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  1. I followed these instructions from https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited_-_Legendary_Edition No Snow Under The Roof Files to merge: Prometheus_No_snow_Under_the_roof.esp (No Snow Under The Roof)Prometheus_NSUTR BDS Patch.esp (No Snow Under The Roof)Prometheus_NSUTR Falskaar Dock.esp (No Snow Under The Roof)NSutR RRRE Patch.esp (No Snow Under The Roof)No Snow Under The Roof - CRF Patch.esp (Cutting Room Floor - No Snow Under The Roof)Merge name: ----- No Snow Under The Roof MergeFilename: NSUTR - Merged.espLeft pane placement: Directly after No Snow Under The Roof06060D7E < Error Could not be resolved. Sorry, not sure how to put things in a "spoiler" box. Actually I just got this message, its the same message for Farmhouse Chimney mod this time, that is also merged as instructed in the same way. (same link).
  2. Just to revive this old thread, just got back to Skyrim modding and I have installed this baby with a ton of scripted mods (more than that of Skyrim Revisited suggested by far) and with all the CTD and crash fix innovations in the past 2 years, I can run this mod no problem, probably worth considering again.
  3. I have downloaded TES5Edit 3.1.3 as instructed and I still can't process DynDOLOD with the "no snow under the roof" mod activated. More accurately: I CAN process no snow under the roof mod that isn't merged with the instruction as given with Revisited. But once I merged the patches with the mod esp, DynDOLOD fails. I have run out of slots to keep it unmerged, which would be the simple solution, I have deactivated the no snow under the roof esp to process DynDOLOD for now, doesn't make a huge difference to the LOD of course.
  4. Quick tip with Dyndolod, use the -5 setting to make the LOD textures darker, it makes the LOD more seemless/less abrupt when transitioning into the player radius where tree shadows on itself is applied. This is true for SFO 2.4, Trees HD, and Realistic Aspens anyhow.
  5. I fixed dyndolod! Silly me, was using an old version of xedit! I fixed all my crashes, was able to increase my movement speed to 1500 and fly around skyrim for 10 minutes without crashing. I also increase the timescale and ton to stress out the weather and that was stable too! I have upgraded all my textures back up to 2K (using the old Titan card so plenty of texture memory.) as well! The only unknown at the moment is my merging of esps. I am not sure that actually didn't break anything. I had to merge all my patches from different mods as I was up past 300 mods. Not sure if that will break the game or not, I stuck with merging smaller patches and mods only. Cross my fingers!
  6. I will double check that its running with the logging software. Yeah, I will download the latest version of xEdit and try again. That should do the trick! Are you still optimizing all your mod textures? Are the textures all 2K? (I have mostly downloaded 1K textures but would like to upgrade that back)
  7. Hmmm, digging for answers, I don't think I am using the latest version of FO4edit! It says it needs it. Maybe that's the problem. (I can imagine the sense of satisfaction if I can just get it to work! And finally nail that last(!?) CTD bug in the butt. I live for that day.)
  8. Wah, that is a very interesting set of links... makes me wonder if my memory patch is working at all, I have the SKSE.ini file in the overwrite folder of MO, I will move it over to my Skyrim directory instead. I will check this log thing to see. It has always annoyed me that I can't get Skyrim Revisit working completely happily without issues. Having said that all my testing and mod management/manipulation has certainly help to the point where I don't get CTDs much any more (<1 per 2-4 hours), but I still think I am missing something. It was a good read your link, I get this odd corruption of my SkyUI textures sometimes and now I know its Safety Load that is causing that. Having said that Safety Load has helped a lot with my infinite load screen problem (which isn't a problem any more), but reading all that, it maybe because my Sheeson memory patch isn't working properly in the first place that is causing issues (I HOPE). I still can't run dynlod, I still get can't find "such and such" normal map file in skyrim.esm after 10-12 minutes. I am a little worried that my SSD has some corrupt sectors somewhere, I have a couple of OLD folders that I can't delete and when I do a chkdsk, it doesn't show up any problems. As far as all my other folders are concerned, I haven't noticed the problem spreading (for like for over 2-3 years and have never had a problem with any other games). The odd thing is I can get dynlod running to the end if I disable all the quest mods (which suggests its a load-order/literally missing file problem). Maybe I should just generate a dynlod without all those other mods (which would still give me a nice LOD comparatively anyway, just not 100% complete but probably not noticible under 99% of in-game circumstances), but I would like to know what the problem is though. The best way I think for peace of mind is to see if I can unpack all my skyrim folder bsa files and see if they unpack ok, if they do unpack, then they can't be the cause of my problem. (I would've think that a corrupt base skyrim bsa file would cause a lot more problems than what I am seeing here though, but who knows.)
