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RUSTIC MONUMENTS and TOMBSTONES (by SparrowPrince and Gamwich)


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Discussion thread:

RUSTIC MONUMENTS and TOMBSTONES by SparrowPrince and Gamwich

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This doesn't need much of an introduction I think :)


It's "a retexture of the Windhelm monument wall, and king's stones, including an improved collision mesh. There are both SMIM and ELFX versions of the mesh available, and the textures are available in 2K and 1K sizes. FOMOD installer allows you to choose the appropriate items for your particular setup."

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That was fast Rooty!


This was my escapism art from my main mod. Some points:


-I did the base normal map for the main memorial and ambient occlusion which goes over the main texture. I traced the vanilla stone shape near perfectly in 3D.

-Gamwich took those and did all the detailing and the other slabs too, which was nice. 

-Gamwich said the names were repeated A LOT on the large memorial, but they are a much more unique now. I think there are 33 names now, over 10 or something before.

-Meshes have improved collision over every other mod. It's better, but still also optimized. There's also a 'gloss' bufix as the main memorial was too glossy.


Hope that helps.

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Its very nice I've been using it since it came out. The only criticism if I can call it that is its almost too nice, too... sharp. I'd expect an ancient memorial to be somewhat weathered and crumbling. :blush:  Still way better than vanilla though at least you can read the inscription now.

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