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  1. The shader on this mod looks great. Adding minor mechanic complexity is good. It was a nice touch in oblivion.
  2. I had the same issue the first time I installed this mod. I could not find a reason. I uninstalled the mod and reinstalled it again. It is working as intended now. Maybe try reinstalling and see if it works for you?
  3. I agree with Tech after playing with it for some time. In many places this 3d version feels sparse or weird. The thistle from this mod sticks out instead of blending in.
  4. When I took the screens the Vanilla Size version was not up yet. So I am guessing the XL version. I can take some screenshots with the vanilla size and update the post.
  5. Yes, if you use HLT then you don't use Enhanced Vanilla Trees. I would recommend using this as well for lods with DYNDLOLD. Happy Little Trees Add-On - DynDOLOD 3 at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com). You can still use Aspens Ablaze if you want.
  6. Some screenshots. I made sure each mod was the only one enabled between screenshots. This lavender is quite striking in game. Need to play with it a bit to see how I feel. Vanilla>Cathedral-plants>Hybrids>3D Lavender XL>3D Lavender Vanilla
  7. I put this mod at the bottom of the left panel so it would overwrite everything. I would also prefer an upscaled hybrids or improved mesh. I ended up going for keeping Hybrids. The overall shape of the 3d thistle stuck out too much for me while playing.
  8. I was taking screens this morning and then had to work. Beat me to it :p I agree it is a vast change. This mod does look quite nice on the tundra.
  9. Added some vanilla compares. Hybrids adds some definition/shape to the leaves. It mainly improves the flowers nicely over vanilla. I am ok with using 3d Thistle even if it may deviate. The model and texture are much better and blend in well. There are many varieties in North America too. Some Thistle has the leaf pattern close to the stem. The leaves themselves do not extend far out. This seems to be what bethesda was going for in vanilla. Wavy Leaf Thistle>Canadian Thistle Others have leaves similar to what 3d thistle was going for. The leaves are broader and extend out from the stems more California Thistle>Indian Thistle
  10. While I do like the way this looks in game, I am conflicted if it deviates from vanilla. The vanilla thistle tends to look more like some European plants called thistle such as: Thistle is more of a common name plant wise. Variation in leaves is quite vast besides generally having similar looking flowers and the presence of bristles/spines on the leaves/ stems.
  11. If your fps is above 105 after enabling ultra then the guide says you can move forward. Higher than 105 fps means enabling Ultra within bethini and then continuing to STEP 5- LOD. Make sure you followed this part of the performance tuning guide as well. This way you get proper fps reading with LOD and ENB. Once testing is complete, revert the changes and reapply frame caps: Re-enable A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds. Double click SSE Display Tweaks in the MO left pane, select the INI Files tab, and adjust the following settings under the [Render] section: EnableVSync=true FramerateLimit=<previousValue> If applicable, ensure that G-SYNC or Freesync are properly enabled via NVIDIA Inspector or AMD Adrenalin. If applicable, ensure that NVIDIA ultra low latency mode (ULLM) or AMD anti-lag are properly enabled via NVIDIA Inspector or AMD Adrenalin. You already ran all the steps in PArt 5-LOD correct? This includes xLODgen and DYNDLOD. If so and your fps is still high...you can add enb and post processing if you desire. Start with the highest preset and go down if your FPS drops below 65. Does this flashing only happen after the initial load into the game? It is normal to occur after loading or changing cells, but it should go away after running around a bit.
  12. I've been playing with this mod for almost a week. No issues that I can notice. This mod was great for a quest that includes two temporary followers. Mousetick mentioned this and I agree with the effectiveness of the fix. When the followers were in the way within small corridors and doors, I was no longer screaming at my monitor lol. My player character was able to pass through them and vice versa with ease. Very convenient. The common aggravation of being run into by npcs when in conversation has not happened since installation so I cannot verify this change. I have been playing with summons and it is nice to just move through them after combat.
  13. Choosing 11/11 seemed weird to me as well. Guess they were trying to go with the familiarity and ease of remembrance. At this point Bethesda will probably still choose 11/1123.
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