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Found 21 results

  1. Has anyone tried this guide before? https://github.com/Tyler799/Morrowind-2020/blob/master/Morrowind_2020.md It seems very complete for me, i will give a try when i come into some free time for modding... I never beat TES3 in the past, worth a revisit now i guess :)
  2. I think there should be a section for Open MW on https://stepmodifications.org/wiki/Main_Page just like there is for Skywind, etc http://openmw.org/en/ https://www.youtube.com/user/MrOpenMW
  3. I am trying to get the MW Construction Set to work via Mod Organizer 2. I am using the Steam version of MW, and the construction set found on the MW Nexus here: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/42196/ My issue is that I can't get the CS to run through MO, but I can get the CS to run from the MW directory as normal. Th only issue with running CS from my MW folder is that I can't figure our how to load my Mod Organizer files since it saves them in a different directory due to the way it access the mods. I have not been able to find a video or guide about using the CS with Mod Organizer 2, specifically for Morrowind. I'm a bit of an idiot about these kinds of things though... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  4. I am new to nifskope and modding morrowind in general so I am sorry if this is a stupid or already answered question. I have made a .nif file for a morrowind mod with a texture of the same name. I thought this would be enough but when loading the game with the plugin, the sword exists but it is invisible, I searched online and found that using nifskope may help. I loaded the nif into nifskope and also the texture, they are both present as blocks however the texture is not applied to the mesh. I have searched around but have not been able to fix this issue, does anybody know what the issue could be? Things I have tried: In the resources tab, I have set the folder to the textures folder with the path being "C:/Users/(my username)/Desktop/Games/Morrowind stuff/Morrowind/Morrowind/Morrowind/Data Files/Textures/" I have tried using "Alt + T" being the render textures command but nothing happened (I don't know if that is how I use it, it is just something I tried) I've tried applying a new texture in place of mine and that also only shows in the block list and not on the mesh; I know the problem isn't my custom texture. Again I am sorry if this question has been answered but I couldn't find a solution
  5. Welcome to the Morroblivion Overhaul STEP forum! There is also The Morroblivion Help Desk hosted by ponyrider0 for users who seek live assistance. The Morroblivion Overhaul modding guide is created to help first-time modders make their modding experience as successful as possible. Morroblivion may not appeal to the average gamer. Modding Oblivion alone can be problematic in and of itself. The guide will attempt to teach users the basics of modding and resolving mod conflicts. It is a [WIP]. As my friend ponyrider0 says, 'If you can find enjoyment in unskilled fan-fiction and fan-artwork, then Morroblivion might be for you. Morroblivion is an unpolished, inefficient, precarious fan-fic quality mod that is no longer being maintained by a development team. Users should not expect to experience the best performance or FPS when playing Morroblivion, even in its vanilla state. Yet, there is still a tremendous amount of love and hard-work poured into this project by its fans. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something that rises above your average unskilled, fan-made effort, you should probably wait for Skywind or another similar project.'
  6. Hi, I made a mod guide for MW. Any feedback is welcome! https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind
  7. Hello! I was following this STEP guide when I hit the Official Plugins part in 2.A. The site that listing links to doesn't currently appear to be working, and, judging by the comments, hasn't been working for about a month now. It looks like some substantial changes were made to the plugins, so is there any other way to access these versions of them?
