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  1. Here's a free bump. Hopefully someone can help you, I don't okay Fallout much myself.
  2. No I do not recommend that (or any pre-built really). First off you don't know what model PSU you're getting and that's a big deal, second no there's no optimization they're only there for people either too lazy or not knowledgeable enough to build and set them up on their own.
  3. I'd be all over Andromeda and BF1 if I had it. Been playing Rainbow Six Siege, Tomb Raider (dang I want Rise of the Tomb Raider), Assasin's Creed 1 and 2, and Valkyria Chronicles myself though having to use a friends spare computer on low so choices limited to what he has installed my computer is all bugged one of the reasons I don't have a skyrim install. Want to play W3 as well and have started getting everything loaded on an external drive to try and prepare for my computer being reborn so this being here is good.
  4. Anyone played Remember Me? I've alway though it sounded interesting but was always more than I wanted to pay and is on sale now.
  5. Shadow of Mordor is $3.99 for another day on indiegala in case you didn't get it during the Steam sale like me (too many other things like R6 Siege to get). Also comes with Between Me and the Night, and Lucius (doesn't say it does but it's a hidden special they're doing it seems at least I got them) if you were looking at either of those. https://www.indiegala.com/store/product/middle-earth-shadow-of-mordor-game-of-the-year-edition/51209_gb
  6. Have you installed or uninstalled any mods since making the saves?
  7. Been a while since I watched the video but I got it stuck in me head so here yar be.
  8. Haven't heard anything about it breaking MO, but the "fix" for DirectX will be released in a Windows 10 update soonish (idk about Windows 8)
  9. Nearly forgot to post this. The Humble Store DRM Freedom Sale https://blog.humblebundle.com/post/123128052479/drm-freeeeedom-hundreds-of-drm-free-games-on-sale
  10. 1060M? If you have a laptop with a dedicated 10 series Nvidia GPU there is no longer a distinction the new laptop models use the the same gpus as the desktop cards (albeit with different cooling methods). At least I know this is true for 1070 and 1080 laptops and pretty sure 1060 as well. So if you're putting in 1060M it is likely the reason it's not working when putting it in d3d try leaving the M out. Otherwise this is a bump post
  11. Daughter: "Thanks... just what I always wanted. A shirt with a helmet on it"
  12. Ah yes. Sometimes I think we just need to post a Conflict Resolution: How to guide, lol.
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