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  1. Also go back to the top of the guide to "Tool Setup Reference for Skyrim SE" and you'll see the executable configurations for DynDOLOD64.exe and TexGen64.exe both need a -SSE parameter to tell these executable to use Skyrim Special Edition. Here is a screenshot of my configuration for DynDOLOD
  2. No, this is my mistake. For some eason I was thinking Kryptopyr had added FISS support but this is incorrect.
  3. You can save the MCM settings for mods that support FISS and you'll see an option in the MCM to save or load the settings for these mods. For all of the other mods, you'll have to manually configure the settings every time you start a new game. If you are feeling very experimental, you might try Yeolde - MCM Settings that may be able to backup and restore MCM settings for some mods that do not support FISS. Keep in mind that this mod has not been updated in about two years and the mod author notes it may not work for all MCM mods. It's known not to work with Kryptopyr's mods (CACO and CCOR), but these support FISS for saving/loading settings.
  4. I compared New Thinner Torch with the torch in Embers XD and I prefer the torch in Embers XD as well.
  5. From all the testing I've done so far, I'm in favor of replacing Embers HD and Inferno with Embers XD in the next release.
  6. I took that second set of screenshots after I removed ENBSeries, so I was getting some of the default ENB effects by mistake. I think I installed ENBSeries right after the Skyrim SE release and promptly forgot about it since I'm so used to seeing the initial message it didn't trigger my memory to remove it. Bah! Habits... I am using an NVidia video card with these rudimentary settings: Image Sharpening: Sharpening off, Scaling disabled Ambient Occlusion: Off Anisotropic filtering: Application-controlled Antialiasing - FXAA: Off Antialiasing - Gamma correction: On Antialiasing - Mode: Application-controlled Antialiasing - Setting: Application-controlled Antialiasing - Transparency: Off CUDA - GPUs: All DSR - Factors: Off DSR - Smoothness: Off Low Latency Mode: Off Max Frame Rate: Off Multi-Frame Sampled AA (MFAA): Off OpenGL rendering GPU: Auto-select Power management mode: Prefer maximum performance Shader Cache: On Texture filtering - Anisotropic sample optimization: Off Texture filtering: Negative LOD bias:Allow Texture filtering - Quality: Quality Texture filtering - Trilinear optimization: On Threaded optimization: Auto Triple buffering: Off Vertical sync: Use the 3D application setting Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1 Virtual Reality: Variable Rate Super Sampling: Off Not really much there aside from gamma correction and trilinear filtering. i also reinstalled Particle Patch for ENB and started a new game just in case something is baked into the save, but I'm still seeing the aura around that torch. I do not see an aura around the torch in the AS:LAL start room, but this is a completely different torch. I also checked a few other locations that use this torch (Broken Oar Grotto, Broken Fang Cave, Pinewatch) and I do not see the aura on the removable torches in these locations although these are all interiors. SkyrimPrefs.ini Skyrim.ini
  7. No, I'm not using an ENB although for some reason that escape me I did have ENBseries installed. I removed the ENBseries files and used BethINI to verify my ini files are all correct. I also found Cathedral Weathers had Interior Lighting set to Normal. This was probably my fault for setting it before I generated LOD and forgot to change it again after I generated LOD and started a new game. I also reinstalled EmbersXD fresh with these steps to ensure I have everything installed correctly: Install EmbersXD Lite main file: Effect Quality: High Quality Customization: Embers XD Flames (Yellow/Orange) Plugin Format: ESP (EmbersHD.,esp) Install Fire Magick Add-On: checked Install Forges Add-On: checked Install Torches Add-On: checked Install Lava Craters Add-On: checked Compatibility Patches: select none Select Replace to install Embers XD as a "new" mod. Install Embers XD Lite Beta: Effect Quality: High Quality Customization: Embers XD Flames (Yellow/Orange) Plugin Format: ESP (EmbersXD.,esp) Install Fire Magick Add-On: checked Install Forges Add-On: checked Install Torches Add-On: checked Install Lava Craters Add-On: checked Compatibility Patches: select none Select Merge to update the existing Embers XD mod. Move EmbersXD.esp to Optional ESPs so only EmbersHD.esp is used. Deactivate the Embers HD mod in the left pane. Deactivate the Inferno - Fire Effects Redux mod in the left pane. Deactivate the New Thinner Torch - Ultimate HD Torch mod in the left pane. I doubt this matters since this is RemovableTorch01.nif that is not provided by New Thinner Torch. I also tried the Orange/Red flame color with the same effect, but the FOMOD notes that Orange/Red requires a very specific ENB to have the right colors so I'm assuming you mean "yellow/orange" in your instructions. Your screenshots look perfect, but it looks as if torch has a ball of light surrounding it as shown in this shot from the side where the ball stands out fairly well. I also took a screenshot from inside the cabin that shows the aura in the door. The lighting overall is significantly better after I corrected the issues above, but something in my setup seems to be off.
  8. Agreed... I have had no issues with this mod either and it provides some very desirable fixes.
  9. I need to do some comparisons, but I caught this at odd glow at the Orphan's Tear shipwreck. This is with Embers XD installed using the EmbersHD.esp, EmbersHD and Infero both disabled, and New Thinner Torch enabled. The torch is on the outer door frame and a candle holder is inside on the floor next to the steps to the lower (sunken) level. The glow disappears once I enter the room so it appears to be coming from the torch (see the screenshot of the candle inside the room below).
  10. You are leaving Inferno enabled after installing Embers XD right? Your "Campfires: Inferno + Embers HD (Step) > Embers XD (orange flames)" make me think you were disabling Inferno since Inferno is overriding some stuff in Embers HD/XD.
  11. I think you may be right that Embers XD may be providing the flame for the candles. I see the plugin adds an MPSCandleFlame02 addon node using the mps/mpscandleflame02.nif mesh and it has an mpscandleflame01.nif mesh that overrides the one in Skyrim Particle Patch for ENB. I just installed it with all options selected for testing.
  12. The question is a bit vague, but I interpreted "instead of it asking how many i woukd like to pick up it just takes 1" to mean he is attempting to loot a container or NPC. It's been years since I played vanilla so I may be misremembering, but I seem to recall vanilla prompted for a quantity if the number of items in a container is greater than 5 (e.g. 10 iron arrows). One of the mods (SkyUI, MoreHUD, MoreHUD Inventory Edition) changed this behavior so that left clicking on an item in a container takes one of the item without prompting (e.g. one coin or one iron arrow) and right clicking an item in a container takes all of this item (e.g. all coins or all iron arrows). I have no idea what the equivalent of "take all of this item" is on a gamepad, though. Your answer is correct if the items are scattered on a surface or coins are in a coin purse. There may be a mod to loot all scattered items, but I've never used such a mod. If the coins are in a coin purse, I know of no way to get to the coins within the coin purse.
  13. If you are using a mouse, left click takes one septim at a time and right click takes all septims, so you might try using the equivalent of the right click on your gamepad.
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