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Found 78 results

  1. Discussion topic: Skyrim Project Optimization SE by rgabriel15/Pritster5 Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: powerofthree's Tweaks by powerofthree Wiki Link Required by SPID. Some of the tweaks sound like very welcome additions as well and will require testing.
  3. Discussion topic: LOD Unloading Bug Fix by wankingSkeever Wiki Link I'm not sure if this is needed or not, but could prove useful. I've not really seen this issue while using a correct LOD setup, although I know the issue exists in specific circumstances. I want to believe that this doesn't happen because we have proper LOD settings, but it may be simply a matter of "distance" as the author states.
  4. Discussion topic: XPMSSE - Nemesis - Papyrus Stack Fix by Tommas666 Wiki Link We might need this. Never honestly noticed an issue with our current setup, however.
  5. Discussion topic: Fix Note Icon for SkyUI (SKSE64 plugin) by 0xC0000005 Wiki Link My personal note on this one (pun semi-intended): Does what it says, gives notes the proper icon in SkyUI. Little caveat, it does so by checking for the word "note" in the name of the item. Now since some "notes" don't have the note model but are acutally books (person XYs notes for ex) at least modelwise it feels not completely perfect. Compares: STEP --> With this mod Accepted for 2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: NPC AI Process Position Fix - SSE by maxsu2017 Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: Shadows Of Sunlight - In Small Exterior World Spaces by wSkeever Wiki Link This mod applies the same trick used for allowing the sunlight to shine through another two small areas, as with Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes: Giant's Grove, and Castle Volkihar Courtyard. They're both from the same MA. ESPFE plugin. Comparison Screenshots: STEP base (no Weather & Lighting mods) > STEP base + DVLaSS + Shadows of Sunlight Castle Volkihar Courtyard Giant's Grove (Serana decided to appear out of nowhere and follow) Unfortunately the big statue (in the center, not visible on screenshot, behind the rocks with the giant) doesn't appear to cast shadows. To be confirmed. Note: this mod also includes the sunlight trick for Shalidor's Maze, so it's partially redundant with 'Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes', but not completely, as it doesn't contain the latter's other fixes. Both mods can be used at the same time, load order doesn't matter. There are conflicts with Atlas Map Markers which always wins, and other mods depending on where LOOT sorts this plugin. The changes are so tiny that they could all be included in the CR patch and this plugin could be omitted entirely. This mod has open permissions with these licensing terms: "If you use any part of this mod in your work, you must release it under Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)" which may be incompatible with STEP terms. To go to Castle Volkihar Courtyard for testing: Make sure this plugin is loaded after AMM otherwise it won't work Can't fast travel there even with all map locations enabled, using the console (coc DLC1VampireCastleCourtyard) didn't work for me either coc DLC1VampireCastleZCell1 in the console The door to the courtyard is right next (or behind) you
  8. Discussion topic: SPID for Footprints by reza9892 Wiki Link Uses SPID to distribute the footprints spells from the footprints mod, instead of the cloak spell of the original mod. This replaces the plugin and most of the scripts of the original Footprints mod, and adds a footprint spell distribution configuration for SPID. I've been using it for a while and only noticed now that it had already been suggested by @Mercury71 so I'm posting this to potentially gather more attention and feedback. Dependencies/Requirements: The original Footprints mod. MCM Helper (an SKSE plugin + ESPFE plugin), used for the MCM UI. SPID. Installation: after the original Footprints mod, so that this mod overwrites the Footprints.esp plugin and scripts. Pluses: Greatly simplified scripts compared to original. Doesn't require the starting quest (MQ101 aka Unbound) to have reached a certain stage to start working. So it can be installed mid-game, and should be compatible with other alternate start mods than ASLAL. Minuses: There are a few reports in the comments section of player footprints not working after a while. I haven't encountered this issue myself in the few hours that I've been using this mod. Comparison of a couple of scripts between original mod and SPID for Footprints:
  9. Discussion topic: Slow Fix by saffral Wiki Link Posted this in reference to this post:
  10. Discussion topic: Weapon Speed Mult Fix by Emanwe Wiki Link Posted this in reference to this post:
  11. Discussion topic: Archery Quick Shot Perk Bug Fix by Dutchj Wiki Link Replaced by Scrambled Bugs
  12. Discussion topic: Fuz Ro D-oh - Silent Voice by shadeMe Mod Picker Link
  13. Discussion topic: Labyrinthian Shalidor's Maze Fixes by wSkeever Wiki Link This fixes a bunch of small layout glitches by repositioning objects and replacing meshes in the Shalidor's Maze area, and it adds sunlight. Install: if used with Assorted Mesh Fixes, they should overwrite it. There is an ESL plugin, which must be enabled. Conflicts: there is a minor conflict with Atlas Map Markers, which AMM wins using LOOT. It must be patched if sunlight is desired (see below). Otherwise no conflict with the current WIP STEP setup as far as I can tell. Before > After of one of the more noticeable fixes: Before > After of sunlight and shadows - only works if conflict with AMM is resolved: See Nexus page for more comparison screenshots.