  9. hey thanks! Here to stay till the creation kit comes out for Elder Scroll 6 !!! :)
  10. I am happy with yours actually, will keep using it for now. It's not THAT slow, I have downloaded the Timing is everything's author presets which really slows the pace of the in-game quests nicely. recommended. 1) All the STEP extended patches have BSE as a requirement, what to do there to edit that out or do I just switch over and use the STEP core patch instead (not sure if the core patch has BSE as a requirement off the top of my head.)? That was the other scripted mod that I certainly can live without, if I had to choose one it would be to keep wet and cold. 2) definitely. 3) Just will be testing that value myself soon. 4) Really? goes to show how extra NPCs walking around slows the game down (i.e. immersive patrols.) 6) I tend to agree there. (next play through maybe.) 7) I just found a briar heart... I want to try out some forsworn weapons (which no one bothers with usually but with WAA it could be interesting!) 8) I also have The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal too. Will add those others as well once I am really happy with my game's stability. Ha ha, I have not finished the main quest yet! The only DLC I did finish was the Dawnguard one! I plan to finish it this time with this character. A Heavy Armored Spellsword, one handed weapon and spells in the other hand, Alteration, Restoration & Destruction. Also Smithing and maybe Conjuration/Enchantment secondarily. There is a lot of synergy in Ordinator for this type of gameplay. Should be fun! 10) memory block log? Where is that? How do you turn that on? 11) Skytweaks, I will make note of that one, the Hotkey Saves (which uses SKSE) worked as well but doesn't do as much as Skytweaks. I have forgotten Skytweaks! Brings back memories, great mod for game balancing! 12) How should look where in TESVedit for that conflict? 13) yea, odd, I have all the correct billboads in place, but I will try again once I have all the quest modes finally in place.
  11. I was going to message you privately about my testing of your packs but I figured I will post it here so others can benefit as well, in case others have encountered the same issues. (For reference: I am using Step extended, dovahkin reborn, deleveled loot, skyrim gameplay rebalanced pack and textures/UI elements from Skyrim Revisited, Falskaar/Wrymtooth at the moment.) btw, I have returned to Skyrim after a 1.5 year sabbatical, so I have a lot to catch up on, but I am almost up to speed now. Finally gotten down and playing again, got to level 8 (with your level uncapper ini, so its slow going.) I have some observations about stability and CTDs, 1) I have decided to go without footprint, wet and cold (and enchanced blood mod, just keeping the textures) and dual shealth redux, that has taken a HUGE load off papyrus and made my game so much more stable. (I love all these mods A LOT) Scripts like those from frostfall are firing instantaneously now (I guess can use dual shealth redux (or one of these mods) if I want to, but its no big deal not having it, I don't notice it much as I am in first person most of the time.) I may add these back in if I really have nailed the stability of the game eventually. 2) Also by uninstalling immersive patrols I have gotten rid of the random CTD (actually its not that random! It may seem random as it sometimes occurs way off in the distance out of your line of sight) which I have pinned down to when there are large spawns of Stormcloaks and Imperials fighting. Very consistent CTD there, I think there are lots of scripts going on here with the fighting and them looting bodies (loot and degradation) and all the increase graphics load with all the textures/meshes. Just kills this engine with ALL the other mods running. I was able to play 6 hours with just one CTD. Not bad. I can slowly add more mods now that I know what is causing issues. I don't think these battles between Stormcloaks and Imperials randomly on the road without much context adds all that much to the game anyway. I suspect that this MAYBE fixed if you edit your ini so these events only occur closer to you, but I don't think its worth the effort trying to fix it. 3) Decided against hunterborn, its implementation isn't consistent with immersive creatures as some "animals" aren't marked as animals. It also slows the game to a slow-grind, especially the smithing tree, which grows too slowly compared to the other skills. I guess I could adjust this easy enough. Having said all that: I have noticed that because of ASIS, I have a million wolf skins as a result and having hunterborn means the cost of havesting skins is substantial enough that you have to spend a few in game days to harvest skins... and with frostfall/ineed you will go through your supplies (food/wood) a lot quicker. Even with all the scarcity mods, food is super easy to come by, I have like 51 troll jerky (which seems to spoil very slowly, which makes sense), even with followers needing food, I have plenty. So hunterborn wouldn't be a bad idea.... I think I have just talked myself into installing it..... sheesh.... (definitely optional in any case.) 4) I wished 3DNPC didn't have all those NPCs that just stand around and talk and talk and talk. I really like the few NPCs that actually have interesting quests to give you. Not to mention the conflicts it has with many other mods like cutting room floor, makes it difficult to integrate. So overall a NET LOSS, so won't bother with it. Didn't bother with inconsequential NPC either, they were just all a little too inconsequential with not enough substance, I like the ambiance they gave to the game though. (on the up side, it doesn't have conflicts like 3DNPC). 