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  1. DynDOLOD will be run in step 6 of the grass cache guide. It is merely mentioning the mods that will be used throughout the guide, and not suggesting you need to use them now, just downloaded and ready to use. xLODGen has nothing to do with grass LOD, so it's usage is irrelevant. Oakwood is only available for the AE edition of the game, so you won't be able to use it. Arthmoor doesn't allow the usage of older versions.
  2. Not a deal breaker, just something to keep in mind. The other improvements far outweigh this IMHO.
  3. Yeah, I saw those too. Think it's temporary testing file mainly till he finishes. Just skip them, as we need Majestic Mountains, and it already has premium lod meshes.
  4. Grass Cache "mod" should only contain the grass folder. The other stuff you have in overwrite can be organized according to what is there. The following talks about MO's Overwrite folder. It is old, but most of it still applies: https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Guide:Mod_Organizer#Overwrite
  5. Discussion topic: Weston Water LOD Fix by ossumpossum Wiki Link I looked at all Fallout 4 mods with "LOD" in the title to find this gem. The Weston water plant has some water that, depending on if it has drained or not, will be shown. This mod allows it to be shown dependent upon whether or not it has been drained.
  6. That fixed everything. Atlas size was 16384x8192. Packed into BA2 and there is no degradation with the mipmapped texture.
  7. I recommend running it in a window at low res. It probably doesn't show up because it is in fullscreen mode, and it treats the pop-up as an error.
  8. Discussion topic: Better LOD by flecked Wiki Link Another mod with LOD resources that may or may not be useful.
  9. Discussion topic: EBF UFO4P compatibility fix by Peregrin0 Wiki Link Everyone's Best Friend - Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch compatibility fix merges the script changes of both.
  10. Discussion topic: Everyone's Best Friend by Valdacil Wiki Link Skyrim allows you to have a dog and a companion. Fallout 4 doesn't allow you to have Dogmeat (your dog) and a companion. This mod fixes this. There is evidence that Dogmeat was intended to always be your companion, as explained on this mod page, but Bethesda changed their mind. In the main quest, at a certain point, you use Dogmeat as an essential part of a quest, and it doesn't make any sense with the given game dialog for him NOT to be your companion at that point in time.
  11. Discussion topic: Better Companions - No Conflicts by Recluse Wiki Link I use this in my game, but it is probably not a good mod for Step as it is more of a cheat. It makes companions never run out of ammo, never break their power armor, never affect your sneak, and immune to fall damage.
  12. Discussion topic: See region names on your save files by Ablaze666 Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: PA Rainbox HUD FIX by keithvsmith1977, Nikonthenet Wiki Link Removes the vignette effect from the Rainbox while wearing Power Armor when it's raining.
  14. Thanks you so much for this! We definitely need to at least hide these mesh files, or consider moving SLaWF to 04-Foundation where, arguably, it has always belonged.
  15. OOOoooo. Very nice. I always change my colors to a more blue color, but this is especially nice to have two tones.
  16. The atlas is being split in two. Would it be best to lower the max texture size from 1024 to 512 to make it fit on 1? There is a fMipBias that defaults to 0 under [Display]. I could try adjusting it I suppose.
  17. It was rhetorical. This is just the thought process I would have evaluating it.
  18. Accepted for 1.0.0. However, let's keep in mind if we need to upgrade to using the Complex sorter or not.
  19. @sheson Would it be possible to have an option to not use mipmaps for the Object LOD atlas textures? Fallout 4 seems to degrade it badly if it has mipmaps and is placed inside a ba2 archive. No mipmaps > Mipmapped
  20. I disagree. There is a mountain range in between, and the game world is not drawn in life-like sizes. Weather conditions on the mountains and at that kind of distance, I would expect it not to be visible. The first time I saw it in Whiterun, I thought my weather was severely bugged.
  21. From this video, presets 3 and 5 look best. My bet is that 5 is default, and if you don't change it, you might as well not have the ini file.
  22. Similarly, there is no info available now for what this one does. I believe this would only be useful if a mod used it by the sound?
  23. Ok. That was a big complaint I had... trying to search for things in the console seemed absolutely useless. I had to keep googling the formids.
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