  8. I worked through the S.T.E.P. guide slowly and carefully, took two full days, ran Morrowind on the original engine then discovered OpenMW. I then took another full day to copy over the compatible mods for OpenMW into a different folder then activated using the order listed on S.T.E.P. (we are to install the guide from top to bottom). I was very careful during all of these steps, especially originally to activate/deactivate everything as stated. Everything runs great, I love OpenMW, everything looks great, I have worked the S.T.E.P. guides about 3-4 times now (for different games) and I love S.T.E.P. but my issues is with certain rings and armor (Domina Armor), maybe a few weapons, also Silt Striders and a lot of buildings look like they are coated in silver. Being that I use OpenMW I don't have the Warnings.txt file, but instead I have the openmw.log, I assume they are close to similar. I have been modding for a while now, and know a lot, but I still have trouble figuring certain things out, so I will list my warnings and failed section of my .log below: I have only a couple screenshots, I am uploading the main issue I am having. Warning: controller R2_Claw02 present more than once in meshes/r/xsiltstrider.kf, ignoring later version Warning: texture layer 6 is in use but empty in meshes/b/b_n_dark elf_m_head_03.nif Warning: texture layer 6 is in use but empty in meshes/b/b_n_dark elf_m_head_02.nif Warning: texture layer 6 is in use but empty in meshes/b/b_n_high elf_m_head_02.nif Loading cell -3, 5 Loading cell -3, 6 Loading cell -3, 7 Loading cell -2, 5 Loading cell -2, 6 Warning: texture layer 6 is in use but empty in meshes/b/b_n_dark elf_m_head_04.nif Loading cell -2, 7 Loading cell -1, 5 Loading cell -1, 6 Loading cell -1, 7 warning 01_Pal_CG_ringScript line 21, column 27 (GetInterior) stray explicit reference (ignoring it) warning 01_Pal_CG_ringScript line 25, column 27 (GetInterior) stray explicit reference (ignoring it) warning 01_pal_cg_newalmdivrecall line 26, column 6 (endif) endif without matching if/elseif warning 01_pal_cg_newalmdivrecall line 29, column 27 (GetInterior) stray explicit reference (ignoring it) warning 01_pal_cg_newalmdivrecall line 33, column 31 (GetInterior) stray explicit reference (ignoring it) Unhandled controller NiPathController on node 90 in meshes/e/magic_cast_myst.nif Playing music/explore/mx_explore_7.mp3 Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_boots.dds' not found Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_cuirass.dds' not found Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_greaves.dds' not found Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_helm.dds' not found Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_glove.dds' not found Failed to open image: Resource 'icons/a/tx_domina_pauldron.dds' not found Quitting peacefully.
  9. I followed the Morrowind STEP guide very carefully, including running mlox at the end. Mlox told me my plugin order was fine and needed no sorting. (Yay!) But it also said: "You are not running the highly recommended Morrowind Patch Project (MPP). It fixes quest bugs, spelling and grammar, corrects subtitles and mesh and texture errors; amongst other fixes. Whilst Bethesda's own patches fixed a couple of dozen bugs the MPP fixes hundreds." Huh. The STEP guide never told me to use the Morrowind Patch Project, but it sounds like a good thing to do. Did STEP just omit this... step?
  10. Morrowind Mod Guide Compendium I have been going through many different sources in the last few days to find the perfect modding guide that will modernise Morrowind. Below are many written and video modding guides that new or experienced users can follow to create a perfect gaming experience on this ageing gem of a game. I will try to keep this list of links updated as frequently as possible and I hope that other users will help add to this list to create a large depository of mod guides for Morrowind. Written Guides 1. Morrowind Today [by danjb] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 12th July 2016] 2. (Re)installing Morrowind [by Life in Ink and Pixels] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 1st May 2017] 3. Guide: A Modern Morrowind [by Step users] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 11th July 2017] 4. Gluby's Guide to a Modded Morrowind [by Gluby] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 11th October 2009] 5. Morrowind 2017 : Cynderal Edition [by Cynderal] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 15th February 2017] 6. Morrowind - An Alternative to MGSO [by Anthony Dotson] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 10th November 2015] 7. GeeTee's Favourite Morrowind Mods [by GeeTee] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 23rd February 2017] 8. Tomorrowind 2016 [by Povuholo] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 17th January 2016] 9. Morrowind Modding Guide [by cml33] - [Link] [Guide last edited: 9th March 2013] 10. Morrowind Mega Modding Manual [by Ashlandroadwarrior] - [Link] [Guide last edited: ?] Video Guides 1. Modding Guide for New Players - "Modernising Morrowind" [by Zaric Zhakaron] - [Link] [Uploaded: 1st August 2015] 2. Modernising Morrowind [by GamerZakh] - [Link] [Uploaded: 3rd May 2017]
  11. So after I finished up following this guide (https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind) the game looks fantastic and all is going well until I try to walk through grass. It ended up being completely solid and I am at a lost as to why this is. I think it has something to do with Vurts Groundcover but as for going about fixing this, I dont know. Any help would be great, thanks!
