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  4. I was fooling around with some weather effects for the next update to the fallout guide and wanted to share some pics to see what you guys think. As ENB does not provide official support to FNV, none of this effects is compatible with an ENB, but that's fine, as the guide does not suggest using one anyway. The weather mod on all the screenshots is Altitude (baseline). So the starting point is below (the Lucky 38 Tower in the distance and the casino in Primm are some good landmarks for this comparison): The same photos with some subtle dust effect: The same locations with a more prominent dust effect: And lastly, two pictures with a Heat-Haze like effect (no dust). They look identical to the baseline, since the haze effect is dependant on time of the day, globeal weather and so on, it might not be present on these photos at all (still investigating): I quite like the more subtle dust effect, it enhances the desert feel.
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