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Better Shaped Weapons - BSW (by masterofshadows and LeanWolf)


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Thought I would post some screens =D I will do more if you all like them. In my opinion it improves the swords a lot. Not so bulky and wide.


Using the same order as Garfink. However, if you want the Scabbards from SSwTB I am unsure how to go keeping them atm.


STEP                                   STEP + BSW

Posted Image      Posted Image


Posted Image      Posted Image


Posted Image     Posted Image

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There is something to be said for Bethesda seemingly deliberate choice to make weapons thicker and broader. I think the idea was to make combat look visually dense and impactful. The paddles swords do look like the hit harder.


My biggest concern with this mod is whether or not it can be used with Cabal's weapon textures. I would be rather reluctant to give them up.

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