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aMidianBorn Roads and Bridges by CaBaL


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CaBal is probably one of the few authors that could pick up and continue SRO in it's original artistic style, thus expanding it to all the DLCs. In fact, he could probably make a very similar product to SRO that covers the original game and the DLCs in a vanilla-friendly style. Combine a product like that with Vurt's flora overhaul and Skyrim would become one gorgeous landscape!

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thanks :)

this has been my first experiment on landscape ever...and honestly something i did in the launch breaks from work in last 3-4 days on a sort of amiga 1000 pc ...lol

....i guess there's an enormous space for improvements.

the idea is to remake landscape and towns...including dlc files, we'll see how things go...equipments in the book take 90% of my time and resources.

lanscape are very easy works (lots of photo sources) so i guess small but frequent releases for the moment, and a cumulative package for the book when there will be material enough.... i think to support parallax... at least to give the option... not immediately btw.

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well ...to stick on bethesda ideas is a 2 side coin...a creative limit sadly(i often would make things very different),,,on the other side helps to keep things consistent with the whole game without forcing balance.

i try always to use bethesda method and "style" ,is something that i can use or not use in future (i mean there are MANY better styles and methods) but in the meantime i learn this as part of "artist" package... best things come always from crossover and beth method can be part of the "recipe" for future things.

point is always the same... more you learn more arrows for your bow.

i'm extremelly gratefull to step project (sadly i have not enough time to follow discussions as i wish) , must say that noone ever offered such massive ,well done and well planned guide on any aspect of the game.

so indipendently from choices in matter of textures... i thank you for the precious work

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I'd like to make a request for some Dragonborn DLC textures they're in a scarce supply in case no one has noticed.

All in due time. These textures will become more common when the DLC goes on sale and more authors obtain it. I have all the DLCs and have personally only played a small part of Dawnguard. The others I haven't even touched yet. That tells you how little the Admin actually get to play and enjoy Skyrim because most of our time is spent on STEP. The same goes for many mod authors. They spend so much of their time modding that very little time is spent in-game actually playing. Dragonborn stuff will come in it due time, but it may still be a while yet until we see Dragonborn related material become common.
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