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  1. Mercury71

    Bethini Pie

    Any special moves removing current BethINI install before installing the beta?
  2. Have not found the energy to rebuild grass cache and LODs yet, but did e few simple videos... No ENB: Truth ENB: Truth ENB Locked 60 fps:
  3. My CPU is Intel Core i7 3,70 GHZ Coffe Lake 14nm, so it has 6 cores My monitor resolution is just like yours 2560x1440 and can run at 165Hz but i run it at 144. So i get around 80-90 outdoors (less in battle) and up to 144 indoor. I also lowered grass density from 100 to 80 in dyndolod ini as stated by Sheson in his first post in 3.0 thread.
  4. I used the STEP 1.0 BethINI settings to the point (only different i dont clamp fps to 60, i have a 165 monitor and like to run SSE at around 80 fps with ENB). I run a Nvidia RTX 2080Ti 11 Gb, Intel Core i7 3,7GHz, 32 Gb RAM... What matters most? GPU or CPU when precaching grass? In GrassControlConfig i set values: OverwriteGrassDistance = 10000 and OverwriteGrassFadeRange = 5000
  5. My result with (if i understand it right) the same settings. Generating grass cache took only 34 minutes.
  6. How did you go about? Ran the grass patcher and then xLODGen, TexGen, DynDOLOD, Occlusion just like in the guide? Any changes?
  7. For me this happened after the latest Windows 10 update. So i had to add exceptions for MO2 folder, DynDOLOD folder, texgen64.exe and DybDOLOD64.exe in Windows Defender (dont know if all exceptions was needed but that is what i did).
  8. This is a nice one if it works as intended. Makes me remember when i was young and played pen and paper games where you might fizzle and it whas so frustrating. 🙂
  9. Hmm, lets see... my pc i swedish so i dont know the exact english words.... Windows Security - Security against virus & threat - Settings for virus & threat\Administer settings - Exceptions\Add or remove exceptions - +Add exception [point at the folder you want to make an exception for]
  10. Same here. To me is was just to give permission in windows defender. And i also given permission to the whole MO2 folder and the DyDOLOD folder.
  11. Had the same issue. Never seen this before. Does it have to do with latest Windows 10 update maby? Solved it by adding both DynDOLOD64.exe and TexGen64.exe as exceptions in the rules for Windows antivirus as stated above.
  12. I was on the server last night when he left by writing this (JonnyWang was sad about it): - QUOTE "Looks like Jonny does his best to be incompatible with me. I summarize the last two years. I reduced the amount of Ambient Occlusion in Majestic Mountains and Cathedral reversed the settings. You can even see the line in the Cathedral.ini. Two years later Cathedral comes up with my AO settings by its own. Then I got blamed for the snow brightness that was optimized for the Filmic White that Azure Weather is using. And now Jonny comes up with "tadaa": Brighter Snow! And now he changes the Tundra Grass that it doesn't fit to my textures anymore. Jonny: -I brought mipfading to Skyrim that helpes a lot witht the snow. - You use it. -I baked the Vertex colors into the rock grass. - You use it -I baked grass into lod textures. - You used it. A lot of your stuff is based on my ideas. And you are thanking it like that! I'm done with Cathedral. Because it was a really toxic one sided relationship. Btw. I prefer doing the foliage by my own now. This is a mid level lod tree with 2600 verts. The close up tree will have about 5000 verts. This is the fourth or fifth of other tree mods. These trees will be much faster than Marties', Daves' or Elwaps' trees. Because they are really handmade. Which is much more efficient. But neither Majestic Mountains nor any of my other mods will be labeled with Cathedral anymore. I still wish everyone a good time in Skyrim. A lot of success in your mod projects and a much better year than the last one. Goodbye!" - END QUOTE
  13. T4GTR34UM3R left "Cathedral" today so better keep an eye out if MM or cathedral Landscapes update, they might not be that compatible in the future.
  14. This is what i managed to do with latest version and precached grass. (if you think the trees are few and skimpy is that i have lower tree line and the size of the trees are vanilla)
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