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Found 29 results

  1. Discussion topic: ENB Lights For Effect Shaders by powerofthree Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: Simplest Horses (and other mounts) by Hackfield Wiki Link This one is even simpler than the competing mods in testing: Convenient Horses Simple Horse SE
  3. Discussion topic: XPMSSE - Nemesis - Papyrus Stack Fix by Tommas666 Wiki Link We might need this. Never honestly noticed an issue with our current setup, however.
  4. Discussion topic: Simple Horse SE by tktk Wiki Link Testing this against: Convenient Horses Simplest Horses
  5. Discussion topic: Picta Series - Improved Sky Meshes by TrueDraconis, Kettlewitch, & Odin Wiki Link Previously "Improved Clouds Mesh" Compares Picta Compares
  6. Discussion topic: Horse Stamina HUD - Script-Free by Parapets Wiki Link Should be a simple thing to check. Always wanted a horse stamina bar. SKSE plugin that adds the horse stamina bar so you know how long you can sprint on your horse.
  7. Discussion topic: Glacier LOD Meshes by Phlunder Wiki Link Higher quality glacier LOD meshes. Oldrim page, but works on Special Edition no problem. Should be an easy compare/add.
  8. Discussion topic: Dark Brotherhood Tenets Redone by Sherwyn Wiki Link It would seem that we have this mod accepted in our guide in lieu of Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored, a Skyrim texture mod which works on SSE. It would seem that user LtdJorge effected this change on September 17, 2020 without anyone catching it. See the wiki page, which @z929669 added the note that the mod name changed, but it actually is a totally different mod by a different author. I do not see any discussion of this change, and given that these mods appear to be much different, I have marked this mod for testing and redirected the wiki to the original mod.
  9. Discussion topic: Unofficial Skyrim Creation Club Content Patches by Garthand Wiki Link Creation content will not be unofficial patched by Arthmoor's USSEP. Creation content and USSEP will be supported in AE by Garthand. This will most likely be a needed patch/link between USSEP and CC.
  10. Discussion topic: ElSopa - HD Iron Tools Redone SE by ElSopa Wiki Link A new one by ElSopa. Currently some of these are provided by Rally's, Hulk's and other mods, but we have several of ElSopa's mods too. Worth a compare against current Step. Created the wiki page and set Baseline to 1K for testing (vanilla = 512 for many of these.)
  11. Discussion topic: WoW Dragon Mounds CTD Fix by Diego2891 Wiki Link I don't know what causes this issue for some, but not others. However, it doesn't seem to hurt to have this installed either way. It would better to simply include it for those that do have the issue. I've tagged with with Lighting & Weather since this would only be installed if that section is also installed.
  12. Discussion topic: High Hrothgar Fixed by Outpowner Wiki Link Are you sick of mesh fixes yet? Excerpt from the mod blurb: Installation: download 'High Hrothgar Fixed' main file and 'High Hrothgar Fixed - ELFX Patch' optional file, install both, overwrite the first with the second or keep separate as you wish. Compatibility: according to the MA, the meshes can safely overwrite USSEP, SMIM, Unofficial Material Fix. Can safely overwrite ELFX with the accompanying patch. The only remaining conflict is with DynDOLOD Resources, which is discussed in details further below. Please refer to the Nexus page for screenshots of a few fixes. Here is one I caught while wandering inside: Vanilla > STEP > STEP + High Hrothgar Fixed
  13. Discussion topic: Particle Lights for ENB - Nordic Ruins Candles by RemmyKun Wiki Link I know @TechAngel85 and I mentioned this mod somewhere (probably Discord). It doesn't currently conflict with Radiant - Candles, so I'm not sure if we were intending on using this or not.
  14. Discussion topic: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Update and MCM by mnikjom Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Skyrim Skill Uncapper(fixed) by vadfromnu Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: SSE FPS Stabilizer by Shizof Wiki Link I'm sure everyone has at least heard of this mod by now. The default settings mainly alter TerrainManager LOD settings higher/lower as FPS increases/decreases, but it can be configured to dynamically adjust any INI setting higher/lower as the FPS increases/decreases. Below is the customized INI file that I am using with this for testing, which is geared toward higher-end hardware. z929669 --> I have been testing with the above config with the first section modified a bit more realistically and for my own FPS, which averages more around 55 FPS overall:
  17. Discussion topic: More Lights for ENB - Blood Splatter Fix by wSkeever Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Ice skating fixed for real - No more attack sliding movement by AUTHOR Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Amulet of Talos - Concept Art Implementation by Exalderan Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Sven Ballad Dialogue Option Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Savos Aren's Regrets Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  22. Discussion topic: Highland Cows More Wooly (High Poly Model Restored) - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  23. Discussion topic: House Telvanni Banners Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: Spellbreaker Spell Reflection and Ward Visuals Restored - Cut Content Restoration by Exalderan Wiki Link
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