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  1. Discussion topic: New Equipment Overhaul by Dank Rafft Wiki Link This is the successor to Armor and Clothing Overhaul.
  2. Discussion topic: Make Like a Tree by DoubleYou Wiki Link I didn't find any tree mods that seemed to work very well replacing the maple trees in a vanilla-friendly way, so I decided to make one myself. I've taken the liberty to add a handful of leaves to them, since it makes little sense that all the trees are leafless, given the large amounts of maple leaves that can be found on the ground, unless you believe that it is autumn all year round. Vanilla --> Fallout 4 HD Overhaul --> Make Like a Tree
  3. Discussion topic: Detailmap Seamfix by zzjay Wiki Link This helps to hide neck seams on actors when the blankdetailmap texture isn't included by authors. Since Step currently uses some vanilla textures for beast races, it would be a good idea to test this for the Guide. Tech: I have done some very light testing by allowing this mod to overwrite Tempered Skins, since those mods include the blankdetailmap texture. Results were mostly worse seams than before; therefore, I would recommend the placement of this mod to be before the Tempered Skins mods; allowing them to overwrite this one.
  4. Discussion topic: Cathedral - 3D Sword Ferns by Dr Jacopo Wiki Link Step v2.2 (vanilla) w/ENB > Cathedral 3D /ENB The last compare here is simply without ENB to show the color. The animation on the Cathedral ferns is more wavy vs vanilla's more rigid ones. It's not natural looking because the stem would be woody on this plant, meaning the the stems wouldn't "wave". That my (Tech's) only real complaint about these. They are a bit dark vs vanilla, however, vanilla is too shiny. As is the case with a lot of vanilla textures, it has too much specular for a plant...especially one that is brown and dying.
  5. Discussion topic: Rally's Torchbugs by Rallyeator Wiki Link Looks like a good mesh and texture replacer with ENBSeries Complex Particle Lights compatibility. Covers both torchbugs and bliss bugs, including their jars. These are currently vanilla textures in Step. Acceptance of this would allow dropping:
  6. Discussion topic: Shadow Boost by doodlez Wiki Link If this works anything like the equivalent in Fallout 4, this should improve performance and visuals immensely dependent upon your framerate. I would suggest setting low value to something like 3000 and high value to around 10240.
  7. Discussion topic: Navigator - Navmesh Fixes by tarlazo Wiki Link Fixes and improves vanilla navmeshes. Skyrim has notoriously bad navmeshes in some places. USSEP fixes a few of those. This mod covers more of them. Only interior cells are covered, mostly dungeons, to avoid conflicts with other mods. This not only helps the movement of followers/summons, but all NPCs: neutral, allies, and more importantly enemies. Have you ever felt disappointed because the boss was stuck in a doorway or behind a pillar during the entire battle? This mod is intended to alleviate this issue. Notes: As recommended on the mod page, choose the All-In-One ESL option, and sort it high in load order if LOOT doesn't it do for you. Don't clean with xEdit. ITMs are intentional and may break the mod if removed.
  8. Discussion topic: Dynamic Collision Adjustment by Ershin Wiki Link This is used by many mod guides out there and I feel it fits into the mandate. I did not know collisions prior to were static as mentioned on the mods main page. This mod as minor at it seems to be viable. Now we can sneak under objects better than before, etc.
  9. Discussion topic: Boston Public Library Settlement by pra Wiki Link Allows the ability for the Boston Public Library to be a settlement following clearing the location, rebuilding the precombines for the affected cells and the navmeshes. Notably uses partial form flags to help prevent compatibility issues, which are verified to work correctly. Should load after Previsibines Repair Pack. Small conflict with Clarity's interior fog setting (shouldn't be a big deal). There aren't too many interior cell settlements, and this is a large enough interior location that making a settlement inside makes some sense. This is one of my more favorite interior cell locations, so I like the idea of it becoming a settlement.
