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  1. You are correct - that is an old issue that I can do nothing about. I think it is to do with the Havok scripts that display the books on the screen as they open. The text is somewhere else other than on the model of the book.
  2. I know it is on the "To be looked at" list but the wiki is still having issues today. I can't get the FNV DDSOPT batch files from it due to the 504 gateway timeouts. EDIT : It finally let me have them after a fair few tries.
  3. It looks like Realistic Wasteland Lighting Enhancement has been pulled from the Nexus. There is a comment to that effect on reddit. Does anyone know if this is a temporary thing? Is there an approved alternative source or replacement mod?
  4. I have just started a fresh F&L install and have stumbled at the Unofficial Patch Plus part of the guide. The Guide is still on version 1.38 of UPP and mentions "Installation: Install both the main file and the optional file." but the Nexus is on 1.42 now and has multiple Optional files. Which one is required?
  5. The Nexus is creaking under the strain though. I have had to put BCS on a Mirror since the Nexus can't handle files that large at the moment. I'll have another go at uploading tomorrow when it might be quieter. By the way, quick CK question... If I have a mod (BCS) which is used by another mod as a Master, how can I load the second mod (BCSLL) in the CK without it ignoring the master and giving "reference not found" errors all over the place?
  6. One difference between Vanilla Skyrim and SSE has just cropped up... the Notes mesh is handled differently. If you have a look at THIS you will see the text on the Note is squashed up at the top. It turns out the PageText object that the picture of the words is placed on is scaled differently between Vanilla and SSE. I have grabbed the latest NIFskope and extracted the SSE notes meshes and the structure of the NIF files is new. If anyone who reads the comments on the Book Covers Skyrim SE page has any insight I would really appreciate help. Fortunately the Books and Journals are correct. Phew!
  7. With nothing added except Book Covers Skyrim and default inis, I have had two crashes around Riverwood. One was near the Bandit Camp outside the Helgen cave and the other was near the bridge where there is that infamous "bird in the tree". Hopefully the Unofficial Patch might help with issues like that.
  8. I will have a look to see if Bethesda fixed the bug that prevented me using Alternate Texture Sets in Book Covers Skyrim but I won't hold my breath. This was an issue where, although xEDIT would let me enter the alternative texture sets, the game would not parse them for the World view of a book. If it was switched on properly it would allow me to get rid of about 80Mb of meshes in BCS. It is certainly great to see that xEDIT is ready so quickly! Oh, and since the XBox is apparently limited to 5Gb for mod storage, I assume that I would have to look at a "reduced size" version of BCS for the XBox? I could save some file space by making all the meshes use the world view normal map rather than the full inventory view.
  9. I think it should be Extended, not Core as some of the Michael Kirkbride lore was never released inside the TES Games themselves - it was forum lore around the games to get folks interested and promote discussion. You can see some of the comments about MK in The Imperial Library forum.
  10. I can't remember but I do think it is actually included in Book Covers Skyrim now. I don't have a Skyrim install to check however. EDIT : Yes, checking the Changelog shows it was added to BCS in version 3.3.
  11. I have had a look at the Codec Tweak Tool but have not been able to resolve this behaviour yet. I suspect it is a codec issue since it is so clearly shown in that youtube video but the specific solution mentioned is not WIn10 safe.
  12. Mod Suggestion : Ravens UV Map Fix This fixes the UV mapping on the Raven mesh and does not conflict with any other mod in the pack. It does not add an ESP.
  13. There is another one in FCO - Afterschool Special.esp. Paul Edgecomb has the lazy eye. I made the following edit... FCO - Afterschool Special.esp ... Non-Player Character ... xx001B34 Paul Edgecomb ... ENAM - Eyes ... EyeBlue2 "Blue 2" [EYES:xx011358C] Remember to re-include the mod in the Bashed Patch as it is one that is Merged by Wrye Bash.
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