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  1. Any reason why grass lod can't be pregenerated by someone, then uploaded somewhere for the rest of us to download? I mean we're all following the same guide. Really not much stopping a beta release of 2.0.0 but a couple mods. Pretty much have to whole thing working except for lod. MA's can pull any mod down anytime for any reason. Have to learn to improvise, overcome, and adapt. Can't let a couple mods stand in the way of progress. In fact, if someone has their 'Grass Cache' posted somewhere, send me the link. I'll appreciate it, thanks.
  2. Yeah the patch notes that it removes a chimney placed by USSEP and replaces it with it's own. IMO the one from USSEP seems to match the rundown shack better. The farmhouse chimney's one looks like new construction. I'll let STEP make the call on that. I'm sure there is a mandate/paradigm that dictates which one gets used.
  3. MCM Menus have been reworked as well. An option for 'Live another life - LAL' has been added to 'New Locations>Random'. Same section 'Cutting Room Floor' is now.
  4. I agree, considering OpenMW might one day be the basis for all mod guides involving the original Morrowind game, if it isn't already.
  5. Does STEP have a roadmap/plan for rolling out support for the SE post SAE free update as well as full out SAE? (kinda confusing what we're calling these now). Got a new computer so itching to do the dance again. Will working with the SE 2.0.0 beta be wiser at this point? I'm assuming as it's unreleased, it'd have to at least support the post SAE free update at some point.
  6. Hopefully we aren't going back to the dark days of Skyrim where it took over a year for modded SE to be a viable replacement to modded LE. Thought we'd be using SkyUI 2.x forever as we waited for SKSE, then SkyUI it to be updated.
  7. Forget what I said above. My memory is a bit rusty. Here is the link to a thread from last year showing compatibility issues found concerning STEP and the CC content. All in all, I don't think STEP will have an issue supporting the anniversary edition of the game.
  8. I'm currently running all the current CC content with STEP right now. Nearly everything works without issue. Tundra Homestead needed a patch for landscape and water fixes, I think a patch was needed to get survival mode items to show up in crafting menu do to CCO I think. The only issue i see is there is a conflict with 'wild horses' and 'convenient horses'. They both have menu choices that overlap. Something will have to be done here. Current workaround is capture and name your wild horse before activating CH. Not an option for STEP.
  9. I can see attitudes about this changing if one day Bethesda decides to roll up all the Creation Club content into a larger expansion pack. Remember the existing expansions were paid DLC too until they were included into the Legendary and Special Editions. You can argue whether the CC content is necessary, but I do find that it does add value to the game versus subtract from it. Assuming that it all gets rolled up into a unified download one day and is widely used, Survival Mode and a handful of the other features justifies downloading the whole thing, and can see it being a valuable mod in the guide.
  10. The bashed patch isn't needed anymore. In an effort to simplify the guide, mod compatibility is handled by the STEP patches installed at the end of the guide.
  11. Ok, that explains everything. Here's a size comparison for the record. Default Eggs CACO Eggs Butthurt Eggs
  12. Ok perhaps I'm just not remembering how big the eggs were in the default game, but this still seems bigger then the 'Chicken Butthurt Minimizer' eggs. Is this what everybody is seeing in their actual game, or is everybody just looking in xEdit because I don't see anything wrong in xEdit either. Just saying.
  13. Are we sure about this? After removing this mod the eggs are big again. I have CACO installed.
  14. The easiest way to do this is when you are installing a mod and you notice options in the FOMOD or on the mod author's 'Optional Files' area that you think you'll need later simply put an (*) at the begining of the mods tile in MO2 and make a quick note using the note tool. Later you can quickly scroll back up your mod list looking for mod's you've put an (*) on.
  15. If your taking screenshots using the Windows Key + PrintScrn, they seem to dump inside the main Skyrim SE folder. Looks to be an SKSE feature. Unless you're using one of the F keys through Steam, Fraps, Nvidia?
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