  10. Discussion topic: Power Armor Visual Enhancement (PAVE) by Strider5 Wiki Link A more modern and less clunky retexturing of New Vegas' Power Armor. Should make Book of Steel (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39873?tab=files), Book Of Water - Armour Fixes (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/66772), and Book of Steel - Compatibility Edition (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/60666) all irrelevant unless I'm mistaken and there's some things that are missed. As far as I'm aware the Update File - PAVE Compatibility Plugins resolves potential conflicts anyway, just disable the TTW esp. I am unsure to any conflicts with Robert's Male Body.
  11. Discussion topic: Better Brotherhood by PlatinumShad0w Wiki Link The mod description explains it well, but basically fame opportunities are very small for the Brotherhood and even with siding them it's almost impossible to become idolized with them, this mod changes that among other things. Adds a lore-friendly unmarked quest to return Brotherhood tags just like the NCR and Legion, adds an extra ending for a Brotherhood-Independant Alliance and flavour for that (the Brotherhood helping in the Battle of Hoover Dam without an NCR alliance on the side of Independant), and various changes to NPC services and equipment. This mod does make Veronica Companion Weapon - Recharger Pistol (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/41248) which is already in the guide irrelevant by changing her 10mm Pistol to a Laser Pistol.
  12. Discussion topic: This Settlement Does Not Need Your Help - BS Defence Redone by Rcoll Wiki Link Because with all the turrets I've set up, there's no way those raiders stand a chance.
  13. Discussion topic: Nuka Cola Swap by DoubleYou Wiki Link Nuka Cola Swap adds more variety to your Nuka Cola looting experience. Adds new empty Nuka Cola bottles for the other Nuka Cola flavors, and redistributes these throughout the game using Base Object Swapper. Swaps all full Nuka Cola bottles randomly with all the other flavors in a reasonably balanced manner using Base Object Swapper. The leveled list for Nuka Cola vending machines now has the Nuka World flavors and empty bottles added in a reasonably balanced way. You are more likely to find empty bottles, so that offsets the higher spec Nuka World flavors very well.
  14. Discussion topic: Base Object Swapper by powerofthree Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: Baka Framework by shad0wshayd3 Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Equipment and Crafting Overhaul Redux by Dank Rafft Wiki Link Dank Rafft has decided to split ECO into separate mods, splitting off the legendary stuff into Legendary Effect Overhaul (LEO) and the armor stuff into New Equipment Overhaul (NEO).
  17. Discussion topic: True Storms - Wasteland Edition by fadingsignal Wiki Link I've used this in the past, and it is quite good.
  18. Discussion topic: We Can Live In - Natick Substation by Glitchfinder Wiki Link This looks like a good addition, and we know the author produces superb work. As a bonus, it'd be our first mod for 17-Locations group.
  19. Discussion topic: Gloomy Glass - All transparent materials revised by SpringHeelJon Wiki Link Gloomy Glass balances the environmental effects on all transparent material files that is intended to replace Glowing Glass Fix. Gloomy Glass includes 13 BGEM files that are in Ultimate Window Overhaul and 132 BGEM files that have no conflicts.
  20. Discussion topic: Lightweight Lighting - A weather and interior lighting overhaul by SpringHeelJon Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Perk Up - Full Vanilla Plus perk Overhaul by SpringHeelJon Wiki Link SpringHeelJon has been on a roll lately.
  22. To expedite release of 2.2.0, it would be great if volunteers could provide testing feedback on all mods tagged as 'TESTING' for 2.2.0. Otherwise, it will take us into the new year to get to everything and update the guide. That link takes you to all mods being considered for 2.2.0 (and a few other related non-mod topics). Just go into those topics with the yellow TESTING tag, read the OP and any comments, and add your feedback/opinions. Please provide testing evidence for mods making changes to look/feel and relevant evidence for the others where practical.
  23. Discussion topic: FPSL - Lighting and Tweaks Performance by Droname Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: Shadow Boost FO4 by PK0 Wiki Link I haven't tested this as much as the Alexander Blade/Kediwah i860 version, but it may be a viable alternative for easier installation and possibly extra features.
  25. Discussion topic: Fallout 4 Enhanced Color Correction by ChaosWWW Wiki Link I'll be honest. I don't really know anything about LUTs, but this mod comes highly rated and I've used it in the past. Hodilton did a very nice video of it too. Simple plug and play mod.
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