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  1. Disable the auto save mod. Some people reported issues with. Just remember to save!
  2. I'm still getting errors with Unofficial Patch Plus. The records even have unknowns in xEdit, so it's obvious something the author uses that isn't common among other stuff in the game.
  3. How do you get 307 to support FNV? It seems to only want to work with FO4 and Skyrim for me.
  4. Not sure that 307 has support for as many record types as the current Flash NV version.
  5. No, just disable it when you run the patcher. It won't overwrite too much stuff. Eventually I'll have enough Mator Smash knowledge to help everyone use it correctly with Skyrim/FNV
  6. Anyone used that NV Uncut mod that's on Github by the TTW authors? Looks to be pretty comprehensive, but hasn't had any attention in a year.
  7. Thanks for that file. I'll look the Pipboy file over. I am retiring from actively testing new mods and all that, but tweaking stuff and adding fixes to make the guide more stable is just general maintenance, so I'll still be around for that stuff since it won't take up all my time.
  8. Yeah, the great thing about a wiki is that it can just link to other stuff in the wiki. You don't need permission.
  9. Pretty sure I told Tech to remove those files. And the leftover ones are only covered by Intricate Spider Webs, so I left them in.
  10. You should have one that says Unmanaged: Dawnguard, Unmanaged: Dragonborn.... for all the vanilla ESMs. They you clean the plugins and make a mod folder for the clean version from what's in the overwrite folder. You should be following the instructions in the STEP guide for that part. Even if you aren't using the STEP guide, this section is the proper way to clean with MO. https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:Guide#2.B._Clean_the_Update_ESM Try that and see if you get different results.
  11. When you cleaned the ESMs, did you end up with two copies or just one?
  12. I may or may not have lost my original compilation for 2.10 and then thrown together a new one really fast to make sure that we could release on time without actually bothering to check overwrites.
  13. Oh, I'm sorry I was thinking they were just regular mergeable mods. You can retick those mods after you close Wrye Bash. In Wrye bash, any plugin in green text is mergeable, and anything in purple you have to reenable.
  14. NO. Leave them unticked, but do not remove them from your load order. Wrye Bash has combined the entirety of those plugins into the patch. If you need to rerun the bashed patch then they will still be there if you need them.
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