  12. Whenever I try to launch Morrowind it crashes while loading the textures and meshs and things. I've never played morrowind before and I was really excited to, but when I first started it was verrrrrry dated for my taste. So I followed this guide : https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind pretty much to the T. At first I had a couple of missing texture error's; but fixed them with the Wrye Mash tool by updating their masterlists. A few mods weren't compatible and I have to leave a few unchecked in the plugins section of NMM. Half of the mods are downloaded using NMM and half are manually installed. I'm not that great at manually installing mods, though, which is where I'm pretty sure the issue is. However, I spent close to 2 or so hours downloading and installing all of those mods, and cleanly installing morrowind and starting over does not sound ideal. I would like to find a better solution to narrow down to the culprit of what's causing the crash. I'm not entirely sure of all of the information I should be providing, so here is my mod list, plugins and load order, and what the crash looks like. Not sure what other info to provide, so please ask questions. Thank you. https://share.pho.to/AkdMB
  13. While working on current projects I've found myself watching let's Plays of Morrowind. I own the game. I have never played it other than just turning it on maybe an hour ago. Are there any full length modding guides for it that are mostly up to date? I found this https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind . Is that up to date and recommended as of now? I feel like I'm modding for the first time lol and I don't know where to start. Looking for suggestions.
  14. Current_loadorder.out: https://pastebin.com/dGhCUQxj I used the STEP guide https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Morrowind and did everything excepting the part J, which was Flora + Landscapes. Oh, and I have some of the stuff from Tomorrowind 2016. I think I missed a couple patches along the way. Mainly because either I had to install a patch for a mod I hadn't gotten to yet (since the order matters) or I just didn't notice. I get the following errors in-game: Model Load Error: Meshes\Grass\flora_black_anther_02.nif cannot load file in Meshes\Grass\flora_black_anther02.nif. Will use the default object Marker_Error.NIF. Model Load Error: Meshes\Grass\flora_willow_flower_2.nif cannot load file in Meshes\Grass\flora_willow_flower_2.nif. Will use the default object Marker_Error.NIF. EDIT: I tried to solve this, but nothing works. I tried re-installing Better Flora, I tried reinstalling Graphic Herbalism. Neither worked. :c
  15. Started a placeholder page on the Wiki for a Morrowind guide and page - https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Genius384/Morrowind_Guide Recently I've been playing Morrowind again, messing around with OpenMW, and generally enjoying the wealth of mods and content for the game. Anyway, I'm planning for the guide to be made up of a bunch of sub-sections, mainly: Vanilla Morrowind - a short guide for getting a stable game running on the retail Morrowind Game of the Year edition Vanilla Morrowind Plus - a short guide for getting a stable game running a few quality of life, interface, and visual overhaul mods including Morrowind Graphics Extender (MGE-XE) Open Morrowind (OpenMW) - a short guide for getting a "vanilla plus" game using Open Morrowind, an open source re-implementation of the Morrowind runtime (at the time of this post the project is pretty far along too, and supports some nice visual effects (but currently not the Distant Land, sexy water, or extra eyecandy of MGE-XE, but a much better rendering engine.) In the future, it should theoretically be possible to mod the engine to support new mechanics and systems (think Skyrim Combat, for example.) without hacky workarounds or script extenders et el. There are nightly builds and I could see this becoming the "go to" for Morrowind and features in the next year or two. Morrowind Sound and Graphics Overhaul (MGSO) - a guide to the kind-of-quick but "not so vanilla but still vanilla" guide for the Morrowind Overhaul (MGSO) mod, which is an automated install of a bunch of high quality mods. Least fuss, but still requires some tweaking/bugfixes to get it 100% right. Morrowind - Rise of The Nerevarine - a guide for my personal Morrowind (and by extension, OpenMW) mod builds for visuals, bug fixes and balancing, and content (like Tamriel Rebuilt, Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins, etc.)So anyway, I'll be working on this at length the next few months, I imagine.
