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  1. Discussion topic: Show Player In Menu by myztikrice Wiki Link This mod will show the player to the right of the inventory window. Comes with an MCM. Nice to see your char from time to time when playing in 1st person. Vanilla > Modded (hade to stand next to the fire since the interior here is very dark)
  2. Discussion topic: Skyrim Character Sheet by mlthelama Wiki Link Displays a character sheet conveniently showing all player stats in a single place, invoked with a hotkey. Skyrim spreads character information over several disparate menus and the information is incomplete, which is pretty lame for a so-called "RPG". This mod attempts to remedy that shortcoming. It does it very well with a clean UI, IMHO. SKSE plugin, configurable via INI file. Note: Not compatible with 1.6.640 or greater as of this writing.
  3. Discussion topic: Icons For Skyrim Character Sheet by mlthelama Wiki Link This is icons for the guide mod Skyrim Character Sheet. Before > After
  4. Discussion topic: QuickTrade by registrator2000 Wiki Link Sometimes it can be a real pain of waiting for the NPCs to say their repetitive phrases just in order to trade gear with them. This provides an option to trade/inventory with an NPC, skipping the talk step. Also, there is an optional file for reducing the NPC greeting distance. I think this is the same type of tweak we use in SSE.
  5. Discussion topic: Quests Tags - Factions and radiants and more by SystemLordBhaal, Aogara Wiki Link Adds tags to quests for the different faction related quests and similar. This mod require DefUI if you want icons.
  6. Discussion topic: Quest Tags Redux by ThePrinceOfHell Wiki Link Test against Quests Tags - Factions and radiants and more
  7. Discussion topic: Legendary Mutation Messages Fix - Cut Content Restored by Crash Wiki Link This restores the additional information to the messages describing the mutation when a legendary enemy mutates. No conflicts with anything on our list. Should be an easy add.
  8. Discussion topic: QuickTrade Redux by Dylbill Wiki Link Test as a replacement for Quicktrade, as there are a few minor bugs with it that this appears it might fix.
  9. Discussion topic: Organized Workbench Menu by pra Wiki Link Instead of all the various workbenches clogging up a single menu, this utilizes Settlement Menu Manager to categorize the different kinds of workbenches. This makes it easy to see the different versions of workbenches. There is a Synthesis patcher "WorkbenchOrganizer" that allows it to scan and add for any mod added workbenches (e.g., the variations of the Nuka Mixer soda machines added by Workshop Rearranged). There is no need to install the DLC patches when using the Synthesis patcher, as it will add them automatically.
  10. Discussion topic: Viewable Faction Ranks by Reath1 Wiki Link
  11. Discussion topic: Constructible Object Custom Keyword System by Parapets Wiki Link Improves the usability of the crafting menu in SkyUI. (pics with 21:9 optional patch) SkyUI > SkyUI + Mod
  12. Discussion topic: Informed Mail Delivery by Glanzer Wiki Link Hope it's ok to suggest our own mods. Here is my description for it: This mod displays the names of delivered items. No required ESPs, no container or quest edits. Works for 1st and 3rd person POV. Compatible with SSE and AE. Versions for vanilla, Provincial Courier Service, and Better Courier. Patch available for Loot and Degradation's tempered item deliveries.
  13. Discussion topic: Oxygen Meter by powerofthree Wiki Link Does what it says on the tin. Nothing more, nothing less. Install: wherever and whenever - it's a SKSE plugin.
  14. Discussion topic: Whose Quest Is It Anyway by Fudgyduff Wiki Link
  15. Discussion topic: A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds by DoubleYouC Wiki Link Simple compare of A Quality World Map versus this mod: Vanilla --> A Quality World Map --> A Clear Map of Skyrim and Other Worlds Vote to use this in 2.0.0 to replace A Quality World Map Requires: Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM Soft requirement: Unique Map Weathers Framework Accepted for 2.0.0
  16. Discussion topic: QuickLoot EE by Eloquence, ilian53 Wiki Link I have been using this for a month or two now (along with the NORDIC UI texture replacer) and prefer it to QuickLoot RE because it shows the "books read" and "enchanted items" icons.
  17. Discussion topic: Better Third Person Selection - BTPS by Shrimperator Wiki Link Very nice mod for 3rd person. This mod automatically snaps crosshair selection to nearest selectable item. Also requires JContainers SE.
  18. Discussion topic: HD Local Map by doodlez Wiki Link
  19. Discussion topic: Visible Companion Affinity - MCM Settings Menu with Hotkey by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link
  20. Discussion topic: Visible Companion Affinity by CDante Wiki Link Adds multiple ways to view your companion's affinity toward you.
  21. Discussion topic: Clock Widget - Show Real Time While Loading by Kassent Wiki Link Simple QOL mod showing the current real life time on the loading screen.
  22. Discussion topic: MCM Categorizer - Sorter Folder Categories by m8r98a4f2 Wiki Link I really like the ability to create collapsible folders to group mods in the MCM menu. See the screenshots on the mod page.
  23. Discussion topic: Configurable Hotkeys by Dank Rafft Wiki Link This adds the ability to create hotkeys for many different useful functions.
  24. Discussion topic: Yes Im Sure NG by VersuchDrei Wiki Link Alternative to Yes Im Sure, since that MA is combative about updating his mods. I'd like to see more of these alternatives.
  25. Discussion topic: Whose Quest is it Anyway NG by VersuchDrei Wiki Link An alternative to / conversion of Whose Quest Is It Anyway by Fudgyduff to CommonLibSSE-NG 'to create one .dll file that works in all Skyrim SE versions, including AE 1.6.629+'.
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