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  1. This SSE 2016 is so stable for modding, i just love it! My actual setup have all the STEP mods plus lots of my personal choices: Category - Mods name 6.5 - FNIS PCEA2, PCA 1hm overhaul, PCA6.8 - KS Hairdos, Ashanti Redgard6.11 - Basic Location Damage, Blessings for days, High Level Enemies, Imperious, Mundus6.13 - ESO Skyshards6.15 - SPERG6.16 - A Matter of Time, Improved D-Pad Bindings, RaceMenu High Heels Fix, UFO6.17 - Bruma, Dark Tower, Falskaar, The Evil Mansion, The Lost Dwemer Castle, WyrmstoothMisc (after 6.18) - Celestine, Hel Rising, Dragons Bane Bow, Better Arrows Dragonbone, Liliths Carver, Summermyst, The Chill Pill, Cassandra Frost Witch, Diin the Ice Mage, Emfy Cleric, Gwelda Red Riding Hood, Merta Black Rose, SofiaAll the mods with patches for everything they need. The game runs very smooth at 1440p, 85~100fps(its set to 100fps max due to my monitor refresh rate) with a overclocked RX 5700, high preset. I will keep this setup from now on, saved in external HDD if i need to reinstall in the future. But how about your SSE? How do you guys mod it?
  2. I like to point out that "kryptopyr's Patch Hub" have an outdated version of the patch "Improved Closefaced Helmets - WACCF" LOOT is reporting this... Instead of using this patch, i use the www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/21747 which i merge into the original "Improved closefaced helmets (SE)" mod. No more warnings in LOOT now.
  3. yeah i was thinking on doing that right before the DDLOD patches. the game is working very well now, SSE is really very good for modding :D
  4. No more bashed patch? I think i still need one... After installing ALL the mods of the last guide version 0.3.0b, i also add some of my personal favorite mods: - Sylvanas Queen armor - Abyssal Swords - Demon Hunter Plus armor- Iban's Staff- Celestine and Tfollowers pack #1- Elven Wizard armor- High Queen Freydis's Sword- Lilith's Black Sun armor- Awekened Eye of Chaos- Doombringer- Imprefvicticious Daedric Bow- The Lost Dwemer Castle (Playerhome)- Summermyst (and its patches anywhere it requires)- Apocalypse (and its patches anywhere it requires)- Hel Rising - Falskaar (and its patches anywhere it requires)- Wyrmstooth (and its patches anywhere it requires)- Bruma (and its patches anywhere it requires)- SPERG (and its patches anywhere it requires)- Imperious- Death mountain- High Level Enemies- ESO SKyshards So, i suppose i still need to create a bashed patch right? AT the very end maybe?
  5. I have 600 hours of Skyrim just like this, so this isnt a problem at all, trust me. But something bad happened when i was testing Enderal and i cant fix it anymore. I think i will use my next sunday and reinstall everything, including game and mods, because i never had this issues before and reinstalling partial things aren't solving my problem now =/
  6. I gave up of Enderal, it crashes a lot for some unknown reason... But now i cant play Skyrim anymore! Loot, WryeBash and TES5Edit cant see my mods anymore. After 4 hours reinstalling things, i dont know what to do now... Is there some problem in this screen? All the paths are correct.
  7. I haven't found anything about this on the search, so: It is possible to have a fully moded Skyrim with STEP Extended in MOD Organizer and also install Enderal somehow(with or without MOD Organizer)?
  8. DMCbr

    Quick question

    but this 2 mods are not mergeble. they show into the lower window. the step guide already say to re-enable WM Traps again aftter the bash, so must be the same for Better Quests. Quote from 2.N Bashed Patch: During the patching, WB disabled several mods. Only re-enable WM Trap Fixes.esp.
  9. Just to make sure i did everything right: during 2.N bashed patch step > the WB disables 2 mods now (used to be just WM Traps in the previous version), wich are WM Traps and Better Quests Objectives. I did enable this 2 .esp after the creation of the patch. OK with this?
  10. Soon as my new PC be complete (in August maybe) i will use F&L, thanks for your work.
  11. Got this problem also. Nothing of the above suggestions solved it, so i deleted the game/modding tools and started from zero again. After the Steam installation, STEP guide and my 200+ mods, i got the same kind of error again. But this time, by disabling bashed patch solved the issue. Dunno what's generating this erros now, since i never got them before. But at least it is fixed now.
  12. I'm curious about this also, since im building a new PC with 3 mons soon. VGA will be 1080 or Vega.
  13. With the news about the SkyrimSE, what will become of the STEP project? We will not need most of the textures mods and SKSE anymore right? So maybe users can focus on gameplay, new locations and other new content mods with this new base game right? Any other info you guys have to add will be apreciated also.
  14. I had that problem with shield also, but the bug was caused by Dual Sheat Redux patch. ^^'
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