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  1. Since it seems to not be possible to make them pretty, at least something less ugly. I've found this mod and compared to some videos I've seen it really improved something. But all the original races are ugly in general, so I picked this one as replacement. But not only I couldn't make the character look exactly like the first picture, the head has a very different tone of the body, in my character and in all NPCs, some more noticeable than others. And as far as I can tell (which is not much considering my knowledge of Wrye Bash), everything is installed correctly. I hope it's not a problem if I'm already playing for some time (Thieves and Mages Guild completed).
  2. I'm following the guide as much as I can but right now I'm back with the WB problem when I was about to BAIN mods, namely Streamline which is an executable. I also skipped the OBGE section immediately before UOP because I don't know how install those BAIN.
  3. Today I "finished" the last DLC of Morrowind (Bloodmoon). "Finished" because I didn't bother to do the sidequests nor the optional ones. For what matter to me, Morrowind is an overestimated game and I wasted 40 bucks with it, but that's not why I came here. I'm about to start playing Oblivion but, again, I don't have a clue on how to start modding it. Like I asked in Morrowind section, for the first playthrough I don't plan to have it heavily modded, just the patches and very few graphics enhancements. I tried Wrye Bash, I really did, but this application has something with me or I'm too stupid to understand its complexity. I tried OBMM but it only handles this new format (to me) OMOD, and although some of the mods I've chosen are ready for this format, a few of them (namely, the Unofficial Patches) are in the same format as the majority of Skyrim's mods (compressed ESPs/ESMs). Then I met OBMMEX, but right before download it I read the first lines saying something about TES Mod Manager, claiming this fixes bugs in OBMMEX, and by inertia, I've got this TMM first, ignoring OBMMEX, and although it handles both OMOD and 7Z mods it threw uncaught Exceptions in the few features I've tried to use. As a (rusty) developer this drives me crazy and, honestly, I kind of lose faith in such kind of Applications. So what should I do now? Anyone can give me a (for god sakes, well written) direction to start?
  4. I'll start playing with "just" the Morrowind Overhaul as I don't know how to add new mods to the game using Wrye Mash. I tried to add them compressed files in the Installers directory within Morrowind installation directory but when opening the Installers tab an error box pops out saying "'Path' object does not support indexing" Also, if I launch Morrowind using the bottom icon the "pythonw" crashes. Any clue?
  5. That's a start... Let me start nagging you :p How exactly this Wrye Mash works about installed mods? Does it throw all the files in original data folder or does it keep them separately, like Mod Organizer? I know I shouldn't be comparing them both, but I think you understand. This wiki link you posted is very well written but the Wrye Mash section is very "spartan" and technical. I've found another one, with some screenshots , which helped me to have something more tactile to understand but even so, it doesn't go further in matters of tweaks, loading order, separately tools (usage and usefulness) and etc. Is there something else? And this MLOX and TES3CMD. What are they? As far as I understand, MLOX could be roughly compared to LOOT but what about the other one? Also, there is another file in Downloads section (tes3lint). Is it required too?
  6. Fortunately, this old topic is not too old anymore. Well... I finally decided to buy Morrowind. I took all this long because I always smelled a rat with old-graphics games (although I do love classics from SNES - Chrono Trigger FTW) but I often see people talking about the great game Morrowind was and still is, that The Nerevarine puts the Dragonborn to shame and etc. And this won me by exhaustion. However I couldn't find concrete informations about modding Morrowind, be it to fix the numerous bugs I heard about or to enhance the visuals to something better than a 12 years old game. Everything I've found was sparse, fragments here and there, very different from the S.T.E.P. patterns. I also heard that NMM is indeed the best choice as mod manager, that there isn't anything "better" or close to the same way of Mod Organizer works. Anyway... For those who play or have played modded Morrowind could give me a north to start? The mod manager to... well, manage the modifications to start, and of course, the best or the worth to have modifications for it?
  7. Because I never installed ENB "for real" I configure my enblocal.ini as close as possible to the link provided. In order to allow possible validation, my specs (since I don't know how to add it to Wiki Profile), or at least the thre main components are: - Intel Core i5 3570 3.4Ghz - 8 GB RAM - GTX 660 2GB
  8. I modified my INI using the guide you linked before start this topic. The only things I changed was those mentioned by Shadow Remover as I read shadows are terrible and performance glutton and I don`t pay much attention to them anyway. Now I "installed" the ENB without presets, configure it according to your link and thestuttering while moving the camera became worse! Fine, I didn't have any other CTD which is a victory, but I was in Dawstar testing Morskom Estate mod and a dragon appeared. Fine, I was ready to fight, but I had ZERO FPS for several seconds and huge FPS drops while moving towards the dragon. Regretably, I would even consider "delete" hundreds of items I've kept, holding only the most special, if that helps the problem. I'm linking my Papyrus log and active mod list1 could help? That's not possible that much of problems. If you could give me a personal opinion about the mods I have so I can remove some that are problemamtic or simply bullsh... I would appreciate too. 1 The mod list is in CSV, tell me if it's a problem
  9. I was reading some optimization guides and because I don`t really pay much attention to shadows I decided for good to removed them using Shadow Remover mod. I also reduced the Radial Blur and it helped, most of the time. Like I said I tested this PDT and it reduced my save games by 4MB, but the random CTDs persisted. Then I enabled the Papyrus logs and added it to the program and more detailed informations were reported, although I didn't understand a thing >_< I tried to read this log by myself and I searching a bit the not-so-descriptive names, I noticed errors/warnings related to Real Clouds, Alternate Start and Agents of Righteous Might. What I don't undertand is the last two mods are already finished, except because the ARM had some uniques I collected and dropped somewhere in Elysium Estate. Right now, testing The Wheels of Lull I needed some gold ingots and I'm trying for the 5th time fast travel to Elysium Estate and I'm always crashing. Is there a list of known buggy mods I should remove or at least a way to give more time or more power to these scripts to run? I thought it was in general. I mean, I expected some FPS reduction, between 20~30 but when running around I've got som sttutering and sometimes, right after teh FPS stabilizes back to higher numbers, I crashed. And this ENBoost, I've heard about it in several articles, but I don't really know what it is. If I have to install it manually, if it's part of ENB... Maybe I'm very stupid but I think these things should be explained more clearly. Well... I liked the results of TrueVision... in the videos I've seen. I'll try this Vividian ENB later, as soon as I stabilize the game.
