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  1. I'm pretty tempted to make a spinoff of this guide that focuses on using more modern "black magic" scripted mods for a more flexible & extensible game. So instead of Project Nevada, using stuff like JSawyer Ultimate, the item sorting and sprinting mods, replacing CaliberX for Mojave Arsenal, among other things. I do think that a lot of the old stuff there could be done better by newer mods, heh. Pushthewinbutton has done a great job with his own works in that regard.
  2. The original mod's version of the WMX plugin (Courier's Stash Integration) also replaced the WMX pre order plugins. As far as I know, this plugin also adds in the extra mods for the pre order weapons, but if they are not showing up, there might be another issue or something with this. Check your load order, Jax? Maybe? See if the Integration plugin is being overwritten by something else.
  3. I can say this much in regards to the situation, Luthien did intentionally close his account alongside removing all his modifications. Those who know why Luthien did this don't really want to share - something I'll respect.
  4. This looks spiffy. Like how they actually tried to aim for a little consistency with Cabal's look of the ebony armor.
  5. We can't help you then. All legal versions of the game require Steam. Either you got the game from a bootleg disc or (more likely) you pirated the game yourself. We don't provide support for illegal copies of the game.
  6. I feel that's low for him though. Thread locked. Original poster banned for harrassment of STEP staff.
  7. So a guy walks into the forums, asks for something impossible, then gives conspiracy mongering political crap when others point out what he wants is impossible. Is that what happened here?
  8. I've gotten early access to it. Apparently, Bethesda thought that it's important to get EBQO fit and ready for there. Playing it so far seems to show it as, well, Skyrim, just with what appears to be the high-resolution DLC included and a slightly more refined engine. What did I expect? Some people were apparently wowed at the graphics, but really, It looks like Skyrim usually looks like to me. Still, that and official console mods. Might not be a bad idea to plan guides for the consoles when we can.
  9. Worth noting, I updated this to 1.5.7, and do plan future updates for this. Including some textual objective changes. Might be fair time to update the STEP patch to include those updates.
  10. Hmm. Should we come up with easy to follow instructions for installing v2 should someone want higher quality trees or the latest version of the mod? Right now, there are none provided.
  11. Irgh. Time to look into another security form for this site. I've already changed my password on the Nexus, don't want this to happen to the high profile mods I have access to.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=293382919 If the description isn't enough, check the comments.
  13. No way am I buying the $120 edition of this game. If I wanted to spend that much at once on a single game, I would seek out a collector's edition, those give you something physical to have on hand for around the same or even less than the all-digital pack costs. It's questionable in the first place why the game's season pass needs to be $50, when more expansive games like Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 only charge $30 and $25 for their season passes respectively. Kinda damaged my interest in the game, and it seems that beyond the added aesthetic polish, the 10-year old Battlefront II looks to be a lot more complete anyways. Besides, I've got many other games to hold my interest, and I'm anticipating both Fallout 4 and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (now that the Augment your Preorder taint for the latter is gone).
  14. The topic that I was never expecting to see on the STEP forums. I almost was going to moderate this, but...
  15. Well, the all-in-one installer's been updated with the version I made back in 2013, with a few minor fixes made after the fact. Not sure if STEP would ever decide to user this installer now, but it's there, and hopefully should be more step-by-step...
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