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  1. I assume the latter, but I'm unsure for 100%. Many other guides use this argument just for xEditQuickAutoClean with no apparent issues, for whatever that is worth. I'm no longer staff, so I know I don't have a say in this, but I would strongly disagree with this move. The cleaning doesn't only get rid of ITMs, it gets rid of UDRs which do cause crashes. There are reasons STEP and over 90% of the modding community takes the time to clean the masters. I think getting rid of cleaning the masters because it seems we need a switch set on one of the executables is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.
  2. For completeness, here is the post I mention regarding Apply Spell Perk Entry Points (default: disabled)
  3. Thanks, Sheson. I spoke with Arthmoor and he confirmed the error in the background loader is a quirk in how xEdit reports things while it is loading. "Wait for it to complete and you'll see that the reference is valid and the error is actually bogus." I checked USSEP in xEdit, and indeed right-clicking the plugin and checking for errors doesn't show anything. Thanks, and sorry for the wild goose chase!
  4. I have been looking at this mod myself. My initial thoughts are that it would be a great addition to STEP. From the description page of v6. My comments are highlighted beside them: Summary Fixes Active Effect Conditions (default: enabled) Floating-point error will eventually begin to prevent conditions of active effects from being updated. The longer the effect has been active for, the more frequently this happens. You can read more about it in this article. ----------> This is an alternative to a similar Active Effects fix in Bug Fixes, but the author of Scrambled Bugs claims theirs is a better fix. They conflict, so one or the other has to be turned off in the respective .ini. I have read others that agree the Scrambled Bugs version is better, although I don't understand it well enough to judge myself. Harvested Flags (default: enabled) Flora and trees are saved when they are harvested, but not when they respawn. This means that flora and trees which have been harvested before will be harvested again when you save and load your game, if they are in a loaded cell at the time. ----------> This is an engine level equivalent of Wiseman's Flora Fixes or similar. Wiseman's Flora Fixes is incorporated into CACO, however it is safe (but redundant) to use both. As the Scrambled Bugs version is an engine level fix, it does not need patching or anything with other mods and is superior. Mod Armor Weight Perk Entry Point (default: enabled) Instead of modifying the weight of just the armor you are wearing, the weight of the entire stack of that armor is modified. If you are familiar with The Steed Stone or the Conditioning and Unhindered perks then you will have encountered this before. You can read more about it in this article. ----------> Good fix that I don't believe STEP covers elsewhere. Terrain Decals (default: enabled) Decals such as those used for blood, footprints, and magic impacts cannot be applied to terrain in cells that have been partially unloaded.----------> Good fix that I don't believe STEP covers elsewhere. Training Menu Text (default: enabled) The cost of the lesson displayed in the training menu will be higher or lower than you actually end up paying if the relevant skill is buffed or debuffed at the time.----------> Good fix that I don't believe STEP covers elsewhere. Patches Apply Spell Perk Entry Points (default: disabled) Rather than only being able to apply a single spell at once using perk entry points, any number of spells can be applied. ----------> Not sure if STEP covers this or not with upcoming mods per the above discussion. However it seems like a good fix if it is compatible. It is worth reading one of the stickied posts on the Nexus page that discusses the potential issues with this fix interacting with other mods. Equip Best Ammo (default: disabled) Automatically equip your best arrows or bolts when you equip a bow or crossbow instead of your worst arrows or bolts.----------> Covered by Unequip Quiver that also has more functionality. Leave this setting off. Lockpicking Experience (default: enabled) Earn experience every time you pick a lock instead of only the first time.----------> Good fix that I don't believe STEP covers elsewhere. Multiple Enchantment Effects (default: enabled) Your skill in Enchanting improves each of an enchantments effects, instead of only the costliest effect. This affects enchantments with multiple effects such as Chaos Damage and Fiery Soul Trap.----------> Good fix that I don't believe STEP covers elsewhere. Underfilled Soul Gems (default: disabled) Trap only souls of the appropriate size in soul gems. See the optional downloads section if you want to change the "No soul gem large enough." notification to reflect this.----------> Covered by GIST that also has more functionality. Leave this setting off. Enchantment Cost Fix The value of player enchanted items and the amount of charge that player enchanted weapons drain is not saved. You can read more about it in this article. This is only available as a separate download because it is a SKSE64 plugin and not a .NET Script Framework plugin, which is necessary because it relies on SKSE64 co-saves. ---------> This is covered by Enchantment Reload Fix, but the Scrambled Bugs version is a better fix. Read the article mentioned for the differences. Suggest removing Enchantment Reload Fix if this is accepted into STEP. EDIT: I would also suggest changing an .ini setting in SSE Engine Fixes: [Patches] RegularQuicksaves = true This has the beneficial side effect of quick saves also creating SKSE co-saves (because they are turned into regular saves), which the Enchantment Cost Fix above says they use.
