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  1. I'm using Alpha 18/resources Alpha 4. So the verdant grass billboards are listed in LODGen_SSE_Grass_Map_Tamriel.txt but for some reason they're not showing up... I might go back to my original plan and regenerate cgid and see if that makes any difference
  2. nevermind missed something will report back later
  3. Ok I believe I know why only two lod grasses exist they are TundraGrass01 and TundraGrass03 respectively and both are vanilla records, they both contain custom grass meshes and thats fine apparently and billboards generated for them are fine but any new grass form i.d.'s added by mods don't get added to the LOD even though billboards for them do get generated.
  4. Ok so I read that and you were correct the object bounds were indeed all 0 so I recalculated that in the CK for all the grass records so they now all have bounds and ran texgen again. I looked inside the relevent output folders and billboards are indeed being generated for all the grass records but for some reason only two are being utilized during LOD generation. Both have custom models and thats fine and the billboards are fine but for some unknown reason they're the only two being utilized and I'm not sure why. I might try generating new cgid files see if that makes any difference https://imgur.com/a/jNeeHh8
  5. Hmm. I set the grass distance in grasscontrolconfig.ini then generate a bunch of cgid files and set it use the cached files etc. Then generated dyndolod and this is the result. Generated it several times with various alphas and the result is the same. It does generate but its sparsely populated with grass lod https://imgur.com/a/2HLSdmQ
  6. Not had any of these issues. Pretty much essential mod if you have other mods that rely on constant ability spells to apply effects
  7. It simply removes combat dialogue if they're "hunting" prey which leaves them almost silent which I found disconcerting personally so I decided not to use it when I last tried it sometime last year.
  8. DynDOLOD Resources SE 3.00 Alpha 4 for Skyrim SE/VR is reporting a dead link/expired for Mega. Is there anyway of altering the density of LOD grass? I've looked through the texgen doc but can't find anything. Theres quite a discrepancy in density between grasscontrol generated grass and LOD grass and its quite noticeable. Currently I have regular grass extended out a long way but it means a noticeable pause/stutter whenever new LOD grid loads. Theres also a colour difference but thats another story havn't fiddled around with settings of that yet.
  9. Obvious question incoming, you have sorted with LOOT/placed the .esp at the end of the load order yes? It won't initialise unless it is in my experience.
  10. Ok its read though I'm not sure I understood all of it. These are my findings: Program generates fine, no problem. Rather quick too though that may be because I'm using the default settings as recommended in Post #1. Meshes all generate fine no apparent issues the results are amazing no drops at cell boundary there are places its hard to spot where loaded grid ends and LOD begins like I say, amazing. All the issues I am having are solely to do with textures. Like Dave0523 all my snowy LOD's are darker than the surrounding and darker than vanilla (did Bethesda manually lighten them?) "Improved" Snow Shader has been off since forever (bEnableImprovedSnow=0) the game is too hideous to contemplate otherwise, I even went further and disabled everything snow related in the .ini's, no difference. Generated, Vanilla So. Following recommendation I tried both sample noise.dds as suggested with mixed results: noise one, noise two TBH vanilla still looks better to me. The problem here it seems to me is one of brightness, or rather the lack of it it, in the generated lod textures (or is it meshes? I'm not sure how its controlled). Or rather the real issue here is one of perception: the generated textures may be more accurate in terms of matching the original texture but it doesn't look natural: real snow at a distance often looks blindingly bright due to sun glare, so much so that you really need a visor or you risk snow blindness and maybe thats why Bethesda overbrightened these areas if indeed they did do that, it definitely looks more natural, from a distance at anyrate. ........................................ The other issue I'm seeing is a mismatch between generated terrain LOD textures and DynDOLOD's object LOD textures, if you take a look a look at this view from Whiterun with my regular noise.dds you'll see what I mean: terrain LOD looks fantastic but the object LOD objects that stick out like a sore thumb are DirtCliffsIsland01FieldGrass01, DirtCliffs03FieldGrass01, DirtCliffs01FieldGrass01 etc, etc. example Now if I again with one of the example noise.dds files supplied in Post#1 I get a different result again: the dirtcliff's are blended in perfectly with the terrain LOD but the terrain LOD doesn't match the loaded grid area anymore! Infact terrain texture looks no better than vanilla and possibly worse. example n.b. I might be able to do a DynDOLOD run with Grass01 textures darkened or something so they'll match better with my original noise.dds then remove afterwards. Hmm. (Theres also the issue with LOD 32 having rather blocky edges to lakes etc which if I read previous posts right I'd have to play around with settings, lower them to generate finer details. To be honest they're a lesser concern I'm currently deleting all LOD32 meshes/textures, they conflict with A Quality World Map anyhow) In conclusion: if I can figure out how to remove the generated LOD's that affect snowy areas and leave those vanilla (seems like a fair bit of work looking through files with Nifskope) and darken the lod textures on the dirtcliff's and anything else I notice I'd probably do that, otherwise its still a bit too beta in its current state for anything more than testing for me.
  11. You don't have any mods that cover that area by any chance? I've noticed that tree LOD will fail to generate in DynDoLOD if there is a mod that already includes packaged tree LOD. Remove the packed LOD and its fine. edit: sounds like its a random issue rather than a permanent one so may not be related.
  12. Havn't looked at it but how it usually works is by having as you noticed a reference to a parent thats usually a marker if you want your objects to show up at the same time as the others link your objects to the same reference. Actually making the cannons fire by adding fx thats a lot more involved.
  13. Sheson has a dedicated DynDoLod support subforum on here I suggest you post this in there instead where he can see it or possibly ask a moderator to move it.
  14. They're actually the CRC32 value of the original tree mesh they were generated from, if the value doesn't match the CRC32 of the corresponding full tree model they'll get ignored by DynDolod.
  15. Thats the too many light sources per mesh/node issue, those braziers added everywhere aren't vanilla. Most lighting mods or mods that add extra light sources are finely balanced and it doesn't take much to push them over the edge a guard with a torch, a wearable lantern or even magelight and over it goes.
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