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  1. Mod updated on Nexus Version 1.4 Assigned DefaultFootstepSet [FSTS:00012F16] to three boot Armor Addon records which had no Footstep Sound assigned. Added an Armor and Clothing Extension - Spell Perk Item Distributor (SPID) Patch - Replaces quest aliases with SPID for distribution to named NPCs; leveled list edits unchanged; also updates MCM script to remove toggle options. Patch courtesy of kinok.
  2. Mod updated on Nexus Changelog: https://www.afkmods.com/Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch Version History.html
  3. 310.beta1 #630: Crashes in Oblivion with Irresponsible Creatures tweak [Infernio] #628: Improve doc browser usability [Infernio] #627: Implement the last few parts of the FOMOD schema [Infernio] #624: Show in-game plugin indices on the Saves tab [Infernio] #617: FO3 & FNV Windows Store Support [Infernio] #616: Skyrim Anniversary Edition Support [Infernio] #610: Various locale settings crash WB on boot [Utumno] #604: Gracefully fail when parsing invalid LOOT masterlists [Infernio] #603: Validate FOMOD XML schema when running FOMOD installers [Infernio] #601: Applying BCFs does not work [Infernio] #599: Add 'Import Enchantments' patcher [Infernio] #593: Add an option to create a BAIN project from FOMOD output [Infernio] #460: Python 3 Upgrade [GandaG, Infernio, Utumno, lojack5] #151: Port all patchers to Skyrim [Infernio] #40: Improve BAIN readme/docs detection [Infernio]
  4. New version... 0.18.3 - 2022-05-21 Added A “Show only warnings and errors” filter has been added that combines the Bash Tags, sources, notes and messageless plugins filters. A “Show only empty plugins” filter hides any plugins that are not empty. The Groups Editor window can now be maximised and minimised using the new buttons in the window frame. Group positions in the Groups Editor will now be remembered, unless a group with no saved position is encountered when opening the Groups Editor. Fixed When checking if old (pre-0.18.0) game masterlist settings could be migrated, LOOT checked the wrong settings fields, so would never display a warning if automatic migration couldn’t be done. LOOT detects and logs when it’s run from Mod Organizer, but its detection did not work for newer versions of Mod Organizer. LOOT would forget about any groups that were not connected to any other groups when exiting the Groups Editor. The progress bar in the progress dialog now uses the full width of the dialog as intended. When opening the plugin metadata editor for a plugin assigned to a group that does not exist, LOOT would set the Group dropdown to the first listed group. It now adds the missing group to the list (with a note that the group does not exist) and selects that group. Changed If sorting makes no changes a notification dialog is now displayed by default. The new dialog can be suppressed using a new setting in LOOT’s settings dialog. Groups graph layout has been improved: it now runs left to right to make use of the available space in most screens, group names will no longer overlap, and the layout algorithm now produces better results for non-trivial graphs. Groups in the Groups Editor graph now have a little padding so that their names do not run right to the edge of the graph’s area. When a new group is added in the Groups Editor, it is now added in the centre of the visible area, and offset downwards if there is already something at that location. The game install path and local AppData path settings now have folder pickers that can be used to simplify setting values for those settings. When metadata is copied to the clipboard, the BBCode tags are now separated from the metadata YAML by line breaks. Updated the Bulgarian translation. Updated the Finnish translation. Updated the French translation. Updated the German translation. Updated the Japanese translation. Updated the Russian translation. Updated the Ukrainian translation.
  5. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 1.0 Added code to show editor ids stored in memory Added ability to see textures for loaded objects Added displays of enchantments for all items Added effect data for potions Added additional cell data covering ownership, locations and regions Pressing page up/page down on appropriate arrows now causes faster scrolling in lists Added support for foreign language translations Added display of scripts on objects Improved sorting of most lists Updated name and keyword detection code to be more reliable
  6. Alternative version maby? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/67883
  7. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 1.4.0 Fixed AnimObject bread placement. Added hanging animal rings. Added glazed pottery set. Added hawk. Removed blackreach crystals. Removed dependency on Static Mesh Improvement Mod.
  8. ersion 0.46 Make some Riften city buildings double sided to prevent sun from shining through
  9. Mod updated for AE. Version 7 Updated to the Anniversary Edition (game version 1.6.318.0 and later)
  10. Mod updated for AE. Version 18 Updated to the Anniversary Edition (game version 1.6.318.0 and later) Added the power cooldowns fix Removed the teammate difficulty patch Errors are no longer logged when the enchantment cost fix is successfully deserialized
  11. The Stay at the System Page Fix is very nice to have again.
  12. 2.5.5 is out of beta and this time no new beta. :o Version 2.5.5 * General installer improvements. * Added a patch for Breezehome TNF Beds Plus. * Added a separate installation option (plugin) for Lux Orbis. Note: do not use any Embers XD patches for exterior mods. * The ashes of brazier used in for example Whiterun no longer glow. * Added an installer option to disable player torch particle light. * Fixed a glitch with optimized brazier particle light. * Fixed incorrect yellow flames torch color. * Fixed a shadows glitch with Inferno giant campfires.
  13. Mod updated on Nexus... Version 1.6.0 Fixes : Added Jumping Bonus Fix Tweaks : Added Silent Sneak Power Attack Fixes [Skinned Decal Delete] : Fixed crash on death, re-enabled fix Fixes [Queued Ref Crash] : Renamed to Distant Ref Load Crash Added papyrus function to get installed tweaks
  14. New version... 0.18.1 - 2022-03-15 Added The “Search Cards” button has been reintroduced to the toolbar. The Plugin menu now has a “Copy Plugin Name” action. A “Clear” button is now displayed in the content filter and search inputs to help quickly empty them. A new “Is instance of base game” game setting to help distinguish between instances of the base game types and total conversions that build off of those base game types. Fixed An empty regular expression search pattern no longer matches all plugin cards. The Group tab in the plugin metadata editor now correctly displays a “Has User Metadata” icon when a user has overridden the plugin’s group. The plugin content filters were not applied correctly. Enderal Special Edition is no longer detected as installed if Skyrim Special Edition is installed through the Microsoft Store. The search dialog now navigates to the matching card and disables its navigation buttons when there is only one search result. Changed The content filter is now applied on text entry (i.e. as you type) instead of waiting for the Enter key to be pressed or another user interface element to be selected. Settings are now saved when the “Save” button is used to exit the Settings dialog instead of only on quitting LOOT, to guard against a crash after exiting the dialog causing changes to be lost. The Settings dialog’s “General” panel now includes text that explains that the Language and Theme settings only take effect after restarting LOOT. Previously this information was conveyed in tooltips. Opening the metadata editor for a plugin now scrolls to that plugin in the sidebar and card lists. The “Master File” icon is now called the “Master Plugin” icon for consistency with the other plugin type icons, and the “Master File” game setting now has the label “Main Master Plugin” for clarity. The main window’s content area now has some padding to avoid some visual confusion. A minor performance improvement to all operations involving the sidebar and plugin card lists. LOOT now supports migrating from old default prelude and masterlist sources in readiness for any potential future changes to the default source locations. Updated the Bulgarian translation. Updated the German translation. Updated the Italian translation. Updated the Ukrainian translation. Removed The fontFamily field in LOOT’s languages settings, as it’s no longer used as of LOOT v0.18.0.
  15. And another update... Version 2.4 Moved fix for Smithing XP not updating immediately to an MCM option, "Update XP Bar Immediately", which is disabled by default. Fixed texture path for Light Leather. Updated CCOR Compatibility Script to add the Daedra style condition to Daedric weapons and armor, and the Dunmer style condition to Ebony weapons and armor
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