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  1. I think this run for the presidency was far too much based on constrigated emotionalized opinions.
  2. oh god, that spotlight video in the description has too much texture shimmering for me. I only see billions of colored ant pixels crawling everywhere. I'll have to pass.
  3. Back from the dead indeed. It's nice to be back and see most of you are still there! At least now I can lay this z-fighting topic to the dead after 5 years of burning in my eyes Yeah, they'll have to refix most of their clutter mesh/texture fixes. Edit: Without UP (or any mods) there is no flickering clutter for me, so I guess it is safe to say that things like SMIM will make problems as well.
  4. Considering Z-fighting, shadow striping: I have tried the Skyrim Special Edition, and there seems to be no more z-fighting or shadow striping for me. As if that is linked to the fixes towards the shadow processing or has something to do with the new 64bit engine, I cannot say for sure. If you have further insight, please share below. For now, STEP doesn't need to include the links to the z-fighting fix in the next version for the guide that uses Special Edition as a base. Today, is a good day.
  5. NEW UPDATE: I have tried the Skyrim Special Edition, and there seems to be no more z-fighting or shadow striping for me. As if that is linked to the fixes towards the shadow processing or has something to do with the new 64bit engine, I cannot say for sure. If you have further insight, please share below. I've not tried any mods yet. I have heard that clutter seems to flicker a lot now, if the Unofficial patches are installed, e.g. in Dragonsreach.
  6. Oh and the mesh for the counts' clothes are missing. You need slofs victorian clothes mod nowadays. It's found on wolflore (sign-up needed). https://www.wolflore.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=649
  7. I used OBMM to convert it to a 7z archive and then installed it through WB.
  8. I already asked him. Could you try whether it works for you using the newest versions? I really have no idea what's wrong. The packages and all the files aren't corrupted either...
  9. I cannot for the life of me get Oblivion XP to work with either DarNified UI or DarkUIed DarN. I don't get the correct level up-screen. Any help on that?
  10. Hey hishutup! I've recently developed the urge to revisit Oblivion and thought why not try out your guide (it's not THAT outdated ;-) ). I've come through the entire guide really fluently. However I would like to adress several issues I am having with the result. For reference, I installed all non-red marked mods in the list and I used the most up-to-date versions of all of the available mods (even if the guide relied on older versions). First of all, the game looks beautiful. I don't think I've even imagined how awesome it could look. It is still a very choppy experience for me though. Framerates drop when visiting new locations all the time. Your system requirements are certainly not adequate for what one would probably need to achieve a 40-60 FPS stable experience. Secondly, while all of the newly added content is a awesome experience, it also comes at a cost of being really overwhelming, especially at the start. For people who have never enjoyed Oblivion before, it is too "full". It takes hours of real time getting to know the imperial city and especially the Alternative Beginning mod makes it hard to find a starting point. A warning to new players to first play Oblivion vanilla style and get to know the quest lines might be necessary. Thirdly, the game is not stable. Even after I got the framerate stabilized the game CTDs on me frequently in the open world space. This might be caused by now incompatible mods due to recent changes or because my system is not as good as yours (although mine is pretty much on the high end for Oblivion at least). I want to ask you whether you have ever actually played 100 hours into this setup and seen how the gameplay and stableness develops. Especially with all the new additions it seems quite an undertaking for this old engine to not crumble during longer play sessions. Thank you, for all you've put into this guide, it certainly is a great starting point to get ideas for which mods to install! Best regards, torm
  11. Hey ToggleAI, as far as I can remember I had close to no z-fighting in the early patch versions of the game. Some stabilizing/performance tweak Bethesda included in their patches might have come with a reduction of z-buffer capacity for certain systems that actually caused z-fighting to become worse. Or it could be engine-defined. Of course, the nicer your game looks, the more negative impact z-fighting will have on the picture. I settled with 4.0 for the original fix, because it was stable, had the best benefit per cost ratio and didn't seem too far from vanilla game settings. Using a lot higher settings didn't make z-fighting better for me, it was the happy medium that made it a tiny bit nicer. Hey Matt714, that what you see there might actually be z-fighting or mesh clipping. A mesh fix is usually needed to remove that form of z-fighting. Have a look whether some overhauls include mesh fixes. Usually the unofficial patches or similar projects include them. If you know how to use nifscope etc. you might be able to do the tweak on your own. Just increase the z-buffer-discrepancy between the clipping planes and you should be fine. fNearDistance tweaks always come at a cost of clipping. For this specific issue (if it's just those two examples and not everywhere in the game), mesh fixes are the preferrable solution. Hey Exalerion, that is very interesting. You use a very high SplitDistanceMult-value. You probably have a powerful machine, that you don't notice a performance drop on your modded game using it. Are you sure, that there is no z-fighting for you if you use vanilla Skyrim ultra generated settings? Hey Hackfield, this looks like you either are using a parallax normal without parallax or it is some clipping of planes due to bad meshes. For the latter check my response to Matt714 at the beginning of my post. Hey Matt714, interesting, have you checked on it, whether that is actually the case? I don't own neither XP nor Vista, so I can't check for myself.
  12. nice work! there are a ton of other settings that are applied if running the saveini command in the console. if you're done here, there's a lot of more work there! ;-) (be aware that using the saveini command may crash your game and cause other weird side effects, be careful and always back up your ini's etc.)
  13. Awesome stuff! Reminds me a bit of the card game added in witcher3
  14. Wouldn't it theoretically be possible to keep the original map as it is, but to create a total conversion of it into 2D which is accessible trough a different hotkey which displays only the information that would've been displayed if the player would open up the regular map instead? Eg. only those map markers will show, if the map markers from the original map would show as well? Through "hotlinks" it might be possible to even interact with the map markers from the paper map if they would just redirect the action to the map markers on the original map. I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but given that the paper maps with corresponding markers are already drawn the only thing one needed to do is create a skse or mcm function that would open up the secondary as an extra resource and the the linking of the markers from primary and secondary map. I am no modder by any means, I'm just thinking that this could be a workaround for the engine's limitations.
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