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  1. Guide say to rename "Default" profile in MO2 to Vailla Skyrim. MO2 2.4 do not let you rename current active profile. Just wanted to poitnt that out. Might be confusing to some whne getting the massage in MO2.
  2. Have ran latest Alpha-30 and i love it! Generatet "Grass Cache" (file ended up being 1,8 Gb) before. The grass is just great. Now i just have to learn to tweak it so it becomes perfect. If you think it is very few trees i am using Lower Tree Line Mod. Ty Sheson for DynDOLOD! 🙂
  3. Dark theme works on the WiKi but not on the forum. Using Firefox.
  4. Mod "Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses" not available at Nexus. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/50595
  5. Trying "R.A.S.S" out as an alternatiove to "Get Snowy". Works very well so far. Without the problem i some times have getting snowy when it is not snowy. Maby something to look into? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22780
  6. Upgrade time! This is very exciting indeed. :) Great work forum team.
  7. A Bashed patch does not merge mod, it is a conflict solution patch and leveled list patch. To merge mods you need Merge Plugins Before looking into merging mods, check if some of your .esp can be flaged .esl (light plugins that do not cout towards the limit). It can be made with xEdit. There is a script for xEdit to run that will tell you what mods in your load order that is safe to flag .esl.
  8. I have used Enhanced Vanilla Magic with STEP. Works very well i think, not over the top as most other popular magic mods.
  9. Hi. You need to give much more information. Modlist, plugins list, Netscript framework log. As much as possible.
  10. I dont use Vortex but MO2 as guide say so i can not help you with that but some patches Loot reffers to is not needed as those fixes are in the STEP Patch installed at the end of the guide.
  11. I am using the STEP Guide with only a few small changes... I have added the dungeon revisited overhauls (7 mods) by Cooleoj (after over 1k hours in Skyrim vanilla dungeons are a bit boring). For the UI i have added iEquip I have removed Storm Lightning and Convienient Horses because i dont like them. I like to try mods with new content so i often add profiles in MO2 to add them (without ruining my base setup). I get around 100 fps at 2560p with an RTX 2080Ti. (no ENB, just cant find any i like)
  12. If that day come and Bethesda includes these mods as an dlc or an update into the actual game, STEP will ofc have to adapt to that. But until then cc should be kept out of the official STEP guide i think. So far cc has not presented anything that has justified me to download anything and i dont think there ever will be. There are mods at Nexus that many would argue are even more justified to ad to the STEP guide than the cc content... still, the guid must be a bit limited or it will grow out of its core so to speak.
  13. There seem to be some mods not from the guide in your load order, or am i wrong? Savage Skyrim for example, some tatoo mod also. Have you checked them with xEdit for conflicts with the rest of the mods. Alternate start works just fine if the guide is installed as is. Ther must a conflict with an added mod or maby some of the guide mod not installed as in the guide.
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