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  1. It sounds as if you are trying to following the SkyrimSE v2.2.0 Guide, but this is for Skyrim Special Edition with the Anniversary Edition content and will not work with the Skyrim Legendary Edition. Although we have a SkyrimLE v3.0.0 Guide for Skyrim Legendary Edition, this guide is outdated and is no longer supported.
  2. Congratulations and have fun installing the texture overhaul mods (clothes) on the baby! We also appreciate all the hard work you put into creating and maintaining the Fallout New Vegas guide.
  3. Are you sure this is caused by Arachnophobia? First verify in 04-Foundation you have DynDOLOD Resources SE 3.0.0 and right below this you have DynDOLOD DLL NG and Scripts 3.00. The order is important here because the scripts and assets in DynDOLOD DLL should override the scripts and assets in DynDOLOD Resources. If you install Arachnophobia, you should ensure it's in the proper order in the right pane and you'll need to use xEdit to resolve some conflicts.
  4. It's working for me at this time, but this is the first time I've looked it today.
  5. I'll just say that it is painful trying to determine whether we have the latest release.
  6. I think this (and most other tagging mods) should be redundant if we use Complex item Sorter.
  7. xEdit 4.1.4 is an extremely experimental build that has not been released yet. I suggest sticking with 4.0.4 unless you have some explicit use for the experimental version.
  8. I think it's safe to say that all of the issues I've run into with this mod have been relatively minor. It's mostly corpses that fall into an entryway that need to be pushed out of the way or jumped over if room height allows.
  9. I'd do it this way. if you have a recent version of Mod Organizer, run "Explore Virtual Folder" from within Mod Organizer. This brings up a "File Explorer" like application right in the game's Data directory. Right click the Textures folder and copy. Select File > New Tab to open a new tab. In the new tab, select or create a temp folder somewhere outside of Mod Organizer's purview (e.g. C:\TempTextures or D:\TempTextures) or whatever. In this new folder, click Paste. This copies only the textures that are actually used by the game in an empty folder. Once complete, close Explorer++ and Mod Organizer, run CAO, and do what you want with the textures in the temp folder.
  10. Moved from Fallout 4 Mods to General Fallout 4 Discussion & Support.
  11. You need to purchase and install the Anniversary Edition Upgrade from Steam that includes all of the Creation Club content.
  12. I wonder if this is because RBBPH has everything in Main Files and Nexus isn't setup to track mixed versions in Main Files?
  13. Look in the meta.ini file for each mod and you'll se the modid, fileid, and version number that Mod Organizer uses for this. The information here is for The Danse Dilemna that includes two files with different versions: FaceMaxsonV2_9 (Version 2.9) main file and the SearchAndDestroyAlterative optional file (Version 2.6) and looked at the meta.ini file that Mod Organizer creates. [General] gameName=Fallout4 modid=21923 version= newestVersion= ... installedFile="SearchAndDestroyAlternative-21923-2-6.7z" ... [installedFiles] 1\modid=21923 1\fileid=97510 size=1 It looks as if this is structured so that it theoretically can support multiple files, but Mod Organizer overwrites this with the latest file installed if you use the Merge option. If you install both files as separate mods, Mod Organizer has the correct modid, fileid, and version information for each file. EDIT: On second thought, it doesn't seem adding multiple files in [installedFiles] is all that useful anyway because the metadata has only one version and newestVersion element. In any case, I believe the Nexus API requires modid and fileid as parameters in the getFileInfo request that Mod Organizer uses to check for updates. Is this what you are asking about?
  14. The USVFS log can help diagnose issues when Mod Organizer cannot hook and it may help diagnose issues with the virtual file system when the log is in debug mode. it is highly recommended to put the USFVS log in debug mode only when troubleshooting issues with the virtual file system and for short runs because the log is huge and all the log output significantly degrades performance of the game. In other words, I doubt it would help with this specific issue although I'm assuming "mismatching .bsa files" means the names of the BSA files does not match the name of the plugins. I think you did the right thing by running Wrye Bash since it now has some diagnostics to help identify some issues that aren't detected by other tools. I think the best diagnostic tools at this point are Wrye Bash, xEdit, Better Console, and Crash Logger when used with SSE Engine Fixes.
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