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  1. I see that Become a Bard has been added to Nexus. I've used this a bit with SRLE and it's quite fun. Being an itinerant bard is a nice roleplaying feature, plus it goes well with Realistic Room Rentals (in that it's possible to sleep indoors if you are poor if you perform at the inn for your room).
  2. I meant I can't tell the difference with the shadow settings, not the the DynDOLODs.
  3. I have not yet installed DynDOLOD but previously I have cut down my shadows a bit to help out with FPS: fShadowDistance=3500.0000 iShadowMapResolutionSecondary=1024 iShadowMapResolutionPrimary=2048 I can't really tell any difference using these - though perhaps I'm not terribly observant. I wonder if the High Quality LODs in DynDOLOD actually make much of a difference given the DOF in Vividian... can you tell the difference? I wonder if a next step for DynDOLOD and similar programs might not be occlusion polygons in the mountains to prevent distant LODs from trying to load. (Or do I just not understand how these work?) P.S. I use a GTX 680 4 GB.
  4. Excellent - that will be a big one - should get us much better LODs with all the changes as well as perhaps allow us to drop some of the LOD type mods already in SRLE, or so I would assume...
  5. So why did you roll back to 2.1 on Vivid Clouds and Fogs? On a related issue what do you think of ramccoid's various effects? You use DROPS, but not RIPPLES, SPRAY, STEAM...
  6. So far I am really pleased with the Positioner. It's great for decluttering houses. The grab items, move in the x,y,z planes and shrink or expand them works flawlessly and is very intuitive. Next up is trying to copy an enchanting table for Breezehome (or maybe I'll just steal Farangar's outright) and getting some bathtubs for player homes - having to run from Proudspire to the basement of the Winker Skeever every morning just to get clean is tedious. I'm also wondering if I can clone the working wells (such as one in Whiterun) and drop them in place of ones that can't be activated (such as those added by ETaC or moved by JK's Skyrim... This mod is definitely staying in my load order.
  7. I almost installed Beezehome Fully Upgraded but when I looked at it in TES5Edit there were a load of conflicts with other mods in Whiterun and Breezehome. (Many of these were REGS mods, not SRLE ones, but I don't think they all were.) Given that BFU was already a little more than what I was looking for anyway, I decided not to bother trying to deconflict it.
  8. Thanks. I ended up going only with the Positioner. The Renamer sounded interesting but not essential. The others not so much. (I was back and forth in the archery one - automatically slipping from 3rd to 1st person would be nice but I wondered if it might interfere with the camera mods.) The Game To Mod looks really interesting and I might grab it in the future but not really what I want now (which U.S. simply to clean up the mess in some of the houses). The idea above of adding an enchanting table to Breezehome is clever - maybe I'll steal Farangar's when I get back to Whiterun!
  9. I had a micro-storm in front of the new inn in Shore's Stone after installing the RS patches.
  10. I went from Kynesgrove to Shirestone via Northwind Summit (with a bounty quest to kill the dragon there). Two notable things: 1. The terrain along the southern part of this road (for example near Steam Crag Giant Camp) was pretty ugly/garish. It looked vaguely unnatural - but not in a mystical way or anything - just kind of jarring and ugly. If you travel this route you might want to take a look at the terrain and see if you like it. (I suppose it's such a big contrast to the rest of SRLE Skyrim which has looked amazing.) 2. The dragon at Northwind Summit failed to spawn - I just got the collection if skeletons. I've completed Dragon Rising - and got the bounty to kill thus dragon on my first visit to Ivarstead on my way to see the Grey Beards. After various attempts to fix it I ended up having to just setstage 100 the quest. Not sure why this happened - other than USKP changing the mine to ebony and SIC spawning extra and more powerful seketon(s) I've got no mods affecting the area AFAIK. I'm thinking this was just see random vanilla glitch unrelated to SRLE but I've never had it before.
  11. I am surprised that something with an activation can be cloned - very cool.
  12. Thanks sm0kem - Looks like it has no compatibility issues with anything I'm running.
  13. As I get deeper into my latest play through I've bought a couple of houses and realized what pigs and klutzes my housemates are - whenever I come home there is crap laying everywhere. (God - I sound like my mother!) Whenever they walk around they house they fling more stuff around. I tried picking it up and putting it back but THAT was a exercise in frustration! So.... I think I'm going to try Jaxonz's Positioner to tidy things up.... And maybe even do a bit of interior decorating myself! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52583 Anyone have any experience with this mod? Or maybe I should just get Jaxonz Utilities https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/60910/? Thoughts? PS - He (she?) has some very clever utility mods - too bad he/she stopped modding Skyrim on Sunday.
  14. Has anyone tried Helsmyrr Village by Maverick? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64442/? It looks well done, though still being polished up a bit. Any conflicts with REGS?
  15. Probably not as I don't think there are any conflicts between them. (You can tell if there are by right clicking them in MO, and choosing the conflicts tab.) There are however itger mods that interact with SKSE and these need to go after it.
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