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  1. I will re-upload the CR Patch with the experimental Helmet Overlay fix later today. Please try the latest version when I do, then report back on your results. Hopefully , it should fix your issue. Edit: the update is available for download. It re-implements the Helmet Overlay support. I have updated the mod version on the Nexus, so everyone that has downloaded the patch should be notified that there's an update available.
  2. I'm back from my vacation and have properly "fixed" the CR patch to include all features except the extended Helmet Overlay support (so that it will no longer look for Helmet Overlay.esp when the plugin was changed to an .esm in the latest version of the mod). I will attempt to re-add the Helmet Overlay support shortly, but the mod author changed the way overlays are implemented (via a .txt file rather than FormID list edits) and I will need some time to test it out. Also updated the install instructions on Helmet Overlay's Step Wiki Page. There are 2 extra steps added. Thanks everyone for their patience.
  3. @z929669, @sailor_silicaI have found an older (beta) version of the CR Patch on my Google drive. My memories (and the readme) show it must be independent of Helmet Overlay - so it should not screw up the whole Step setup due to having a master file that no longer exists. I have named this version a "Quick Fix" as I don't have access to my gaming PC at the moment and cannot provide a better resolution. Pros: this version should not look for HelmetOverlay.esp and will not crash your whole Step setup. It will give me time to adapt the CR patch to work with the latest version of Helmet Overlay. Cons: It does not support Helmet Overlay and the NV Interiors Project currently. I would appreciate it if sailor_silica or @Gregcan confirm that I've indeed uploaded the version that's independent on Helmet Overlay as I have no way to confirm it from my wife's laptop. If that's not the case, I guess we will have to wait till I get back and remove those entries via xEdit.
  4. @sailor_silicaI am indeed away from my PC for about a week, but I've taken note on the issue. From what I've seen thus far, Helmet Overlay was updated on 14 September and its esp got updated to an esm. Thus I will have to update the CR Patch to reflect this. Would you like to test out the new CR Patch when it gets ready? Luckily for you, judging from the comments section of Helmet Overlay, renaming the esm to esp should not make a difference. Edit: I would recommend using version 1.6.3 of Helmet Overlay as a fallback for the time being (until I update the patch) . Can anyone suggest how to download older versions of mods via the new "File Archive" function of Nexus? I can't get to a download screen on my phone, but there should be a way.
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