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  1. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 0.5.6b Adjusted freecam movement speed to approximate vanilla at 60 FPS (FreeCameraMovementSpeedFix)
  2. I like the little cute sledge hammer on the anvil in JS. I vote for JS.
  3. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 2.4.7 * Added custom collision to campfire objects missing it. * Added embers base to the one type of fire missing it. * Fixed the hole seen in most forges above the coals. * Added a patch for Riverwood Inn By Nesbit. * Added a patch for Skyrim Farmhouse Inns. * Improved JK's Skyrim + ELFX Exteriors patch, fixing issues at Windhelm. * Added Embers XD as a Master for the vanilla flames patch.
  4. This is vanilla. Not even SRO, does SRO have wood textures? (sry for the darkness, forgot to bring a torch)
  5. The green "stains" comes from "Dungeons 3D Ropes and Glorious Scafolding" in SMIM. I just dont choose that in the FOMOD and it looks good enough.
  6. Updated again on Nexus. v3.4.1 - Now it is just one file to download no matter game version. - Added map markers for fishing!
  7. Mod updated on Nexus. Version Fixed a rare issue where some activator effects could not be read when certain mods were installed Restored a missing MCM script
  8. Installed it with the player house boat addon just for fun to see how it looks. Looks good but maby not in the STEP mandate to add a player house? Like how it reflects in the water.
  9. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 5.2.0 Skip form distribution for entries with no valid filters
  10. Mod updated at Nexus. RWT 5.2.1 Changes Included a corrected foam texture for rapids (fxwhitewater01.DDS). It was previously exported with a wrong layer order, making it look cloudy. Improved texture density and clarity of churning foam effects (fxwhitewater.DDS). Improved splash particle visibility on all effects with splashes. Animated waves have been updated to look less bright, look softer and to blend better with the water surface. Updated many gradient textures to reduce brightness and improve transparency on certain effect textures. Updated a bunch of effect textures to reduce brightness, improve transparency and to add more clarity. Creeks have been updated to use the calmwater.DDS texture for a more detail and smoother overall appearance. fxwaterTile03_n.DDS has been removed due to this change. Splashes that appear below city waterfalls and near rapids have been totally overhauled. They now feature churning splash particles instead of unconvincing flat (vanilla) geometry. Added a new rapids mesh that was missed (fxrapidsfallstop.NIF). It now has all the features and tweaks of all the other rapids included in v5.0. Some minor tweaks have also been made to other rapid meshes. Updated the Whiterun Dragonsreach waterfall hue to a more blue colour. Thanks for the suggestion, reg1st3r. Minor tweaks to waterfall meshes. New gradient texture for waterfall top foam. Note: The Darker Gradients optional will be updated in due time. You may not need it now if you were using it before due to effects being made less bright in this version by default. Please also refer to the description on how to reduce brightness of effects if you are using an ENB, if you haven't already.
  11. I would rather remove Oakwood (never liked how it looks from above at the standing stones. Moon and Star actually adds some nice content white Oakwood is just a rather useless small settlement. Also Moon and Star village is a bit different from the regular villages (like Oakwood). I did at some point when i played Moon and Star some years ago did bump into some bugs i think though.
  12. Mod updated on Nexus. Version 1.4 Incorporated USSEP 4.2.2 Bug Fix #28300
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