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Morrowind 12 years later...

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Got my copy of Elder Scroll Anthology, just put up the posters on the wall and proceeded to install Morrowind with the huge graphical mod packs and MGEX and it looks amazing for a 12 year old game!!!  I am totally jaw-dropped.  I do notice the lack of gameplay mods compared to Oblivion/Skyrim.  Anyone with any advice about gameplay mods?  I have found all the huge quest/lands mods but I can't find any concentrated info about combat/spell/leveling/balance overhauls.  Any recommendations anyone? Any mod lists? Need to make the damn character run a little faster, its like Matrix sloMo the way he runs!


The sucky thing is the mods are spread over many webpages with dead links all over the place, makes you appreciate Skyrim Nexus more...


The combat is odd coming back from Skyrim, the hit & miss mechanic is so weird.... no timing necessary, just button mashing... there must be a replacement...


Anyone else playing this venerable monster?


Strangely.... the engine seems more stable as well....  go figure.

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Aye, the combat is very odd but I do prefer the reading, there seems to be more content because of the use of text. I don't like the GPS compass quest directions. I will be playing for the storyline mostly and may be some roleplaying added to it. We are spoiled nowadays.


It is remarkably how well the game looks, I think some of the hi-res textures are better then those in Skyrim. Morrowind certainly has charm.

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Feel free to hate me when you get done playing:


Page 1


Page 2


Some recommendations/thoughts:


Hospitality Papers

This mod is absolutely awesome for immersion... But at the same time I understand now (after using the mod) why Bethesda didn't require you to have them: Gameplay. Unless you want to spoil the fun by knowing who the NPC is who sells the papers, it's a pure annoyance that can be skipped. Feel free to disregard this advice though.


Shut Up!

On the flip-side, this is a total immersion breaker. Don't install. This mod detracts from Morrowind's atmosphere.


Arrow De-nocker

If you only install one thing that this guy recommends, make sure it's this one. Skyrim inherently having this spoiled me and I couldn't do without this mod when I went back to Morrowind.


Oblivion Style Vampires

Nonononono. If you know TES lore, you know to stay away from this. Morrowind Vampires are the way they are due to the whole Vampire bloodline/clan thing. If you're out for gameplay though, go ahead and install.


Random Passive Cliffracers

If you've never played Morrowind: **** lore and **** immersion and **** realism, install this. If you have played Morrowind, well you know what to do: install this. lmao


Antares Big Mod

No recommendations, but I wish we had this kind of mod for Skyrim factions. :(


Main Quest Enhancers

This one depends on whether you like obviously cloned NPCs and/or things. Due to how this mod works, sometimes a few of the NPC additions are obvious clones. Clones are a personal pet-peeve of mine so I stayed away. Otherwise, it's an exceptionally awesome immersion enhancement mod. The fact that someone did that for Morrowind and years later Bethesda didn't bother to do this at all for Skyrim is disheartening.


Skyrim Main Story ending spoilers


"Yay, I ended the threat of Alduin!" *gets back to Skyrim* "Oh, no one gives a ****. Damn."


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*shivers* I knew there was a reason I hadn't gotten another copy of Morrowind when I found out the copy I had in a case around here is well scratched into... Oblivion HA HA HA. But no I'll wait for the respective Skywind and SkyBlivion come out before buying them again.

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If you play Morrowind, make sure to download Less Generic NPC Project (LGNPC)! They added so much well done content to the game it's amazing.

Oh, and never use quicksave and never load an autosave (deactivate both!). Always only load a game from the main menu. Else you might break your save.

I also hated the vanilla level up system, it always made me powergame. GCD was the alternative for me, it still has some bugs due to engine limitations though (be sure to get the lean version with start scripts, I think it's 2.03).

BTB is also good if you don't want to fiddle too much with gameplay balances and changes (but be sure to disable some startscript to make it compatible if using GCD, read the readme). It has kind of a strong bias against permanent effect enchantments imho and I personally don't like having to use too many consumables so it's not perfect for me. His mod recommendations are fairly solid as well (he has a mod list up somewhere).


All in all, MW is much more forgiving concerning conflicts, the game will crash less (you still won't see what gets overwritten) but the Wrye tool is less powerful in resolving conflicts (can't tell too much about Skyrim because I just started, but in Oblivion it could do wonders).


All in all MW has a wonderful atmosphere and is worth every second you put into it. I'd put it in line with Planescape, Mask of the Betrayer and Knights of the old Republic.


Hope that helps :)

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I have been modding Morrowind off and on since 2006, and these are the best sources of mods and info.


B2B's guide This guide is not only great, but it is well written and hilarious.


Empirical Morrowind


Morrowind Expanded


Morrowind Mythic Mods


Morrowind Modding History (a source for Connary's textures ... arguably the best for this game if you have a good gfx card)


... and use Wrye Mash to manage your installs and mlox to manage your plugin load order (analog to BOSS). There are more save game functions than Wrye Bash, and it is a bit different (and harder to install), but worth it.

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Tamriel Rebuilt is Awesome! But you did say you know all the land mass mods...but I couldn't help myself. This is a sub thread of "Banter Inn" right? :)


^what Spock said: Morrowind graphical Overhaul is Superb.

@Spock: that's what you meant by MGO, right?


As others mentioned, the Morrowind Graphic Extender is a little bang for a BIG Payoff.

I used it constantly.


I would also like to hear of a Combat Mod replace or jerry rig'n of the combat. Not the MorrOblivion Mod. (oblivion engine in morrowind)=I hear 2many bugs.


[EDIT]z929669 hit the nail on the head with his post.[EDIT]


But Man, this thread takes me back to hitting buttons: black+white+black+black+black for a health cheat :)

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Didn't see any mods that fix something that bothers me greatly... animations. Completely ugly running, walking and jumping animations.

And also I have a problem with jumping - my character doesn't "land" on the ground as soon as he reaches it (his pose is still "hanging in the air" when he had already fallen). This is a disaster...


Also can anyone advise what options should I pick in Morrowind Code Patch?

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