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Found 59 results

  1. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - Updated by Ryan/iammitochondrion/Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  2. Discussion topic: Stay At The System Page - AE by Magus80Mods Wiki Link Alternative to Fudgyduff's version that seems will never be updated.
  3. Discussion topic: QUI by Qudix Wiki Link I'm assuming Qudix will drop the Alpha from the title at some point. I have pre-emptively done so for this topic title. This mod adds various UI fixes and tweaks: AddItemMenu alternative (basically an explorer of the items for your list of plugins that can be then added to your inventory if desired if I understand it right) Stay at the System Page fix The ability to add/remove buttons from the main menu Remove the Creation Club banner.
  4. Discussion topic: Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM by Kronixx and kryptopyr Wiki Link To be used with A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds
  5. Discussion topic: More Informative Console by Linthar Wiki Link
  6. Discussion topic: A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Simple compare of A Quality World Map versus this mod: Vanilla --> A Quality World Map --> A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds Vote to use this in 2.0.0 to replace A Quality World Map Requires: Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM Soft requirement: Unique Map Weathers Framework Accepted for 2.0.0
  7. Discussion topic: Whose Quest Is It Anyway by Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  8. Discussion topic: Horse Stamina HUD - Script-Free by Parapets Wiki Link Should be a simple thing to check. Always wanted a horse stamina bar. SKSE plugin that adds the horse stamina bar so you know how long you can sprint on your horse. Accepted for 2.0.0
  9. Discussion topic: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Update and MCM by mnikjom Wiki Link Rejected for unfixed bugs.
  10. Discussion topic: No More Creation Club News ANNIVERSARY EDITION by Nico coiN Wiki Link We may want to implement this instead of toggling off the Bethesda Modding Platform, since that is used for the Anniversary Edition content, and probably should remain enabled. This will hide the spammy "Creation Club News." I don't think we have another mod that covers this.
  11. Discussion topic: moreHUD SE by ahzaab Wiki Link
  12. Discussion topic: SkyUI by SkyUI Team Wiki Link
  13. Discussion topic: RaceMenu by Expired Wiki Link
  14. Discussion topic: Yes Im Sure by Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: MCM Recorder by Mrowr Purr Wiki Link Could be used to remove our MCM setup section by just running a recording with all of this setup as instructed.
  16. Discussion topic: Convenient Reading UI - SE by uranreactor Wiki Link Quality of life improvements for the book menu: Adjusted book position on the screen Faster book opening animation Faster page turn animations Configurable book/note font size Configurable bottom bar elements Compatible with any font replacer No more laser-printed book integrated Mod Accepted for 2.0.0 See this post and following posts. ESPFE plugin. Can be added/removed anytime. The main benefits for me are the configurable font size (smaller than vanilla by default, no more giant text intended for console users), the faster animations and the ability to hide the reading UI. NOTE: If used with STEP, the fBookOpenTime=500 setting in the 'Step Skyrim SE - CR Patch' INI should be removed so that users can adjust as desired in 'Convenient Reading' INI. Vanilla > STEP > STEP + Convenient Reading UI Suggested Convenient Reading INI edits: sBookStealTextColor=0xFF0000 to display 'Steal' in red Adjust iBookFontSize and iNoteFontSize according to taste/preferences Compatibility with Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim (by mfcfbro): The 'Realistic Print' option of Font Overhaul conflicts with this mod, and the former wins over the latter when sorted alphabetically in the UI modgroup. If Convenient Reading is to be accepted in the STEP guide, I'd recommend not checking the 'Realistic Print' option in the FOMOD installation instructions of Font Overhaul, to avoid the conflict and have Convenient Reading work as intended. Following are some screenshots to illustrate the effects, from left to right: Standard STEP: Font Overhaul with 'Realistic Print' option installed, without Convenient Reading Same + Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul Font Overhaul without 'Realistic Print' option installed, with Convenient Reading sorted before Font Overhaul
  17. Discussion topic: Font Overhaul - Natural Typefaces for Skyrim by mfcfbro Wiki Link
  18. Discussion topic: CoMAP - Common Marker Addon Project by Jelidity and Parapets Wiki Link Looks useful.
  19. Discussion topic: SkyUI - Ghost Item Bug Fix by SkyUI Team and EdmanSA Wiki Link I hope this fixes the issue where I have to reset my hotkeys every time I upgrade my items at the workbench.
  20. Discussion topic: Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI by uranreactor Wiki Link Fixes overlapping in MCM menus. Accepted for 2.0.0
  21. Discussion topic: Better Container Controls For SkyUI by CDCooley Wiki Link
  22. I recommend adding support for controller by adding "Do Not Install if planning on using controller" to both Better Container Controls for SkyUI & Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition as both mods aren't compatible with controllers. I also recommed adding Hide SkyUI: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/12770 with Instructions to un-tick the SWF Version Checking in SkyUI.
  23. Discussion topic: Cursor Unilaterially Matched (NVSE) by yvileapsis Wiki Link
  24. Discussion topic: Item Icons Redux by Captain-Ultima, DekoMan91, ItsMeJesusHChrist, The 3rd Type, bro_nod, lazyradly Wiki Link
  25. Discussion topic: Gumsks Cameras by Gumsk/brittfrey Wiki Link
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