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  1. The preferred method is to install the missing masters so you have an accurate picture of the records within the plugins you are trying to edit without potentially lots of missing references. If you don't have and can't find the master required by the plugin, I'd create a new empty plugin with the same name as the missing master and activate it in your load order. Once you've done this, you should be able to least load the plugin into xedit, but you'll likely end up with a lot of missing references that you'll need to figure out how to fix or remove.
  2. i think BS_DLC_patch.esp is the Beyond Skyrim DLC Integration Patch for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma. I haven't used that mod yet but it may be ESM-flagged similarly to the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch so this may explain why it's at the top with the other masters. You might try loading a previous save to see if your latest save is broken somehow before digging into all the mods.
  3. No, there is no karma system in Skyrim and you are basically forced to pickpocket and steal if you want to get into the Thieves Guild if you use the Thieves Guild Requirements mod.
  4. This is much better and I think I somewhat see what you mean now. The difference between lightside and default is subtle with default being perhaps just a shade darker. I prefer to stay with lightside given we have no compelling reason to switch to default and lightside seems to be closer to vanilla.
  5. When I expanded the spoiler just now, I got an empty spoiler box for about 30 seconds ago and was wondering if someone had deleted the images. I was just about to come back here to post about it when the images suddenly started loading, but it took a while for the images to slowly load. The images are also difficult to compare given the need to scroll up and down. The images from DoubleYou (third post from the top of page 3) are somewhat smaller but highchart/whatever makes them easier to compare with the left/right arrows.
  6. I usually use the Alternate Start where I'm camping in the woods outside the Helgen exit cave. I do the basic Helgen quest from here. On the road to Riverwood I coax the wolves out of the forest and take their pelts so I can craft them into leather and leather strips for armor. I then go into Bleak Falls Barrow and loot what I can carry there. After I sell everything in Riverwood and Whiterun and talk to the jarl, I go hunting in the woods between Whiterun and Morthal to collect more wolf pelts and to level my character. Once I've collected what I can carry, I'll go back to Whiterun, craft the hides into leather and use the leather to make armor that I can sell. I haven't tried DoubleYou's trick to enchant everything, but that is an interesting approach to increase the value of everything.
  7. I just started a new game using the STEP 1.0 guide and used coc BlackreachSinderionsShack to enter Blackreach, tmm 1 to enable all map markers, and took this screenshot of the map.
  8. I seem to recall it adds maps for Soul Cairn, Blackreach and Forgotten Vale and it is my go to map. I usually leave pretty much everything at Default so the map markers aren't completely overwhelming in towns like Whiterun and Solitude.
  9. If you installed Mod Organizer within the Skyrim folder, that may be your problem. The virtual file system does not always work correctly when it's installed in the game folder.
  10. I'm also concerned that files on cloud storage services can mysteriously vanish into thin air at any time and I seem to recall this has happened in the past with some of the patches on user created guides posted here over the years. It's too easy to forget these files are used in guides and to delete them from local storage (and cloud storage) when removing unused files.
  11. The BSA archives are loaded in the same order as the plugin they are associated with, but the priority order of the plugins has no bearing on the order of loose files. Also note that the game always uses loose files even if this asset is included in a BSA archive with higher priority. The distinction is that the order of the plugins in the right pane determines which records are used in each plugin. The order of the mods in the left pane determines which assets (meshes, textures, scripts, etc.) are used by the game. And, yes, you should use LOOT to sort the plugins in the right pane and you should use xEdit to resolve any conflicts in the plugins.
  12. This is the breakdown that I'm taking from this announcement: All platforms will have access to Fishing, Survival Mode, and Saints and Seducers PlayStation 5 and XBox Series X|S will receive a free enhanced edition of the game Skyrim Anniversary Edition includes Fishing, Survival Mode, Saints and Seducers, and over 500 pieces of unique content from Creation Club Existing owners of Skyrim Special Edition will receive the option to purchase the Anniversary Edition upgrade So basically Anniversary Edition sounds as if it's nothing more than Skyrim Special Edition plus a bunch of Creation Club content. The enhanced edition of the game is only for PlayStation and XBox.
  13. When I update BethINI, I download the archive from Nexus, right click on the downloaded archive and click Unblock+OK so Windows doesn't freak out because it came from the Internet, and then extract it to a path like C:\Modding Tools\BethINI.
  14. This is how I am interpreting the announcement as well. It looks as if the new quests are from Saints and Seducers.
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