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  1. 1: Thanks. I was just confused since the setting is still there in the Skyrim SE ini, so I was unsure if it works in SE too. 2: So no side effects? I wonder why Bethesda used PortalBoxes, then. Interesting, thanks.
  2. I noticed the entry in the settings for the PortalBoxFix with the note that it "changes PortalBoxes to Boxes", and that it can improve performance on LE. So, two questions. 1: Does it have any benefit performance wise on Skyrim SE? 2: What are the effects of changing to Boxes? Is there a reason Bethesda used PortalBoxes instead? Is there a downside to changing them?
  3. It did seem to keep gradually growing over time, especially with the Tamriel world space, though I do feel like it spiked a bit with the Beyond Reach worldspaces. I don’t really want to try with -memory yet, I’m concerned that the repeated runs, especially when they cause such extreme memory spikes that I end up with an 85GB paging file, are putting a lot of wear on my SSD.
  4. about 14GB. Also, I just tried it once more, with all Dawnguard stuff unchecked, and...TexConv crashed with "error 0xc000012d". Also ended up with an 85 GB paging file again. (It starts at like 12 gb, then I run dyndolod and it spikes to 80+, maybe grass related this time? It seems like there are multiple different issues happening here.) Logs: https://mega.nz/file/EosQlYQR#i3_1I7w69e13fc4PEOxhZujY1TYtip19N9vsnU92qHs
  5. Definitely something odd about the falmer valley, I just redid LodGen with no grass and it ran out of memory (all 32 gb) when generating Occlusion for the valley... Logs and bugreport: https://mega.nz/file/ogkFiCbS#RAxr2Tt7YVNPo_XgPMVcuWb_mcdSHACuBm29mzUZpZE I wonder if it has some issue with Dawnguard Map Markers?
  6. Was there anything worthwhile in that or should I try to upload arnima?
  7. it seemed to work without grass, yeah. Forgotten Vale Grass: https://mega.nz/file/0pcSiDLT#X24BiKABGDYgeY_n5qoCKs1TRzRyWxWTl112VJw1tzU The arnima grass zip is 600 mb and my internet has, no exaggeration, a 20kbps upload speed, so...
  8. I redid it with Falmer Valley and Beyond Reach and was able to get a DyndoLod Log of the resulting crash. (<Error: LODGenx64.exe failed to generate object LOD for DLC01FalmerValley. LODGenx64.exe returned E0434352. Check C:\Dyndolod\Logs\LODGen_SSE_DLC01FalmerValley_log.txt>) I also noticed very high memory usage and frequent stutters when LodGen was processing the Arnima worldspaces (ArnimaTown and ArnimaDUPLICATE003 seemed the most significant, and also took well over an hour longer to process than it took to process the Tamriel worldspace, as well as using a lot more RAM than the Tamriel worldspace did.) I've zipped all the logs here. https://mega.nz/file/NtVQkbDI#-tWUlsWLgdpXV-nOhFmmqm4CcOsTnfP7yfccX54Z6NQ hopefully this helps! (the logs in there might be for the last 2 or 3 runs, not just the most recent)
  9. Well, it started with 80GB free and then just running DyndoLod caused the Pagefile to balloon to 75GB and fill my disk. Went back to 80 after a reboot. I couldn't actually tell which one was the 24, I don't think it was Tamriel. It might have been Beyond Reach, actually. Either Beyond Reach or Falskaar. Running it on just flamer valley worked, btw. I'm going to try it on just the beyond reach worldspaces next.
  10. With Occlusion off, LODGeneratorCMD is still using a total of 24 gigabytes of RAM (and climbing). I definitely never had this with prior alphas, which is odd., it then crashed with a "not enough space on disk error"...I'd had 70 GB free, and after running DyndoLOD it went down to 50mb. (Maybe virtual memory related? If Dyndolod exceeded the amount of RAM and started using the disk?) Obviously this also never happened in prior alphas, usually it only took like two or three gigs. EDIT: And yet again it happened when processing Forgotten Vale, so I definitely suspect something's related there. Do you want the logs again?
  11. LodGen And yeah, I'm using default settings for quality. I guess I can see 5GB per core, times 24 cores, could be an issue if that's what's happening. I'll try disabling Occlusion in DyndoLod and doing it separately with xLodGen.
  12. There's definitely some sort of memory leak in Alpha 14, I think, because running Alpha 14 caused an "out of memory" crash in a system with 32 gigabytes of ram (and 80 gigabytes of "virtual memory" as well). bugreport: https://mega.nz/file/M9EGgLoZ#PdG9mw-iYGZtJcwXsKIxW6wp3T-PGjTWfG3dviDLXCY Log: https://pastebin.com/gymyQtbV Debug Log: https://mega.nz/file/FkVAFRDS#2_ULrOSbImZPHcH2Ojvnip39_A2rimZVs5Epwuq8ii4 I could be totally wrong but I think both the BSOD and the Out of Memory crash happened when processing the Forgotten Vale region.
  13. Also got an unrelated crash (?) in LodGen in alpha 14. https://pastebin.com/z9eCFtLM Debug log:https://mega.nz/file/RgdQxBZJ#jTfKPOZsu4IZfQHcp_ezAw3lwwgbI_9EmRZ6Gc3BsBY Log: https://pastebin.com/n85MvZpS
  14. I got a BSOD running dyndolod alpha 14, is there any specific data I can provide you to help diagnose? EDIT: Log: https://pastebin.com/yEmzYJSx No debug log was created.
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