  16. My Modern Morrowind Build Guide My guide is hosted over at deadlystream.com which is a star wars modding website specifically for the two classic games Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 (KOTOR) and what I believe to be the best extra content mod ever created for any game because there were no modding tools or creation kit back then. They had to create their own. Almost 10 years in the making! These guys devoted a large portion of their lives into completing a game that was released unfinished. "The Sith Lords Restored Content Mod" TSLRCM and the add-on mod M4-78 Enhancement Project Of course my Morrowind guide is incomplete as I have not played the game in a couple of years. I wrote it for a girlfriend who helped me with my Fallout 3 and V installations and who wanted to try modding Morrowind. I do have a list of new mods that would fit well but they are untested. Everything in my guide has been tested. My game worked flawlessly. You can see what the game will look like by the number of pics that were linked and uploaded. I even include an advanced section for those of you want sweet FX to work with mgeXE. Of course any recommendations and or corrections are welcome. I do plan on reinstalling the game soon and yes I will be following my guide XDDD
  17. Got my copy of Elder Scroll Anthology, just put up the posters on the wall and proceeded to install Morrowind with the huge graphical mod packs and MGEX and it looks amazing for a 12 year old game!!! I am totally jaw-dropped. I do notice the lack of gameplay mods compared to Oblivion/Skyrim. Anyone with any advice about gameplay mods? I have found all the huge quest/lands mods but I can't find any concentrated info about combat/spell/leveling/balance overhauls. Any recommendations anyone? Any mod lists? Need to make the damn character run a little faster, its like Matrix sloMo the way he runs! The sucky thing is the mods are spread over many webpages with dead links all over the place, makes you appreciate Skyrim Nexus more... The combat is odd coming back from Skyrim, the hit & miss mechanic is so weird.... no timing necessary, just button mashing... there must be a replacement... Anyone else playing this venerable monster? Strangely.... the engine seems more stable as well.... go figure.
  18. Hi all, Recently got the itch to get back into Morrowind, after finally beating the main quest in Skyrim. After using Mod Organizer for Skyrim/Oblivion/New Vegas/Fallout, I can't really imagine modding without it. I know Morrowind support is currently not implemented, but is it possible that it is on the roadmap or something that can be done in the future? Wrye Mash is OK as a mod manager but I just love being able to keep the data directories completely pristine and clean of mods.
  19. I have not played Morrowind since it first came out and I never completed it then. I recently purchased the GOTY edition in a Steam Sale and am attempting to get it up and running and modded on my Win8.1 gaming machine but have a few issues which I would appreciate some help with. 1. I was briefly plagued by the Crash on Exit issue where Windows would report that "This program has stopped responding" but once I exited the Excise Office and Saved, I was able to load saves and then subsequently exit without crashing. It seems that Morrowind has a reputation for crashing on exit and I wondered if the cause was ever found? 2. Modding... I am struggling to find detailed guides on how to approach a Morrowind modding overhaul. I have been spoiled by the likes of STEP, SR:LE and F&L for NV. So far I have dealt with MCP (default options for now), the Exe Optimizer (which freaked out my anti-virus) and the 4Gb patch. I then got Wrye Mash and Python working and loaded the MPP but there I have hit a wall. I have no idea how to get Morrowind to run at my monitor's native widescreen resolution and I don't know what mods to favour. I do intend to try Tamriel Rebuilt but beyond that I have no idea what to start with. I have seen SorcererDave's recent Lets Play on YouTube but he lists a summary of just the key mods in his playthrough. Do any of you have pointers to Morrowind Modding Guides that are up to date? EDIT : Doh! Totally failed to notice the thread below this one in the forum, sorry.
  20. If anyone has mod suggestions for Morrowind, please create a "mod thread" inside the STEP Mods Forum. When creating the thread, members are able to add a "Prefix Tag" for the game to which the mod applies (Skyrim is default if no prefix is indicated). The prefixes serve as a visual indicator, and the tag itself serves as an information management tool (Hint, click on a tag name in the thread or forum titles to get a listing of all threads containing that tag). Existing thread prefixes in the Mods forum include: [sKYRIM] [OBLIVION] [FALLOUT 3] [FALLOUT NV] [MORROWIND] etc. Thanks for your cooperation!
  21. For those who don't have it - Morrowind is currently on Steam sale! Go get it! https://store.steampowered.com/app/22320/
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