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  1. The SSE version incorporated the fixes. The classic version hasn't gotten the update yet. To me that goes under the "patches" advice. The filename lists it as the Noble Skyrim / Static Mesh Improvement Mod patch. So per the advice, I would install it as a separate file. Mod authors don't always put things in the right sections in the file list on Nexus. It is good advice by the way. Keeps everything nice and organized.
  2. LotD got a big update in the last couple days: [spoiler=v19.3 Changelog] Well here it is folks, V19.3 after a long time in the waiting. This update is HUGE, adds new features, optimized mechanics and improved scripts. Thanks to Picky for his help with some of the scripts and fixes and for his updates carried back from SSE. PLEASE READ UPDATE NOTES COMPLETELY as this update does require some special cleaning and console actions if upgrading your game in process. Without further ado, here is the list of what V19.3 is packin' V19.3 update - Added kitchen cabinet and liquor cabinet lockup fix button (to the right of cabinets in kitchen) - repaired incorrect item assignment to snow elf statue display - fixed missing craft station type for much ado green and blue key recipes - fixed bug with rogvir's essence not being added to coffin (hand of glory quest) - fixed issue with hand of glory quest not progressing after obtaining both materials. - revised supply sort and sorting spell to NOT activate the display process. To update displays of food and liquor in the safe house, simply open and close the container - Fixed missing line at Karagas' maze entrance - fixed madras follower recruit line - Disabled Rkund Karagas tower airship flag until Rkund completes. - Cleaned property for elder scroll: dragon display - Fixed cleanup script for windcaller refuge dragon cleanup - Added new audio line for Azura's blessing in Shattered Legacy quest line - Fixed bug in shattered legacy end scene - Modified gift of ancient tongues weapons to draw 20% of a slain target's soul charge into the weapon charge (if enchanted) - Added a bypass trigger to Dragon's Fall that progresses the quest if you don't go to windhelm first. - Missing explorer's knapsacks now have a cache of archeology fragments to reclaim - Optimized Male/Female mannequin control scripts to avert enable state parent bug that could cause CTD - Added Konahrik's Accoutrements mannequin enabler to the KA handler script to avoid enable state parent bug that could cause CTD - Replaced several safehouse static objects to prevent unexpected havoc (permormance improvement) - Updated models of soul extractor and soul gem transmorgraphier stations - Added a new fix for hotsprings NPC pathing bug which rescues any NPC that is in the area when the front area of the museum is loaded - Fixed Hoarker display script (maybe lol) - Set up an explorer reset script that clears all follower statuses of explorer members when excavation quests begin and also prevents madras from being a follower during the planetarium quest. - added extra step in Rkund to opening doors into the maze which requires accessing the sepulchure - Reduced some lighting in Karagas' tower to prevent some flickering - Fixed Fafnir's missing voice issue - Added revised fate card deck build script that reports missing cards to make a set Schnieder's Sextant: If your sextant is not functioning and you have archeology skill 10 or better and you stole the sextant, there is a fix. Just clean the script DBM_SextantScript and the console STOPQUEST DBM_SEXTANTHANDLER and RESETQUEST DBM_SEXTANTHANDLER. Drop the sextant and pick it back up and it should work as intended. New Additions! - Research Station: Auryen has added a personal research station to the alcove in the library where the hatch to the book stacks rests. Using the station to begin a research quest requires "Research Points" which are gained by reading any books in the game. The first time you read a title, you gain a RP. The station requires 10 RP in order to begin the quest for finding more books for the museum, or 20 RP for artifacts. The player sits at the station and control is taken. The script then searches most of the museum's display lists and adds each one you do not have on display to a list which then randomly becomes the target of the quest, listing artifact name and location. The station can only start one quest at a time and abandoning the quest forfeits your RP spent. NOTE: The research process takes a minute or so to complete, in the meantime you will sit and write and make on screen comments. - New Explorer Relic! Arkayn's Tool Bag: This knapsack can be activated inside your inventory and upon exiting your inventory screen, will open the knapsack, providing an alternate storage space in your inventory. (note that all weight is transfered to the bag itself so your carry weight will not change by moving items into it). The bag allows you to place all