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  1. Oh no... I was in the middle of updating my install (earlier last week) during the middle of a play, and all of these recent changes to the way merging is done has totally thrown me off. I'm worried that elements of my game will be broken as I have lost track of where I was in the process with things having shifted around so much and different merging configurations. EDIT: I'm honestly contemplating just deleting my whole installation right now... but I'm just going to try do something else for a while and get back to this later. It's frustrating, because there's no easy way to go back and look at the guide before the merging instruction changes. I'm just getting fed up with all the time I spend modding and trying to fix and tinker with things to get them right, when all I want to do is just play the game and move on to something else at this point. I'm having nightmares about getting back into Skyrim and having to do massive overhauls on my carefully planned and configured custom installation to get up to date with the newest STEP guide for that. Burnout...
  2. I didn't care for DEIMOS. I thought it was kind of stupid (relentlessly spawning mutated animals of all types working together to invade a large underground structure and way too many robots, etc) and buggy. I didn't think it polished enough to be part of the guide. I wish I never played it - lol.
  3. Ess, now that we have RWLE in the guide officially instead of Nevada Skies (I had already made this switch a while back and remember another change that I made as a result) there is a Nevada Skies patch within the installation of ILO. I'm noticing in my installation that I had removed that, so you might want to look into that and possibly remove that from the guide also if that's a good move. EDIT: Also, I think there should be a Willow and YUP patch included in the installation of ILO too because I have those in my installation.
  4. OK, I will because you are asking for that but I didn't previously because the intended installation instructions didn't actually change, just the way information was presented. So basically, if someone already had things right then they need not bother with the change as it's not going to change their setup.
  5. OK, so I modified that section and the intro statement of the following section in the guide. Let me know if I stated anything improperly.
  6. If this is the case, then what is the deal with the DarnifiedUI mod - it gets installed at the beginning of the UI part, then gets moved. The second time it appears where it says to move it to, it has a note that says "Many of the prior mods needed to 'see' DarnUI when installed, but the correct file priority with UIO will be with DarnUI loaded in this spot." So if this is the case, then at least some of the UI mods prior to the this point require it to be installed and perhaps also activated in MO before mods are installed. As a result, I think that this is an important note to have at the very beginning of the UI section rather than where it currently has the note (or at the least in addition to where the note currently is). Obviously I will have to change the wording of the note if I move it to the beginning in order to make sense... Also there is the statement "UI Organizer (UIO) is NVSE plugin that allows UI mods to be installed for FNV without having rerun Unified HUD after each change to the UI section." I don't see Unified HUD (uHUD) anywhere in the guide anymore. If it's gone, then this statement is more confusing than it is informative. (and regarding this, it is mentioned again in the next guide section in this statement "The rest of the User Interface section does not change HUD elements, so they can be installed after Unified HUD and do not require a specific install order.") Perhaps the statement at the beginning of the UI portion of the guide should just say "UI Organizer (UIO) is NVSE plugin that allows UI mods to be installed and uninstalled without having to worry if they have UI elements." Anyone object to me modifying the guide in these ways, and is there anything to add to this or anything else to consider?
  7. Right, I use the guide's order too when I'm installing the whole thing all at once. But what if you update a portion or one mod in the list of UI mods? It used to be a major issue if you didn't re-install the whole UI portion of the guide. At some point this changed when some of the mods dropped their dependence on FOMM and became compatible with MO. And UIO seems to have replaced uHUD. As far as I know there are still some restrictions to re-installing some of those mods out of order. Does anyone know exactly (a link to it preferrably) where this conversation was previously discussed and resolved? If someone can point me to that info, I'll review it and add it to the guide just so these questions don't reappear. It's difficult to find this kind of info in the forum sometimes, but easy to find it in the guide.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm still in the process of getting things up to date. In the process of modifying a UI section mod... I know I'm bringing this up again, but I actually tried to do a couple searches just a minute ago to find out when/where this was discussed previously as I know it was... Alas, I cannot find the info. I forget exactly how the UI mods work as far as which ones need to be installed in order and which ones don't. It's not really made clear in the guide - I just can't remember why or which ones as this information was provided to me by Ess in this forum I think. The details had been ironed out fairly well I thought. I wouldn't be asking if my search for the info was successful. If you know where that information was already stated, providing me a link is fine (as opposed to explaining the whole thing yet again). The only one I reinstalled this time is JIP CC&C. Much appreciated. :) Sorry for my lack of memory.
  9. Guys, what throws me off is that the author is FCO put this statement in his description of the file download for version 3.0: "When upgrading from 1.x you need to start a new game." Maybe he messed up in that and should have said "2.x"? Hackerpcs - when you tested it, did you test from 2.x or 1.x? I'm glad to hear the other mods can be upgraded without an issue with a saved game. Are you certain that I can recreate the Sandbox6 Merged Plugin without causing FormID renumbering? Nice. Any idea what happened to the ILO Willow and YUP patches? I have those 2 .esp files in my load order, but since they aren't in the guide I don't know where they came from.