  14. Discussion topic: Battle-Ready Candlelight Fixes by ThatSpartacusGuy Wiki Link Accepted for SE Guide (> 1.0.0) This mod does what 1st Person Candlelight Fixes does and also removes the particle glow and adjusts the candle placement, which are both arguably fixes, too. Need someone to test out in game and provide screens compares against Step default.
  15. Discussion topic: Melee VATS Animation Restoration by miguick Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Logic and Consistency Fixes by qwerty Wiki Link WARNING: Mod versions newer than v 1.1 have a bug that will break the quest "Birds of Feather". Most of the fixes in the newer versions will also cause conflict with other mods in this guide.
  17. Discussion topic: Aim Transition Patch (NVSE) by Carxt Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: ELFX Dwemer Floor Footsteps Fix by Spongeman131 Wiki Link STEP guide installs EFLX meshes. A couple of EFLX meshes for Dwemer dungeons floor are missing physics material information. This mod fixes them. Pretty straightforward, nothing more to it. Install: after ELFX. Test: go to Silver Blood Inn (Markath) and walk around the bar on the outer perimeter floor tiles. Before fix: no footsteps sound. After fix: hear footsteps. You may need to adjust your audio settings to suppress chatter and other noise. This fix is missing from ELFX Fixes. Nor is there an equivalent fix in Unofficial Material Fix so I'm assuming the vanilla meshes are fine. An alternative to this mod would then be to hide the faulty ELFX meshes, but it would mean losing whatever improvement they're supposed to bring (prevent light flickering?).
  19. Discussion topic: Mage Armor Script Fix by ReDragon2013 Wiki Link This looks like a promising bugfix.
  20. Discussion topic: Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes by Wizkid34 Wiki Link
  21. Discussion topic: Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch - USMP SE by by The Community - PlagueHush - sattyre Wiki Link Large compilation of fixes + compatibility in mind. Also has a patch emporium. Unofficial Skyrim Modder's Patch - USMP - Patch Emporium to include CRF, WACCF, CACO, CCOR, GDO, RDO, TIE (Timing is Everything), etc.
  22. Discussion topic: Unofficial Skyrim SE Fixes by Ice885 Wiki Link
  23. Discussion topic: Scrambled Bugs by KernalsEgg Wiki Link For testing, set Bug Fixes SSE mod BugFixesSSE.config.txt: FixAbilityConditionBug.Enabled = False This mod introduces engine bug fixes. Some are integrated in the current SE guide, but some aren't too. What I'm more interested at, is the 2nd enchantment effect bug fix. Also, the perk entry point bug where if you 2 apply-on-hit effects only 1 will work, this fixes it. It's against the guidelines to repeat the mod description, but please take a look at the mod page and check out the things it fixes.
  24. Discussion topic: Enchantment Reload Fix SE by egocarib/Vermunds Mod Picker Link
  25. Discussion topic: THE TOPS EXTERIOR PRE RELEASE RESTORED by SlowerBeen86 Wiki Link
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