Legacy artifacts which have passive "while in inventory" abilities inside of it and maintain those bonuses. This helps prevent items which cannot be favoriated from being sorted (Fate decks, lucky coin, ice's stalhrim spoon of assassination, etc). Additionally the pack can be loaded with explorer relics and then activated in order to access an activation menu to utilize the relics with greater ease. Visage of the Dragonborn set revamp! The set has been altered in extensive ways: - Stripped down and more simplified script - Original versions of items have no special scripted effects, but rather a set number based standard enchantment and cannot be disenchanted - Evolved Visage set has NO built in enchantment (so players have more versatility), and have special scripted abilities that scale based on number of equipped set items as follows: ALL BONUSES ARE PER EQUIPPED SET ITEM (up to 8x total, includes gift of ancient tongues weapon) - Miraak reborn: increases skill XP gain by 1% per equipped set item - Amulet of Kings: Enchantment power, weapon charge amount, and recharge rate of using soul gems +5% - Moon and Star Ring: 1 extra minion summon max (not scaled) and +1 max enchantments on all items (requires full set including weapon of ancient tongues) - Grasp of the Qahnaarin: enhances lock picking sweet spot by 25%, increases attack damage slightly and magic spell cost is reduced slightly for each set piece equipped.*** - Reman's Shield: 10% stagger reduction when blocking and spell reflect power. - Armor of Tiber Septim: 3% reduction to damage and critical strike chance from foes. - Treads of Wulfharth: 5% reduction in fall damage and 5% increased run speed - Changed initial planetarium quest start stage to resolve bug - Fixed Dragonmail Cuirass full fire immunity effect *** Grasp of Qahnaarin can be reforged at the dragonsoul forge to match a finesse, might, or arcana specialty: Finesse: Enlarges lock picking "sweet spot" for each set piece equipped. At 3 set pieces, gain +1 poison dose usage, and at 6 set pieces, gain 50% more ingredients from harvesting. Might: Increases melee damage, critical damage and stagger by 3% per set piece equipped. Arcana: Reduces spell cost by 5 percent per set piece equipped. With 4 pieces equipped, Recharges enchanted weapon with 10 percent of slain target's soul charge value (20 percent at full set). IMPORTANT!!!!: If you have completed the Shattered Legacy quest and are using the Visage set rather than merely displaying it, you must use a console command to switch out the set as existing versions do not appear to clean and upgrade properly. Simply add all items of the set to your inventory (making sure weapon of ancient tongues is unequipped if you have it) and console SETSTAGE DBM_VISAGERELOAD 100 Explorer Relics: If you have not completed tools of the trade but HAVE started the quest, you should clean the scripts below and then in game use console to STOPQUEST DBM_ExplorerRelicFindQST and RESETQUEST DBM_ExplorerRelicFindQST then setstage 1 on the same quest. Clean Scripts: (note, replace XX with your legacy load order prefix) defaultsetstageonplayeracquireitem (Instance XX5A0002) DBM_EquipScript DBM_KeyDisplayScript (Instance XX7F2FE5 and XX57F3003) DBM_MiscDisplayScript (Instance XX7F2FEE) DBM_SupplySortScript2 (all) DBM_BookDisplayScript2 WIDeadBodyCleanupScript (Instance XX194389 and XX194348) DBM_DragonsoulForgeScript DBM_TiberSeptimArmorScript DBM_AddAbilityOnItemAdded DBM_AddSpellOnItemAdded DBM_ScalesScript DBM_PerkOnItemAdded PDBM_SpiderDeckScript DBM_DragonmailScript DBM__QF__057BFED0 (only if you have not completed "tools of the trade") DBM_ExplorerRelicFinder (only if you have not completed "tools of the trade") DBM_MCMScript2 DBM_MannequinToggleScript2 DBM_SoulExtractorScript DBM_HoarkerDisplayScript DBM_HoarkerDisplayScript2 PDBM_CardScriptArms PDBM_CardScriptBuilders PDBM_CardScriptDemons PDBM_CardScriptDraconians PDBM_CardScriptFortune PDBM_CardScriptMystics PDBM_CardScriptTraveler PDBM_CardScript PDBM_SpiderDeckScript PDBM_WallCardScript These scripts do not need to be cleaned if you have finished these quests, and should NOT be cleaned if they are currently in progress. dbm__qf_dbm_excavation03a_052702ee (only if Trial of Trinimac is not yet running) dbm_qf_dbm_excavation01_054d1811 (only if wind caller pass excavation is not yet running) dbm_qf_dbm_excavation02_0558b96a (only if excavation of Rkund is not yet running) pky_qf__0600aa10 (only if planetarium quest is not yet running) And a couple minor updates: [spoiler=v19.3.01 to v19.3.03 Changelogs] Version 19.3.03- Packed missing meshes and texture for Arkayn's Toolbag.Version 19.3.02- packed missing static meshes for safehouse blacksmith station area - fixed madras vial holder slot assignment to avoid conflictsVersion 19.3.01re-upload of the core which was corrupted by BSAOpt and then further re-upload when Nexus' servers messed up on the cross cluster posting of the re-uploaded file.
