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  1. I changed some of the asset porting instructions. Running sse nif optimizer on all assets causes the game to crash. At this point run sse asset optimizer and just have it do everything which is nice because its basically a one-click solution that is mostly accurate. Thanks for the heads up about the version. Ill add the necessary information. If you want to change stuff feel free. EDIT: Apparently there was a pretty big bug with SAO that caused it to not run NifOpt on the majority of the meshes. Let see what happens with the newly ported BSAs and dll. It works pretty good actually, most things resolved themselves. Map still doesnt work like it should.
  2. Yeah, I have the steam api, but then fs.dll throws an error about not being able to find some entry point. Swapping the skyrim's steam_api64.lib with the one provided in the sdk causes skyrim to not find the entry point. It shouldn't be necessary to edit any of skse's project files. As for main.cpp, the skse_version header is the only one that needs the skse64_common path.
  3. Looking at this once more since SSE Assets Optimizer is starting to stabilize. I believe I have the fs.dll instructions completed. There are quite a bit of minor outstanding issues like vertex colors on trees.
  4. At some point in time I'll add the ini string to load the BSAs but today its just fs.dll nonsense. I was able to get the plugin compiled, but for some reason the steam api that SkyrimSE was built with will not work with the lib file that I retrieved from the sdk. Its probably best to just comment out the achievements function in the main.cpp and then remove the achievements from the project. After all that the game will load the plugin fine or rather I was was at least able to build a version that worked. I made a small test framework and I know the functions are running code but I am not seeing any "real" values though that is probably because I am using the new functions incorrectly as they are incredibly complex looking through how these functions are implemented into papyrus. Most errors with the compiler are related to the include paths. After that dll all that is really left is just finding all the problematice meshes. The issues are usually some sort of visual glitch. I havent had one crash yet. The performance difference is very notable, oldrim fs is about 35fps near Ark, SSE Im able to reach the cap of my monitor at 100fps.
  5. I am aware of this, I went with the other route because it was easier at the time, I'll probably change this. Edit: Scratch that, there are so many Texture bsas that I am worried about char count. I didn't actually do the math but looking at it, I am concerned.
  6. "Guide" Link This is a small "guide" for Enderal on SSE. There are a number of issues and it is far from perfect, but what I currently know is on that page, hopefully. If there is anything that I am missing feel free to add, edit or post here. If there is a better way to do something that has the same outcome, change it. And, no I do not recommend doing a playthrough on SSE yet. Too many critical bugs today.
  7. My god, after spending way too much time on this. I think I got it resolved. So it was HD LODs Textures SE or rather my particular install of it. I looked through the logs again and look at that, there are a few textures that applications were unable to access. I didn't see those line initially, guess I should've searched for "error". I moved the folder and now I can read the files without an issue. I still have the original questionable files, though they now appear to be fine, they even CRC the same as the archive. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. So I have been unable to figure this out. I am using the VR version of things. For some reason the game will crash everytime with DDL output enabled. I've been following a similar process as SSE and oldrim which have been successful. As far as I have found out its related to the objects nifs or rather unhiding them causes the game to crashes. The plugins don't seem to affect things. I have tried the BC7 texgen and BC3. The logs look solid, nothing out of the norm. Im kind of out of ideas.
  9. Question: did you happen to launch windows explorer through MO or launch an application which eventually launches windows file explorer? Checking what the drive reports, I have no idea, its not something I have ever done. Maybe something like a SMART report on the drive? I've actually seen something kind of similar this on MacOS, but their file systems are a bit different an are more prone to discrepancies.
  10. I have never seen anything like that. Maybe some circular symlinks or mounts. Maybe look at treesize to find the source of the issue. Could also be corruption in the drive's firmware which is really bad. If that is the case stop using it, the data on the drive may have some latent corruption. The key would be what the drive is reporting that it can hold rather than windows estimation of how much data is present. Again, I have never seen the issue on my side. Although, there are some situations that I can see leading into that observation.
  11. zmerge is going to be far superior. When it drops, use it over relinker. Relinker is dead, but Ill still provide it because I do not remove my files from the internet.
  12. Relinker re-links certain functions like Game.GetFormFromFile. Lets say ModA has a function that looks for the file name of ModB. If you merge ModA, the function is intact because the name of ModB is the same. However, if you merge ModB, the file name changes. This causes the function in ModA to no longer find ModB since its name has changed. Relinker changes the script in ModA to point to the new filename and the new formid of the now merged ModB. As for quest mods, the difficulty is not because of the quests, but rather because of the raw data like nav meshes. Raw data is very difficult to conflict resolve. I have a few ideas but I do not current possess the required knowledge in order to realize these ideas.
  13. I assume we are talking about temporary refrs inside of a worldspace. So every refr is in a group which references a cell. To properly move an object you do have to change the cell which I will struggle to put in words. At the top of the refr, xEdit adds what appears to be another field at the very top of the record view called CELL, change that reference and you should see the structure change to become part of the proper cell group after collapsing the tree and searching the record again. I have never manually changed a cell but rather I have used scripting to do that. Hopefully this helps to some degree.
  14. I assume we're talking about xEdit by the given topic. To save a file, there is a dialogue box upon closure of the program.
  15. I believe vortex is going to have conflict detection in the future. I'm pretty sure I read that in some post from tannin.
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