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  1. Guys, another technical question: How would you add Fallout 3 mods to a FNV mod guide? As you probably know, FO3 and FNV assets are fully interchangeable, so replacers mods work out of the box. I have found two great replacers that nobody cared to port to FNV that I am planning to use. If I have a grasp on the Wiki's structure by now, I should crrate the mods under the "Fallout 3 mods" portal, but how would the be linked to a future FNV guide? On a side note, can someone check a couple of the pages I created and let me know if the instructions are clear (make sense)? Enhanced Blood, NV Heap Replacer and Ogg Vorbis Libraries are probably the trickiest mods to install at this point. It will be great to know whether I'm on the right track.
  2. Discussion topic: Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus by PushTheWinButton, TrueVoidWalker, miguick Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: NV Compatibility Skeleton by Fallout2AM Wiki Link
  4. Discussion topic: Ragdolls by KiCHo666 Wiki Link
  5. Discussion topic: Poco Bueno Texture Pack by tapioks Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul by vurt Wiki Link
  7. Discussion topic: NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMC_NMC Wiki Link
  8. Apart from the particle fix and the outright disabling, you can try using the exact version of the binaries the ENB suggest. It's usually like "ENBoost v 0.xxx or newer", just downgrade to version o.xxx. It has worked for me in the past.
  9. There's a [Rain] section in your enbseries.ini. You can try playing with the transparency a bit. If that doesn't help, set Enable=false in order to revert to vanilla raindrops as a last resort.
  10. @boycad at this time I've decided to go for a STEP-style guide. I think it will have more value added to it, as it is IMO: Easier to update (you simply add/delete rows in a "table") Easier to share with other user. Let's say someone wants to create a TTW guide - half the mods will be ready to use, install instructions and all. It's not dependent on the author's activity in the forums. If the author's on hiatus, other people can take over. That being said, I will try to follow EssArrBee's choices of mods whenever possible and appropriate. For example, I will use DarNified UI over Vanilla UI+, go for WMX instead of WMIM and RWL Redesigned instead of another weather mod.
  11. Still no luck. Can you revert tjhe rights back so I can do some work tomorrow (the morning here, at least, it's a 7+ hours time difference depending on the state you live in) and look for a fix in the weekend? Is there anything I can provide as a log to help you out? Also, can you direct me to a forum thread I can copy the formatting from?
  12. Discussion topic: FCO - The Last Few Edits by mando69 Wiki Link Build upon Fallout Character Overhaul's assets this mod fixes all errors in the original's plugin and extends its effects over to characters introduced in Dead Money and Lonesome road. Now all the NPCs in FNV: Ultimate Edition should be covered. Requires: Fallout Character Overhaul (of course) Don't forget the following edit to fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini: [General] bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles = 1
  13. Discussion topic: Fallout Character Overhaul by Drumber Wiki Link FCO 3.01 is unstable and likely will never be fixed. However it introduces the best face and head assets available for FNV and is used as a basis for other character overhaul mods. I want to warn everyone against using FCO as a standalone mod.
  14. Do you have "Not so Fast - Mage Guild"? Sounds like you've set some quest requirements under it and simply haven't met them all yet.
  15. Discussion topic: lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl Wiki Link It is highly recommended to read the ReadMe. the mod offers over 200 tweaks and bugfixes, all fully optional and toggleable through the INI. Mods replaced by this mod* (i.e. users no longer need to download the listed mods from Nexus, they are included in this file) and how to activate them: Automatic weapons fix (bSpinWeaponsSoundFix = 1; bAutoWeaponNoFiringDelay = 1) All savegame managers (Better Saves, Simple Saves, CASM with MCM, etc.) - bImprovedAutoSave = 1 and then tweak the options under [Save Manager] Weapon mod menu - bUnequipWeaponMods = 1 All mods that modify XP gain rate and/starting stats, skillpoints, perks (like Perk Every Level, Level cap Increaser, Balanced Skill Points, etc.) - bModifySkillPointsEarned = 1 and the settings under [Skill Points]; bCustomSpecialPoints = 1 and settings under [SPECIAL Points]; iPerksPerLevel = <custom number>; iMaxCharacterLevel =<custom number> (can be set up to 100) bReduceXP = 1 and tweak the percentage under [Reduced XP] Tutorial killer - bDisableTutorialMessages = 1 Inentory search/Quicksearch - bMenuSearch = 1 (the function is activated through Ctrl+f) Self-carrying Power Armor, similar mods that make worn power armor weightless - bWeightlessWornPowerArmor = 1 Zooming Scope - bAdjustableScopeZoom = 1 Just Hold Breath - bScopeHoldBreath = 1 Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix- bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug = 1 Other cool features toggle scope nightvision bAddNightVisionToggle = 1 stop the player's automatic reloading when the clip is emptied bManualReload = 1 Further optimize game performance -bInlineVanillaFunctions =1 better controller support allow NPCs to perform stealth criticals on the player various UI tweaks and so much more... *The list does not pretend for completeness, I've only listed the most popular ones (the ones I know).
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