  3. Heads-up, I fixed the link in your post, cptmcsplody (it had an extra space at the end). Nice find, by the way!
  4. Hey Lexy, A couple engine fix mods you should really take a look at. I got them from this performance guide by LordOfLA, which was linked earlier in the thread by bekcicandrej. 1) Load Game CTD Fix - preemptively prevents crashes due to a race condition bug the developers didn't catch. As LordOfLA puts it: 2) Disable Process Windows Ghosting v2 - Optional file on NVAC page - works for SKSE as well. Not packaged correctly for Skyrim, see LordOfLA's notes below:
  5. I believe Hishutup confirmed in the SRLE - LotD guide forum thread that they are the exact same files (hashes match), so it does not matter. The important thing for those three mods is that the plugins load in the right order, but LOOT takes care of that.
  6. Yeah, Icewind Dale: EE also has this. I also only have the Steam version of it. It is on sale right now on GoG for 66% off ($8.49 Canadian). Haven't decided whether to buy it or wait for it to go on GoG Connect. I think I will probably wait, though...might as well get it for free. And I don't see myself playing original Icewind Dale anytime soon. It's just collecting it for nostalgia's sake for me. :-)
  7. I removed the link to the old version of Wyrmstooth. The site looks sketchy and doesn't even mention the mod author. Not to mention it is an old version. Obviously not approved by Jonx0r. The second link I'll leave to wiser heads than me. I believe that Jonx0r updated it to 1.17A on Archive.org here. That is linked to from the stable version that you linked, exus (also on Archive.org). To me that says that Jonx0r is fine with it being redistributed on that platform. But again, not really my call.
  8. Looks pretty good, I just made a couple minor wording / typo changes for extra clarity. Thanks, Lexy.
  9. Quite a lot of free stuff available right now: Company of Heroes 2 is free on Humble Bundle. Humble Bundle has had a few different free games out in the past few days, only for a short period at a time (a couple days I think). So be on the lookout for more - I've already missed a couple myself. :-/ Plants vs. Zombies: GotY Edition is free on Origin. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is free on UPlay. Also, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, LIMBO, and a bunch of other games are free on GOG Connect if you already have them on Steam. It's the first time I have seen BGII:EE on GOG Connect, but I don't religiously check it. The really neat thing about the GOG editions of the Beamdog Enhanced Editions is they come with a serial code for an original copy of the game. So if you get them through GOG Connect, it is like two free games instead of one! In your game library, click on the Enhanced Edition and navigate to the serial codes, and go to the website to get the original game added to your library. Edit: Wording, GOG --> Humble Bundle
  10. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's only an issue with ENB or ENBoost. That makes sense to me; sounds like a good plan.
  11. Done - added to the FOMOD instructions to not install the Touring Carriages patch.
  12. Ahhh, my mistake. I misunderstood you...I thought you were suggesting that the DX9 runtimes should only be installed if tests determine that they are missing. I was suggesting that every Windows 10 user install the runtimes anyway. And yeah, I've definitely had it happen to me before when I reinstalled Windows 10. It's frustrating that Microsoft didn't include all the old runtimes. It's not like it is a huge amount of disk space.
  13. It really won't hurt to install the DirectX Runtimes anyway. That way for sure no one would crash due to this... That is how STEP does it, and I think it makes sense. If it does no harm, then why not. But that is just my two cents, lol. Maybe Lexy and co. will see it your way, it's not like there have been droves of people reporting crashing due to this in the forum (or it would have been in the SRLE LotD guide by now). *shrugs* Edit: Wording. Edit 2: Typos, also specify which guide I mean.
  14. How about something like: Problem: Windows 10 doesn't include the correct DirectX 9 runtimes required for ENB. Solution: 1) Download the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010). 2) Create a new folder to store the extracted runtimes (for example, "C:\DX9 Runtimes"). 3) Run the downloaded executable ("directx_Jun2010_redist.exe") to extract the files to the folder you just made. 4) Open the folder and run "DXSETUP.exe" to install the runtimes.
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