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  1. ATTENTION: This mod is no longer supported. A newer version of the Forsworn armor including the Forsworn weapons is now part of my WIP mod, RUSTIC ARMOR AND WEAPONS, or RAW for short.
  2. I've discovered that not everyone views more detailed spider textures as a good thing. You live and you learn.
  3. The complete version is now available, so all the clothing is together in one tidy package. Just need to pick the right size option for your setup.
  4. The Dawnguard DLC clothing is now complete. There's only the Dragonborn DLC left to do now.
  5. It's the thieves and ******s I can really do without..... Too many of those for my taste. The only problem with a silent majority, is that you're almost evenly split between the truly nice people and the jerks.
  6. So, the problem is that people don't appreciate something that they get for free..... Therefore, I need to start charging for my mods. Thanks for the tip, Sparrow.
  7. Yes, but those "silent users" also wrote you a check, did they not?
  8. The name is Gamwich..... Why do so many people get that wrong? If you're talking about endorsements, then you're correct. The ratio of endorsements to downloads of any of my mods, or mods in general tends to be low. Few people leave comments as well. You either get the people who really like something, or the people that hate something, or those who don't have a clue how to install, or want you to make something else for them. The vast majority of people just take your work, use it, and never say a word. That's the world of modding that we live in.
  9. You think stupid comments are unique to Nexus? You obviously have been away for awhile, Sparrow. Sure, I could use a vacation from all the entitled mod users and idiots who can't read a simple description. But then, I'm hardly alone in that sentiment.
  10. I've read too many questionable criticisms on this forum to assume that you were joking. And seriously, if this mod has been marked for testing, is it actually appropriate to make jokes about it? I don't mean that as a "spoiled sport", I mean that in the sense that nobody will know if someone is serious or not, unless they make that clear in their remarks. Either this is a casual chat forum, or a serious critical review forum. It can't very well be both things simultaneously. And sorry, if I come off as sensitive to you, but I have to deal with unpleasant people all the time, from rude insulting ones, to people stealing my work outright. I do sometimes wonder if it's really worth my time. I spend a ridiculous amount of time making textures for free, and I get nearly as much aggravation as I do positive feedback. The majority of people don't comment, and don't endorse. So what's left, are the people who really care, and the really unpleasant trolls. Sadly, there are too many of the later for my taste.
  11. Don't see a difference, huh? I think I made my view known previously on the level of critical discourse here regarding texture mods. A refresher..... the original Bethesda hi-res pack "vampire brute" AKA Gargoyle texture: vampirebrute_Bethesda_2K by Gamwich, on Flickr My RUSTIC GARGOYLE 2k retexture: vampirebrute_Rustic_Gargoyle_2k by Gamwich, on Flickr See any difference?
  12. Textures are the same as the original RUSTIC POTIONS and POISONS mod, but now the bottles have transparency, so they are thick glass, rather than ceramic. They now have animated liquid inside the bottles with different effect textures and a subtle color changing effect.
  13. Coloration is the same as the vanilla textures..... it's just a lot more detailed. I purposely made them to work with the original dungeon textures, since some of the textures are shared.
  14. "Better" is truly subjective in this case, since the textures are of the exact same quality. One is closer to the vanilla coloration, while the other is frankly scarier. What is better is simply a matter of personal preference.
  15. I added a dark version for people who wanted the traditional grey coloration. I hope that keeps the angry villagers happy.
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