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  1. sheson, do you have a reasonably non-tech explanation how you worked around the SSE's LOD bug?
  2. He doesn't. Or, actually, the mod is abandoned, and has been or a long time. The guy doesn't even respond to any comments anymore (or, well, last time I checked months ago), and when I asked him directly via a PM, he admitted to not being interested in working on it anymore. So much wasted potential. Guess we will have to try to bug brumbek long enough to add more stuff to SMIM.
  3. Too bad they won't bring talented programmers from outside of the company to fix engine and CK bugs Bethesda blatantly ignores instead. I'd pay for that.
  4. Yeah, you really showed me, *clap clap*. Now you only need to pat each other's back more.
  5. I never paid attention to those runes, so excuse me for not being able to tell the difference from some asian writings. Also I have no idea what sticky are you talking about. There is none. (and I don't read Nexus forums/comments anyway - it's mostly toxic like reddit and largely a waste of time. I only read description pages /most of the time/)
  6. Does anyone know why there are some chinese(?) characters on most of Madcat's images? It's confusing as hell.
  7. @mator You're right, I don't get it at all (and I did read the description on your site) :D It's apparently even more complicated than I originally thought.
  8. Yes, and? The same amount of rules will have to be created for anything else. You can't just magically make mods sort automatically in correct order.
  9. So with Mod Picker being worked on now (and apparently having been for months), what's the status of Smash? I kind of hoped it would get finished before other major projects started taking all of your time.
  10. What's the point of copying mods from other sites? Also, isn't that borderline illegal? There are (re)distribution permissions I believe. Aren't you kind of reinventing the wheel? What's wrong with LOOT?
  11. edit: You are right. I have actually paid attention to the description this time and it seems like a viable replacement (although I don't like the idea of removing the use of the first texture - why would you even?). I somehow missed the possibility to install just the meshes.
  12. I have discovered this mod today through some discussion on reddit, and the meshes are actually freaking amazing. If the mod didn't completely conflict with my Vivid Landscapes, I'd start using it right away. It actually makes vanilla mountain textures perfectly viable and mountains look very decent even from up close (about 100 times better than most if not all replacers out there). I hope brumbek will resume work on SMIM soon so I can throw this mod's idea at him.
  13. I think I will rather trust someone who knows his own work of several years inside out and can tell a theft when he sees one.
  14. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/50689/? It's about this mod, right?
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