  10. @phazer11: According to the link you posted, it is working. The MBL reported the same quoted by the author: According to Gopher's video I should look in the last line when and if the game crashes or freezes. I was walking down the 7000 Steps as part of Thundering Child mod and when I was almost in the bottom of it, the game crashed and the log registered as values of blocks 360 and 204, respectively. I don't understand much but I think it shouldn't crash before these heaps, right? I also tried the "spawn NPCs" method. I spawned 300 Whiterun Guards around me and not crash, just the expected lag. About ENB, I was so frustrated because the GPU I paid a good money (mostly because in my country importing taxes and Customs suck) didn't end good enough to keep Skyrim running smoothly, I decide, at least for now, to not use ENB, although I really wanted to. Elys MemInfo reports almost constant 60 FPS, which should be enough for ENB, but everytime I turn the camera or when what I think to be new cells being loaded, the FPS drop, sometimes drastically (especially in or around Elysium Estate). And with previous experience when the FPS drop that much I almost always crashed. Another reason to skip ENB until solve the issue. @Ayien: I noticed that in Dovahkiin Wardrobe Room that has several mannequins in the same cell. But those in containers too? Isn't there anything that can be done?
  11. In my latest playthrough I'm running any quest mod that teases my curiosity. But I'm also a Completionist (or 'Garbage Collector/Resource Hoarder', if you prefer) so, everything from every mod (armors, weapons, statics, journals, notes...) as much as I can find (MurderWrath and mannyGT's mods are very tricky) I keep in chests, wardrobes or desks. This is true for supplies too. I have tons of ores, ingots (mostly coming from melting unused items with an uncraft mod), hides, gems and ingredients, even if I might not need all of them. And recently, with my new GPU, a GTX 660 2GB, I noticed that Skyrim still very buggy. I have random CTDs, mostly when loading a new cell, like leaving a shop or entering my home (Elysium Estate). These are the most annoying, of course, but the loading time is very frustrating too. And worse! The overall performance now in Ultra Quality is not greater than it was with my iGPU in Medium Quality. I read here and there that big save game files (mine are ~25MB each, with 600+ hours) can cause these issues. I tried to clean them with tools provided in Nexus site but the size still the same, which probably means there is no unintentional leftovers. Right now I'm testing the PDT. I already played Skyrim 7 times, you know. And I always was the collector kind of player. For example. I have the Dovahkiin Wardrobe Room, which is very spartan in visual terms but it's the only mod I've found providing 250 mannequins. There I have all armor sets that worth to keep, Vanilla, DB and DG. But I also have armors/clothes from mods, like Konahriik's Accountrements and Opulent Outfits. So... If I want to reduce my save game files, and thus reduce the stuttering, lag, random CTDs and long load times, do I have to empty all my bookshelves (which I filled with every single book, mostly handpicked in Apocrypha), dispose all unique items coming from quest mods, reduce my storage to a barely minimum amount of supplies and throw away all armor sets of each tier just to get stability? Right now I have 203 active mods (ESPs and ESMs). If you can help me solve or at least improve this annoyance, tell me if you would need the MO list and I'll provide.
  12. That's what I did. I spent hours opening several different files. >.< And there were mods, like "Uncle Sheogorath" (it worth for some laughs) or Seranaholic (not that I'm using it right now), that had FOMOD, but when extracting them, not installer were shown. That's what I used to do, but I noticed it was eating a lot of space very quickly. Interesting NPCs, for example, don't have FOMOD so it didn't make sense to keep both extracted and the packaged. Only with this mod I saved 2GB+ In the end, after all the removals, I freed up to 9GB of disk space. That's nice! And even if something explode in Nexus servers, thanks to Mod Organizer keeping mods separated it's just a matter of repack the mod folder again. And for mod versions, I think there are only three mods I keep backup: "Elysium Estate", "Gallery - A Collectors Mod" and SG Hair 268 (because it was too hard to download from a chinese page )
  13. I don't need to format my hard drive, it was just an example. And re-download the big files is a big concern to me because, unfortunately, in my country, there are not enough law enforcement in order to guarantee Internet quality. And Nexus servers don't help either by aborting the connection every now and then. The question was more to reaffirm the fact, you know. Is there an easy way to figure out if a mod has a FOMOD installer or it's only manually, faking an installation for every file?
  14. I have a question that I know part of the answer but it would be nice to confirm anyway. With Mod Organizer, do I need to keep the archives downloaded from Nexus or other sites in the disk? Mods that offer multiple choices through a FOMOD installed I understand it's wise to keep, but mods like Interesting NPCs, Vilja, Conan (quest), Armort of Tamriel and so on are really big (600MB+). So I would like to know if, for any reason, I need to format thoroughly my hard drive and I need to backup my stuff somewhere else (and for the scenario let's assume I wouldn't have a separate hard drive) if the packages files could be recreated from the extracted ones safely. Sounds perfectly doable to me, but as always I like second opinions from the ones more experienced than me.
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