in the second post.
  13. Mod Organizer 2 has been updated quite a bit and supports the older 32-bit games like Morrowind, Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas.
  14. I think this is a generic message from Skyrim Script Extender when one of the plugins fails to load. They are aware of this and are quickly working to improve the messaging to indicate which plugin is failing. When I say plugin in this context, I mean one of the DLL extenders like SSE Bug Fixes or Papyrus Utils. I known they released a new version of SKSE today so you might try this one to see if it points to the plugin that's failing. You can also try to disable the SKSE plugins one at a time until the error goes away to find out which one is causing the problem. Also note that Bethesda may have released another version of the game today so this may have some effect.
  15. Usually Ctrl+F5 forces Chrome/Firefox to reload the page and fixes the issue.
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