  5. Hmm...I found this recent thread while looking at other things at the AFKMods forums. It seems this is still an issue in the public release of xEdit 4.0.3. https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/topic/5748-the-dontcache-argument-for-the-quick-auto-cleaner/ The impact of losing cache in xEditQuickAutoClean is minimal compared to normal xEdit, as when cleaning a mod you should only be loading the mod and its masters. Alternatively, the xEdit beta is supposed to fix it, but I don't know if that is meant for wide distribution.
  6. Sure thing, Z! All done. I couldn't find the wiki edit announcement you mentioned at a quick glance, but editing the wiki seems to be like riding a bike, lol. I think I've still got it.
  7. Hey Sheson, I had a couple errors when running xLODGen. Please see attached logs. The first is: [00:05] Background Loader: <Note: [REFR:0190001B] (places [050B1985] < Error: Could not be resolved > in GRUP Cell Temporary Children of WhiterunTempleofKynareth "Temple of Kynareth" [CELL:000165A7]) was injected into Update.esm> The second is: [58:59] Error creating textures for level 8 quad [-8,3] Access violation at address 000000000040EAF0 in module 'xLODGenx64.exe'. Read of address FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I was able to solve the second error by deleting the output textures for that world, and re-running that world without meshes. No error that time. The first error I'm not sure how to deal with. This is the USSEP Unwanted Effects book that they moved to be inside the Temple of Kynareth in the last update. Please see attached xEdit screenshot. Do you have any advice with regard to the first error? Thanks in advance. Of course my firstborn is yours. xLODGen Logs.7z
  8. Sorry, Z, I don't mean to be a bother, but there are a few more typos / differences in the newest version of the FOMOD. Select Plugin --> (should be "Plugin Type") Select Plugin ◉ ESL Flagged Select Night Time Sheet Halo Select Sheet Halo ◉ Halo with Dimmer Lighting (Level 0) --> (should be "Lightning") Select Night Time Fork Halo Select Sheet Halo --> (should be "Fork") ◉ Halo Dimmer (Level 1) Select Day Time Fork Halo Select Sheet Halo --> (should be "Fork") ◉ Halo Very Dim (Level 3) That should be it. Sorry for the trouble -- I should have been more explicit from the start. Thanks again.
  9. Please see examples below. Very minor, but I figured I might as well mention it. Select Game Select Game ◉ Skyrim Specicial Edition Select Night Time Fork Halo Select Sheet Halo ◉ Halo Dimmer (Level 1) Select Day Time Fork Halo Select Sheet Halo ◉ Halo Very Dim (Level 3)
  10. I'm assuming this is the thread for 1.0.0 as well. If not, my apologies for the wrong placement! 18 - Lighting and Weather Storm Lightning for SSE - FOMOD is outdated. The old version I think had a bunch of typos and wrong headers for some pages. New version seems to have fixed it. All options are the same, so this is low priority, but I thought I would mention it regardless.
  11. Good to know it is no longer a relevant issue! Thanks, Z!
  12. Sure thing, Z, I could probably get some compare shots. I'm in the middle of the guide installation, so I'll upload the shots when I'm done the guide and in a position to do so. I only thought it might be an oversight due to the fact that the version number of the update on Nexus was the same as the main file -- which I would normally interpret to be an update to that version (not for that version).
  13. Good points. That makes sense -- I hadn't considered the fact that STEP uses a single installation for tools. Keeping that in mind, it now seems like a good practice to me. I personally use portable everything and have completely separate folders with MO and all tools for my various setups, with a shared download folder per game. So I hadn't really thought about that perspective. And thanks, Tech! It's nice to be back here. After being away from the scene for so long, I've recently been hanging out off and on at Lexy's Discord. You folks should swing by! Lots of old STEP community members, mod authors, and other knowledgeable people on that server.
  14. Hello, I've been somewhat involved with other guides for the last bit after I got back into Bethesda modding. I'm reinstalling STEP for Skyrim SE right now, and there is one big difference I noticed between STEP and many other guides when it comes to Bethesda master file cleaning / xEdit arguments. Many other guides use a -DontCache argument for xEditQuickAutoClean. Apparently this is because of a bug that can "destroy parts of Apocrypha during the cleaning of Dragonborn.esm". For example, see the xEdit instructions from The Phoenix Flavour here: https://thephoenixflavour.com/tpf/initial-setup/additional-tools/ I'm unsure if this is still an issue -- this instruction was introduced while I was away from modding for a couple years. However, I thought I would bring it to your attention, as I couldn't find any mention of a "-DontCache" argument in a quick forum search. Cheers
  15. Hey folks! I found it odd as well to have an xEdit output folder. I understand it is to capture the xEdit cache per the changelog, but why not use startup arguments in MO? Much easier, IMO. To automatically redirect cache, add this argument to xEdit in "Modify Executables" in MO (the slash at the end is needed, btw): -C:"(Drive Letter):\Modding\Tools\xEdit\Cache\" Same thing, but for xEdit backups: -B:"(Drive Letter):\Modding\Tools\xEdit\Backups\"
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