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Morrowind 12 years later...

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My all time favourite TES character was in Morrowind. I had this Nord lass called Hildy who pretty much developed a mind of her own.
She got out of customs at Seyda Neen and decided she didn't like being told what to do. So she walked straight past the silt strider, and kept on going, stumbled across Vivec didn't much like the look of the place, and in the end, she didn't really stop until she hit Sadrith Mora.
Where she fell in love.
It wasn't anything I'd planned. But you had this little Nord girl whose idea of sophistication was singing Ragnar the Red in a smoky tavern, and here she is presented with this impossibly alien city unlike anything she'd ever imagined ... and she just had to be a part of it.
And so most of that play through centered on Hildy's attempts to make a place for herself in House Telvanni. Always trying to solve problems with her hammer, only learning the minimum magic needed to progress; never really "getting it", but desperately wanting to belong.
I think she got as far as Mouth before something horrible happened to the save game and I had to abandon the character. I like to think she went on to set up shop at Uvirith's Grave and eventually earn the respect of her fellows.
Every now and then I try and recreate the character, but somehow it's never quite the same :)
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Has anyone used any of the overhaul mod packs? The 3 seem to date to 2011. Anyone have any guides to use one or more than add more to it? 


Morrowind 2011 (had some controversy) :  https://www.fileplanet.com/218159/210000/fileinfo/Elder-Scrolls-III:-Morrowind---Morrowind-2011-Compedium-Mod-

Morrowind Rebirth: https://www.moddb.com/mods/morrowind-rebirth
Morrowind Overhaul:(also called MGSO) https://www.ornitocopter.net/morrowind-overhaul/


The mod guides listed above date to 2009. These mod packs are from 2011. 

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OK, here is a small run down of the issues.

Mwse was busted when I was trying it. It would cause the game to immediately crash.

There was on set of vurts trees that need their collisions flipped the black ones that are all spiky.

That is all that I can remember at this time.

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When I first found Skyrim, after years of working in CivV, I also thought about my Morrowind disks. I d/l MSGO and tried that, it has a lot in it and it was a very big d/l. The installer is pretty good though and my laptop was soon running Morrowind with a lot of extra pretty textures and features.

However, as it is an all-in-one installer, I ended up removing it as I didn't really like the overall feel of the 'new' Morrowind.

I guess you could tweak the setup somewhat but the effort for me wasn't worth it. Morrowind is now relegated to my storage until I again feel the need to 'fiddle'.

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Fortunately, this old topic is not too old anymore.


Well... I finally decided to buy Morrowind. I took all this long because I always smelled a rat with old-graphics games (although I do love classics from SNES - Chrono Trigger FTW) but I often see people talking about the great game Morrowind was and still is, that The Nerevarine puts the Dragonborn to shame and etc. And this won me by exhaustion.


However I couldn't find concrete informations about modding Morrowind, be it to fix the numerous bugs I heard about or to enhance the visuals to something better than a 12 years old game. Everything I've found was sparse, fragments here and there, very different from the S.T.E.P. patterns.


I also heard that NMM is indeed the best choice as mod manager, that there isn't anything "better" or close to the same way of Mod Organizer works.


Anyway... For those who play or have played modded Morrowind could give me a north to start? The mod manager to... well, manage the modifications to start, and of course, the best or the worth to have modifications for it?

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NMM is not the best choice for your mod manager. Your best choice is Wrye Mash, despite it's age. The latest ready-to-go version is in this forked version, though Sharlikran seems to be working on his own version. Might poke him about it.


Best place to start is to install Morrowind Overhaul - there's info and updates about it there. The other mods listed in the Reddit thread are woth considering too. As far as tools go, get both Mlox and Tes3cmd, both of which are really useful. Yes, Morrowind Overhaul includes Mlox, but an older version. Also, this should help you with understanding Mash.


It might not be a bad idea to make a guide for this. Would also be good for me, since I do kinda want to play Morrowind at some point.


And yes, though not necessarcily Morrowind related, Wiwiland made easy-to-use installers for both Arena and Daggerfall, the latter of which got a lot of fixes and such. At least you now have modded versions of all five Elder Scrolls games if you so choose.


EDIT: Oh, almost forgot one mod that is pretty much essential: Tamriel Rebuilt. Don't follow the ModDB link in the Reddit guide, the version there is outdated and not on a official download source. That really helps to expand the game a whole lot.

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That's a start... Let me start nagging you :p


How exactly this Wrye Mash works about installed mods? Does it throw all the files in original data folder or does it keep them separately, like Mod Organizer? I know I shouldn't be comparing them both, but I think you understand.


This wiki link you posted is very well written but the Wrye Mash section is very "spartan" and technical. I've found another one, with some screenshots , which helped me to have something more tactile to understand but even so, it doesn't go further in matters of tweaks, loading order, separately tools (usage and usefulness) and etc.


Is there something else?


And this MLOX and TES3CMD. What are they? As far as I understand, MLOX could be roughly compared to LOOT but what about the other one? Also, there is another file in Downloads section (tes3lint). Is it required too?

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Wrye Mash installs directly into the data folder. There really isn't a better modding solution avaliable for Morrowind at the moment.


Mlox is Morrowind's equilivant to LOOT/BOSS, but it's closer to BOSS, and it literally redates plugins to sort. Tes3cmd I mainly use for the cleaning features, but it can do more. Wrye Mash Fork should be able to make use of it in a GUI interface.


Tes3lint is a error checking application for Morrowind, though Mlox should already list info about the various plugins. Here's a good list of the modding tools avaliable for Morrowind.

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I'll start playing with "just" the Morrowind Overhaul as I don't know how to add new mods to the game using Wrye Mash. I tried to add them compressed files in the Installers directory within Morrowind installation directory but when opening the Installers tab an error box pops out saying "'Path' object does not support indexing"


Also, if I launch Morrowind using the bottom icon the "pythonw" crashes.


Any clue?

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