5) That immersive AI overhaul is amazing, wouldn't play the game without it. I like it now that I have to FIND Proventus in his schedule to hand-in a quest, like he is actually alive and not just waiting for me all the time. I have installed amorous adventures as well and it seems to play well with all the other mods including this one. 6) What else... What do you think of enchantment awaken, I haven't added it yet as I wanted to keep the load order simpler while I am troubleshooting. Is there any installation issues I should be aware of if you recommend it (or should I just stick with Ordinator's changes). 7) I have to say Weapons and Attributes is FREAKING amazing. Really makes all the gear different is so many new ways. Loot and degradation is awesome as well, makes the smithing perk so much more interesting and not one-dimensional. The bathing mod is surprisingly good as well, makes roleplaying just that little bit better. ... I saw a pissing mod out there as well, but it integrates only with realistic needs and diseases (and not ineeds), but its a funny idea, the dragonborn having a piss. 8) I only have Falskaar and Wyrmtooth installed so far with immersive mage college overhaul and that high Rothga (spelling) overhaul. What of the other quest mods do you recommend as a must have? (even with merging, I am running low on slots, so can't install them all.) 9) I was wondering also if D.F.B. (name?), that mod that adds more spawn points to Skyrim still work and is stable in your experience. 10) Skyrim is pretty Uber now! But with all the mods now available and the rather lack of testing of actual mod combos for playability and stability, its still a pretty huge CTD mine field. 11) I also found an odd bug that took hours to pinned down. Whenever I was hit by a trap (any trap), I would CTD, it turns out to be eatdrinksleep animation mod that is causing it (obviously its an interaction with some other mod, which mod, I have no idea. Maybe another animation mod or mesh or sound mod) That took forever to find and fix. Very odd. I also got that CTD at save bug once, but that was easy to get around, by load a old save that is bug free, killing the player with the console command then loading the bugged save and saving again. Lesson there is: don't quicksave ever!!! I use the hotkey save mod instead now. 12) One other issue (not game breaking) is I am getting flicking lights at the Inn in winterhold, must have missed an edit somewhere, but can't remember where, any ideas? like RRR and something else Relighting Skyrim, ELFX or something. Its also occuring in the winterhold's Jarl's building as well, which doesn't have anything to do with RRR (realistic room rentals). Slightly odd. 13) I can't seem to get DynLOD to run, keeps saying its missing certain normal textures. But it runs fine when its just vanilla without mods. Not sure why it can't find those normal textures, they should be in the BASE skyrim bsa, maybe I should unpack the BSAs and try again. No biggie, I don't really mind the old STEP LOD settings. But any comments here would be useful. (edit: I have decided to number the paragraphs, so people can comment on my comments easier.)
  12. EBT is the worst of the culprits, I CTD repeatably with it on when ever there are larger than usual NPC spawns, I love the mod as much as the next guy, but trust me on this, your testing will give you the same results. I have never had issues with ASIS perks or spells and apart from the standard recommended SKSE ini settings you can't do much to help there.
  13. P.S. Oh and for "insert whom ever you believe in" sakes, don't install Safety Load it doesn't do anything not placebo and won't fix anything. Try uninstalling heavily scripted mods Enhanced Blood Textures, Wet & Cold, Footprints (seriously try this, it will fix most of CTDs). If you install our pack and still run a zillion heavily scripted mods you are bound to CTD especially when there are a lots of NPCs spawning. (and to reiterate, it has nothing to do with install or not install our patches.) (Just in case: use Ugrid 5 and no more, if my machine can't handle it then yours can't too.)
  14. I can generally say that almost all the patches are to bring forward changes that the mod lower on the load order overwrites. So that we retain the full and intended function of the mod above. In cases where the mods cover the same thing, we choose which mod is more appropriate. In most cases NOT having patches will NOT break the game or cause CTDs, just somethings just won't work as intended. As for your more specific questions, I will leave those to our residence patcher Dreadflopp to answer.
  15. I have totally converted to using Death Alternative, works fine 95% of the time in my experience which is good enough for me. Until there is a DA Alternative!! I love not having to reload save games and not bothering with saving at all (apart from timed saves just in case Skyrim decides to crash), any thing that happens (that isn't bugged of course) just adds to my character's story in very interesting ways. Speaking of bugs, the bugs or bugged out situations I've seen aren't frequent, my current level 17 (dead slow leveling character) has had one bugged out event that is more the product of me adding mods than DA.
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