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Found 21 results

  1. Discussion topic: Static Mesh improvement Mod - SMIM - Quality Addon by Pfuscher, Brumbek & Rudy Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: ELFX - Exteriors Fixes by wizkid34 Wiki Link
  3. Discussion topic: Static Mesh Improvement Mod Improvement Mod by Novelyst Wiki Link Looks promising.
  4. Discussion topic: Assorted mesh fixes by wSkeever Wiki Link More mesh fixes. For testing I'm allowing everything to overwrite it.
  5. Discussion topic: Flickering Meshes Fix by nicola89b and gururaj20000 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0
  6. Discussion topic: ELFX Fixes by wizkid34 Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0
  7. Discussion topic: Enhanced Lights and FX by anamorfus Wiki Link Accepted for v2.0.0 Wiki page updated with complete instructions. We may want to use the meshes
  8. Discussion topic: MGs Neat Clutter Retextures by Mental Gear Wiki Link
  9. Discussion topic: FNVLODGen by zilav Wiki Link
  10. Discussion topic: Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures by Kartoffels Wiki Link STEP SE Notes: Confirmed that some new artifacts are introduced due to batch processing and that the mod is packaged in a way that utilizes base game files in a non-standard way for modding. There is probably little reason not to include this mod. It should probably be tested against SE vanilla textures, though. For example, the plants and grass aren't very good because the mix of LE shadowing on the texture with SE lighting isn't good. I'm sure that is why Bethesda removed the shadows from these textures for SE. For that reason some more testing should be done. This mod is associated with the following and should be tested independently but with those other mods in consideration: Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures (SSEUT) High Quality Tintmasks for Vanilla NPCs Quality CubeMaps - HD Cube Maps I am placing this and all dependencies noted above in my MO mod list as: Vanilla > CSSET Upon closer inspection, it's a hard sell whether or not to include the mod. Some textures are improved by removing artifacts from the BC1 compression and a bit of sharpness increase. It also looks like some of the grass shadowing has been fixed. However, on the other hand some issues are introduced such as: lost detail in tree mipmaps without any noticeable improved in closeup detail, shadowing on plants, and jaggies in some of the landscape textures. Then there are other textures that there is no noticeable difference until you really get down to the (still blurry) details.
  11. Discussion topic: DynDOLOD Resources SE 3 by Sheson Wiki Link shesons Topic Accepted for v2.0 of the Step SkyrimSE Guide
  12. Discussion topic: Hall Of Equipment by Deblazkez Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: Collision Meshes by KiCHo666 Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: TCM's LOD Overhaul FNV by Tecium Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: LOD additions and improvements FNV by tomzik Wiki Link
  16. Discussion topic: Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus by PushTheWinButton, TrueVoidWalker, miguick Wiki Link
  17. Discussion topic: Poco Bueno Texture Pack by tapioks Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: Wasteland Flora and Terrain Overhaul by vurt Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMC_NMC Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl Wiki Link It is highly recommended to read the ReadMe. the mod offers over 200 tweaks and bugfixes, all fully optional and toggleable through the INI. Mods replaced by this mod* (i.e. users no longer need to download the listed mods from Nexus, they are included in this file) and how to activate them: Automatic weapons fix (bSpinWeaponsSoundFix = 1; bAutoWeaponNoFiringDelay = 1) All savegame managers (Better Saves, Simple Saves, CASM with MCM, etc.) - bImprovedAutoSave = 1 and then tweak the options under [Save Manager] Weapon mod menu - bUnequipWeaponMods = 1 All mods that modify XP gain rate and/starting stats, skillpoints, perks (like Perk Every Level, Level cap Increaser, Balanced Skill Points, etc.) - bModifySkillPointsEarned = 1 and the settings under [Skill Points]; bCustomSpecialPoints = 1 and settings under [SPECIAL Points]; iPerksPerLevel = <custom number>; iMaxCharacterLevel =<custom number> (can be set up to 100) bReduceXP = 1 and tweak the percentage under [Reduced XP] Tutorial killer - bDisableTutorialMessages = 1 Inentory search/Quicksearch - bMenuSearch = 1 (the function is activated through Ctrl+f) Self-carrying Power Armor, similar mods that make worn power armor weightless - bWeightlessWornPowerArmor = 1 Zooming Scope - bAdjustableScopeZoom = 1 Just Hold Breath - bScopeHoldBreath = 1 Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix- bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug = 1 Other cool features toggle scope nightvision bAddNightVisionToggle = 1 stop the player's automatic reloading when the clip is emptied bManualReload = 1 Further optimize game performance -bInlineVanillaFunctions =1 better controller support allow NPCs to perform stealth criticals on the player various UI tweaks and so much more... *The list does not pretend for completeness, I've only listed the most popular ones (the ones I know).
  21. Discussion thread: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul by Starac Wiki Link Since Starac pulled his mod from the Nexus and all share sites, he has requested that we not host his files from STEP. We are reluctantly honoring his wishes, and this means that our users must do the same. If abyone wants to host Staracs work privately or from some other site, that is fine, but don't let those links connect to this site, or you risk a severe penalty. STEP fully supports the concept of "open modding", but others do not ... the Nexus does not, and so STEP reluctantly adopts a position of "no position" with regard to the Nexus and their community's view. While we fully support the "cathedral" view within the STEP community, we prefer to stay in compliance with the greater modding community where our paths intersect. This means that with respect to mod authors on the Nexus, we adhere to their wishes with regard to their work. Torrents are different, and anyone on STEP can point to the SRO torrents, since Starac himself has pointed users to these. STEP and its users simply cannot host the files ... that is our agreement with Starac. We know that this seems contradictory, but we do this more for the sake of honoring our agreement and a mod author's wishes as opposed to doing what would seem most logical or convenient. WARNING: This mod link points to a torrent site, which is one of the riskiest places on the internet in terms of computing security. If you choose to download the torrent, please use the link at top of page titled "Download Torrent", and do so at your own risk. That said, thousands of people have safely downloaded this mod using this torrent. STEP 2.1 + old SRO ONLY-landscape (1024): https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/825/tesv2012033100250537.jpg/ STEP 2.1 + FULL-SRO v1.1 (1024): https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/521/tesv2012033114523540.jpg/ You draw your conclusions about the SRO 1.1 update and what to take from it Tell me what you think ! TC Dropped in See changelog.
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