  10. I've been away for long enough to need advice on this. OK, so today I decided to come back into modding/playing (yes, actually playing) FNV again. So I look at all the outdated mods in MO that have newer versions now and also the more recent changes. I would like to incorporate as much as I can without having to start a new game. That is my goal. As I forget a lot of game/modding mechanics now that I've been away, can someone please review my list and give me advice? As things have recently been updated a bit in the guide, I have not seen any comments in the forums following those changes about upgrade issues for saved games. Which of the following upgrades cannot be done without having to start a new game?: [my version] > [current version available] EVE 1.17 > 1.17.1 (For the next two, I currently have both installed... so according to what I've read, I probably would not be able to keep both and upgrade both. I possibly may not be able to even remove one of them from my playthrough... but can I upgrade one of them at least?) FCO 2.3.2 > 3.01 NVR3 3.0 > 3.7 JIP Companions and Control 2.3 > 2.41 (The next two are in a merged .esp file and I'm concerned that the Form ID numbering may change if I remerge again with the new versions) Uncut Wasteland 0.9 > 0.91b No more giant manhole covers 1.0 > 1.1 Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - YUP 10.2 > 10.4 ADAM - what is different between 4.1.3 and 4.1.4? Apparently someone has been upgrading this mod unofficially off of the Nexus site, but there are no changelogs provided anywhere to see what changes were made from version to version. Is a new game a must for this or can this be done on a saved game? NVInteriors Rewritten Interior Lighting Overhaul - ILO - ok, what happened to the Willow and YUP patches for ILO? They used to be optional .esps that I think may have been in the instructions previously to be merged into the merge patch for this mod. What was the reason for removing them, because I think I may have merged them when I installed version 6.9? Assistance is appreciated. Thank you. :)
  11. To do the DLC quests - I'm wondering if there's a way to dismiss Willow so she returns to her default place (assuming you are already her boyfriend/girlfriend), the suite in Novac. J.T. might go to the NCR Outpost SW corner of the map when you do that with it. I'm not sure, but I think I remember hearing that other followers had to actually be dismissed and not just told to wait somewhere for many of the DLCs to work. That may or may not include Willow and J.T., since they aren't vanilla followers. It's been a while since I played though...
  12. I remember having this issue. I haven't played the game in maybe 6 months, so I'm not sure if I ever actually resolved the problem or if it comes and goes or what. I forget, sorry... but it was an issue that I had as well.
  13. I wrote that part of the guide. It's been a couple months since I played FNV or used any of the utilities... Those two mods should be purple in WryeFlash. They are that color because of the NoMerge tag in them. It is possible that Generate Bash Tags removes the tag and I neglected to mention it in the instructions... MonoAccipiter do you mind checking this for us? I'm asking because it's been a while since I even loaded up MO, and right now I don't feel like getting back into it at this time. If it does, in fact, remove the tag from those two mods, I don't think that's the right move and they should be added back in somehow (perhaps manually even). Feel free to amend the guide with appropriate instructions to account for this.
  14. Supposedly Audley is going to be coming out with a Fallout New Vegas guide sometime in the future, and it will include a few variations of mod sets (for example, one might be like a survival-based variation that includes more mods that tweak the survival aspect of the game, another might be a lite variation that would be basic improvements, and a couple more)..
  15. I'll quote my previous post again. It summarizes what was said in pages and pages worth of subsequent comments. And also, since it seems that more people on here (not surprisingly) tend to think that genetics play a much larger role than experience, I'll share some of my own experience with sexual preferences to balance out a lot of very unbalanced argument. I am very much a breast guy currently. I used to be satisfied with smaller breasts (like B cups, however, never A cups), but I choose to focus on breasts and have spent many hours thinking about large ones, OK? So now I am not satisfied with small breasts, like B cups - they don't turn me on even though they used to. It's gotta be large Cs or bigger. I also used to not get turned on at all by pictures or thoughts of asses or vaginas. After hanging out with a friend of mine (interestingly, a black friend - you know the stereotype... lol) who is very much into large posteriors, my preferences changed. As he spent time pointing them out to me over and over again, going into details about what he liked about them, I decided to try to take in his visualizations and feelings on the matter. Over time I came to appreciate the posterior curves. They turn me on. They used to do absolutely nothing for me. In fact, they probably turned me off, as I associated butts with poop (and I don't like poop). Now they can even turn me on, on their own. I used to not get turned off when I would see porn involving men (and I'm referring to a man having sex with a woman), but rather only like porn with women alone or with other women. I believe it was due to the fact that I was only viewing it from the standpoint of what I was looking to see in a sexual partner. Over time I came to appreciate porn involving men, because I changed the way that I perceive it. I changed my opinion about how I wanted to internalize what I was witnessing. Now I see the other men as avatars for me - I visualize myself as them in their role and can experience what they are experiencing by the way I chose to think about it. Nowadays I also don't mind seeing anime representations of hermaphrodites (chicks with penises, for instance) - they turn me on, because there have been games where I was able to place myself into their shoes (like an avatar). I used to be like - "HELL NO". I used to not like red hair, but now I find it sexy as hell. Etc... I've known other men who have had similar, but different experiences. Sometimes people open up to me and share very personal information, because I'm very honest and sometimes in certain situations that leads others to confide a bit. I know guys who have admitted to having gay interactions with other men and told me not to tell anyone else. One of them told me that they know a lot of people who are sexually flexible and have experimented with different things. I could go on and on. The point is, for me I see a LOT of the experience aspect involved in sexual preferences and you would have to either kill me or aggressively brainwash me to get me to ignore that truth. I'm not going to sit here and tell you what kind of percentage is nature versus nurture. I do not know that, and I would not do that, as it's got to vary from individual to individual (how they think, how they choose to conceptualize body parts or their role in a sexual interaction, etc.). But I will tell you that it is absolutely total crap to say that sexual preference is something like 99.9% nature and 0.1% nurture. That is completely nonsense. I feel this whole conversation is being very much driven by viewpoints that are very much not balanced, and while many of them are very interested in details (many of which are very open to interpretation), they are lacking in truth apparent in basic concepts and basic observations. That has to do with personality differences, but I also think it is blinding many from understanding. That's all I have to say, so go ahead and try to justify your intellectual superiority by breaking apart my message into bits and pieces with cross-references to other opposing viewpoints. Or calling me a Nazi or something, because I am willing to consider those who have conservative opinions.
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